Wednesday, December 31, 2008

:: CNY plans ::

well, we've been planning for a getaway during CNY,but we haven't arrive to a decision yet on where to go..

the initial plan was to tag along with my IL.. but then, the ticket was way too pricey, that we feel it's not worth it to tag along.. maklum lerr the new ride has cause a DEEP DENT to our account balance, so langkah berjimat cermat sedang diaplikasikan.. (sigh)

so today, after my urut + tungku + sauna session, kalau the boys tido, i might start hunting around la kot.. really want to go on a holiday with the boys.. hmm.. suggestion anyone?

till then.. bye!

Monday, December 29, 2008

:: sama tapi tak serupa ::

best to describe my twin boys - afiq and adib..

had a 'cooking' day today.. serving my loved ones in kain batik, param and pilis in the kitchen..

in my previous entry, i've told ya on how afiq and adib are getting fed up with the normal soupy and ikan goreng.. i'm a bit worried as afiq is very much underweight, and it's a great concern when i see his paed.. i hate putting him on protein supplement.. but i have to..

so, to overcome my boys' eating problem, i decided to cook today.. (smalam tak masak since my mom dished up delicious nasi tomato.. hehe) tengahari masak cantonese fried kuey teow.. afiq makan banyak sangat.. suka! siap tambah.. :D hilang penat mommy.. tapi adib didn't enjoy the food much..

for dinner, i masak a lil' bit western to fulfil adib's taste bud.. (he likes western foodie so much.. u should watch him eat mushroom soup wit garlic bread..) i cooked spaghetti with cream sauce.. break my rules, i let my boys to enjoy some sausages.. to my astonishment.. afiq didn't like it at all, that he finally had nasi putih with sayur goreng.. and adib.. u can guess what happened..

kesimpulannya : my sons have a very different tastebud.. afiq is very melayu when it comes to food.. and adib is very the very western.. nampak gayanya after this, mommy dia kena invent fusion food la gamaknya to complement both tastebud.. nasib baik bapak dia universal.. kalau bapak dia pulak tekak mamak.. PENGSAN MOMMY!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

:: hutang tag dgn mas ::

layan tag mas

Soalan: Nyatakan 5 kedai yang anda pantang jumpa mesti nak masuk dan beli barang

1. ISETAN - dari belum ada baby sampai dah beranak 3 (i still say beranak 3, though satu dah takde), i just love this store.. beli handbag pun mostly kat sini, beli baju pun kat sini, etc.. and i love the bakery upstairs.. and i love the freshness of ther fruits kat supermarket, though at times the price is wayyyyyyy crazy!

2. MOTHERCARE - i like their upscale quality.. though selalu masuk jarang beli barang, but i do make the best out of it bila sale.. ;) talking about savvy spending.. :D

3. BOOKSTORES - my favourite would be KINOKUNIYA.. where i normally got my shopaholic series, recipe books..

4. KEDAI KITCHENWARES - especially bila on holiday kat overseas.. reason being, i just love collecting the unique plates, and lepas tuh dok la kena wrap nak bawak balik mesia.. :P

5. AL-IKHSAN - not because i'm a sports fan, tapi terpaksa sbb diheret suami terchenta.. :D (sah² tak beli apa kan?)

Tag untuk 5 orang berikutnye
1. hubby - where i know ur answers will be - AL IKHSAN, STADIUM & seangkatan dengannya
2. Reza
3. Farihah
4. sheri
5. hrm, who's the lucky 5th? hmm, kita assign LG la pulak..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

:: super sensitive ::

second entry of the day.. rajin plak hari nih.. actually bukan rajin pun.. writing is therapeutic to me.. so whenever i feel down, or the need to express my feeling arise, blogging is always there for me..

why do i blog instead of share how i feel with my close ones? simple.. blogging makes me feel free to type, (though sometimes i still ada element censorship in my entries) delete when necessary, retype and restructure what i wrote without hurting anyone..

i'm not sure whether it's due to my pantang, or current situation.. i just feel pretty easy to be hurt by my close ones.. be it family members, husband, or anyone.. sometimes rasa, i'm living alone in a large world.. feel lonely in crowd.. i know i've decided to be happy, but i need support still.. agaknya inilah yang divorcees rasa kot.. or those yang hilang their loved ones..

sometimes simple 'high pitch' reply hurt my feeling.. aishah don't use to be like this.. she's one iron lady.. trust me.. she has been hurt by many, but she manage to overcome all those matter.. but now, i'm not sure where does the strength goes.. macam direntap²..

agaknya inilah ragam berpantang.. super sensitive.. takpe, 28 days to go, and i'm free like a bird..

it's half past 9 already, and i wonder, why la anak² aku tamau tido lagi..

:: 16 hari berpantang ::

i'm on my 16th day of confinement.. but then, macam dah org tak dalam pantang anymore.. partly due to, i have no newborn baby to take care and to remind me that i'm in my confinement period and partly, i can't really enjoy my time with my boys, as i'm forbidden from carrying them around..

today, break the rule, and i cook for my boys.. my boys lately tamau makan nasi.. my maids dok komplen, makan sikit sgt.. reason being - (i think la) they're bored with soupy stuff and ikan.. hehe.. typical mommy.. mmg turun perangai i yang tak suka makan mende yang sama for a long period.. so, to make sure they at least eat, i dished up simple nasi goreng- diced the carrot, sliced up the sawi, bits of oyster mushroom, egg, kicap cair, normal wg putih + merah. sikit jek oyster sauce.. pastu potong kecik² hash brown yang dah digoreng.. walla.. banyak gila diorang makan.. smalam si afiq agaknya mogok ngan lauk yang sama, dia sanggup makan nasi putih kosong jek! nampak gayanya, esok and days onwards, mommy dia kena masak la despite being in confinement period.. smalam discuss ngan husband, nampak²nya bila dah start keje nanti, i kena jugak masak.. skang nih pepagi pun tamau dah makan cereal.. nak makan cam org besau.. guess, i finally need to hit kinokuniya and get the anabel karmel punya buku la kan sheri?

tu satu story.. afiq n adib skang dah pandai nak meng'handsome'kan diri sendiri.. lupa lak nak share, my brother from ireland balik cuti one month.. this is his first time meeting his nephews.. i though he's gonna have a hard time to make the boys adapt to him, but hm. chocolate proves me wrong.. suap choccy, tak sampai satu jam dah boleh attach and main².. so bila dia ada kat umah at the moment nih, kurang la sket boring si afiq and adib sbb ada org melayan.. bagi minum vitagen la, bawak round la, snap² gambar la and paling best, bagi pakai sunglasses.. my goodness, perasan habis! he's going back on the 3rd, hopefully the boys won't miss him that much sampai demam²..

what else? owh, next year, we might embark our journey as kunun² expatriate.. haha.. i might need to take longgggggg unpaid leave.. (dear, u may need to revise my monthly allowances) to accompany hubby.. should this become reality, finally i'll get the chance to feel and experience being a fulltime housewife.. heh.. talking bout trying to be a perfect, gorgeous housewife.. ;)

guess that's all for now.. ari nih afiq n adib tak main kat lawn.. sbb hari hujan sket.. hmm, btw, u might find this entry sounds a bit happy and seems that 've recover from the tragedy.. well, i came accross an article about tunku zawiyyah (datuk k's ex wife).. she said, u will only be happy, when u decide to be happy.. it made me realize that i have to move on with life, and take good care of afiq and adib.. as amin in a better hand and care.. so, people, be positive in everything that happened.. though once in a while, i'll definitely miss him and wonders how life would be if he's alive, but i'm a Muslim, i must believe in qada' dan qadar.. for everything that happened adalah rahsia Allah belaka.. He knows what is the best for His hamba.. and He won't test us with things that we can't take..

to all my friends, who have been with me, throughout my thick and thin, thank you so much.. only Allah can repay your kindness thought..

take good care everyone.. zai jian! (means - see u again.. dulu amik mandarin course tapi hangat² taik ayam)

Friday, December 26, 2008

:: flashback ::

2008.. a year, full of happiness and sadness..

it has been a smooth sailing year in 2008.. we've been hit by various great news, not forgetting hard, bitter memories that took place in december 11.. but life has to go on, and i can't forever grief..

looking back, i'm very grateful, that Allah has granted me with three adorable sons.. though one has parted away from my life, but he's still and forever my son.. Allah has given me such adorable twins, and they now have grown into 2 handsome toddler, with a very unique personality each one of them.. afiq is so called 'attention seeker' and he's pretty manja with everyone, while adib is very boyish and independent.. arwah amin on the other hand, has been called by Allah.. aku redha..

me and husband has learned a lot through out this 2008.. we're very happy that we at least now, know that i can conceive naturally and have the ability to deliver naturally.. alhamdulillah.. and i hope and i pray, that Allah will give me more chances to do so in the near future.. amin..

i hope with the journey of 2008, that is full of bends and rocky roads, beautified by sweet roses and flowers along the journey will prepare us for a better year in 2009.. i want to be a better muslismah, a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, a better friend, a better employee, a better employer, in short a better in every matter!

welcome 2009.. aishah is taking her babystep to a better her.. amin..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

:: through the dark night ::

through the dark night,
he came to me,
projecting the memories,
carved during our courting months..

through the dark night,
he's so near,
but never came closer,
yet now,
he's so far,
but so close to my heart..

through the dark night,
struggle to close my eyes,
feel so pain,
feel so low..

but again,
through the dark night,
i garner my strength,
recite my doa,
he made me realize,
we plan,
but He decides..

Monday, December 22, 2008

:: my first, last and only.. ::

my first, last and only moment with my late third son, Abdullah Amin Fahmi bin Ahmad Rizal

Thursday, December 18, 2008

:: it has been a week ::

it has been a week, since the day amin passed away.. alhamdulillah, i've managed to collect myself to one solid piece and manage the loss though at times i still miss him and could feel his skin on my cheek..

we now appreciate afiq and adib more than we ever did.. it's not that we don't love them before, but it teaches us to value them more.. this thing could happened to anyon, that is one leson that i've learned from this tragedy.. ajal dan maut itu PASTI.. itu perjanjian kita dengan Allah di Loh Mahfuz lagi..

knowing that Amin is definitely in Jannah makes me feel better.. itulah investment aku and hubby kat dunia nih, insya Allah.. his passing has made me and hubby realize hat we have not done much yet for our preparation to meet Allah.. our solat, our ibadah.. rasanya masih tak cukup.. sudahlah tak cukup, tak sempurna pulak..

afiq and adib is coping well.. but durng the early days, i believe afiq is kinda 'affected'.. he will kiss amin's pyjama (the one and only pyjama that he wore) everyday.. he'll wake up in the wee hours somewhere near the time when the dr pronounced amin's death, crying.. but now, he's getting better.. and i have to be even stronger for i know that i still have two little adorable boys to look after..

i now, look at the future in a different way.. i now realized that we could plan 1001 beautiful things, but Allah will decide what is best for us.. i pray and i hope that one day, Allah will give me a better replacement than amin so that it could dull the sorrow a bit..

btw, we're hosting a majlis tahlil for arwah amin on the 21st december (sunday) after maghrib at surau Attarbiyyah (jalan I, taman melawati).. i'm inviting all my muslim friends untuk sama² menjayakan majlis tahlil ni..

before i end this entry, i'd like to thank all my blog readers, my lovely friends and colleagues for all kind words, doa, prayers and well wishes that u have conveyed.. some even call from accross the sea (ayin) to convey the condolences.. thank you so much! it has helped me to wade through the storms.. only Allah can repay your thought and kindness..

alfathihah untuk arwah Amin.. mommy rindu amin..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

:: 38 minggu 5 hari nan indah ::

it all started when we had our lunch in tanglin, near Dayabumi.. i only had laksa penang while hubby had ikan pari bakar.. on the way back, the smell of 'hanyir' ikan hit my nose, and i started to feel dizzy.. it triggered me somehow.. 'could i be pregnant?' since i've missed my mensus.. which i thought was normal since i just had my c-sect and my mensus are in chaos..

i later hit the pharmacy and grabbed a test kit.. early next morning, i ran the test, and YEAP! two lines appeared.. we were overjoyed as we knew how hard it was for me to conceive normally.. i later went to clinic, and on 22nd april 2008, it was confirmed that i was 6 weeks pregnant..

i went through all ANC as per scheduled, and pregnancy seemed to be smooth and ok.. i didn't suffer severe morning sickness, and mengidam pun tak lah teruk mana.. almost all my mengidam, hubby tolong dapatkan.. except the very final one.. which we tak sempat nak dapatkan..

after weeks of prgnancy, i finally went for the last check up on 10th of december 2008.. the ultrasound, the scan, the heartbeat was fine.. and in fact the dr confirmed that i could deliver normally.. i'm so happy, and yes, i can't wait for my boy to b in my arm..

the normal day of 10th december.. we went for medical check up, and later settled my road tax and shopped for food for the two boys.. grabbed some fruits from our favourite stall in front of deen's restaurant.. later head to carrefour for normal grocery shopping.. before we headed home, i bought some prosperity burger for m and hubby as dinner of the day..

we were pretty exhausted, that we decided to ehad home in andaman ukay pretty early that night, just to find that our house was in the dark, as the electricity was cut off.. we were too tired to think that we decided to return back to my mom's and slept there..

both me and hubby had an early night.. but as the clock strucked midnight, my night became restless.. i started to feel the contraction.. till it came in 10 mins apart that i was sure i'm in labour, we headed to the hospital.. pretty excited and nervous i was.. 'i'm delivering, finally!'

arrived at the hospital at around 2.30am.. as usual, the nurses did the normal check up.. the opening was only 2cm.. and i still have no sign of bleeding nor water leakage.. but the nurses found it hard to locate my baby's heartbeat.. they decided to call the dr in, for further investigation..

the dr came in, and i was wheeled to the dr's room for ultrasound.. and out of sudden, the dr said, 'unbelievable!' i was pretty vain to interprete the dr's words.. until the dr finally typed 'no fetal heart activities' on the screen, that the fact finally sank in into mine and hubby's mind that we have loss our unborn son.. the dr pulled hubby aside and started to explained.. and i was left there, crying my heart.. 'how could this happened??'

i still have to go through the normal labour.. i still habe to deliver my baby.. but my baby is now soul-less.. i can't describe how empty my feeling.. yes, i mmg jadik macam orang sasau that day.. crying and shouting, hoping for miracle to happen, that finally my baby will wake up and cries.. but it never happened..

i was given epidural to help me manage the pain.. i delivered one of the most handsome boy i have ever seen in my life at 12.20noon, normally..but i can't keep my tears from bursting when i first saw my baby - all blue.. lying motionless.. i will never forget that sight, that moment for the rest of my life..

we named him abdullah amin fahmi.. amin was later being cleaned up by the nurses.. he wore the pyjama that hubby bought in UK, specially for him.. we wrapped him with the new white thermal blanket that i bought for him.. he was then being placed in my arms, for the first time.. i can't helped it.. i cried my heart out.. hubby shed his tears.. our bundle of joy sudah dipanggil menghadap Ilahi..

he looks like afiq very much.. he got afiq's nose, mouth, face shape.. but he got adib's hair.. his fingers are slim and long.. and he's pretty fair.. he's one tall guy, measuring 51 cm top to toe..

the precious 30 mins with him, can never be erased from my memory.. should this be a dream, i wanted to wake up as fast as possible to end this nightmare.. but no, this is teh reality that my hubby and i have to face.. he was then being brought to my mom's place for burial.. i was left alone in the labour room, weeping.. i pray to Allah to give me the strength to face this dugaan.. i pray to Allah, to give me a replacement better than Amin after this..

he is buried at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Klang Gate before Asar on 11th December 2008.. my hubby said, it was heartbreaking for him to put Amin dalam liang lahad sendiri.. it was heartbreaking to see amin for the last time that moment..

yes, Amin has left us, with 1001 memories.. i still remember his kicks in my tummy.. i'll still remember the short joy he brings to this small family of mine.. kami redha dengan pemergian Amin.. kami tahu ada malaikat yang sedang menjaga Amin.. kami tahu, amin sedang berada di tempat yang jauh lebih baik dari dakapan kami.. amin tidak sempat merasa setitik pun air susu mommy.. tapi tak apa.. mommy yakin, amin sekarang dilayan jauh lebih baik dari jagaan mommy.. mommy harap dan mommy doa, amin akan tunggu mommy & daddy di depan pintu syurga untuk sama² pimpin kami ke syurga..

mommy rindu amin, itu pasti.. tapi mommy kena tabah, sbb mommy masih ada urusan di dunia ini..

alfatihah.. untuk anak mommy sayang - abdullah amin fahmi bin ahmad rizal..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

:: unhappy ::

i'm not happy with things that are happening around me at the moment and yet i couldn't find ways to let it out from my system.. writing has always been a therapy.. but not in this case.. just could n't simply jot things up in this blog of mine, as it is read by readers who most of them know me personally.. i agree with cuz, linie, sometimes, i'm in stuck deep down in a dilemma trench, of being 'blunt' in my entries..

i've talked to him (read : not hubby) that i'm not agreable to certain things that are taking place.. yeap, there were changes at first, but it only last for about a year.. and things are recurring back, in fact i feel it becomes worst, and i ended up feeling very uncomfortable in my supposed 'comfortest' (if there is such word) zone.. i believe this is not due to my preggy hormone syndrome or whatsoever, as it has been bugging me for quite sometimes.. i'm afraid of losing my patience and finally return to the old me, being extreme sarcastic and hurt people's feeling..

i just don't know how to relay my message anymore.. should i ignore it, or shall i live with it, or shall i do something about it?

anyway, i'll be having my A&C tomorrow, and most probably the dr will decide baby tu ikut sliding door ke ikut tingkap.. i peeped to my MRI report.. it seems that the opening is wide enough.. it all now depends on the baby.. ya Allah, kurniakanlah yang terbaik untuk diriku dan anakku.. amin..

ps : i haven't come up with a name yet!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

:: landslide @ bukit antarabangsa ::

it's a gloomy day indeed.. i woke up at around 4 or 5 in the morning just to realize that the electricity was out.. i thought it was a normal disruption.. can't stand the heat anymore, i requested hubby to call TNB to inform about the disruption.. upon reaching TNB thru call, we were informed that the electricity was cut due to the massive landside that took place in bukit antarabangsa, near my house..

we could here the sound of siren, the helis, etc.. it's not anice thing to hear early in the morning.. at half past seven, we then make a move to my mom's since the boys dah mula mengamuk sbb panas and feeling very uncomfortable..

i managed to log in to the net to surf and find out what has happened really.. it's pretty bad.. it touches me when i read about a father who just visited his son yesterday has lost his daughter in law and his grandchild in the tragedy.. his son is still missing.. kesian kan?

my doa - semoga mereka yang masih terperangkap tuh dapat ditemui dengan selamat.. amin..

Friday, December 5, 2008

:: not in labour, yet ::

i know.. i know.. i have been in silent mode past days.. neither that i've delivered nor i'm in labour.. it's just that i couldn't find the time and energy to put up any entries.. yeah.. stamina is degrading and tummy is growing.. great combo!

as planned, on monday, i headed to the curve to get the carseats for my two boys.. 3rd is coming up, and we're short of hands to hold them anymore (plus rear seatbelts rule will be in in january.. so better start now)hopefully, i could tame the boys to sit quietly and nicely in the carseats.. (i had tough time in oz.. ha, the boys really cried their heart loud!) btw, had my first trial @ the marche, and i like it so much.. food was great, ambience - different.. best.. (sempat jek dating ngan hubby gitu!) hehe..

outcome of monday - extreme fatigue.. tuesday lambat gila bangun.. terus jek decide EL.. :D

wednesday and thursday, i'm on my medical leave.. wednesday ada A&C.. at first dr kata, 'owh, great! the head is down!' (read : means, boleh la bersalin normal, or shall i say i could finally meneran like sheri mentioned!)' tapi tak sampai 5 minit.. 'aiyak.. kepala dia dah kat tepi la pulak'.. boleh tahan aktif sorang nih! so the dr last² cakap, he'll be giving me one more week to see how things go, before deciding.. he requested me to undergo MRI, so that he could assess whether i'm a good candidate for normal birth atau tidak.. so.. i still have to wait till next week..

so hari nih dah pun jumaat.. i'm marking my 38 weeks of pregnancy.. blooming mommy - that's me now.. bloated everywehere.. water retention dah mula start.. it's a sign of labour.. anytime soon.. so readers, please pray for me.. doakan semoga saya n baby selamat dalam proses kelahiran.. amin!

ps : btw - adib dah pandai cakap 'car'! hehe..

Monday, December 1, 2008

:: happy weekend ::

so, the new ride has finally arrived home safely.. afiq and adib were so excited.. alhamdulillah, syukur to Allah the AlMighty for giving us the rezeki to afford a lil' comfort to our lil ones..

i had a great weekend with my other half and the boys during the weekend.. well spent, shall i say..

:: saturday ::
after some essential shopping - cereals, car kits, groceries, biscuits @ carrefour, wangsa maju, we head to ikea with the boys.. my SIL tagged along with her daughter atiqah sofiah.. brought her along to distract her from following her daddy who's heading back to jb for a week..

the boys enjoyed themselves so much.. alhamdulillah, we managed to keep them to sit still in the stroller, despite some protests here and there.. we dropped by at anakku outlet to check out the car seats.. let the boys to amuse themselves at a small playground provided by the shop.. outcome : great laugh and they fell asleep, and sleep all the way long from ikea to MIL's place..

it has been a while since we last visited the curve.. i caught a glimpse of new cafes - bondi grilled steak cafe kalau tak salah.. told hubby, 'hey, kena maakn nih kat sini' (bondi - famous beach kat syd.. banyak pisang salai (if u get what i mean) during summer..


:: sunday ::
spent the morning at home.. had brekkie with the boys.. (i'm too lazy to mix some pancake batter or whatever).. we just had simple roti bakar laden with butter and kaya.. lunch was even simpler.. masak lemak kobis, with telur sambal and asparagus goreng.. afiq hates cabbage so much, that he refuse to eat it, but adib loves cabbage.. (pening gak kan..) 2-2 tamau makan nasi.. makan lauk saje.. my maid bising.. dia cakap, 'kalau mommy nyer ada, mmg macam ini.. tapi kalau mommy nyer takde, makan saje..' haha.. betul la kot..

anyway, petang tuh, we (again) brought the boys out.. we have to, as after this, i'll be in my confinement period, plus i know some ancient petua says that if u're approaching your final weeks of preganncy, kena banyak² jalan to ease the process of delivery.. (crossing my fingers..)

we at first, decided to go to midvalley.. but then, after looking at the queue nak masuk, terus cancel.. buat u-turn 360 degrees and head to pavillion.. was preety hungry when we arrived there.. so i (haha, i yang pilih not hubby sbb melayan tekak i la) chose to have simple tea @ the pancake international house - grabbing the basic pancakes and waffles.. (two in one purposes - for the adults and the toddlers as well..) read : using the word toddlers make me feel they are so grown up!

later at night, had dinner at MIL's place.. (read - it has been like these for the past weeks, and my dapur even ran out of bawang kecik sbb tak masak punya hal.. ) :D only went back after the boys dah tido, since my other half pun tak berapa sihat..(tapi sihat la plak tgk man u lawan man c.. pelik betul.. )

btw, my younger bro got engaged yesterday.. but we didn't attend the majlis anyway, sbb jauh + due to my condition.. congrates anyway..

what else, owh, BFF's birthday today.. SALHANA ISMAIL.. happy birthday mek na! semoga dimurahkan rezeki + panjang umur.. semepna birthday BFF nih, aku nak wish diri aku gak "JANGAN BERSALIN ARI NIH! TAKUT KENAN PERANGAI SAL!" hehe.. no offense yeah? lap u!

okay all, take care.. mmuah!

ps : dear hubby, marche this evening?

Friday, November 28, 2008

:: lunch kat ikea.. ::

hari ni hari jumaat.. hari yang best.. hehe..

had my lunch @ ikea's food court today, enjoying the meatballs, creme caramel and daim's cake.. luvly.. my craving is blooming, and WAJAR dilayan occay! sbb nak confinement pun tak lama lagi.. thanx to azimah for driving me and company there.. thank you!!!! hihi..

today marks my 37 weeks of pregnancy.. 3 weeks to go, and insya Allah the baby will be kicking in the air.. i'll be having my A&C next wednesday, and we'll see how does it progress from there.. the baby still tak engage lagi.. the head is not locked yet.. so kena la tgk la macamana..

another big thing.. we'll be welcoming the new arrival to the family today.. new ride.. yeay!!!! so excited.. :D

okayla all.. tu jek nak hapdet ari nih.. rindu pulak rasa kat budak kecik 2 org tuh.. smalam afiq tunggu mommy dia balik kat luar umah kul 8.30mlm.. mengamuk agaknya marah napa mommy tak sampai umah lagik.. sian dia..

take care.. bye..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

:: very sleepy ::

i didn't had a good night sleep yesterday night.. thanx to the electricity that went out in the middle of the night, leaving me sweating and uncomfortable.. only managed to get a proper sleep back at almost 3 pm, waking up again at 5.30 to perform my isyak prayers.. we were so sleepy yesterday.. lambat solat smalam.. nasib baik sempat..

afiq demam yesterday, but alhamdulillah, he didn't go cranky.. adib batuk².. agaknya 2-2 berjangkit mommy.. mommy dia dah makin reda dah, though still ada slight coughing and occasionally sneezing here n there.. hopefully all of us will be in the pink of health again, by the time we welcome the new addition to the family.. (i just feel so excited.. and anxious at the same time..)

according to the calendar, i'll be turning 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. that leaves me with three weeks to go before the big day arrive.. anytime from now, i'll become a mother of 3.. wow!

looking back, during those days when my hubby and i were tested with the hardship to conceive, i feel so blessed with my current life now.. alhamdulillah.. syukur sangat².. kebahagiaan ngan nikmat yang aku dapat skang nih buat aku lupa satu masa dulu aku penah down, depressed n went thru difficult time with treatments and so forth.. skang nih, ada gak member² yang experience benda yang sama contact balik and asked for advices.. my advice is simple - do what ever u can, for if u have done everything u'll never regret in your latter life..

just to share something.. i was blog hopping just now, and i arrived to one blog that makes me shed my tears.. read this untuk pedoman kita semua.. after reading that blog, terus teringat anak² kat umah.. apa la kabar diorang.. okay ke maid aku jaga diorang.. hopefully okay la..

hmm.. hubby tak abih2 meeting lagi.. ingatkan ari nih dapat la balik main ngan anak2.. alamatnya, nak maghrib gak la aku sampai kang.. nak kena singgah kedai lagi, beli honey star ke koko crunch ke..sbb the boys are so into cereal lately.. satu kotak habis 2 hari okay.. hehe..

okay la ll.. please take time to read that blog.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. definitely, u'll shed your tears..

take care.. salam

:: terkadang.. ::

terkadang, hati ini terluka,
terkadang hati ini melukakan..

terkadang, lidah salah berbicara,
terkadang, telinga salah mendengar,
terkadang, jiwa salah menafsir..

inilah resam hidup..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:: tagged by ayin ::

1. do u think u are HOT?
errr.. blooming 36 turns 37 weeks pregnancy.. i think, i'm too hot! haha

2. upload a fav pic of you

3. why do u like this picture?
i look so rosy in my cheeks.. haha.. looks so motherly.. hehe.. perasan u!

4. when was the last time u ate pizza?

5. the last song u listen too?
err, i can't really remember.. some tunes on hot fm..

6. what are u doing right now besides this
waiting for my hubby to pick me up..

7. what name u prefer besides yours?
sofiyyah.. lembut jek bunyi..

8. 5 people to tag
1. reza redzuan
2. farihah
3. sheri
4. izzah ismail
5. mastura

9. who is no.1
ex opismate.. kawan gie kopitiam.. ngehngeh

10. no.3 is having relationship with?
married to my ex classmate in school

11. say something about no.5
seorang pensyarah berwawasan.. eceh!

12. how about no.4?
budak kecik yang sedang membesar.. hehe.. no offense ye sepupuku..

13. who is no.2
my newly wed officemate..

ps: reza - reza nyer tag KIV dulu ek.. ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

:: am i nesting? ::

afiq didn't sleep well last night.. guess, terbawak²merajuk dia masa kat umah papa n mama malam smalam.. he finally slept in my arms at half past two, only to find him awake again at 5 in the morning.. pity him.. pagi tadi, nak kasi dia senyap, hangkut satu balang honey star dalam kereta and feed him up on the way to my mom's.. sampai umah my mom, tanak pulak kat maid.. clingy pulak kat daddy dia.. sian afiq.. adib on the other hand, bila dgr afiq nangis, dia pun ikut teriak gak.. adoi, saba jek la..

i'm not sure whether i'm nesting or what, but lately, the urge of getting things in order are blooming.. yesterday night, my hubby and i susun gambar afiq and adib (well, it took me more than a year to do so!) dalam album.. tapi tak siap pun, sbb album dah habih.. kena beli lagik..

then today, the urge of going out and have some fun pun melambung² tinggi.. ada opismate nak gie midvalley cari kasut, tapi i'm not too confident to tag along.. tapi best gak kan kalau dapat gie.. pastuh dok kemas² sket kat opis.. (tak la kemas mana pun.. tapi tpt ku ini memang perlu dikemas, sbb bersepah teramat..) am i nesting or what?

anyway. my cough is getting a tad better.. after all those lemon remedy, buah kundur la.. pisang kaki la.. honey la.. beside bena expectorant tuh.. hopefully, i'll recover cecepat.. malam tadi pun tido pakai kipas saje.. yes, significantly, my cough kurang sket aa malam tadi..

hmm.. it's now 20 past 11.. agak²nya apa menu lunch aku ari nih yek?

Monday, November 24, 2008

:: 36 weeks, and the countdown begins.. ::

i'm in my 36 weeks of pregnancy, and yes i'm excited to meet my third child..

so far the contraction has lessen, leaving me feel more relaxed since i have way passed the pre-term delivery risk.. alhamdulillah.. now, it's just how to get the baby out from my 'beautiful' tummy..

the baby's body, as per dr's scan is curving down, rising the chance of vaginal delivery after c-sect.. i just pray for the best for me n baby.. hopefully we'll make it through safe and sound.. amin..

haven't really arrived to a name yet.. guess it would all be the same case again.. will only finalize his name on the day of registration.. that was exactly what we did during afiq and adib last year.. :D

the boss in the office also has started to avoid giving me jobs lately.. so i have plenty of time in the office to blog and so..

weekend was well spent with the boys.. though it's getting harder for me to walk around.. my other half has taken the role to entertain the boys most of the time.. it's pre-confinement period exercise for him anyway.. night wake ups pun dah lama tak buat.. he's taking the role completely.. except that i have to wake him up to feed the boys since he's so immuned to the boys' crying and screaming.. (i have bionic ears.. haha)

shopping for the newborn pun dah settle.. tak banyak sgt belipun since most of the things are handed down from his brothers.. just grabbed few pieces of new clothes and baby blanket.. stroller nanti² beli..

okay la all.. enjoy this simple short entry.. nothing much to update actually.. take good care.. bye!

Friday, November 21, 2008

:: late evening shopping ::

i forgot to share the funny part during my A&C checkup in my last entry.. my baby was sucking his fingers masa dr tgh buat ultrasound.. hahaha.. cute..

anyway, yesterday evening, as planned, my other half and i went to sogo to grab some formulas, pyjamas and shorts for the boys.. i normally avoid shopping for those stuffs in late evenings, as u know - time tuh rush hour.. maghrib prayers, teringat anak kat umah.. but we have to do it yesterday sbb the formula was on sale.. (RM10 off per tin - that's a good grab!)

so there we went.. first cari pyjamas the boys and some shorts.. dapatlah sikit.. not much of choices anyway.. beli new toys for the boys, as they pun dah grow up.. need some more challenging toys than their current ones.. pastuh baru beli susu.. hubby angkut sampai 8 tin sbb SIL pun pesan.. now RRP enfagrow is around RM86 per 1.7kg.. yesterday they were on sale at RM75 per 1.7kg.. apa lagi, angkut sakan la.. while hubby was quieing up to pay, my eyes fell upon paddington bears lines.. and to my surprise, (yeay!) the shorts (jeans) were only RM10 per piece! sukeeee!

lepas tuh, rushed performed maghrib prayers kat surau located at the basement (i seriously think sogo should do better than that!) before heading home.. balik umah jek tgk² the boys dah tido.. alahai.. kesian anak² mommmy tak manje² dulu before tido.. huhu..

after a sip of tea, we then head home.. TARA is on their season finale - but i miss the first half of the race.. i'm happy for sam and vince who won the race, as i believe they have raced pretty nicely and fair.. in my opinion, the challenges are tougher but the places they went aren't interesting as TARA season 2..

anyway, i didn't get good sleep last night, despite being tired.. i've been coughing sampai the boys terkejut² tido.. i really hope the cough will get away cecepat.. can't really handle it!

till then readers.. i'm less than a month from my due date.. pray for me!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

:: still coughing ::

had my scheduled A&C yesterday evening.. ultrasound reveals that the baby is ok.. 2.45kg roughly at the moment.. i'm now in my 36 weeks of pregnancy.. so far the baby is lying tranversely, but the dr said that i might get a chance to deliver normally since the baby has started to curve his body down, with head down.. i don't mind the method of delivery, as long as we're both safe and fine!

anyway, i'm still having my bad cough.. nih dah masuk 2nd bottle of cough syrup already.. can't take it especially at nights.. sian my boys yang kekadang terkejut dengar mommy dia batuk tgh² malam.. i decided to start taking honey everyday.. a spoon in the morning with some hot water to ease the pain.. hopefully, i'll recover soon..

my other half and i are planning to go to sogo.. we seriously need to look for some pyjamas for the boys, as they have outgrown theirs already (especially adib).. adib is taller than afiq by an inch or so.. and we plan to buy some shorts for them.. apa lagi.. need to grab some milk as well and if time permits, maybe i'll look for some toys for them..

am looking for so some traditional medicine/petua org dulu² on cough.. anyone ada idea? my cough - very chesty, very dry.. sampai sakit anak tekak.. kalaua da petua, sudi² la share ngan i.. sharing is caring kan? :D

okay la all.. take care.. zai jian!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:: still not well ::

finally, i'm back in the office after 2 days medical leave.. am not 100% well yet, but i guess, i'd better try to keep myself active to shove away the cough fast.. takut kena c-sect anytime, seksa oo dengan batuk tahap gaban nih!

i'll be having my A&C later this evening.. alhamdulillah, lately contraction kurang sket.. perhaps due to the medicine yang dr prescribe to lessen the contraction.. before this i kadang² skip that medicine.. but after 2 incidents, wowowowo.. i'm trying my best to take the medicine religiously.. ngeeeee..

afiq and adib didn't sleep well for the past nights.. it's either, the daddy didn't do the job well, or they want mommy to craddle them up.. it has been very tough for me to wake up in the middle of the night lately, and i've been depending on my other half to take the chores..

the peanut butter pie - the one that i intend to make, still tak buat².. with my condition now, i don't have the appetite to do anything.. what i want is just my bantal and sleep.. huhu..

okay la all.. take good care.. salam!

Monday, November 17, 2008

:: 2 days MC ::

am on 2 days medical leave.. have been feeling unwell since last week, but managed to KIV the problems.. yesterday, langsung tak bangun kena penangan ubat batuk.. both boys were under hubby's supervision.. hehe.. sian gak.. tapi blog macaman pun mesti mau update punya..

the boys are asleep, and has gone cranky lately.. perhaps, they're telling mommy that adik is going to be here soon.. since lately nih byk sgt contraction that at times caused me to shed tears.. masa carry afiq and adib before, i never knew how does the pain feels like.. since dah pecah air ketuban pun tak rasa apa.. perhaps, sbb dulu banyak baca quran.. this time round, i admit i didn't read much..

tomorrow, i have an appointment with the maid agent.. FINALLY! i have tonnes of complaints.. and if she can't resolve it within a month, i'm gonna return her back.. hubby told me, and advise me, that i can't be a welfare worker all the time.. frankly speaking, i'm at my highest pitch with my current maid.. aiyooo.. it's either due to the swelling hormone, or mmg dia bermasalah.. ntah.. wa tarak tau..

okay la all.. enjoy this short entry.. have just had my dose of medicine.. gimme half an hour, and the yawning will never ends.. haha.. take care (dah menguap dah pun..) daa!

Friday, November 14, 2008

:: plans for the weekend ::

yesterday's entry was purely from my heart.. thanx readers for dropping by your comments.. i feel touched when it reached some hearts who are thousand miles away.. (that's for you ayin!)

anyway, my other half will be back from PG (read : PG - Pasir Gudang, bukan papua new guinnea tau mast! ;D).. and have promised me to spend some Q time to make things up with our boys, since we've been extremely busy last week.. hopefully, my sore throat will fade away, and i'm in the pink of health over the weekend..

thinking of bringing the boys out to the park.. to let them run on the greeny grass.. or maybe a session in gymboree.. my boys hate the malls so much.. (thank you afiq and adib, both of you reminds mommy and daddy to shop less, as we've just committed ourselves to loan!) depending much on my health, hopefully we'll be able to be out from the house..

been blog hopping and recipe searching, i came accross a simple, basic peanut butter pie recipe.. it's pretty simple, and from the comments posted, it seems effortless but delicious.. hope i could whip it up for my own consumption.. (i better indulge in whatever i want this last few weeks before delivery, since i'll be on PANTANG MODE soon!)

hmm.. owh, yesterday, i had lunch with farihah, azi, reza and reza's special one @ oldtown.. had sucha big lunch, that i don't feel like eating anymore! banyak gila makan, (org lain makan sikit jek.. aku jek makan lebey²)but i didn't enjoy the coffee though.. tasted so kelat, pretty weird.. it was on me, as today will be reza's final day in office, while farihah has just got married.. so it's kinda celebrate everyone's else happy moment..

okay la.. nak tinjau pantry lagi skali.. tadi dah makan dah.. tapi cam tak puas.. (serius buruk lantak).. nak grab something to munch and some hot drinks.. tak yah mak cik buat air sendiri..

okay yea.. take care all.. mmuahs!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

:: mommy's love note ::

i've got something particular to share with my readers, which i've kept in my mind and heart for a long, long time.. it may be sensitive to some, but i'm just expressing my thoughts, opinions and feeling here.. so if u think you can't take it, please proceed to the x box and close this window..

i've been married for 5 years, turning 6 insya Allah, next year in may.. we waited for 4 years long, before the bundle of joys arrived, giving me ample time and space to envisage what kind of mom i'd like to be.. blessed with twin boys, and yet expecting, i've dreamt to bring up my children, in certain ways in line with Islam and Malay tradition which does not contradict with our faith..

be it a boy, or be it a girl, i want to make sure that my children understand, observe and practice the law of Islam and adab Melayu in their life.. i want to be able to guide them to recite the Quran every after maghrib prayers.. i want us as a family to be able to perform at least one solat fardhu secara berjemaah.. i want my children to be exposed to the world of ilmu in surau as what my mom in law practised to her children.. and i can see the good things that at times people can't see when i started to be with my in law family..

at the very same time, i want my children to be able to enjoy their childhood moments like other kids.. i want them to learn in school, to be an expert in ilmu duniawi like there's no end for tomorrow's world.. i want them to strive for success.. in short, i want them to live a perfect childhood life.. i want to be around to be able to share their first ride on the bike moment.. to twirl with them when they feel like dancing.. to shove their fears way when they first visit the dentist..

when they're bigger, i want to be their best buddy, whom they can pour their thoughts and feelings without any boundary.. i want to be there to share their crushes, their choice of other half, their problems, their dreams.. i want to see them grow up as good khalifahs.. i want them to observe what is halal, what is haram.. i want them to observe the adat and adab that they have to know, for the way they behave is the reflection of our upbringing.. my doa for them to find good wife/husband (should i finally ada daughter) who possesses the quality of good muslim/muslimah to continue the generation with pride and dignity..

i pray that my children will never sway from the path of Islam.. will never forget that they're malays who are rich with adat and adab.. i want them to respect the adat resam, adab menghormati and take good care of their pride and dignity.. i don't want them to turn into lelaki dayus atau perempuan murahan.. that's my hope as a mom..

despite hubby's unpredictable work schedule and my weaknesses, i still hope that we can still reserve the time and be able to build our small nation the way we wanted it to be.. may Allah gives us good health, long quality life, petunjuk and hidayah to guide our children, our amanah to the right way of life.. amin!

i may look pretty modern in some ways of life.. but when it comes to upbringing, i'm pretty orthodox, and i do believe so do hubby.. my opinion and my way of living life may differ 100% from my siblings.. perhaps being married, and becoming parents have changed me 180 degrees.. i've learnt to give and take on some issues.. but there are some remains as important and a BIG NO-NO for me..

my dearest children, i love you so much afiq and dib dib.. not forgetting 'adik' in mommy's tummy who's about to see the world in any weeks from now.. these are my hopes and dreams.. should one day you get the chances to read mommy's thoughts and views, keep it dearly to your heart.. sayang anak mommy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: boringnye ari nih ::

i'm so not into work today!! i've just updated my blog few hous ago, and yet, here i am again, creating my second entry of the day.. (ps: my work is done, so there's no way to accuse that i'm procrastinating or stealing office time, okay?)

i seriously want to follow hubby to JB tonight.. but i know it's a big no-no.. mom surely ask me to rethink my plans..and i know she know just the right way to influence me.. just feel like having an escapade from kl, away from the hustle and bustle, just to be with my man, and my boys (but with the help of the maids of course).. i just feel that i deserve a break! hunny dear, i need a holiday!!!!! huhuhuuhuhuuuhu.. nak ikut!!!! (though apa la best sgt gi JB, dah dok sana 4 tahun dah!!!!!) hrm..

okay la.. tata dulu..

:: crossing my fingers! ::

lamanya tak update blog kan? anyone misssing me? (perasan..) have been very busy lately, with exam and kids, and a man to look after.. so, pardon me, yeah?

didn't really get the chances to enjoy my weekends.. i was diving through my (i would say) 6 inches thick of notes, seriously i feel like roasting up the notes and gobble it up.. pity afiq and adib, as they were on their own, spending the weekend with maids, as my other half is away for a glof tourney on sunday.. mom was extremely busy preparing for my younger brother's engagement.. my dad was away in sabah.. so, in short, both the boys are neglected.. sian anak² mommy..

monday came in, and i'm pretty delighted.. not because i've prepared well, nor i could answer the questions perfectly, but the thought getting over it (and crossing my fingers that i'll pass with flying colours so that i don't have to repeat!) that keep my spirits up.. :D 2 papers in a day, morning and evening, it has drained me out pretty well.. feel like having a week long holiday after sucha gruelling xm.. (even thinking of following hubby to JB with the boys, but i know mom will surely bising as i'm nearing my due date soon, in fact dr dah bg impression, just be prepared for c-sect anytime)

so tuesday, i decided to take leave, (thinking of making up the time for the boys, but i ended out being out from the house from am to pm to settle some house matters with hubby).. after settling some big matters, we then proceed to klcc.. head to MAXIS CENTER, and finally, my other half is on MAXIS, (one way to cut our expenses) after 11 years being a loyal CELCOM customer.. ;) we had lunch in bandar tun razak.. the gulai kawah & ayam kampung goreng was really delicious.. it was lip-smacking, thanx to hubby's buddy - husaini for the treat..

other half will be away (again!) for two nights.. nasib baik to PG only.. hopefully history won't repeat.. rasa mcm deja-vu.. sbbnya tahun lepas, masa deliver afiq n adib, the scenario was pretty similar.. he was away in johor for a couple of nights - ada engineering away day kalau tak silap, visit the yard in PG, and returned home naik flight, and he was lucky sbb dapat awalkan flight.. he arrived home, had his dinner and a glass or two of water.. that afiq & adib suddelny decided that they wanted to see the world! my waterbag pecah, and i was wheeled to the labour room the very same night, (but happy and grateful, as it was painless.. miracle.. though according to the nurses, my contraction is FULL!)

hrm.. apa lagi nak cerita yek? am thinking of mixing up some peanut butter pie.. dah go through the steps, nampaknya macam effortless.. :D tgklah mcmn, maybe friday ke i whip it up, since hubby balik that day..

okay la all.. am crossing my fingers.. hoping for all good things to happen.. ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: messy ::

i was expecting that i won't be blogging till next week.. but the urge inside me, has made me finally log in into my account and start typing..

i'll be having my ptk exam this upcoming monday, and owh my, i have bundles of notes to read and MEMORIZE.. technical paper may be not so tough, as at least ada gak la satu dua chapter yang aku master (kunun) since sometimes, i have to deliver lectures in courses for technicians and new staff.. but the general paper is killing me.. i have only 3 days left to study (minus sunday as hubby will be away to tourney - tq so much, after i requested him to be around this week, as i really need the time to revise) urgh..

this morning, i'm all messed up with my maid. i think i've had enough. just sent the complaint email to the agent for her action. nak tunggu husband tolong edit entah bila, as i don't think he even got time to look at it, so i submit jek. i can't stand her seriously.

yesterday, had my scheduled A&C. informed the dr on contraction and pain experiences. he told me that my boy is still lying transversely, but should i still experience the painful contraction consistently, i have to rush to the hospital to check whether my cervix is dilating. kalau dah dilate, he needs to perform c-sect on me. hm. baby boy now weighs at 2.2kg, and i'm just about to enter my 34 weeks. i'm hoping that i won't have to go thru another pre-term labour. it's really nerve wrecking and i pity the baby so much, sbb tak boleh nak breastfeed directly from the mother. bertube and berwayar sana sini. kesian..... however, 'labour bag' dah ready for grab, so this time round, i hope i won't be caught unprepared!

okay la. need to start revising. take good care all. tata

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

:: mastura tagged me.. ::

Starting time : 1.35pm

Name :

Sisters :

Brothers :
3 younger brother

Shoe size :
size 5

Height :
155cm (pretty cute. am i?)

Where do you live :
andaman ukay, ampang

Have you ever been on a plane :

Swam in the ocean:
not really.. afraid of waves, though i consider myself a good swimmer in the pool.. :D

Fallen asleep at school:
surely! are u kidding me? kelas add math and bio la selalu jadi mangsa.. but amazingly, i'll be wide awake when the teacher walked out.. no offense mr ong n miss alice! hehe.. that's why my result for bio + add is not that impressive!

Broken someone’s heart:
i know i've done that, for my heart was partially stolen by someone already at that time..

Fell off your chair :
i can't remember any..

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
pernah.. ;) zaman asyik masyuk berchenta..

Saved e-mails :

What is your room like :
in a complete mess! we only have time to tidy it up during the weekends..

What’s right beside you:
my yellow mug

What is the last thing you ate :
cookies with choc & hazelnut cream filled centre + rice with daging salai masak lamak cili api with pak choy!

Chicken pox :
yup.. sekolah rendah dulu.. std 4 to be exact

Sore throat:

one experienced person with stitches - 4 times in operation theatre!

Broken nose:
No. Mintak dijauhkan. udah lerr idung ku 'comel'

Do you Believe in love at first sight:

Like picnics :
depends on the crowd + whereabouts..

Who was/were The last person you danced with :
my boys i believe

Last made you smile:
My boys - afiq and adib this morning in the car on the way to drop them off at mom's

You last yelled at :
Hmmm.. afiq baru kena marah yesterday, so i guess afiq la kot..

Today did you?
Talked to someone you like : yes
Kissed anyone : Yes
Get sick : Alhamdulillah no..
Talk to an ex : No
Miss someone : teringat to my boys surely..
Who do you really hate: one person who at times irritates me with the way she/he talks
Do you like your hand-writing: BIG YES sbb my handwriting comel.. kihkihkih.. my handwriting is a typical school children look a like, okay.. sebijik² aku tulis..
Are your toe nails painted: No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: none.. i love my comfy bed so much
What color shirt are you wearing now: Pink
Are you a friendly person: depends
Do you have any pets : Nope.. i don't think i'm gonna be a good owner
Do you sleep with the TV on: i don't like to.. i prefer quiet surroundings..
What are you doing right now: layan tag pn masturrr
Can you handle the truth: which one is worst? kena tipu? baik la handle the truth!
Are you closer to your mother or father: mom
Do you eat healthy: trying to do so.. (now i feel guilty indulging in those cookies..)_
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: i haven't got the time to browse thru my old album.. i don't think ada..
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: depends..
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: i'd say i'm a moderate person..
Are you confident: Sometimes

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
* entered UTM
* enjoying my naughty moments with buddies - noorel, canna, jia, ayin, etc..
* got to know one lady who now happens to be one of my BFF - salhana
* struggling with technical drawings.. how i thank noorel for always helping me out.. i'm a cheater, i know that!
* errr, my memory is pretty blurry.. i can't recall!

things I would do if i were a billionaire:
* no. 1 : quit my job!
* go travel!
* venture into low risk investment (i don't want to risk losing my hard earned billions! hehe)
* set up a fund to help out the needies..
* settle all my debt!

5 of my bad habits:
* malas kemas dapur after masak
* procrastinate
* pretty pelupa on where i put my stuff.. i depend a lot on hubby!
* cerewet when it comes to ironing
* hate to do waiting..

5 places I’ve lived/living
* seremban, for a year.. my mom was working in n9 at that time before we moved to kl
* taman melawati
* taman u, skudai - melana aptmnt (1999-2002)
* randwick, sydney (2003-2004)
* ampang (present)

people I tag:


:: short & precise entry ::

been extremely busy lately.. thanx to exam scheduled next monday.. argh!

was on leave last monday - it was uplanned, due to my health condition.. sakit² perut & pinggang, which makes me think that i'm about to due.. hari nih ada scheduled A&C ngan dr ashar kat APSH, perhaps today i'll get a clearer picture on my 'real due date'.. hopefully, all this while, the contractions that i've got is just braxton hicks.. (crossing my fingers)

afiq and adib are doing well.. except that afiq lately dah jadi a bit cranky.. agaknya meragam nak dpt another lil' brother.. yesterday, afiq merajuk dgn mommy dia sbb jeles mommy suap adib susu.. he cried and merengek² kat my mom, and to our laughter, adib pegi ejek dia.. buat² nangis sambil sengih².. haha.. kelakar betul..

today's entry is meant to be short and precise.. nak blog off dah nih, ada mende sket nak buat.. take good care all.. bye!

Friday, October 31, 2008

:: ptk, oh ptk ::

i'm not really in a good mood today, despite having good sleep yesterday night.. something bugging my head and my heart, but it's pretty hard for me to say it out loud.. that's a huge change in me, after i got married.. from a head tempered person, who always blast her anger out, to someone who kept things to herself, unless she can't take it anymore.. perhaps, getting married, learning to give and take has given me the chance to learn how to increase my patience level in dealing things..

2 weeks time - PTK.. for those who are not aware of what PTK is, it is an assessment (read:exam) that any civil servant has to sit in assessing the competency level.. manage to get the syllabus yesterday, and i feel like fainting.. the topics to be read are seriously BANYAK GILA.. that i don't know will i have time to complete at least half of the chapter to enable me to pass with flying colours.. with my condition now, i'm taking it easy.. as on the exam day, i'll be in my 35-36 weeks.. anytime for labour.. (takpe tempat exam tuh sebelah hospital jek.. if hubby tak dapat nak pick me up due to his work commitment skali pun, insya Allah, there'll be bunch of people there to send me to the labour room)

so far at this particular moment, i believe that my baby is still in breech posistion.. i still feel free (tak rasa sesak nafas or whatever, except for pain in the lower abdomen).. and i still can tunduk² while writing on my desk without having me to stretch out my hands to pick things up.. even the tummy looks wide.. so, guess i'm right.. if Allah has decided that c-sect is the best for baby and me, i'll take it with redha.. and if Allah has destined me to go through normal labour, i pray that i'll be brave to wave through the challenges and pain to deliver my precious baby.. whatever the mode is, i pray for the best and safety for both me and baby.. aminn..

as for afiq and adib, alhamdulillah, they have grown up to 2 cute toddlers, each with their own distinct characters.. dah tau berebut, dah tau jealous, all that makes my life even more beautiful..

afiq has become so interested in keys, that he managed to shove lil' keys into pad lock.. (i now wonder how long will the stair gates last at my house, since he's very passionate in learning how to open pad locks! should have paste the pic to let u witness his skills..) recently, dia kena gigit nyamuk banyak gila, that when i asked him 'mana gatal?' he'll point his hand out..

adib on the other hand, has started to learn how to kick ball.. dengan jalan ala² angin lintang, he'll kick the ball that is lying on the floor.. have started few words, though it's not too clear.. love to hear azan (so do afiq) that they will put one of their hand at their ears (macam bilal tengah azan).. hoping that they'll grow up as seorang muslim yang sempurna iman, amal, takwa and amalnya to Allah the Al-Mighty.. amin..

as for our third unborn child.. he's now pretty active in mommy's tummy.. i can see my baju bergerak² kena tendang (not only baju, sometimes afiq's hand as well, when afiq fall asleep on my lap).. we haven't arrive at a name yet.. but there're few that has caught my attention.. recently, i've seen a trend of giving names like adam, danish, danial, aisy, etc.. insya Allah, i'll try to avoid those names.. sbb ramai sgt nama tuh.. but above all, i'll make sure that name brings good meaning as it is a doa from parents.. so far, the scan says it's going to be another birdie.. tapi kalau nanti tetiba keluar girl, then, i have to open back the books and baca nama girls pulak..

okay la.. i'm ending my entry now.. enjoy reading.. hope my mood will be better soon..

now putting on my thinking cap : nk pegi ke dak san francisco pizza this noon? yummy, yummy pasta..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

:: ramblings from a distracted mind ::

i was pretty unoccupied with work yesterday at the office.. i manage to browse thru some recipe, which i find interesting to try, fruti pizza, since my 2 active boys are so much into fruits.. it looks so yummy yet very healthy.. (am learning from my boys to eat healthier!)

as mentioned before, i'm sending my boys to my in laws' house at the moment since my parents are away in shanghai.. to my amaze, they're enjoying themselves more than i thought! perhaps, the presence of their older cousins especially biggie adam ariff has bring lotsa cheers in their life.. they seem so hyper, eat a lot and yes, mengigau a lot too at night! (that one i tak suka) i feel happy to see them that way, but i think it's pretty impossible to send them to my in laws for a long run, since i need to have at least 2 maids to look after them.. (handling 2 boys yang tengah jalan² ala² angin lintang can be pretty handful!)

i'll be having an important exam in 2 weeks time.. i still have inches of notes to read but less stamina to stay awake at nights to do so.. camana ek?

owh, anyway, lately, i've started to crave lots of things.. which i'm very much trying to curb, as i've been putting few kgs here n there.. (it's not that i'm on diet while pregnant, it's just that i'm trying to watch what i eat, as what i crave are things that are full of fats and high in sugar e.g. ice cream and creamy pastas!) huhu.. my appetite is balooning, and seems that no amount of food could satisfy my hunger.. that is a sign of unnecessary eating, isn't it? (plus i takut tak leh shed off the weight.. i have nos of friends who're still struggling to return to their pre-pregnancy weight) i'm so lucky that i have twin after my first delivery that i managed to shed 19 out of 20 kgs that i've gained.. plus my 'mak bidan' who looks after me during my confinement period is doing pretty good job.. (tuh, my personal opinion la)i follow the pantang larang pretty well (though i at times, behind my mom's back but with hubby's consent had bites of cheese burgers and cupcakes since i'm tired of having the same rice with lauk org bersalin..)

hmm.. dahla kot sampai sini.. anyway, i'm coming into terms that i'll be losing my staff and a colleague (ayuni and reza) pretty soon.. they'll be transfered to the states of their option.. huhu.. but it's okay.. it's for their own goodness and happiness.. i wish both of them the very best of luck in their future.. they're nice people to work with, and after this makin kurang la org kat opis nih yang boleh berhuha huha sama.. huhu..

kay all.. blogging off now.. take care.. da!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

:: stupid jokes in the middle of the night ::

chat with my husband this morning on the way to work.. we're not one typical couple who goes mushy-mushy, but rather gila-gila and crack stupid jokes.. that's us, when we're on our own.. just being ourselves.. i believe it's rather hard to believe that this is the way we communicate..

so i asked him, what shall i blog today? and he replied 'yesterday jokes'

so this is his yesterday jokes..

it was at night, after we put both afiq and adib to sleep.. (afiq and adib skang nak manja² dulu with mommy baru tido..)

hubby : yang, how do you spell hubby?

me : (blank)

hubby : i spell hubby this way - h-a-b-i

me : (sakit ati ni) oo okay.. i don't spell it that way.. i eja h-u-b-b-y.. sbb i takut i tersalah spell jadi ba-alif-ba-ya..

hubby : kurang asam! tak pe.. u know if i tersilap eja wife apa jadik? it would be w-i-f-i.. wi-fi..

me : cheh!

hubby : well at least, i didn't spell it this way w-i-v-e-s..

me : hey!! (kena debik sebijik)

and until now i wonder - apa motif laki aku tanya camana aku eja hubby? dia dah takde modal la tuh nak mengenakan aku!

well, anyway, those stupid jokes la yang make our life more colourful.. at least takde la dia tuh soul-less.. though sometimes we both could be hopelessly romantic!

kay dear, this one is for you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

:: penat.. ::

hai everyone.. entries in october seems to be a little bit slower than previous month.. i've been busy here and there (but get nothing done!~that annoys me!)guess, i've to sit in the corner and re-think my strategies so that more could be done as i'm nearing my due date pretty soon..

hubby is back from ukraine after a week long work.. he touched down safely in kl last saturday.. picked him up with the boys at kl sentral (i only have few inches of spacing between my tummy and steering.. so kalau lepas nih dia kena outstation lagi, i don't think i can drive anymore..) have cooked some chicken rice on saturday (read : not that i'm so rajin, but actually trying to be efficient in my housework.. masak satu je and everyone can eat that!) after cooking and lunch, the boys went off for their nap, and the mommy pun amik kesempatan to sleep, and the mommy slept longer than the boys! haha.. talking about overwork!

on sunday, i had an invitation from my BFF : salhana to her open house in putrajaya.. but i can't make it.. instead, i had to go to the hospital visiting my friends (read with s) yang baru bersalin.. it was an old friend of mine - lynn and hubby's friend - faisal.. both dapat baby boy.. it was sucha nice feeling cuddling up the new born baby.. lynn's baby is so handsome and adorable.. ada cheek mole lagi.. cute! izzul - that is what she called her baby.. hmm.. shared their experiences of delivery, and that made my bulu roma stand! haha.. :D (my boss yang anak 9 pun cuak setiap kali bersalin, inikan pulak i yang baru nak masuk2 kali masuk labour room) so far, i believe that my baby still melintang, and i'm approaching week 33.. kalau tak pusing jugak then, i have to go for scheduled c-sect.. kalau schedule c-sect, i'll try to get the day of jumaat sebab hari tu adalah penghulu segala hari for muslims.. (i delivered the boys on friday as well, plus hubby could have long weekend with me in the ward, and save up his annual leave)

today, i have to send my boys to my in laws.. as my parents are away.. the boys seem 'blank' this morning seeing themselves being chauffered to in laws place.. guess they will be having a long day today without naps, sbb ramai friends.. (my nieces and nephew will be there as well).. it's gonna be full house today.. hoping that the boys will behave.. kesian pulak kat my in laws nak handle 5 kids in the house.. :D

kay la.. stop dulu kat sini.. to my dearest hubby, thanx foe the birthday pressie.. :D

take care all.. zai jian!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

tagged by cuz - izzah

tagged by cousin, izzah aka ija

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1. used to be underweighed.. 39kg at the age 23? haha.. seriously like olive, bini popeye.. now, i think i'm being 'overwhelmed with weight'.. haha..
2. i don't really do sugar in my food especially when it comes to cook lauk, etc.. coz i'm watching closely my sugar intake.. but somehow rather i can't resist desserts.. :D
3. coffeeholic.. i'm a coffee lover to bits! best time to indulge a cuppa for me - when it's raining and chilly, while sitting by the window.. feeling habis.. pergh!
4. i'm afraid of normal labour.. i need some motivation people!
5. i could be very blunt at times, but trust me, i have some soft spot in my heart.. ;)
6. i've never got any saman in my life.. haha.. talking about pemanduan berhemah! hehe, or shall i say, i know how to get my way out? saman utm tak kira ok..
7. i like to cook, but i don't like to kemas the aftermath.. but till now, i don't know how to fix a great sambal and delicious asam pedas!

and now,i am tagging :
1. mastura
2. aweng
3. sheri
4. ana
5. adzra
6. LG
7. last but not least, the lucky no. 7 is hubby!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

:: snapshots of raya feast @ btb, jps malaysia ::

opismate with boss

the gediks.. ;D

with kak lang

my triffle

:: a quiet birthday ::

yep, i'm officially 28 yesterday.. it was a quiet celebration, and i thank Allah for giving me the chance to continue breathing, to seek forgiveness and to perform more ibadah to prepare myself for the big day..

hubby texted me all the way long from ukraine.. this is the first time ever we didn't celebrate my birthday together.. i do feel a lil' bit lonely, but with the presence of my boys, it helped to distract me from thinking about it.. wishes kept on pouring in.. facebook and my hp are flooded with calls and messages (yeah, maybe i exaggerate a lil' bit..) but, hey these well wishes made up my day! thank you!

but anyway, afiq and adib didn't sleep well last night.. 12.30am, 2.30am and finally 5.15 am.. they decided to wake up at quarter past 5 in the morning to play! huahuahuahua.. afiq only dozed off before i pushed off to office, while adib, fresh awake pointing here and there.. guess they miss their daddy, coz dib dib kept on uttering dad-dy in the wee hours.. wonder whether hubby miss them too?

okay all.. take good care.. enjoy this simple update from a finally official 28 year old living creature.. :D take care.. TTFN!

Monday, October 20, 2008

:: raya feast at the office ::

had a busy but wonderful day in office today.. it's a yearly raya feast program, where all staff would gather and have good time accompanied by good food.. i believe in this kind of get together program, as it's a way to break the barrier between the profesionals and the supporting staffs..

main food - catered.. nasi minyak, ayam kuzi, daging rendang, dalca and mee rebus, to name a few.. but, my division is well known for it's generous-ness in hosting a feast.. others chip in by sponsoring/bringing it great home made food.. we had roasted lamb with mint sauce, tapai pulut, sate, ketupat sotong, laksa penang, choccy cake, carrot cake, triffle, cocktails, imported lemang from kijal, rendang, naked macaroni, curry puff, pecal, rojak buah.. phew i hope i didn't miss anything! the outcome - full to the brim, that i can hardly walk and talk.. haha..

but despite the crowd, i at times feel lonely.. sobsob.. still missing someone dearly who's in a faraway land.. saturday seems too far..

i'll wait for my colleague to upload the raya pics.. and insya Allah will post up the happy faces in the next entry..

btw, i'm feeling heavier as days past by.. and i'm frequenting the toilet pretty much.. is that a sign to labour????????? baby, baby, please wait for daddy to come home, okay?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

:: a lonely week begins ::

my lonely week begins yesterday night.. hubby is off to ukraine for on whole week due to work commitment..

sent him off to kl sentral yesterday night with my bro n mom, as well as afiq and adib.. adib behaved so well.. but afiq, turned extremely cranky after we dropped hubby off.. he cried all the way long from kl sentral back to my mom's place.. and fell asleep while crying with no milk sambil kena dukung ngan mommy.. luckily, he slept thru the night well.. :D

will head to the kitchen today to make some triffle for tomorrow's pot luck and plans to cook some cantonese fried kuey teow as my boys love it so much.. hopfully i'll be well enough to cook, as i have started to feel the pain here and there.. erk.. but still, i plan to bring my boys out.. perhaps to go to the bakery supply shop to grab some piping bags and nozzle.. hehe..

yesterday mom asked me whether i've started packing my 'labour bag'? have i started to pack my new born baby's clothing? i was like.. errr not yet.. partially done.. thanks mom for reminding.. (last time i delivered my babies at 32 turning 33 weeks, and i am now in my 31 weeks of pregnancy).. saba baby saba.. hopefully he'll come out on time, rather than too early.. (u have to be very strong if u delivered a preemie.. )

kay all.. take care..

ps : dear, i miss u..

Friday, October 17, 2008

:: anticipated : boring weekend ::

am not looking forward for upcoming weekend..

reason being :
will be left alone with the boys at my mom's place coz husband will be away in ukraine tonight till upcoming saturday..

outcome :

1. have to stay at my mom's place for the whole week.. have to pack and repack my stuffs..
2. unable to attend aiman's birthday bash, which i've been looking forward to..
3. no special weekend outing..
4. lonely birthday celebration.. huhu.. tak bestnya..

hm.. hopefully this would be the last outstation thingy that he needs to do for this year.. since my due date is getting nearer, and i'm afraid of being in the labour room alone without him.. aiyoo.. manyak takut oo..

have plenty of jamuan raya at other division in the office this week.. but i've attended none.. coz, i'm just too lazy to walk... it's pretty far, and i'll definitely get tired..

have i told u that i'm a fan of TARA (the amazing race asia)? i didn't get the chance to enjoy the show for two weeks in row already (not even the replay for last week's!) smalam, afiq meragam.. i guess he misses his 'nenek' aka my mommy's maid who went back for a month and a half holiday, attending his son's wedding.. yang kelakarnya, my mom's maid pun nangis², called my mom's place for 3 times already, and she can't sleep for a night coz he misses my afiq.. hopefully, afiq will overcome his cembengness fast.. sian sangat tengok..

anyway, i've been guilty for not wishing my best buddies on time for their birthdays.. and i'd like to make it up for them..

nadiah, yaya and nana dearie..

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY! sorry for i lewat wish.. there shouldn't be any reason for being late.. sorry sesangat.. hope u girls had a blast!

and to my friends, who'll be celebrating their birthday in coming days, adzra, ajax, shawn, who else?? err.....

happy birthday in advance!

ps: october mmg selalu cam gini.. happening.. ramai sgt among my good friends yang lahir in oct.. :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:: of nothing and everything ::

sleepy head - i am..

afiq and adib didn't sleep well last night.. constantly woke up throughout the nights.. i'm not sure what's the problem.. pretty sure adib was having his colic night yesterday.. while afiq - perhaps, he just played too much in the days that he kept on mengigau last night..

hubby don't feel well.. he sent me off to office, and returned home to visit the dr.. good luck to your dear, in your quest for 'the golden seal'.. but i believe, he's in need of a good rest.. he has gone through sucha hectic month last ramadhan..

i'm due for grocery shopping.. and i have to stock up on fruits especially.. afiq and adib love fruits so so much.. yesterday afiq belasah 3 biji strawberry at one go, and crying for more.. tapi dah habis.. sian dia.. papaya pun dah habis, so do pisang.. so, kena la cari more and more fruits.. (teringat masa afiq kemaruk makan cherries.. he just can't stop!)

next week ada raya feast in the office.. have to bring some triffle for the party.. i can't afford to bake any pie this year.. next year, maybe..

kay readers.. hope u enjoy this short, brief entry.. have a good day.. salam..

Monday, October 13, 2008

:: a hectic weekend ::

it was sucha tiring but happening weekend.. plenty of openhouse invitations, etc..

we were supposed to be at afiq hassan's house on saturday evening, and yes we have started our journey, but we ended up being in ikea instead of afiq's house.. all due to extra heavy rain.. we patah balik masa dah sampai kota damansara, and we were trapped in heavy traffic due to flood kat sunway damansara.. adeh.. both afiq and adib dah mengamuk² dalam keta cakap 'mamam, mamam' - means they want to eat.. so we decided to stop at ikea, bought some food that i think they can eat, but ended up in mommy's and daddy's mouth coz they were distracted with the kiddies area.. saba jek la..

then on sunday, together with my parents in law, we attended my FIL's office raya gath, held in saloma's bistro, jalan ampang.. being afraid that my sons will go cranky, i make sure they had their lunch before my PIL fetc us up at home.. afiq especially enjoyed the lunch so much (they love kurma to bits, that mommy has to learn how to cook one, as mommy is not a fan of kurma).. manage to cook their 3 days food supply (so that my mom is at her free mind not to think of what to cook for my sons) - kurma daging, chinese fried rice (my sons love nasi goreng) and nasi ayam (simple version with soup).. lepas jek masak, rushed to feed afiq and get the maid to feed adib sbb adib mangun lambat sket from his morning nap.. while i siap² and manage to be ready before PIL sampai.. (talking about time management - i've been extremely excellent yesterday)..

head for saloma's bistro.. can't really enjoy the food, sbb adib macam not in good mood.. thought we could leave early, but then, due to FIL's work commitment, he needs to wait for the arrival of Tengku Mahkota Pahang.. we only pushed off from saloma at half past 3.. adib selamat tido, and afiq fell asleep in the car on my lappie.. sampai umah, terus rush solat zohor + asar.. dapat plak sms dari my old best buddy, lela nak dtg umah beraya.. rushed down to cook something for her.. masak simple jek, macaroni goreng sbb barang semua dah almost siap di prepare oleh maid.. i baru jek tumis bawang, lela pun sampai.. makan2 lepak2 borak2 with lela since the boys still tido (flattened out i guess) for 3 hours! they only woke up at half past 6..

directly after maghrib, head to my mom's, as she told me that dia dah masak mee kari.. MIL plak masak nasi dagang.. since tadi ptg dah ngan PIL, we went to my mom's and had curry mee, while hubby lepas tuh tapau nasi dagang later from MIL.. (selamat duit makan for monday.. hehe).. fater the scrumptious dinner, we head home at around 10pm, and i by then dah lalok2 sambil sakit badan.. hubby dengan baik hati urut my back, yeay and then went to sleep.. what a day!

today rasa macam malas gila nak pegi ofis, since most probably hubby won't be around next weekend.. (i still hope the kapal delays, so that he don't need to be away sbb hubby's visa dah nak expire) kalau delay lagi, (i should be able to know by today or tomorrow), bley lerr pegi bday party aiman (mas's son).. hehe..

okay all, ari nih i hope i could start my revision, as i'll be having an important exam early next month.. i've to start early since i'm afraid that my body can't take the stress.. hope i'll pass with flying colours so that i don't need to resit the paper.. :D

kay yea.. take care all.. TTFN!

Friday, October 10, 2008

:: from a fuzzy mind & 'almost well' body ::

my mind is wandering around.. my body is in the office, but my mind, my soul - elsewhere.. i've been pretty lazy in the office lately.. perhaps, raya mood, medical leave, long annual leave has resulted in this laziness of mine..

anyway, i'm thinking of what to do tomorrow, since hubby will be around in KL.. (alhamdulillah, his meeting in turkmenistan is postponed and he need not to attend the meeting - meaning : we could spend time together.. sbb kalau tak he'll be away for dingdongdingdong 10 days from home since lepas tuh kena continue pegi ukraine.. lega.. i can't imagine myself handling two boys for that long alone..) i want to cook something nice in MY OWN KITCHEN but at the same time, i want to go out with the boys and the man of the house.. i definitely can't do both, as my energy is pretty limited, and i'm getting heavier.. moving around and heavy works are not my mantra anymore.. i guess we're into simple cuisine this weekend which the boys and the man love a lot - cantonese fried noodles..

next, my office will be hosting a raya party.. as usual kena bawak something to eat.. my normal/requested dishes were normally shepherd pie.. but i'm just too lazy to do that this year, that i might just offer myself to make triffle.. senang kelije.. since i most probably have to prepare the dishes at mommy's place, i would very much want to avoid the oven, as the oven hari tuh dah hangitkan my cheese topping masa buat lasagna..

have plenty of openhouse invitations.. three coming up this weekend - papa's office invitation - this year round they host it in saloma's, afiq hassan's in shah alam and kak nurul's in pjaya..) i've got the date mixed up, have to rely on hubby to make necessary arrangement (macam cancel jek plan masak nih).. most probably have to turn down mastura's invitation to her son's first birthday party (bersalah sangat and rugi sangat rasa) as hubby maybe takde at that time..

lupa nak cerita.. yesterday we went out to look for the boys' new rides.. balik² jek dah half past seven.. normally they dah doze off.. but yesterday, upon seeing their new rides, they both get too excited, that they play with their toys till we settle our isyak.. haha.. changed their cloth 4 times just for the nights - peluh, basah, air liur meleleh (adib is drooling a lot.. gigi dia banyak gila nak kuar.. more than 5 i think at one go!) got the pics, tapi lupa pulak nak bawak memory card nak upload.. cute gila..

before ending, i've an announcemment to make.. big day coming up in 11 days.. somebody is getting older.. huhu.. but she will probably has to celebrate only with her kids around.. huhu.. sedey.. most probably there won't be any nice dinner out like last year.. last year siap double celebration lagi, lunchy munchy with hubby, dinner sponsored by father in law.. tata 27, welcome 28.. erk.. 28.. takpe.. takpe.. masih angka 2 kat depan.. ;) since he'll be missing 'her' birthday this year, he must definitely make it up kan? kan? kan? ngehngeh.. :D

TTFN! zai jian!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

:: on medical leave ::

feeling not so good lately.. am on medical leave for two days already.. yesterday dengan selamba badak mintak MC, ari nih hubby advise to rest at home.. pagi tadi pun terlajak subuh.. yesterday dah dapat one round of massage, feels better, but does not last long.. perhaps salah sendiri semalam masa tido, posture badan tak berapa betul.. huhu..

had my monthly A&C yesterday as usual, and dr kata my baby is in breech position.. melintang.. he asked my delivery preferences.. bravely i said, 'if i can do normal, normal la..' huhu.. :D tapi bils dah scan kata breech, dia pun kata kalau breech tak bley buat apa la.. kena c-ect jugak..i actually tak kisah sgt method of delivery, as long as my baby and i are safe..

anyway, later that evening, me n hubby went to jusco to look for a ride for my boys.. but the choices were so limited, that we decided to look at another shop.. i was pretty hungry yesterday evening, so we headed to kopitiam.. had curry me with orange yoghurt smoothie, (i had to resist my temptation to indulge in the classic kopi o) and hubby had his normal toast and cham.. the food was fine, but i think they should step up their services quality, cause it was damn slow (i finished a bowl of curry mee and yet the toast tak sampai lagi atas table)..

what else.. owh, i tried this fish spa thingy yesterday.. haha.. i shrieked out the moment i dipped my feet in.. serious geli.. (read : i mmg tak tahan org geli my kaki, so imagine small fishes biting your feet).. i almost gave up, tapi mengenangkan duit dah bayo, so i proceed.. and to my amusement, i love it at the end of the session.. my skin feels so much better.. and i'm coming back for more! hehe.. masa tgh enjoy the spa thing, i met a long lost friend, whom i knew by the name of fauziah aka gee.. she was my classmate for a short period, before we were separated.. i can't really remember bila i satu kelas ngan dia.. i almost didn't recognize her, since she had long (read - very long) hair before.. and yes, she looks much prettier yesterday, that i thought i was looking at a model.. :D

made some triffle today for hubby to bring to his office sbb ada potluck.. alhamdulillah, my first trial went out well.. took the recipe from chef hanieliza.. it was easy, fool proof and worth a try.. i alter it a bit to my liking.. adib love it so much.. :D

apa lagi ek nak share.. takde dah rasanya.. take good care all.. watch what u eat! ;)

Monday, October 6, 2008

:: seriously bored ::

seriously, i'm bored at the office.. have nothing to do, yet still need to be in the office.. how nice would it be if i could just slip off back to home sweet home and cuddled up with my two boys.. (adib has been sleeping with me for the past two nights, and afiq has left his cot for quite sometime, and he seems to enjoy the borderless matress on the floor so much) it's raining pretty heavily outside and i do feel my eyelids are getting heavier as time passed by by.. (yet, time for punch out is still a long way to go!)

big things coming up this month, next month and a month after.. bro is getting engaged with a malacan girl this month, have an exam to sit the next month and new addition to the family coming up the month after.. pretty exciting (but i do hope the R&D people could speed up their research and find a solution to a painless labour.. hehe.. seriously TAKUT! they have more or less 2 and half months to go to find a solution - should the baby decide to follow the date precisely)..

still, i'm pretty worried about my future.. hubby is unsure yet on his contract status for the on going project.. i do hope he'll return back to his line department rather than continue being in the project team.. as if he continues, that means, we have to live apart (really apart okay, bukannye setakat within m'sia) for the next two years, which i believe and foresee tough life ahead raising up 3 young boys all by own.. until he come home and tell me straight at my face that he'll return to his line baru la hati i senang..

what else nak story, this time raya, i didn't make any cookies or whatsoever.. i have no time for it.. but still kuih raya belambak2 kat rumah, thanc to the hampers, mom, grandmom and ever trusted friend suraya for her lovely kuih.. i definitely recommend her crispy almond cornflake cookies.. seriously, delicious!

clock is ticking so slowly.. i can't wait to get home! argh!

:: raya entry ::

i was about to update my settigs today when i suddenly realized that i've entered my 100th entry in this blog.. wah, very the very productive! yeay!

so anyway, i hope it's still not too late to wish everyone salam eid mubarrak.. and maaf zahir batin.. i've just returned back from kampung visiting my grandmom aka wan in negeri sembilan last friday..

my raya journey started on the last day of Ramadhan.. we pushed off back to n9 on tuesday, after subuh prayer, with the hope that the boys will be asleep in the car, as it's still early.. but i guess, the boys are too smart that they could smell the flowers along the journey.. they decided to wake up pretty early that day, and stayed awake throughout the journey! but then, since we started the journey pretty early, it was a smooth one despite the berebut-ness between the boys to sit on mommy's lap in the car.. arrived in n9 at around 8.30am, and i get the boys to bath and have their cereal for brekkie..

i don't know why, but almost every year, i'll have this syndrome.. on the very the last day of fasting, i'll feel extra tried and extra tak larat.. as early as 9.30 am, my hands are shaking, tahan lapar.. but then since it was the last day of Ramadhan, i kuatkan iman and semangat to continue fasting, and alhamdulillah, i manage to complete my fast! hehe.. so tahun nih 30 days of puasa! yeay! (i don't want to add any more days to jumlah puasa yang tak habis ganti tahun lepas)

we had a short tahlil session before bukak pose.. afiq and adib behaved so well, that the tahlil was not disturbed by them.. bagus anak mommy (actually they enjoyed ayat² quran so much, that i would recommend to all new mommies to put ayat² quran on play from day 1 they were born..)

first day raya was a simple occassion.. for the first time ever, after 9 years (as per uncle's memory) mom's family were all there to celebrate raya together.. FULL HOUSE! we had family photo session, but both me and hubby didn't get to go anywhere - thanx to afiq and adib.. they put on baju melayu this year, but it didn't last long.. by noon dah merengek², guess it was too hot for them though mommy had tried her best to look for comfy material for them to wear.. we're all in yellow this year..

second day raya was spent at my dad's side.. managed to visit 3 houses, before adib decided to go cranky and fell asleep.. it was so hot, that i myself can't take it.. gave afiq a bath in the noon, and he decided to stay put in the water and doesn't want to come out! sekejap jek kat dad's side, by half past three, my dad dah ajak balik my mom's side coz he himself can't take the heat.. we head back to my mom's side (which is 20-30 mins driving) and spent the night there..

third day raya - we were supposed to head back to kl early in the morning, as per initial plan since hubby needs to pack up for ukraine, but alhamdulillah, his trip (again) was cancelled and he'll only need to be there by mid month (which probably means he'll miss my 28th birthday).. only head back to kl after asar, (sbbnya we didn't want to miss the ikan bakar and all the seafood) haha.. yummy!

simple, brief raya - but enjoyable though i fell sick on raya eve.. diserang viral fever, and till date tak 100% baik pun.. afiq and adib still belum berjalan, but adib has stepped up a lil' bit further from afiq.. guess they enjoyed crawling more than walking since lagi laju and they can kejar² each other.. bila la agaknya nak dapat kaki kan?

guess that's all on raya entry.. enjoy my 101th entry! take care, and watch your diet closely!

p/s : i loss weight.. don't know whether the scale is faulty or it's a fact?

Monday, September 29, 2008

:: wishes ::

wishing everyone, happy eid mubarak n maaf zahir batin..
(typing this with adib on lappie..)

Friday, September 26, 2008

:: hayrwired lagi ::

plan raya kau haywired lagi. everything jadi unsure pasal other half's work commitment. aku hangin betul smalam when he told me that he might (again, MIGHT) go off on 3rd raya.

we can't say no to work, but we can say no to family.

cam ni ke life aku lepas nih?

:: layan gambar ::

exhausted after their first birthday party

afiq trying to wake adib up.. he wants adib to look at the flamingos as well!
animals lovers - they are!

afiq has gone cranky.. he wanted to be free from cot.. adib on the other hand, is acting cool.. watch out for afiq's leg!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

:: tagged by sheri ::

Tagged by Sherifah

1) What is the most important thing in your life?
happy, healthy life with loved ones..

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
errrrr, was it cornflakes cookies by ya?

3) Where do you wish to get married?
i wished to get married at my home sweet home for there is where i was brought up by my parents.. married anyway..

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
how shall i answer this.. well, permanently owned by my other half in 2003, and hope to be his permanently till we meet again in jannah

5) Are you in love?

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
that would be - afiq and adib's story book - elmo and balls, elmo and music..

8)What is your full name?
noor aishah

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
i love both..

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time
us president - to bring some right senses on human rights to him..

11) Christina or Britney?

12) Do you do your own laundry?
no, most of the time..

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
aha - i'd love to go to cape town, south africa for hubby always says that this is among the most beautiful plpaces he have ever been..

14) Hugs or kisses?
hugs and kisses.. :D

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
loving mommy
loves to write
dedicated lecturer
will be on a jetplane soon
passionate about food..

16)8 things I am passionate about:
well being of my family members
cooking and baking
painless labour (hehe)
happy hours with loved ones..
helping people out
beads (temporary i guess)
weight loss and stretch marks.. haha..

17)8 things I say too often:
mati la..
afiq, adib, mommy say NO!
tolong sikit!

18)4 books I’ve read recently:
it has been a while since i last read books

19)8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
simple, soft to the ears.. i hate loud music..

20)8 things I learned last year:
- breastfeeding is not as easy as i thought..
- bringing up twins are full of joy and happiness, not forgetting the lil' spices of stress..
- put my boys' needs ahead of mine..
- cooking is not that hard..
- c-sect is not as bad as cystectomy
- confinement period is really exhausting
- ganti puasa 40 hari is not as easy as it sounds.. feels like taking me forever..
- staying at home while getting paid is sucha nice pleasure! (hehe.. agak2 tahun nih cuti bersalin tambah tak?)

8 people that I love to tag -
- mastura
- aweng
- lydiana
- adzra
- ayien
- ummul aqeem
- halen
- jue

:: am so not into work! ::

am so not into work, and yet my tasks are piling up.. and this is not typical last week of working before long leave for raya.. normally time² cenggini wa dengan senang hati boleh main game.. huhu.. and the task is pretty heavy! have to put up proposal paper.. have to do the planning for the next 5 years course of action.. have to do some budget estimation.. apa la nasibku ari nih..

hubby is away (again!) to pasir gudang.. i'm not sure for how long will he be working like this for i'm starting to loose my patience already.. he's away almost every week this Ramadhan, leaving me alone to manage the boys.. my tummy is getting bigger, and frankly speaking, i'm starting to get tired too easily, that has caused me to loose my temper faster.. without him, i have to chauffeur myself to work.. call me selfish, i've to be selfish for i have to take care of not only my health, but my unborn baby too!

tamau la grumble² lagi pagi² buta.. nanti cepat tua.. though aishah always looks young.. hahahaha.. perasan lagi..

beading projects - almost completed.. it takes like forever to complete.. am putting aside an hour or two a day to complete it, and insya Allah will tepek the pics.. tupun kalau cun la amik gambar..

anyway, to aweng who requested the cookie recipe.. actually akak amik dr one of the fotopages, so akak rasa akak letak link jek la kat sini for you to explore as she has got plenty of beautiful recipe to try..

alahai, kena panggil masuk meeting la plak.. gtg now.. okay la all.. take care.. bye