Friday, May 30, 2008

:: a day to 5th anniversary ::

yuhuuuu! gud morning! (sounds so excited, when actually i'm trying hard to keep my eyes open)

afiq and adib was wide awake in the middle of the night yesterday.. 2-2 mengigau, sbb banyak sgt main during the days.. sampai i marah2 kat afiq.. sian afiq.. i mmg tak tahan sakit kepala.. banyak kali cakap ngan afiq, kesian la kat mommy.. rasa besalah sgt.. huhu.. sorry afiq......

hari nih, we're planning to have a quiet dinner between the two of us.. as an early celebration to our 5th wedding anniversary (read - we can't bear leaving the boys behind during weekends).. i haven't bought him any gifts, since i don't really know what to buy.. guess, this time round, i'll just have to ask him to pick up whatever things that he thinks he want (tapi within my ability la)

hm.. rasanya sampai sini dulu la.. nothing much to do today.. bosses pun takde.. kay all.. bye!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

:: refreshed! ::

i was on medical leave yesterday.. perhaps, i was so exhausted, that i really need a break.. dr was generous to give me a leave, and i slept half day through.. in the evening, my tukang urut datang umah, and had a wonderful urut session.. and i feel refreshed! ari nih bangun rasa segar jek.. :D

afiq and adib are doing well.. pretty active lately, with adib yang lately nih cukup suka menyakat afiq, sampai kawan tuh menangis.. hehe.. it's fun anyway..

hubby is away today.. gie pasir gudang.. tapi malam nih gak balik.. yeay!

nothing much to scribble actually.. i nak off to zzzzzz.. bubbye!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

:: plans plans plans.. ::

i'm having a sip of my 'almost everyday regime during pregnancy period' - soyabean.. erk.. it has been a while since i have my last drink, and if only abah knew about this, he'll keep on bugging me to 'indulge' in soya bean drinks.. but anyway, soya bean taste much better than milk.. i don't take milk during my pregnancy, because i just simply can't take it.. i normally take some yoghurt and cheese as my alternative calcium source..

last weekend, i had 2 wedding invitations, and they're both cousins.. one is from my side in johor, and another is from my husband near our house.. after much deliberation, we decided to attend hubby's cousin wedding.. as i at this moment can't really travel that far.. but anyway, insya Allah, this weekend we'll head back to seremban as another cousin is hosting his wedding reception.. a day after my 5th wedding anniversary..

my wedding anniversary is coming up in few days time.. :D and am looking forward for it.. last year this time, i was pregnant with afiq and adib at 22 wks.. and this year round, :D i'm expecting as well, and it's now 11 weeks.. it is still a long journey, and i would love to put my mind off for a moment on the aftermath of delivery.. hehe..

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i haven't got the idea of what to give him this year round.. i would love to make it a special one, as he has sacrifice his sleep a lot lately to help me out with the boys, as well as sacrificing his time to study when his assessment is so near..

yesterday, we had a special dinner at my in laws house, welcoming the newly weds (note - there are 2 couples).. a tradition of people in terengganu, kalau ada org baru kawen visit u at home, normally akan ada special gift for the bride.. hehe.. not the groom.. i, myself masa kawen dulu was rich with gifts.. not hubby.. hehe.. so yesterday, kitorang pun amalkan la tradition tuh giving a crystal bracelet to each bride.. hope they're happy with it.. :D

hrm, apa lagik yek nak tulis.. ha.. smalam petang hujan kan lebat.. my mom's in law punya place masuk air, and yet her house is on the hill ok? it's either the rain was so heavy that the drain can't cope with or the drain was clogged somewhere due to either sedimentation or irresponsible act of greedy people.. whatever it is, the local authorities should take prompt action to alleviate this problem..

guess that's all for now.. take care all.. bubbye!

Monday, May 26, 2008

:: for my husband, as requested ::

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:: my new men, heeee ::

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Friday, May 23, 2008

:: a costly trip to pasar malam ::

a conversation that took place on the phone at home, yesterday evening..


abang : halo.. ini apa kedai?
miss x : ini leo auto..
abang : i tgh cari kereta ******, xx l, 2004 punya..
miss x : sekejap aa, i pass..
mr x : helo..
abang : helo, i tgh cari kereta ******, xx l, 2004 punya..
mr x : oo, ada..
abang : banyak ka?
mr x : banyak unit..
abang : lu punya kedai kat mana?
mr x : OKR
abang : area mana? itu dekat pearl point ka?
mr x : aiya abang, sana pearl point org tak de cari kereta, sana cari amoi.. saya punya kedai bla.. bla..
abang : (gelak) oo ok
mr x : lupa la, abang punya nama apa aa?
abang : saya rizal
mr x : wah nama cantik, orang mesti cantik..
abang : oo bini pun cantik..

(aku kat sebelah terkekek² gelak)

-- solat asar --

after asar, in the car, on the way to pasar malam..

me : eh, apa mende bunyi nih?
abang : ntah, yang cuba turun tgk..
me : (obligue) turun.. camana i nak tunduk bongkok2 tgk apa mende sangkut bawah kereta.. (read : smalam ari khamis, aku pakai batik sutera ok..)

abang pun turun.. check² takde mende pun.. proceed gi pasar..

masa jalan bunyi lagik.. berenti lagik skali.. check² ada dawai cucuk kat tayar, side ways.. adoi.. cabut dawai terus bunyi angin kuar..

me and abang terus gie kedai tayar, dengan harapan tayar tu boleh diselamatkan lagik..

nih plak skrip kat kedai tayar.. lebih kurang la ek.. aku pun tak ingat sangat..

org tayar : abang nyer tayar nih kena tukar nih dah botak..
abang : eh, try tampal dulu la..

cpr pun dilakukan ke atas tayar yang nyawa² ikan.. malangnya, umurnya tak panjang..

org tayar : bang, tak leh tampal la, sebab kena side ways.. kena tukar..

dilema.. dilema.. takkan nak tukau sebelah jek pakai tayar baru.. alih² tukar 2 bijik tayar..

abang : ok la, angkat la tayar baru dua..

org tuh pun godek² kereta kitorang..

abang tayar : eh abang, lu punya brake pad sudah haus la..
abang : aiya, ya ka..

abang kerling kat i..

me : tuka je la.. (muka dah tak puas hati..)

cina tuh dah gelak kat aku.. banyak betul la pulak kena buat..

as we're about to to leave the shop for pasar malam (leaving the car behind)..

abang tayar : bang, tube tanak tukar ke.. org tak pakai dah tube nih..
abang : tukar jek la..

agaknya mamat kedai tuh perasan kot banyak sgt kena tukar when it actually origin from a vary small problem..

abang tayar : bang, sport rim tamau tuka..

aku n hubby bantai gelak..

summary of the day..
cost to pasar malam to buy veges, fruits, fish, meat and a pack of laksa:-

veges : rm 3.00
fruits : rm 10.00
fish : rm 8.00
meat : rm 6.70
laska : rm 2.00
miscellaneous : (read - tukar tayar, brake pad n tube) rm 421.00
total : rm 451.70


Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: jiwang part 1 ::

hah! MAN U menang lagik.. and malam tadi terbangun juga la sbb dgr hubby dok jerit kat luar.. tu pun i believe he has controlled himself, as the boys were sleeping.. (read: my hubby is a footie fanatic, and what more could u asked if your favourite team is in the finale?)

that's my hubby.. he could talked to me, telling me stories all about football.. daripada i tak tau, jadi tau.. daripada tak follow, jadi follow.. that's him.. how he influenced me in my life..

hari nih, my entry - karat jiwang karat sikit.. i feel very complete with him around me.. through out my happy moments, as well as through out my darkest moment.. whether things go right, or go wrong..

yep, we have our own ups and downs.. like my ex dorm mate said to me - life is ain't a bed of roses! yep, we have our arguements, i've been hurt at times, and he is not spared either.. but when things aren't going smooth.. i normally, reflect back.. (i don't tell him, anyway.. hehe) i don't think i could find any other husband that is as good as he is.. he may not be perfect, but i'm not perfect either..

he is one husband, who's willing to walk the extra mile to assist me out.. some hubby can just simply come home, cross their legs and relax while sipping coffee.. but he's not that kind.. he would help me out with the boys, (despite having maids around).. he would wake up in the wee hours (i can't open up my eyes.. especially now, when i'm carrying at 10 weeks) taking care of the two boys, even if the boys alternately wake up..

our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up next week.. last year, this time, i was heavy carrying afiq and adib at 5 months (i looked like delivering already.. so huge!) and this year round, we're expecting an addition, adik to afiq and adib, insya Allah at the end of the year.. this year, takde plan lagik.. nak gie makan kat mana.. normally we all will head to our fav restaurant - either VS or chilli's.. there's another one fine italian restaurant kat bangsar - tapi leceh sket gie sana.. so just wait n see, what is his plan..

i haven't got the idea on what to give him this year.. he requested something that i definitely can't give, bbut i'll just 'google' it up later, mana la tau ada nasib.. hahahahahaha.. he last year, almost send me to tears, with a bouquet of roses and choccy send thru florist.. owh, i juts love surprises.. hehe..

to my dear husband - wait till our anniversary for a more jiwang karat entry.. ;D

and i'f like to quote my cyber's friend..

True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly - sherifah

i love this quote, and i think it should be shared with others - whether u're in love, facing probs in love, seeking for love, etc..

ok yek.. till then.. bubbye!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

:: infertility - part one ::

i've tried to surf the net to find the meaning of infertility.. and i have fpund some good, clear definition which i think worth sharing.. this is from wikipedia..


Reproductive endocrinologists, the dr specializing in infertility, consider a couple to be infertile if:

  • the couple has not conceived after 12 months of contraceptive-free intercouse, if the female is under the age of 34

  • the couple has not conceived after 6 months of contraceptive-free intercourse, if the female is over the age of 35

  • the female is incapable of carrying a pregnancy to term

  • difficulty conceiving after already having conceived and carried a normal pregnancy

so, in my case - i sit in category #1..

so after much deliberation, i went to see the dr to figure out why and what's the problem.. and to my astonichment the GP brushed me off! she said, it's ok.. u baru jek kawen.. don't worry.. but as time passed by, i think for like 2 months or so, i can't wait anymore.. i insisted for a referral to a specialist.. and, that is when, all the ordeal began..

i first went to a LADY gynae - in a private hospital.. she diagnosed me with endometriosis.. she suggested me to go through IUI procedure.. and being desperate for child, i went thru the cycle twice, before i called it for a stop.. the dr didn't treat my endometriosis.. i got fed up and moved on to a so called famous gynae to seek for the best treatment.. i ended up on an OT table for laparatomy with huge scar - as big as c-sect punya scar, and on leave for a month.. just to know that my endo is still there.. being aggressive this time, i don't agree with my dr at all, i started to seek treatment at a fertility specialist centre - TMC or formerly known as damansara fertility centre..

alhamdulillah, after a round of laparascopic, and twice IVF procedure, i'm blessed with a set of twin boys, now aged 9 months old.. IVF is not as easy as it sounds.. i'll share with you the experience in my next entries, insya Allah..

lesson learned :-

if u're married for more than a year and has no sign of conceiving despite being contraceptive-free, seek for profesional advise.. and do land at the right clinic.. ask every single question that u believe u need to know, and if the dr can't give u the answer, go n get the answer elsewhere.. don't wait for things to become so late, that is not treatable.. don't give up hope, and if u're the spouse - lend him/her the support..don't let him/her be drowned away with the problem.. and if u're a friend/family member, lift the spirit up, and lend him/her the strength to go through the dark phase..

guess that's all for now.. take care all.. hope this will benefit few..

ps : infertility tak semestinya problem pompuan jek.. it might be a man's problem or a combination of both.. ok?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

:: infertility ::

afiq and adib dah tido well in their cots.. so, mommy has decided to claim her personal time to blog.. :D

weekends are full.. plenty of invitations (weddings, engagement) till mid of june.. erk.. tak pe la.. membina masjid..

i actually have been contemplating to share some personal experiences on infertility with all.. as i know, there are plenty of malaysian women out there ae facing this problem, be it first degree infertility or secondary infertility.. i'm neither a fertility specialist, nor a gynaechologist.. i'm simply a lady who was diagnosed with endometriosis and alhamdulillah, have successfully overcome the infertility problem.. i'm not a rich person like Tunku Azizah (TAFF founder).. but i would like to do my part, to lend hand and ears, as well as crying shoulders to those who are in the league..

i'll try to find time to write about it.. as infertility in complex.. so i' d prefer to put it light and easy, so that it is easily understood..

take good care readers.. bubbye!

Friday, May 16, 2008

:: tag from cik mastura ::

..... Tag from cik Mastura

Eight Random Facts/habits About Yourself

The Rules :

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog

Eight Random Facts/habits About Yourself
Facts/habits #1
- i can't hardly wait for things.. 5 mins seems too long.. i know that sometimes hubby is intimidated by my ways, but i just can't help it.. heee..

Facts/habits #2
window shopping - my hobby
- love window shopping.. and i can't start shopping, and i'll keep throwing things into my shopping basket.. but lately, my financial control is getting better.. :D

Facts/habits #3
- i consider myself a loyal blogger.. i miss my blog when i can't access the net..

Facts/habits #4
friendster/facebook freak
- i hate it when my office block fs (thogh they should..) i just love this 2 web pages as it act as my social medium.. this is where i keep in touch with my old friends, as well as making new ones..

Facts/habits #5
developing interest in cooking and baking
- before this, i'm a hopeles person in cooking and baking.. till i got married and live on my own.. haha.. blog hopping for recipes is my favourite past time, and alhamdulillah, my cooking skills are getting better nowadays..

Facts/habits #6
getting calmer
- before, i nih org kata temper.. i can be fired up so easily.. but as time goes by, as u get wiser, i'm getting better in taking charge of my temper.. kalau dulu2, dah ada few nos of peep dah penah kena fire ngan i because cakap2 at my back.. nowadays, i relax..

Facts/habits #7
homey person
- prefer to stay home rather than having loud parties outside.. i enjoy the smallcrowd that i'm familiar with.. bukan kata menyombong diri, but that is just me..

Facts/habits #8
travel freak
- given the money, time and health.. i love to travel! and am lucky for marrying one too! so, u can guess where does the saving goes.. haha..

and this tag goes to:-
3. sheri
4. nard
5. nadd
6. errrrr......

the rules mentioned 8.. but hey, i'm a rule bender.. haha.. bend it like beckham! ;)

:: happy teacher's day ::

i came in to the office, with high spirits - aiming to complete my job by noon, and will only start blogging later in the evening.. but things don't turned out like the way i plan.. my colleague is out to the clinic and i have to wait for her to be back into the office before i could start off with my ppt and paperworks..

i tuned in to the radio this morning, and only then i realized that today is may 16th - teacher's day.. and all of sudden, i started remembering my buddies who're in education industry, and my teachers.. :D

i for sometimes, have been teacher's pet.. (or at least, self proclaimed) hehe.. i have a few teachers that are favourites.. i would like to share this with all..

when i was in my primary school - srk taman melawati.. my favourite teacher was cikgu roslina, cikgu zaitun and ustazah mahwiyah..

:: cikgu roslina ::
cikgu roslina was my class teacher when i was in year 3 (3 bakawali - klasik nama.. haha) i don't know why i love this teacher so much, but she's the kind yang very soft spoken.. tapi skali dia marah, watch out.. when i forgot to bring my money for recess time, she would hand me some coins for me to spend at the canteen.. i just love her so much, and perhaps that's the reason why i turned out to be the top student for both semester in row when i was with her..

:: cikgu zaitun ::
(if only jr read this.. haha) cikgu zaitun was my class teacher when i was in year 6.. she's the mother of a friend of mine, who always used my name for excuses - namely azhar aka jr! haha.. she's pretty strict, but i like the way she treated us.. she treated us like young adults.. i remember of having early start of my f1 studies despite its non of her responsibility to teach us.. (upsr ended pretty early at that time, that we ended up playing monopoly in the class all day long) i still keep in touch with her till i was in f4-f5, since jr trailed me to boarding school (or was it the other way round?)

:: ustazah mahwiyah ::
ustazah mahwiyah is one soft spoken teacher, who is rich with kisah-kisah nabi.. i love being in her class, listening to her stories.. she' very motherly, very soft spoken, and i believe she has the perfect quality of a teacher.. i wonder where she is now..

after completing my primary school, i moved on to sm taman melawati.. there's one or two teacher who managed to capture my short span focus when studying in class.. she is cikgu nor hafiza - my geography teacher when i was in f1 and cikgu jamaiyah, my bm teacher when i was in f3..

:: cikgu norhafiza ::
cikgu norhafiza was my geog teacher when i was in f1.. would u know why i liked her? she's super duper cute! haha.. cikgu yang chomey tapi baik hati.. but anyway, she managed to make me focus in class.. i can't recall when, but then she was transferred elsewhere.. i remember receiving a photo of her wedding from her, and i believe it's perfectly kept in on of my old albums..

:: cikgu jamaiyah ::
cikgu jamaiyah taught me bahasa melayu when i was in f3.. she was a bahasa melayu teacher cum motivator to us.. she lift our spirit high with her encouraging words, and made us strive only the best for ourselves.. if one asked me to name a teacher who can simply talk and motivate, i would vote for her!

pmr result was good, and i sadly (half heartedly) moved to a boarding school, in cheras.. sm sains selangor.. i agreed to go there, when i got to know that plenty of my friends are getting the same offer as well.. 2 years in that school, i was actively involve in school debate - owing to few seniors who spotted my talent (so called la).. bard, kak far to name a few.. my favourite teacher ever is cikgu suraya and mr tan..

:: cikgu suraya ::
cikgu suraya was young at that time.. she was my debate teacher.. i could talk to her as a friend, as well as a student.. she's more like a big sista to me.. she taught me history as well.. she was so skinny, and at this very moment, my eyes are projecting all her like a movie..

:: mr tan ::
my one and only favourite male teacher!!!!! hahahaha.. nak tau sgt kenapa he's in my fav list? because he always gave in to our request.. back in boarding school, english classses were conducted based on english proficiency level.. (kunun² terer english la nih) i was placed in shakespeare class along with my best buddies, suhaila, nadiah, jr, wee, method etc.. and he was always on the losing side when it comes to his student.. our requests to him was ridiculous.. i.e. we requested him to stay in the bilik 'pandang dengar' to watch movies during english period.. and the movies that we brought with are simply stupid movies.. we even requested him to bring us to zoo negara.. (apa pekdah nye gie zoo negara for english period?? to write para's on animal in english?? hey??) and he obliged! hehe

other than that, there're few other teachers that i believed worth write about.. these teachers are dedicated teachers, that has in a way mould my personality and life..

:: puan maimunah muda ::
see?? i still ingat her full name.. she was my teacher - my bahasa melayu teacher when i was in form 1.. she's a teacher in jubah and tudung labuh.. my class masa tuh semua melayu, and muslim.. and in that class almost all girls pakai tudung, except me, amani, syikin (who used to ring me before school, requesting me to wear pinnafore sbb takut pakai pinnafore sesorang..) and baytee.. so, during her class, she persistently asked me to wear hijab, and i for no reason masih tak terbukak hati untuk pakai tudung.. until one fine day, i went to school in july (i still remember).. i wore hijab for the very first time to school.. and she was sooooooo happy! sampai memuji2 dalam kelas..
after i went to boarding school i kinda loss contact with her.. until one fine day, a group of teachers dropped by at my boarding school.. these teachers are pursuing their studies to a higher level.. and to my surprise, one of them is pn maimunah.. i remember her hugging me so tight, and so warm.. like i'm her long lost daughter.. i feel guilty for not knowing her whereabouts, because maybe kalau dia tak persistent suruh aku pakai hijab, sampai bila pun aurat aku terdedah² untuk tatapan bukan muhrim!

:: puan tengku azuan ::
puan tengku was melawati's favourite headmistress, who hit the school with huge changes.. i didn't like her at first, but slowly admiring her for her determination to make the school a better place for everyone of us.. under her administration, a lot has changed, the school gets better, and the students are happier.. she took the challenge to tackle 'unwanted' classes, and turned the class to success.. she's now a flying colour teacher, and being recognized by the government for all her effort and hard work..

:: miss alice tan ::
hikhik.. my smss's buddy will definitely gelak when they read this name.. seriously, i have never met a teacher as dedicated as her, who could insist on extra classses on precious ssaturday from morning to noon, perghhhh!!!!! she was my biology teacher for 2 years straight, and she's very strict when it comes to time.. any teacher yang lambat release kan kitorang for her class even for 5 mins, dia akan curik balik masa tuh from that teacher.. nota dia jangan cakap.. panjang berjela.. kalau buku amali sains tuh, sampai 5-6 buah just to write her nota.. due to her willingness to teach us, gred purata biology was pretty good.. with average grade of c3.. (i won't revealed mine.. i selalu tertido dalam kelas dia..

:: mr ong bp ::
my add math teacher.. musuh ketat miss alice tan.. hehe.. selalu bawak virus mengantuk dalam kelas.. sbb bila dia masuk jek, aku mesti nghantuk.. not only me, but the whole class.. haha.. tapi heran.. orang lain ngantuk² pun score.. me?? secret.. i always copied my colleagues work.. malas lorr nak buat add.. i really hate add math.. he's a good teacher actually, it's only me who don't know how to appreciate him..

kay la.. panjang entry kali nih.. special dedication to all teachers..

to all peeps who're responsible to teach and dedicate - no matter what is your job title - teacher, cikgu, lao shi, lecturer, pensyarah etc.. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

:: :( ::

i don't feel like working today.. had a bad morning start.. and my mood is swinging like a roller coaster.. had a 'not-so-good' night sleep yesterday.. and was bugged with headache.. my heart hurts..


depsite all that, i'm happy at least my headache has gone away.. after 2 rounds of minyak cap kapak in the wee hours..


since i'm not in a good mood.. i don't think i'll write any further.. nobody can actually disturb me, as i left my hp at home.. that's good..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

:: muhasabah ::

i came accross a blog of my cyber friend.. and i don't know why, her entries touched my heart.. she's very young, 28 if i'm not mistaken.. but yet a mother of 4! salute.. and better still, while mothering 4 kids & a long distance relationship with husband, she's pursuing her degress, after years of hibernation.. hebat kan? i muhasabah diri balik, when i was all alone, taking care after my twins, without my husband around pun i rasa terseksa jiwa dan raga.. how others suffer more than me..

ok la all.. tu jek pun nak cakap.. not much of interesting things to share.. nanti2 kalau ada idea, i update lagi ok? bubbye!

Monday, May 12, 2008

:: hip hip hoorey for MAN U! ::

lupa nak cerita something.. hubby went off to kota bharu, to attend his cousin's wedding.. and since kota bharu is extremely famous for its cheap hijab, i requested him to get me hijabs, light brown and marroon in colour.. and when he came home, he came with 3 pieces of hijab.. thank you dear..

yesterday, we had a late night.. watching footie ManU vs Wigan on ESPN.. afiq and adib plak malam tadi woke us up at 4.00am nak main.. ya Allah.. pastuh menangis² mengigau.. sampaikan both of us had to take each one of them and put them to sleep in our arms.. kena peluk dulu si afiq n adib baru tido.. saba jek anak²ku ini.. and that was at 5.00am.. hahaha.. mommy only had +- 4hours of sleep.. huhu.. ngantuks pagi tadi, and terpaksa langgar pantang larang - minum coffee.. ngantuk weh.. camana nak drive gi opis..

kay la uolz.. i nk blog off dah.. take care.. zai jian!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

:: our weekend's story ::

it has been a while, since i last update my fs blog.. it's not because i have neglected this blog, but i'm facing problems to access my fs account.. (fs - kena block kat office, and i can't log in internet at mommy'ss place subab modem down.. and i only reach my place at 10.00 pm daily..)
a lot has happened recently.. and good news have coloured up our life.. making our beautiful happy life with afiq and adib even better! :D

today, hubby had a small gath at his uni mate's house in semarak.. they planned for a potluck party, that we decided to order from achik her delicious curry puff (shall i say, kurma puff.. sbb she used kurma pste instead of curry paste) and i whipped up some instant creme caramel for dessert.. it sounds so impressive, but hey, aishah can't fix herself in the kitchen with 2 babies to look after.. so that 'clever' aishah made the dessert simple by grabbing some instant creme caramel mix from the gorcery stores.. so to all amad's friends.. kira ok la kan?? ;)

afiq and adib has fallen asleep.. hubby is watching the football match intensely.. as today is the match of destiny for MU.. so, that's the reason why ihad the pc all by myself.. kalau tak sure kena mengalah, as he always has better reasons that mine to stay in front of the pc.. hehe..
guess that's all for now.. wanna join hubby to watch footie.. nih la nyer pun masa nak lepak 2-orang.. kalau tak surely busy handling the 2 boys.. kay all.. take care.. bye!

Friday, May 9, 2008

:: friday : torn in betwen ::

it's friday, and i'm torn in between happiness and loneliness.. i always love friday, as it's the last the day of 'hectic' and boring working days.. :) saturday, has always been nice.. with great breakfast at home, and spending time with babies at our own home sweet home.. i normally had a late night on fridays.. surf net, tv's.. but then, this time round, i'm torn in between.. as hubby will be off to kelantan, to attend his cousin's wedding in kota bharu, and will only return on saturday evening.. boring........

so now, i'm thinking of what to do on saturday.. maybe i'll ask my mom to accompany me out to bring the babies around.. or just laze at home, playing with my two handsome boys.. maybe i should go for a haircut as well.. hmm.. a day on my own.. and that would be on my first mother's day.. hm......

anyway, at the very moment, i'm having a 'not-so-good' moment with my maid.. waaaaa.. wa manyak sakit ati sama dia.. i have to see what course of action shall i take.. pening dah kapla makcik sama ini orang.. tak pakai maid, i need a helper to look after my boys during weekdays, and to run basic house chores especially washing and ironing..

that's all for now.. have a great weekend uols.. chow!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

:: sharlinie ::

while waiting for hubby, i as usual hit my favourite blog page - looking for what's new to try in the kitchen.. this time round, when i visited his blog, i set my eyes on the picture that he paste on the left panel of his blog - a sweet little girl by the name of sharlinie.. it suddenly struck my mind.. where's she??

i can't imagine the ordeal that the family has to face.. it's pretty unthinkable of any human being dare to do this kind of thing to such an innocent girl..

kalau la the kidnapper tu read my blog (which i think one in a trillion chances) - i beg u - PULANGKANLAH SHARLINIE KEPADA KELUARGANYA.. janganlah diulangi tragedi arwah adik Nurin Jazlin..

Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku..
Kau lembutkanlah hati insan yang mengambil sharlinie,
Agar terbuka hatinya untuk memulangkan kembali anak gadis itu ke pangkuan keluarganya..
Pulangkanlah Sharlinie dalam keadaan terbaik kepada keluarganya..
Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku..
Kau peliharalah keselamatan adik Sharlinie,
Di mana jua dia berada..
Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku,
Kau permudahkanlah urusan untuk mencari adik Sharlinie,
Kurniakanlah petunjuk kepada kami..
Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku,
Kau kurniakanlah kekuatan kepada keluarga Sharlinie,
Untuk menerima segala ketentuanMu..

:: sleepy head.. ::

i'm all one sleepy head person this morning, despite the good sleep yesterday night.. ngantuk sangat².. luckily this morning, hubby is so kind to gimme a lift to office, so that i could catch a nap for couple of minutes.. kalau tak, lagi lalok..

afiq and adib has learned few new things lately.. afiq and adib has grabbed new ways of crying.. (hehe).. yesterday, adib has learned how to senyum ala² senyum simpul.. chomey gila bila tengok..

as usual, during morning rush, afiq and adib will also urged us to pick them up from the cot.. but alhamdulillah, they have learned to be patient, especially when we are about to perform our subuh prayers. both of them will popped their heads up and watch intensely for the mom n dad to finish the prayers before they would finally crack their cries out, asking to be picked up by us..
so parents, lesson learned : babies learn a lot.. so behave!! show good example to them!

lately, i found myself blog hopping from one blog to another, and i have became addicted to some good blog entries, which i felt is so honest, and straight from the heart.. :D

what else? actually, i'm stealing my working time to blog.. yup, it's not an honest thing to do, but hey, i'm extremely sleepy.. it's more or less 20 mins to 1.00 and i am trying to patiently wait for the clock to strike one, as i want to catch some nap.. ngantuk teramat nih!!

am stopping here now..

before i forget - pn mastura azmi : yep, it's confirmed that two lines appear during the test.. (u know what i mean..) and it's coming in, insya Allah end of the year.. erm.. why not mas berusaha sehabis baik so that we could book kak nurul together?? hahahahaha!! nampaknya azam tahun baru akak tahun depan : sesi menguruskan badan.. yiha!

kay all.. take care.. mmuahs!

Monday, May 5, 2008

:: afiq and adib's weekend ::

afiq and adib is getting more active days by days.. afiq has succeeded in pulling himself up by grabbig the sofa, or whatever that he could grab.. adib belum lagi..

both of them dah tumbuh gigi.. afiq dah ada 4 batang, so do adib.. afiq tumbuh gigi dulu.. then baru adib.. tapi adib yang bestnya kuar gigi ekspress.. all four kuar dekat2 jek time dia.. hehe.. chomey sunggus skang ada 4 batang gigi.. sweet..

nowadays, afiq n adib tamau dah makan blend2.. dah boring kot.. they seem to enjoy food with more texture.. now mommy dah start fenin pikir menu depa especially during weekend.. ye la.. babies are like us too.. makan mende sama jek sure boring.. so last saturday, i cooked them some vege soup - sarat ngan carrot, potato, celery, broccolli, tauhu and ada sket ikan bilis.. this time round, ok plak dia makan.. sunday tukau sikit menu, tambah bits of chicken bagi tukar sket rasa.. nampak cam ok gak..

i forgot to share this story with you all.. when were attending hubby's family day in kuantan, afiq n adib belasah buffet cukup2.. adib punya taste bud is so mat salleh that he finished 2 buns yang dicicah dengan cream of chicken.. anak yang aku sorang nih, nampaknya turun perangai mommy nih..

since afiq and adib enjoy the pool so much, yesterday we decided to allow both of them to have a dip in the pool that hubby redeem from his cc points.. and as usual, afiq and adib main sampai si afiq's face turned blue sbb sejuk.. hehe.. and the result following that, good, long night sleep.. haha.. now i know camana nak kasi penat.. hehe..

guess that's all for now.. for those who have been wishing me, thank you so much.. yep, it's a shocking news! hehe.. guess, i'll be on long long leave again at the end of the year.. yihaaa! (selamat tak yah gie kursus kat jepun for 5 weeks).. hope everything will go on well with no hiccups.. pray for my health.. ok?


Friday, May 2, 2008

:: sup daging ::

nak share afiq and adib's favourite soup - to be eaten with bubur nasi of course

beef soup
thinly sliced beef
carrots - thinly sliced
potato - cube
red shallots
ginger - sikit aje
''4 sekawan''

1. tumis 4 sekawan, shallots, garlic and ginger
2. pour in some water
3. throw in the beef,carrots and potato
4. put in some sliced onion
5. season with salt
6. serve warm

Thursday, May 1, 2008

:: afiq and adib - first experience in the sea n pool ::

wah.. so long no blogging.. was unable to connect to the cyber..

okay.. was away last weekend.. went to kuantan, pahang and had 2 nights stay in swiss spa & resort.. hubby ada family day kat sana.. the journey was long (sorry abang for asking bila la nak sampai², since i am no fan of long distance driving).. brought afiq and adib along as well as the maids (kidnap mak's maid as well to help me out)

it was a nice getaway from kl.. afiq and adib was enjoying it too.. for the first time ver, afiq and adib had their first dip in sea water as well as the pool.. it was only on the last day that we managed to allow the boys to experience it, since weather and hubby's schedule is not permitting us to do so..

when we first let afiq and adib to enjoy the beauty of Allah's creation - the sea, afiq and adib seems excited.. dengan seluar katok + pampers (hehe) we just let them basah² kan kaki in the water.. it was ok at first, until the wave came in.. afiq and adib 2-2 nangis takut.. i put them to stand near to each other, and they were holding hands as if they are so takut.. hehehehe..

after the mandi laut experience, we then took them both to the pool.. dengan suar katok itu juga (without the pampers la of course..) they jumped into the pool.. mak aii.. anak2 aku nih.. they enjoyed the swim so much! they were in it for like 20 mins before we decided to pull them out (since adib has been swallowing lotsa pool water sbb he's too excited that he splashy here and there in the pool).. get them dried up, before landing back in the pool again sbb adib nangis nak mandi lagi.. we allow both of them to enjoy the pool for another 10 mins before we pulled them out from the pool.. the result from the swimming - afiq slept from 1pm to 5pm.. hahaha.. penangan mandi swimming pool..

apa lagik nak cerita.. not much actually.. for those who're asking what's the news.. be patient ok?? ;)

owh anyway, we had simple menu for today - nasi goreng cina, ginger beef & asparagus.. while afiq and adib had their normal nasi lembik with sup daging.. will share the menu later ok? bubbye!