Friday, August 29, 2008


dalam hidup aku, ada 2 jenis manusia yang paling aku benci..

no. 1 - tikam belakang punya manusia
no. 2 - tak on time

kes no. 1
aku rasa semua orang mmg tak suka manusia jenis nih.. ada la beberapa manusia yang aku kenal pesen macam nih.. depan baik gila, belakang jadi lain.. depan cakap lain, belakang cakap lain.. tapi manusia jenis nih, selagi tak mengganggu hidup aku, aku tak amik kesah.. lantak la korang..

kes no. 2
owh, ini la paling aku tak suka.. patutnya nih no.1 tapi aku malas nak retype, so tak pe la.. letak jek la kat no. 2.. this category applies to all.. tak kira org tuh kawan baik aku ke, family aku ke, laki aku ke, opis mate ke, bos ke, tak kira.. sbb aku paling benci menunggu.. it's such a waste of time waiting for someone to turn up, not knowing when he/she will turn up.. in other words, i hate uncertainties.. (dah masuk category lain pulak dah..)

waiting costs time and energy.. and what bothers me more, when the person who is late expect a normal reaction or in other words be okay with it because it something that he/she can't avoid..

i believe in respect towards people.. if u want respect, treat other people with respect.. i as much as possible will treat someone with respect.. but if he/she breach my equilibrium equation, watch out for the fire.. a simple act as sorry as soon as possible (dengan ikhlas, bukan macam nih, 'kesian...... i'm sorry okay?' or informing ahead of time that you'll be late is good enough for me (provided u have reasonable excuses.. not lame ones..)

why i suddenly blog about this? someone has promised to meet me up at the office after office hours (normally 5.30pm).. so i waited.. at 4.30pm, i received a message telling me that that particular person will be late, because something crops up in the office.. then at 5.30 pm, another message telling me that that person will be late, because that person haven't finished his/her business yet in the office.. and again at 6.00pm i received another message telling me that that the person will meet me at 6.15pm.. i sent a message whether that person will arrive at 6.15pm or will only pushed off at 6.15pm? what did i get - no reply!

fine.. trying to be cool.. time passed by, 6.30pm, no show up yet.. i'm getting really pissed off.. i'm tired, and yet once reaching home, i still have to entertain my two boys, and pay a visit to the clinic to get a referral letter for today's appointment.. and can u guess what time that particular person arrive at my office???????? 7.15pm, and just to find that particular person nak perform solat asar dulu.. sakit hati tak???????? how many hours did i loss? ALMOST 2 HOURS, WAITING!

and yet, that particular person think that i still need to talk nicely to him/her and let bygone be bygone.. sakit hati!!!!!!

i ended up reaching home almost 8pm.. picked my boys, play with them for like 10 mins, rushed for a quick shower, performed my maghrib prayers and isyak.. it's almost 9 by then.. grabbed quick dinner, and drove off to clinic by 9.40pm.. (clinic closed at 10pm..) i was the last patient, and i finally went to my home sweet home at 10.30pm..

and all that particular person thought is - he/she is not guilty because things are out of his/her control.. and expect me to accept things as it is and move on as usual.. the way that person talks to me irritates me as well.. if i could describe the way that person talks, i would! but i can't.. and yet that person still claims that he/she is not angry (on what ground shall he/she be angry with me, as i'm the one who should be angry?) and hope we could reconcile..

please people, i don't do waiting in my life..

the outcome of the late arrival :
1. i'm stressed out
2. i sakit perut - perhaps contract sikit sebab stress
3. i feel tired because i need to rush to do things
4. i spent less time with my boys


Thursday, August 28, 2008

:: hopefully, it is a false alarm ::

i'm bit worried..

i at times (when i remember) will perform self breast examination at home.. and yes, last few weeks, i discover a worrying lump underneath my arm.. near to the lesion that i had 2 years ago.. (cysts removed back in feb 2006, after 1.5 year observation)

the last time i had my breast checked was early this year, and i'm due for check up again next year.. but i don't think i can wait till next year for me to check what's going on underneath.. the last ultrasound scan has revealed great improvement with significant reduction.. i'm very happy about it..

called the clinic, and have set the appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound.. i'm praying that nothing will go wrong, as i don't want to be under scissors again..

Ya Allah, please let it be a false alarm.. amin..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

:: ceritera makan ::

ari nih i nak cerita pasal makan..

last monday, we had an early dinner @ chili's, konon²nya nak makan apa yang terasa teringin nak dimakan before ramadhan begins.. as usual, we had mushroom fajitas, tortidas chips, choc banana smoothie and juice.. itupun tak habis makan.. cepat la kaay, main dish pun share duorang tak abih, siap tapau for tomorrow's lunch..

hari nih pulak ada makan² kat opis.. mak aihh.. makan tak hengat.. from breakfast to lunch, and as a result lambat solat zohor today (kalau ingat² balik, zohor memang selalu lambat.. i have to change this..) we had roti jala and cucur udang for breakfast.. and for lunch, we had nasi beriyani, ayam bakar tikka, dalca sayur, daging beriyani, butter prawn, pecal, fruit tartlets, mee kari, asam laksa and sate.. drooling kan? mana tak pecah perut makan.. :D kalau nak tgk pics, boleh view kat my officemate punya site - farihah's site

apa lagi pasal makan aku nak cerita ek? ha, esok ngan lusa pun ada org nak belanja makan sempena nak sambut ramadhan and kenduri kesyukuran.. nreakfast nasi lemak tangling.. nasib baik tgh pregnant, so i can eat as i like.. hehe.. kalau tak alamatnya, i have to start to track my calories intake to make sure tak exceed needs.. ngehngeh..

okay la all.. blogging off now.. start drooling everyone.. and happy ramadhan!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

:: i need ideas ::

lupa nak share our weekend's story with all..

lately, afiq and adib has developed their 'choosy' attitude when it comes to food.. we find it hard to feed them with normal white rice and their common lauk pauk.. i'm pretty concern, as my boys were born prematurely, and weigh is a big issue with the dr..

so, i tried my hands on chicken rice and kuey teow ladna last weekend.. alhamdulillah, it turned out great.. i cooked chicken rice on saturday (i don't fancy chicken rice, so when i cook chicken rice, it's a big thing for me!) and kuey teow ladna on sunday for lunch.. since they only had kuey teow for lunch, i decided to cook simple nasi goreng for dinner (only for the boys - but with potatoes yang dipotong nipis²..) fried the rice with kicap cair, minced carrot, minced baby corn, minced meat and potatoes.. cooked extra so the grandmom won't have headache on what to cook for the boys.. alhamdulillah, the boys eat so well! now mommy knows your appetite! they even had our breakfast as their breakfast which is pancakes with raspberry jam and butter, as well as french toast.. (mommy ajar makan simple², so that i won't have headache later to cook mihun goreng or heavy stuff during weekends..)

hubby did take a photo of the chicken rice, but not the ladna.. nak masuk dlm pc ntah bila.. but i cilok the recipe from, search for nai ayam complete recipe and have a go! but i altered the chicken to suit my taste.. instead of frying it (for us la), i grill it.. i tak bubuh honey for the boys.. and i just fry the chicken for the boys..

so now, i'm huning for recipes again.. what shall i cook for my boys this weekend?? any ideas anyone?

Monday, August 25, 2008

:: first award, tq pn mastura ::

thank you pn mastura azmi.. first award gitu..

terima kasih kepada semua peminat.. tanpa anda semua siapalah saya.. (eceh, perasan..)

:: career on the rock ::

bits and pieces about my career here and there..

at times, i feel like quitting.. frankly speaking, i'm very² demotivated with the kind of work that i've been asked to do.. yes, my discipline has deteriorate drastically, and i owe that to my work nature.. my former chinese superior always remind me to make out the best from the worst situation, and that sometimes open up my eyes to feel contented with whatever i have now.. but at times, being a normal human being with plenty of flaws everywhere, i can't help to build the hatred inside me.. argh.. and that's is the reason why, i'm looking forward for year end to come as i'll be on 2 months leave.. yeay! that normally cheer me up..

i've been doing the same task for the past 2-3 years.. it's all about system development, data collecting, collating and checking.. it's never ending.. penat dan bosan.. hrm..

to quit from job is not an option.. with my family expanding, i have to share the responsibility to lay the food on the table together with hubby.. but as time goes by, i feel that i lagi banyak buat dosa dari pahala bila pegi keje.. i grumble.. i feel tak ikhlas.. i kutuk orang.. camana?

maybe, engineering is not my line at all.. tapi i used to enjoy this career a lot, when i really walked the field.. if u get what i mean.. i miss the days where i have to sit all day long in the office, clicking my calculator to calculate the forces and moments.. checking through the drawings.. menggelabah for meetings.. stressful but satisfying..

okay la, cukup la my rantings about work.. sehari pun tak habis kalau cakap pasal keje.. mmg la bertuah bagi mereka yang dapat bekerja, buat apa yang hendak dibuat with great environment and great pay..

to lighten up my mood, allow me to share some funny things that took place in the wee hours at my house this morning..

hubby was so sleepy (read : he slept late, and afiq woke up early, he kept on merengek).. we haven't perform our isyak prayer yet (read : i was so sleepy).. bila terjaga tuh, i woke my hubby up, tanya dia dah kul bapa.. sbb jam dekat ngan dia.. the conversation goes this way (lebey kurang la)

me : abang, dah kul bapa?

he then said : 56

me : 56??

then, i tanya lagi..

me : abang dah kul bapa?

him : (tetiba bukak botol susu anak..)

me : abang, yang tanya dah kul bapa, buat apa abang bukak botol susu anak?

him : (dengan laloknya)eh, la.. err.. (dengan laloknya bangun tengok jam), dah kul 5.40 la.. subuh kul bapa aa?

me : sempat lagi isyak nih, subuh dalam 5.50 - 6.00 cam tuh..

dengan cepatnya, dua-dua bangun, biarkan afiq nangis sorang2 kejap untuk 5-10 mins to perform isyak prayer..

tengah2 solat, terdengar adib pun bangun and diorang main gelak duorang.. so, mommy and daddy teruskan jek solat dengan hati yang lebih tenang..

outcome : mommy slept in the car on the way to office, and yet feel so sleepy bila kat opis.. i wonder how daddy is doing in the office? :D

Friday, August 22, 2008

:: layan gambar okay? ::

scene dalam flight


happy boys rising up early in the morning

family with characters

mommy posing terlebey sket, adib relax macam org korporat

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5237222952898772578" />
the family at movieworld gold coast, oz

there goes hubby!

daddy with afiq hazman

afiq striking a pose with scooby

adib in a car

merangkak dalam woolworth


while watching these..

happy moments..

anak jepun in beanie

adib zzzz in comfort

new cap models in town.. stylo mylo!

i tickle u!!!!!!

flattened out

syok la naik keta

cheeky afiq hazman

sweet adib hazim

Thursday, August 21, 2008

:: a lovely, fine, long week holiday ::

after a fine long week holiday, away at the land of downunder, oz, i'm finally back in the office, finding myself losing my soul, which i believe i have left behind along the beaches at surfers paradise.. huhu.. it was a GREAT getaway with the boys.. time well spent with the boys, despite constant stops here and there, battles and juggles to keep them strapped in the car seat, and wars to keep them sitting quietly in the strollers.. for which in most battles and wars, afiq and adib out champ mommy and daddy.. heh..

the journey started on aug 10, 2008.. we set off to LCCT Sepang at around 7.30 am to catch our morning flight to Gold Coast.. we set off on the plane at around 10.40am.. alhamdulillah, the boys behave pretty well, despite we have to let them to sit on the floor and let them enjoy each other companion.. we have pre-booked the bassinet, but unfortunately, the bassinet was out of order, that we need to hold the boys when they're asleep.. aiyooooo!!! imagine that in an eight hour flight?????? but all in all, everything was ok.. arrived in coolongata airport at half past eight.. settled our car rental, and head to the apartment for the very much needed sleep and rest.. but afiq meragam that night coz he merajuk with mommy sebab kena strap dalam car seat.. and he cried for sucha long, long time.. aiyahhhhhh.. but he finally dozed off and mommy finally catch her sleep..

day two was an easy day.. we decided to laze around at harbourtown - read : where factory outlet stores are at.. it was tough to keep the boys quiet in the stroller (they hate being strapped...)that they finally made mommy let them crawl in WOOLWORTH!!! (ala² carrefour) bayangkan????????? managed to grab damn cheap pants for the boys which only cost us AUD 5.00 each.. mmg murah.. sempat singgah pumpkin patch, but the sales aren't that good, that the goodies price bila convert more or less sama jek cam mesia.. so it's a bit frustrating.. beli pun sket jek.. (buat syarat).. what else.. hmm, masa singgah local market, we grabbed packs of fresh cherries and strawberries.. and to our amusement, afiq especially gila makan cherry.. skali hadap adalah dalam 10-12 bijik kot.. bila lambat dia mula jerit.. merah² tangan yang menyuap cherries.. (paham² je la, how long that colour last on the fingers)..

since beginning, we have agreed to bring both of the boys to the parks.. so, being parents with masters in management, (haha) we believe that today would be the very best day to bring both of them to the park.. since they have recharged themselves after a long journey.. we decided to bring them to the seaworld first, since the boys are fans of animals, and we can catch plenty of animal shows and they can watch birds wandering peacefully around the parks.. the decisions seem to be one of the best decision we have made.. afiq and adib enjoyed their day.. they enjoy watching the birds, the fish, and not forgetting the sesame streets shows.. they managed to catch few rides for babies, etc.. FYI, afiq and adib is a big fan of elmo, so dekat situ, cartoon yang associated with the park is sesame street.. just imagine the beautiful merchandises.. rabakl jugak la the parents beli their favourite books to complete the set yang dah ada kat umah..

after a stroll in the park, we then moved to the city.. had a nice stroll along the beach visiting the night markets.. (at this junction, afiq and adib is no more in the strollers, they're in the carriers already).. before hoping from one souvenier shop to another.. had a dinner at maharani restaurant.. (plenty of halal food in gold coast, no worries at all).. but i don't think the food is as nice as the first tiime i had it before.. perhaps, it's just not my day this time round..

day four cam malas² sket.. laze around.. nothing much we do.. bawak the boys out, enjoying the views of gold coast.. skali lagi, round chopping malls.. (mommy and daddy dia mmg macam nih..)

we decided to bring the boys to the movieworld.. it was normally filled with hype and excitement, but this time round the trip to movieworld has become a humble one.. due to the restrictions.. read : i can't be on rides due to pregnancy, and i have two bbaby boys to look after.. we don't really enjoy the show, as afiq and adib keep on sleeping.. managed to capture beautiful family moments with bugs bunny and sylvester (suffering succotash!! - hubby's favourite character) afiq and adib was beaming with smile when they first met tehse characters.. (nasib baik afiq tak geget telinga bunny tuh, dia pantang tgk benda² macam tuh, sure nak gigit).. after a brief day in movieworld, we moved on to pacific mall, as today is the late night shopping day.. (malls are open till late, read - late : 9.00pm)

had an early dinner with kebabs and steaming hot mocha.. was planning to grab a piece of kripy creme doughnut on the way back home, but just to find that the doughnuts are sold out by the time we reached there.. (huhu, sedey) nasib baik la mommy boleh overcome the cravings.. (sbb mengidam 2 mende, the first one is krispy creme doughnuuts, and second is crepes.. 2-2 tak dapat..)

after rounds of window shopping, we finally head home just to find ourselves flattened out from a very tiring day..

since today would be efficiently our last day in gold coast, we decided to conclude our souveniers shopping by today.. we grabbed pack of cherries, some handbags for our moms (my mom and MIL), some shirt and tshirts, etc.. we basically (again!) strolled around harbourtown and conclude our shopping list.. head back home pretty early to start packing to leave the beautiful land of oz, as we'll be having such an early day tomorrow.. (i miss oz extremely!!)

as early as 5.00 am, we have to get ready to start our journey back to the airport.. get the boys ready, (just changed their diapers only, as it was too cold for a short warm bath in the morning).. rushed to the airport, and just to find ourseves in a long queue to pass through the safety checked.. get our passport stamped, and we're finally on board to head back to kl.. (by the way, afiq and adib was in a red canterbury rompers - damn cheap!, kat kl mahal gilosh).. afiq and adib was pretty 'active' on board.. perhaps, diorang dah bosan kena duduk lama² dalam flight.. outcome from the flight - adib poops twice and afiq once and they really gave daddy a hard time in the toilet to get change, mommy's sunglass selamat patah in order to keep them quiet.. luckily this time round, ada bassinet.. so lega sekejap la bila dia tido (which only lasted for two hours.. huhuhuhuhu)

arrived in kl at around 3.20pm.. queue dekat imigration panjang betul.. luggage back log.. so lambat nak dapat bags.. they really have to upgrade LCCT.. i believe LCCT nih dah under capacity to handle the amount of people coming in to msia..

FIL and MIL picked us up at the airport.. since i was so tired, i feel that the journey from sepang to melawati is bloody far.. afiq and adib dah mengamuk² dalam kereta..

sampai jek umah, cari food makan sket, and bath both of them.. do our prayers and head for my mom's place.. afiq and adib was asleep by then.. (lega).. we slept soundly that night, looking forward for the very next day as the boys turn one.. :D

what a holiday, and i enjoyed the moments with the boys so much.. it has strentghen the bond between us and the boys, and i'm looking forward for more holidays to come in the future (hint! hint! husband..)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: tagged by amisah awang ::

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
adib and afiq - adib pegi jelir lidah kat afiq sbb mommy tgh attempt nak buat afiq jeles while peluk adib.. hehe

2. What were you doing at 0800?
in the office..

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
lunch - munchy munchy

4. What happened to you in 2006?
in and out hospital for laparascopic, minor operation to remove cyst @ right breast, IVF

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
i hardly talk today

6. How many beverages did you have today?
two - plain water + soya bean

7.What color is your hairbrush?
i don't own a hairbrush.. a typical malay lady who uses sikat instead.. :D

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
my massage and haircut services

9. Where were you last night?
At home

10. What color is your front door?
kaler kayu

11. Where do you keep your change?
normally in my purse, or if tak sempat i'll just stash them in my handbag

12. What’s the weather like today?
sunny and bright

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?
boysenberry by new zealand ice cream and turkish delight.. yummy!

14. What excites you?

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
just had mine

16. Are you over the age of 25?
yeah, but i look like 20.. hehe.. perasan

17. Do you talk a lot?
Depends with whom i'm talking to and my mood

18. Do you watch the O.C ?
nope.. i hardly watch tv nowadays

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
yes, former officemate

20. Do you make up your own words?

21. Are you a jealous person?

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘ A ‘?
azah azura ali amran.. longest A's ever.. ;D

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘ K ‘?
khairil, kiran

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?
some no. in kl, whom i don't know who

25. What does the last text message your received say?
some message from MAXIS

26. Do you chew on your straw?
sometimes.. hehe

27. Do you have curly hair?

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
home sweet home.. and i realy mean my own home.. not my mom's or my MIL..

29. Who’s the rudest person in life?
org yang pegang title nih berubah dari masa ke semasa

30. What was the last thing you ate?
cekodok pisang

31. Will you get married in the future?
am married

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
Can't remember..

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
no one in particular

34. When was the last time you did the last wishes?

35. Are you currently depressed?
a little..

36. Did you cry today?

37. Why did you answer and post ni?
memenuhi permintaan peminat.. haha.. (sorry aweng)

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey
you, and you, and you too!

:: a year of raising up the two handsome boys ::

since afiq and adib dah setahun, i guess, it would be nice if i could blog about their progress and how their presence have change my life drastically..

afiq and adib has just turned one last sunday, aug 17, 2008.. thank you to aunty sal, nad and mas for the thoughtful wishes.. alhamdulillah, the boys are growing up well, and have grabbed plenty of new skills depsite being delivered as preemie (i delivered them at 32-33 weeks)..

plenty of ups and downs in bringing them up.. afiq with fractured collar bone.. adib with benjol sebesar telur ayam on his forehead just few days before we pushed off to australia for a week long holiday.. macam² perangai..

bringing up twins are double of joy.. they both develop their own characters and have their own preferences.. afiq is more vocal (i really mean vocal.. and i believe this tagline suits him well - i see, i cry, i get).. adib on the other hand is a bit reserved and will try on his own to get things that he wants..

afiq loves music so much, while adib loves action.. both of them enjoy cars and are very fond of animals.. they both could sit quietly watching the birds, and can be very fascinated with fishes, cats, etc.. they love fruits to the bits.. afiq's favourite - cherry, while adib loves rock melon so much.. (and yes, both are very expensive in m'sia).. they love durian and rambutan as well..

they now know how to wave tata to us.. mutter papapapapapa, mamamamama, mamam.. afiq dah pandai tunjuk if he wants something.. he will point his fingers to the bottle (while crying) when he wants some milk..

they also know how to respond to my request.. for example.. 'macamana bunyi dinasour?', and they will imitate the dinasour sounds.. hehe.. funny but amazing kan how fast babies learn..

skang they know how to enjoy each other companion.. dah pandai main kejar² duorang.. and dah pandai squabble for the same toys and mommy.. both of them have developed the senses of jealousy.. kalau satu kat tangan mommy, the other one will merengek to be in my arms too.. kesian.. mommy dia mmg tak cukup tangan layan both of them..

and surely their presence in my life have change my lifestyle drastically.. i cannot nap as long as i like.. i cannot have my weekend late morning anymore.. i can't have long stroll walk in the malls, i can't have my massage session anytime i want, i have to plan when to get my hair cut (it took me a great 8 months to cut my hair!), i have to squeeze some time to be available for their groceries shopping, i can't get my face done, i can't spend long time cooking in the kitchen, i can't spend long hours in the shower, and the list of can't and have to's keep on rolling..

being a mother to twin boys (and yet expecting..) demands me to be more systematic and quick.. things needed need to be listed down.. hafta be quick in preparing the milk (or once they start screaming, i can't handle their wiggles and squirms).. my stamina definitely boosted up with the presence of this boys (though now they are quicker than mommy, as by the time mommy bangun nak tangkap the boys, they'll already be at the place forbidden for them).. perhaps, all this sudden changes has made my husband and i quarrel at some time (slalu gak rasanya).. he's one relax person, while mommy on the other hand just can't stand the boys screaming.. it's either me who will need to learn to accept their cries, or hubby who need t o speed things up.. well, we're still learning..

guess that's all for now.. i remember that i promised to someone for tips to jaga twins.. i still can't find the time to write about it.. but the best tips i could give would be - BE SYSTEMATIC - for that willhelp to keep your sanity alive.. :D

kay all.. take care.. bye!

:: happy first birthday sons! ::

afiq and adib has turned one!!!

so last sunday, we had a small gathering with family members and hubby's friend - shah.. buat BBQ and makan² sikit.. to my friends, thousands of apologies i tak dapat nak jemput.. i just came back from holiday, mmg tak sempat nak plan proper birthday party for the boys.. just a simple makan²to celebrate their first birthday ever..

to my dear afiq and dib dib.. happy first birthday! mommy sayang afiq and dib dib..

Friday, August 8, 2008

:: it's never late to learn ::

this morning, in the car, on the way to my mom's house to send the boys, hubby put on the boys' musical cd on play..

baba black sheep was his last pick..

he then asked me......

"baba black sheep,.. pastu apa dia cakap ha?"

i bantai gelak gila..

i mean after 30 years of living, he finally ask the question..

honey dear,

it's "baba black sheep have u any wool.."


"baba black sheep happy any moo.. "


anyway, it's never late to learn.. ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: black mary jane shoe ::

i'm enjoying sucha comforting food - strawberry icecream.. sedap.. had a quiet lunch (not really quiet anyway) at kenny hill with my office mate, kak raja.. relax jek rasa..

yesterday, i finally bought the shoe, though it does not fulfil my spec 100%.. i have to compromise on the colours, so i ended up with a black mary jane shoe with logo in fuschia.. ok la tuh..

kay la all.. nothing much to share actually.. seriously, my mind is ain't at work..

hmm.. take care.. bye!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

:: nasi tomato and ayam masak merah baby's version ::

tested on afiq and adib - they like it well!

:: nasi tomato ::
ingredients- beras brasmathi
- air
- susu ideal
- minyak sapi
- 4 sekawan
- bawang besar
- halia
- tomato puree (boleh jek substitute with fresh blended tomato)
- tomato
- kismis, cashews (optional - tak letak pun ari tuh)
- garam

1. panaskan minyak sapi (guna periuk nasik, letak atas dapur)
2. tumis bawang besar, halia n 4 sekawan sampai naik bau
3. masukkan susu + air (sukatan dia agak², 1 beras = 2 liquid)
4. masukkan tomato puree
5. then masukkan beras yang dah dibasuh
6. season with salt + masukkan tomato yang dah dibelah 4
7. transfer periuk nasi yang atas dapur tadi to rice cooker
8. jangan lupa kacau nasi at times to ensure nasi ngan other ingredients to mix well..

:: ayam masak merah version baby ::

- ayam potong kecik²
- garam
- halia
- serai
- bawang merah
- bawang putih
- tomato
- carrot - divide into two portion
- baby corn
- broccoli

1. rebus tomato ngan half of carrot sampai carrot lembut
2. blend tomato n carrot yang direbus tadi sampai hancur
3. tumis bawang², halia and serai sampai naik bau
4. masukkan chicken + the other half of carrot & baby corn
5. masukkan blended tomato and carrot
6. masak till carrot lembut
7. season with salt, and just before angkat tuh, masukkan brocolli (i like the brocolli to be green, that's why i masak kejap jek)

so, to those with babies, give it a shot! it's worth it!

:: afiq n adib had their first haircut at the shop ::

morning.. i feel a bit tired today.. woke up at quarter to 7, just tofind myself and hubby kelam kabut to get ready for office.. have been late to office lately, and i just can't help it..

went to klcc yesterday to look for a new pair of shoe.. have something specific in mind - nike mary jane shoe, all black.. tapi yang ada smalam semua yang ada pattern².. the closest yang ada, black with fuschia nike logo.. spoil betul la..

just to share some story with you.. i remember asking my mom to bring the boys for a haircut kat kedai, sbb rambut adib dah too thick for me to manage.. but, i don't expect mom to bring them yesterday.. balik² umah jek, tgk both of them punya rambut dah pendek gila!! afiq terus nampak macam anak cina.. mom said, adib behave so well, but afiq....... melalak! hehe.. afiq mmg pantang org pegang dia and suruh duduk still.. ;)

smalam jugak, ada posmen datang umah my mom, asking for afiq n adib.. kelaka tak kelaka.. sbbnya pak lang aka ayoy dr dublin hantar parcel birthday.. thank you ayoy for the zara jeans.. :D smart gila..

hmm.. okay la all.. my mind actually macam ala² dah off dari office.. dah merawang² nak holiday.. the long awaited holiday.. ngehngehngeh.. ;D

kay yea.. take care.. muahs!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

:: adult materials ::

just to share some jokes..

hubby was at a place, where the management has filtered the websites that can be viewed by the users. he was about to check flights availability form gold coast to sydney via virgin blue (air asia sorta).. and guess what happened?

- access denied, because the page requested may contain adult materials -
aku gelak gila! hehe..

morale of the story : don't surf unnecessary things at an official places.. :D

Monday, August 4, 2008

:: 13 days to a year old boys! ::

we're 6 days away from the BIG PLAN to materialize and 2 weeks away (or 13 days to be exact) for the boys to turn ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!! time flies so fast, and as cliche as it sounds, it feels like yesterday they were born to this world.. making our life more cheerful day by day.. :D

they've been developing so well, alhamdulillah.. and adib has shown some progress on little steps.. he's now confident in cruising around the sofa, and at times will give an attempt to walk on his own.. he has managed 2-3 steps so far.. afiq has not show any interest yet, but i believ it will be soon enough for them to walk around the house freely..

they've managed to follow mommy's action when i sang the famous nursery rhymes e.g twinkle, twinkle little stars.. they've started to waive their hands when i say bye.. and they will look up at the sky looking for birds when i ask, "where's the bird?" it seems that afiq and adib has sucha passion in animals, that they can be glued when they see cats, butterflies, birds and monkeys..

they also have learned to look good.. when mommy blow their hair (i hafta as adib hair is so so so thick) they'll sit quietly and patiently for mommy to finish.. they look kinda 'perasan' when we put sunglasses on them.. hehe.. they now know where to find comfort, and has started to squabbles for toys when playing together.. haha.. whatever is in the other's hand will be the interest of the other boy, be it afiq or adib..

so, the big plan is coming up.. birthday is coming up.. mommy has plenty to do.. am planning for a small birthday party.. BBQ, pastas and soups.. garden party with atuk, wan, tok papa, tok mama, uncles, aunties, cousins and a circle of close friends.. (i haven't send out any invitation yet, but it's going to be a small one, so please forgive me in advance for the limited invitation.. even the list is not up yet)

okay all.. that's my latest updates.. pretty busy and merawang² week ahead.. hehe.. take care.. enjoy this entry!