Tuesday, February 23, 2010

:: ooh anakku, kenapa hangpa tamau makan? ::

i'm worried with both of my kids' appetite. seriously worried.

it has been a week or two of refusing food. and when i say refuse, they really refuse. afiq for instance, hanya makan a spoon of rice both for lunch and dinner. yang nak dimakannya keropok n cereal saje.

adib pun lebih kurang sama. semalam belasah 1 cup of yoghurt for breakfast and half cup for dinner.

i'm worried that they won't get enough nutrition that they should be getting every day. nih aku ada dok tertonggok kat umah, bolehla bising2 and closely monitor my maid untuk kasik anak makan. not that i don't want to give it myself, i sendiri pun kena rest due to current pregnancy condition. kasik diorang makan involves lotsa jalan2 and kejar2, unless they really want to eat.

some people say tak yah risau. but kalau dah namanya makan hanya sesuap untuk both main meal, i think all mom will definitely pening kepala. just hope that this is temporary and they'll start eating normally very soon.

ps - saya dah mula merasakan simptom2 nesting.

Monday, February 22, 2010

:: cerpen afiq adib ::

:: cerita adib ::

scene 1 : mommy batuk-batuk

adib : mommy batuk minum air mangga banyak cangat! (mommy batuk sebab minum air mangga banyak sangat!)
mommy : tak boleh ke?
adib : tak boleh!

scene 2 : mommy batuk-batuk when adib was asleep in the middle of the night


adib : mommy batuk minum air mangga banyak cangat!

sah kes mengigau!

:: cerita afiq ::

scene : nyanyi lagu tepuk amai-amai

mommy : tepuk amai-amai
belalang kupu-kupu
tepuk afiq pandai
nanti malam upah susu

afiq : nak upah milo! apiq nak tepuk amai-amai milo!

mommy : ??

giving an attempt

mommy : tepuk amai-amai
belalang kupu-kupu,
tepuk afiq pandai,
nanti malam upah milo

milo lemak manis
santan kelapa muda
afiq jangan nangis
mommy tangkap monster!

kesimpulan : bila anak-naka dah makin besar, mak bapak pun kena makin kreatif....... :D

nota kaki : cerita/dialog mungkin diubahsuai sedikit bagi memudahkan mommy dia untuk type.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

:: kids obsessions ::

i was supposed to be at work, but the eventful day that took place 3 days ago has granted me with medical leave of two weeks. bleeding last 3 days and semalam bila dr scan, she confirmed that i'm experiencing plasenta previa type 2. so she put me on leave and give me a strict warning to stay at home like good lil girls. baik doctor!

hari nih, i would like to share some stories on my boys' obsession - thomas and friends and how it affects their life tremendously.

1. they associate colours with the thomas characters. e.g:-
a. kalau lampu james (merah), kena top (stop). kalau lampu percy (green), boleh jalan. kalau lampu molly (kuning) kena jalan celo-celo (slow-slow). :D, sometimes they associate the colours with fruits, i.e. ubat berry (red), lorry apple (green).
b. it goes the same with ubat. ubat batuk dia panggil ubat 'dobas' (douglas) sebab train douglas tu kaler hitam.
c. kadang2 kalau payah sangat nak makan, i'll try to associate the food with the characters as well. like, kuah james (kuah tomato). sometimes it work, sometimes no. :P

looking at this, mmg betul la org cakap, u have to monitor what ur kids watch. so far alhamdulillah, since the kids are staying with my mom during the day, the tv influence is very minimal sebab maid tak reti nak pasang astor plus astro tuh terletak nun di ceruk tempat. the kids would rather mess up the house, climbing up and down the chairs and disturbing the maids when cooking rather watching tv. syukur.

by the way, sejak baik demam nih the kids dah makin pandai cakap. adib for example, (he hates cough syrup so much that i need to 'force-feed' him with the syrup) after all the struggle feeding him with the syrup, he just simply 'scold' me and said "kan adib dah kata ubat tuh tak shedap!' adeh.. he really imitates what i said. macam recorder.

afiq on the other hand, has develop a sense of jealousy. sangat2 la cemburu kalau mommy dia pegang other babies. he'd rather stand still beside me than playing around so that i won't be able to hold babies and instead main dengan dia. habisla sapa jadi gf dia esok..

okay a peeps. am blogging off now. nak makan ubat. take care. bye!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

:: a week of cold and flu ::

daily schedule has been so tight lately. i noticed that i haven't update my foodie series for like 2 months. it's not that nothing is going on in the kitchen, but i just merely can't find the time to sit and blog. work has taken away my energy pretty much, that i feel guilty to my two kiddos as i just can't open my eyes to spend time with them. insya Allah, things will get better in few weeks ahead.

both kids are not well. memula, afiq demam, sampai menggigil2 at night. afiq baik, adi pulak demam. tapi tak seteruk afiq. cumanya he got both cough and runny nose, compared to afiq cuma dapat high temp, and just tiny bit of runny nose. after a round of medication this morning, both dah doze off for morning nap. hope diorang tido lama sikit, as i know, the sleep can help them to recover faster. kesian tengok.

mommy on the other hand tersangat la malas nak masak. hari nih i just plan to masak ikan tenggiri masak kicap with sup sayur. both are their favourite. hopefully terbukakla sket appetite nak makan. afiq refused to take his brekkie this morning. adib habisla jugak semangkuk cereal with milk (that's his favourite breakfast). i'm thinking of baking some bread later, if body permits me to do so. OH is out to get some veges.

i'm now approaching my 32 weeks of pregnancy. next week i'm due for my MGTT test. takpe.. demi keselamatan dan kesihatan anak, i'll do whatever i can within my capability. having myself going through the experience of stillbirth really haunts me. i'm very paranoid when the baby didn't move that much.

owh by the way, just wanna share some happy news with my readers. OH's cousin has safely delivered a pair of twin last week! and it's a boy and a girl! what a bless! tetiba teringat my very own experience handling twin, and there are times, when i have to handle both twin on my own when they were still lil' cute small babies as OH has to answer his duty calls. it's definitely going to be challenging for her, as she has two elder sons to look after, but i believe she can manage it well.

okayla peeps. i want to start surfing for my recipes to be ventured out this week. have a great long leave. bubbye!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

:: lllloooooongggg hiatus! ::

my last entry was dated 26 january 2010, and that means, it has been 2 weeks since i last update. that's a long hiatus!

yep, mak buyung tersangat la busy this february. too many meetings, too many datelines (tak banyak pun, tapi complicated..) that makes me go, agagagagaggaa! sampaikan lost count pregnancy week. boleh gitu?

next week ada MGTT test. (part tuh tak lupa, sebab skang pun dah seriau nak amek test tuh.. ppl say the air gula taste 'too sweet') tho, i'm a sweet tooth person who just love cakes and chocs, tapi bab air, i prefer air kurang manis. hopefully, i wont puke!

bila lama tak update, makanya, banyak la cerita ceriti yang tak tertulis. kids are growing up, really fast but still haven't overcome their obsession on train. kalau nampak lrt lalu, boleh stok menjerit². pastu mula la associate lrt tuh ngan cerita thomas. train pegi 'tesyen' la. jumpa 'pat ler' (fat controller). :D

kay la all. nih update pun for the sake of updating. cam boring jek kan entry nih. mak lost touch la.. :P nanti² kita blog lagi..

ps - mak ngantukkkkkkkkk