Friday, August 28, 2009

:: 7th day puasa ::

kejap jek dah seminggu posa. tup tup nak raya dah.

mencabar jugak puasa kali ni. eventho dah seminggu posa, cuaca cam best jek.. mendung, hujan. tak la penat sangat. (tapi i tetap lapa.. n pusing²..) kesian at afiq and adib. mommy slalu dah melepek by the time sampai rumah, nak layan diorang main.

bila dah cukup energy.. diorang pulak yang dah nak zzzzz.

tahun ni prep raya, simple saja. as usual, dulukan anak² punya baju (walaupun baju mommy dia dah lama siap.. ekekeke) kuih raya sebijik pun tak beli. sebab supplier utama dah berpindah jauh nun ke arab. huhu. ramai kot yang frust tak dapat makan kuih crispy almond cornflake yaya tuh. nak harap i masak?? alamatnya, terbukak puasa la aku nanti. ;p

the most that i'll do is choc cornflake. tuh pun pasai tak payah kena bakar. plus itu dah jadi macam kewajipan untuk aku as cucu sulung bawak balik kuih tuh, as ramai sepupu sepapat yang cinonet (not so cinonet dah pun) selalu demand that cookie. that cookie always ended up in front of the tv, rather than in the beautiful balang that wan have back in kampung.

anyway, plan raya tahun nih still unsure. sebab tahun nih turn raya ngan IL. my IL's esok nak raya pun boleh tukau plan lagi. as my FIL selalu raya kat kl, and he normally travels on the first day raya. maybe 1st day kat KL, then baru push off balik kg kot..

(hisyh.. raya lambat lagi dah pk raya.. patut pikir cari malam lailatul qadar dulu!)

kay la korang. rerajin la update blog. tuan rumah nih bosan sangat dah nih.. nak merayap2

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

:: syukur and hope ::

just had a light supper - kuey teow tom yam. yummy. got my lil bro to buy it for me. syukur he's around the house during these moments. he has helped me a lot. playing with my kids while still looking after the cc despite being on uni's break. he's off to UK soon.

the boys are sleeping. they almost didn't get their noon nap. getting extremely mischievous and hyperactive during the day that really drive the maids to the edge of the energy. syukur that i have patient one, despite not being a perfect one. it still helps at least.

OH has arrived safely in astrakhan. hope he'll take care of himself well, and eat well as no one will be there to cook for him. there're only 2 muslims in his office, and throughout the yard that he's looking after. hope he'll get to learn how to cook and start browsing the net to learn cooking to prepare for iftar. ;)

work is a bundle at the moment, but i'm progressing like a snail. hope patience and strength are with me throughout this challenging period.

hm, i realize i've been using the word syukur and hope a lot in this entry. so, makes well i name this entry :: syukur and hope ::

take care all.

ps : reality check - tadarus and tarawikh amacam?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

:: dan dia berkelana lagi ::

my OH is on board again. for a good three weeks, leaving me behind with afiq and adib during fasting month and blooming me. i just hope things will move on smoothly and i can cope with the changes well, no matter what. hope the boys will cooperate with me anyway.

this time round the shift brings in the changes pretty fast, making myself a little bit light headed all day round. but so far, i still can cope, and i hope everything will be well and in order.

so starting tonight, again, i'll return back and stay and my mom's throughout his absence. it's not that i can't take care of the boys on my own, but i've a got a sharp warning from mom, following the wee hours incident the other day with afiq.

nampak gayanya, skill memasak akan memeram sebentar since kat rumah mak ada satu policy, bulan puasa dapur tak beasap, sbb abah lebih suka beli kat luar and let my mom relax.

will only cook for thw two kiddo. sesimple2nya. (jangan si afiq tuh mintak 'cik mak' sudah, like on the first day of puasa. kena jugakla mommy dia masak)

okay la all. take good care. muah!

Monday, August 24, 2009

:: afiq and adib's progress : part 2 ::

i have typed this entry before at home, completed, but thanx to berokband that it didn't manage to save the draft. cis!!

but anyway, i intended to update on my boys' progress.

they have overcome the thomas' obsession, and embark on a new one. aiyo.. latest "bob the builder".

:: these are their latest vocab ::

tatamin : vitamin
lo : milo
bob ade : bob the builder
daddy - je - jauh - lik - mesh : daddy keja jauh naik kapal terbang. nanti daddy balik beli thomas. (haha, lepas th dia tambah takde bila arituh OH balik tak bawak thomas)
Allah pah : Allah! tumpah!
alamak : alamak (ni yang paling tak leh layan..)
tuh lak : jatuh pulak
jatu (no H) : jatuh
cik mak : nasik lemak
dok-ter : dr
cek : check
mam : demam
tuk : could be either atuk or batuk
cuci : cuci
kai : sky
pe : nescafe
aish : ais
juk : sejuk
tam : masam
tuk tam : busuk masam (mommy selalu tanya, siapa busuk masam mommy?)
buat! : arahan suruh selimutkan! aku pun tak paham apsal
lap : gelap
cah : basah

:: the conversations ::

mommy : daddy solat tera-?
them : weh

mommy : nama mommy noor ai-?
them : kim (sambil gelak² + sengih² okay!)
(sebab mommy selalu cakap no ice cream)

mommy : nama daddy ahmad ri-?
them : jal

mommy : nama atuk zaha-?
them : lin

mommy : nama wan hami-?
them : da

mommy : nama tok papa abdul rah-?
them : man

mommy : nama tok mama ropi-?
them : yah

mommy : nama pakngah ahmad na-?
them : cik (sambil gelak as they know that's not the right answer)

mommy : nama mak ngah (they pronounced it mak nyah.. sian adik ipar aku) diya-?
them : na

mommy : nama pak lang khairul fa-?
them : lah

mommy : nama pak cu saiful am-?
them : li

mommy : nama achik mai-?
them : zon

scene : adib tgh main or doing whatever things he is doing..
afiq : adib no!
(sungguh ke-abang-an okay)

scene : nak tido, dalam bilik, gelap
afiq and adib : tok - lin, wan - dah (revising their atok and wan's name sambil minum susu. mommy dia memang tahan gelak jek la)

scene : naik tangga
afiq : will do the counting as he progressed the steps.

okay la. cukup takat nih dulu.

i put up this as a reminder to myself what they have achieved as life goes by. :) nothing better than a word scribbled direct from the heart that captures sweet smells along the journey called life! :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

:: afiq was down with high temp ::

it has been a quiet week for the site.

i was busy, and i got myself tangled with afiq's fever.

i normally could act and manage myself well, when my children are sick. cos i have to, so that every move i made is rational, and i could think well when emergency arises.

but this time around, i got panic.

it was a normal tuesday, and i clocked myself in jps ampang instead of HQ, for some work. went back home late that day, as i got a date with my OH. we were looking for the kids' birthday pressies and some new pieces for the house. (bukan jenis beli perabot baru untuk raya, tapi perabot sedia ada sudah nazak.. nanti i put up an entry on that yeah?)

we arrived home just after maghrib, and the maid told me that afiq was on high fever that evening. she has gave him paracetamol. OH on the other hand asked me to just bring him to the GP, as it's better for us to get him checked. so we went straight to the GP, and the dr kasik sup.(masuk ikut B*nT*t punya ubat)

went back home, gave him milk, sponged him, checked his temp - he was getting better. so i went to sleep.

early morning, around 3am, i heard him crying, but not his usual cries. normally kalau nangis tengah malam, he akan mintak susu, and when being called, he'll answer me and climb the bed. but not that night.

i woke up and dukung him. took him out of the room. and masa tuh panic mode mula la meribut dalam my head. he looked so blue-black, and kept on shivering. he was awake, but he didn;t response to my calls.

woke my OH up, and my OH has to instruct me what to do. suruh i siap, then i remembered to call my dad and my mom asking them to come over to my house to look after my other twin. but the situation seems to get out of hand, that OH decided to just tag adib along with us during the wee hours.

we rushed to the nearest hospital - APSH though i frankly hate the A&E department. i always find that the drs communication there is pretty poor, and i didn't get enough explanation on my son's condition.

afiq was said to have very high fever. masuk sup lagi sekali, and blood was drawn from his hand. and it took four adults to hold him tight to make sure that the blood can be drawn. he's one small man, but kuat gila hokay! kena balut ngan selimut pun boleh terbukak. first time jugak tengok macamana swab test being performed, and i surely think that it's very2 uncomfortable.

alhamdulillah all the tests turned up ok, and we were sent home. afiq tak warded sebab ward penuh, though part of me prefer afiq kena ward sebab dia sangat tidak suka makan ubat that 2.5ml punya antibiotic pun susah nak masuk.

got him checked again last thursday with his new paed - which i found far better. dr anthony manzul in pcmc. ecplained to him what had happened on tuesday, and i got abtter explaination on what might happened that day. dia cakap probably sebab the fever was too high, and the surrounding was pretty cool - it may due to sponging, aircond, etc. masa high fever, all the blood vessel will expand, but then when there're cool air, the blood vessel will suddenly kecut and that causes the 'blue black thingy'. one of the most important thing to observe during that time is - ur child shgould have pinkish tongue. kalau tak, that's not good.

it has been 4 days since the incident, alhamdulillah he's getting better. hope he'll regain himself soon as OH will fly back to russia this coming tuesday and will only be back a week before raya. should look this positively, as i'll have more time for myself and ibadah. (tgh console diri sendiri. last year bulan posa pun he was not around all the time)

okay la all. take good care. salam ramadhan!

Monday, August 17, 2009

:: the two turn two today ::

adib n afiq : to you.. to you..

take your guess apa yang this two kiddo nak bagitau?


the two turns two today!

and we had a small bash yesterday, with aunties, uncles, cousins around. so mereka agak 'terkesan' dengan birthday bash tuh. paling kelakar, adib dok diri depan cupcakes yang di'sponsor' oleh my adik ipar. sebab kek tuh gambar thomas and friends. diorang agaknya pelik, aik?? thomas??


anyway, the phrase "to you.. to you.." refers to the happy birthday song. they'll say that to me, asking me to sing the song. lepas tuh, sambil i nyanyi, diorang akan cakap la nama sapa yang diorang nak i sebut in the song. so far ada 3 nama la, nama afiq, nama adib, ngan mommy.

i've got lotsa things to share bout the boys, but time don't permits me. nanti bila ada masa kita chit chat pepanjang na..

take care all. bye!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

:: sabtu yang sempoi ::

was so busy over the week.

was on duty jadi mc untuk seminar organized by office.

and yes, being mc without drama is so not me. :P

yep, was so tense in between. was thinking for the best, but being labelled as perfectionist. was requested to take it lightly, but ended up running in my heels here and there to clarify things and to get things started and done. perhaps, kena define betul2 job description utk mc. mc kah or mc cum trouble shooter cum runner?

nasib baik seminggu jek. :P

OH will be back today, insya Allah, will arrive late evening. will pick him up at the usual spot.

anyway, ramadhan is so near already. harapnya dipertemukan dengan malam yang lebih baik dari seribu malam. yang masih hutang posa, sekadar peringatan. hutang ngan tuhan tuh. jangan nanti nyesal masa dah tua. (kalau sempat)

okay la all. anak2 tgh melayan mata. :) mommy dia pun sempat la layan internet kejap. lunch pun tak masak.. haha. dominos saja. (sekali sekala..)

malam nih nak masak buffalo wings + sauteed mushroom & potato + coleslaw. mak malas nak masak nasi.

okay ye.. take care. salam

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

:: kepala hotak berjerebu ::

kepala hotak agak berasap.

keja yang simple tapi jadi pending sebab banyak benda tak finalize. apa punca? apa silap? tahu sebenarnya, tapi tak perlu dijelaskan perkara yang jelas. (kawan² seangkatan pasti faham)

just hope that things will turn out right, as i'm the one yang jadi frontliner esok.

wish me luck!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

:: berokband ::

afiq and adib tgh layan mata. mommy layan facebook sambil buat kerja. esok kena jadi MC untuk seminar kat seri pacific. text tak buat lagi, tapi tak risau sebab boleh copy n paste. just minor adjustment here and there.

sakit hati sebenarnya ngan maxis nih. memanjang disconnected. memanjang slow. apakah kategori berokband ini? sungguh menjengkelkan hati hokay! apatah lagi tatkala berskype. tgh syok aku melayan perasan tetiba dc. rasa cam zaman dial up. at least dial up bagitau kalau dc. ini tidak. kena check memanjang. adoi!!!! reliablekah cenggini especially bila ada money transaction??

sangat menyusahkan hidup!

selesai sesi luahan perasan.

okay la. nak buat keja.

:: 8 days to 2 y.o. ::

finally, i've got time to blog.

OH is on board already, flying off to russia. nasib baik kejap jek this time. a week only. kalau tak tension gila nak kena mengadap maid aku yang terlalu boleh diharap itu. *sigh.

i'm so mmmaaaaddddd with my maid. that i couldn't think off how to say it out. tolonglah kerajaan malaysia, khabarkan realiti kualiti pekerja-pekerja indonesia di malaysia sebelum demand yang bukan2 dari majikan kat kl nih. just becuase nak protect the 10% yang kena abuse, what about the percentage of majikan yang 'tertipu'????

anyway, buat sakiot kepala hotak buat apa kan?

baik cerita yang indah2 saje...

afiq and adib is turning two in more or less one week time. besau dah anak2 mommy nih.

was planning to organize a birthday party, but due to health reason, we change sour plan. sekadar buat makan2 kecik with immediate family members. insya Allah, buat next weekend, the day after OH balik kl. nothing fancy, just simple food, a cake and the family.

hope it'll turn out right.

anyway, next week is gonna be a hectic week. adoi.....

okay la all. tocheh!

ps - syukur.. dapat apc last friday..

Monday, August 3, 2009

:: afiq, adib demam lagi.. ::

hati tidak ceria seperti biasa.

afiq, adib demam lagi..