Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Snow Experience for the Kids

Hello people.

Lame as usual, no time for updates. Life has been very, if not super busy.


We went back to Msia at the end of last year, for a short break. Balik semula ke Japan on new year's eve. Nak dijadikan rezeki, new year tu flurries turun. So there goes my kids' first experience with snow. They were super excited. So do me. :D

Member-member yang duduk dekat town whatsapp dalam group cakap snow kat area office husband (Minatomirai). Angkut lerr anak-anak main snow kat ofis husband, dengan niat nak lunch sekali kat sana. Skali semua kedai makan tutup ok! tutup! Merasa la lunch makan donut. Kitorang tatau new year kat sini semua kedai tutup. Shoping malls also. Bayangkan peti ais kat umah dah la kosong. Sob sob. Time tu jugak rasa nak balik Msia.

Macam ni pun jadik la buat tempat berlari. :)

Gambar Mommy ngan anak-anak.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

6 months review

I find it very difficult nowadays to update on regular basis. My time is very occupied, hence no me time.

But it is all very satisfying.

It has been a good 6 months or so staying abroad. The country that I first hated so much, has slowly gain my love. It is a nice country to love in, I admit, minus the cold and food. (I'm so tekak Melayu!)

In three months time, insya Allah, this adventure will end.

Will return back to Malaysia, with thousands of beautiful memories here (and bitter one too!)

Masya Allah, this journey has transform me a lot. Dropping a size of jeans to name a few. Ngee.

Other than that, I've become a monster too. Hah! Baru tahu macamana testing nya jadi housewife, what more yo have OCD problem!

Nanti I update cerita the kids with their first experience with snow flakes. KAy yea, arfa dah bangun. Nak kasik makan lunch. Daa!