Monday, September 29, 2008

:: wishes ::

wishing everyone, happy eid mubarak n maaf zahir batin..
(typing this with adib on lappie..)

Friday, September 26, 2008

:: hayrwired lagi ::

plan raya kau haywired lagi. everything jadi unsure pasal other half's work commitment. aku hangin betul smalam when he told me that he might (again, MIGHT) go off on 3rd raya.

we can't say no to work, but we can say no to family.

cam ni ke life aku lepas nih?

:: layan gambar ::

exhausted after their first birthday party

afiq trying to wake adib up.. he wants adib to look at the flamingos as well!
animals lovers - they are!

afiq has gone cranky.. he wanted to be free from cot.. adib on the other hand, is acting cool.. watch out for afiq's leg!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

:: tagged by sheri ::

Tagged by Sherifah

1) What is the most important thing in your life?
happy, healthy life with loved ones..

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
errrrr, was it cornflakes cookies by ya?

3) Where do you wish to get married?
i wished to get married at my home sweet home for there is where i was brought up by my parents.. married anyway..

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
how shall i answer this.. well, permanently owned by my other half in 2003, and hope to be his permanently till we meet again in jannah

5) Are you in love?

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
that would be - afiq and adib's story book - elmo and balls, elmo and music..

8)What is your full name?
noor aishah

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
i love both..

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time
us president - to bring some right senses on human rights to him..

11) Christina or Britney?

12) Do you do your own laundry?
no, most of the time..

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
aha - i'd love to go to cape town, south africa for hubby always says that this is among the most beautiful plpaces he have ever been..

14) Hugs or kisses?
hugs and kisses.. :D

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
loving mommy
loves to write
dedicated lecturer
will be on a jetplane soon
passionate about food..

16)8 things I am passionate about:
well being of my family members
cooking and baking
painless labour (hehe)
happy hours with loved ones..
helping people out
beads (temporary i guess)
weight loss and stretch marks.. haha..

17)8 things I say too often:
mati la..
afiq, adib, mommy say NO!
tolong sikit!

18)4 books I’ve read recently:
it has been a while since i last read books

19)8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
simple, soft to the ears.. i hate loud music..

20)8 things I learned last year:
- breastfeeding is not as easy as i thought..
- bringing up twins are full of joy and happiness, not forgetting the lil' spices of stress..
- put my boys' needs ahead of mine..
- cooking is not that hard..
- c-sect is not as bad as cystectomy
- confinement period is really exhausting
- ganti puasa 40 hari is not as easy as it sounds.. feels like taking me forever..
- staying at home while getting paid is sucha nice pleasure! (hehe.. agak2 tahun nih cuti bersalin tambah tak?)

8 people that I love to tag -
- mastura
- aweng
- lydiana
- adzra
- ayien
- ummul aqeem
- halen
- jue

:: am so not into work! ::

am so not into work, and yet my tasks are piling up.. and this is not typical last week of working before long leave for raya.. normally time² cenggini wa dengan senang hati boleh main game.. huhu.. and the task is pretty heavy! have to put up proposal paper.. have to do the planning for the next 5 years course of action.. have to do some budget estimation.. apa la nasibku ari nih..

hubby is away (again!) to pasir gudang.. i'm not sure for how long will he be working like this for i'm starting to loose my patience already.. he's away almost every week this Ramadhan, leaving me alone to manage the boys.. my tummy is getting bigger, and frankly speaking, i'm starting to get tired too easily, that has caused me to loose my temper faster.. without him, i have to chauffeur myself to work.. call me selfish, i've to be selfish for i have to take care of not only my health, but my unborn baby too!

tamau la grumble² lagi pagi² buta.. nanti cepat tua.. though aishah always looks young.. hahahaha.. perasan lagi..

beading projects - almost completed.. it takes like forever to complete.. am putting aside an hour or two a day to complete it, and insya Allah will tepek the pics.. tupun kalau cun la amik gambar..

anyway, to aweng who requested the cookie recipe.. actually akak amik dr one of the fotopages, so akak rasa akak letak link jek la kat sini for you to explore as she has got plenty of beautiful recipe to try..

alahai, kena panggil masuk meeting la plak.. gtg now.. okay la all.. take care.. bye

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

:: plans ::

alhamdulillah, as stated in my previous entry, i'm so relieved that finally hubby will be around for eid together with the family.. so, now the plan begins..

i'll be on leave starting next monday.. am thinking of settling few domestic issues, as well as getting some new stuffs for my boys and my future boy (if energy permits).. plenty of plans to execute.. ngehngehngeh..

FYI, i've sent off my helper last july due to her health problem, and till date, i haven't got any replacement yet.. time is ticking, my due date is getting nearer and i'm desperate to get one for i can't bear letting my mom to look after the boys, for i know my boys are super duper active to handle.. i'm asking for a favour here from my dear readers, who came accross good agents so that i could get a new helper before november comes in.. i prefer to hire helper who is a sundanese, for they are well known to be better of with babies and toddlers..

career wise, it's getting more hectic, but i as usual will take it easy, for i know i have to look after my health and level of stress as well.. so far, i still can cope thought there're issues and ways that i don't agree with.. but then, that's part and parcel of working life kan?

apa lagi ye nak cerita.. as mentioned before, i have no plans to bake any cookies for raya, but then it seems that i can't put off my mind from choc chip cookies (double choc chip cookies actually) that i've made months ago.. the recipe was really easy and the outcome was really good.. if only i have time to whip it up, as i have plenty of sewing to do as well.. (i have to complete my beading projects as well as altering my boys' baju melayu)

this year round, no new clothes for me and hubby.. i practically mmg malas nak beli since i'll only be preggy for the next 3 months, and i have tonnes of maternity clothing already.. while hubby dah ada belambak2 baju leayu that he don't even bother to make a new one.. so, i decided to spend only for the boys, choosing the colours according to what we have in our present closet..

okay readers, i'm blogging off now.. will be having a meeting in 20 mins time.. (MALASNYERRRR).. take good care all.. salam ramadhan and if u're about to embark your journey back to your hometown, travel safely! don't forget to rest & relax kay?

TTFN! (tata for now)

Monday, September 22, 2008

:: relieved! ::

syukur alhamdulillah, my praises to Allah for He has answered my prayers to allow us to be together as a complete family for eid mubarrak!

:: uncertainties ::

it's ramadhan 22, and the heat of eid mubarrak has started to creep in.. but somehow rather, i haven't got the chance to feel the excitement yet, as my raya plan is pretty much unclear, due to hubby's commitment to work.. will only know my fate by wednesday the latest whether he'll be around for eid or not..

call me pathetic, but sometimes i am just too tired to handle these kind of situation.. i'm not married to a soldier or police, that requires me to be prepared to celebrate my eid alone with the kids, without hubby around.. i'm married to a plain structural engineer, and yet i still have to prepare my mental for this.. never in my life, i could imagine celebrating raya alone.. huhu..

tak pe.. like hubby said to me last night.. let us put the glass down for a while, not thinking about it.. as we still don't know what is the outcome yet.. he'll be having his meeting (hopefully today, for i want to know how my raya plan will be!!) to confirm his work itinary to ukraine.. if he needs to be there during eid, i do feel that my preparation for raya this year will be washed out down to the drain.. apa yang bestnye weh? penat aku tempah baju raya anak² aku skali aku sorang jek yang tgk? kalau nak ikutkan excitement, sepatutnya raya tahun nih over-excited sebabnya, i'm expecting (again) and my boys has grown up a bit, that they now know how to enjoy themselves..

dah la cerita pasal raya.. jiwaku KACAO!

forgot to share.. youngest bro aka adik has returned to Cardiff yesterday night since his new semester is kicking in in a week time.. tapi boleh siap cakap ngan aku - "i should have balik Cardiff on 22nd la along.. silap planning.." and i asked him why.. he told me, "tonight MAN U lawan CHELSEA" (read : my brother shares the same passion with hubby - they enjoy footie and support the same team) i replied :"i told u to ponteng a day or two of your classes to celebrate raya, adik tamau".. hehe.. sian dia..

last saturday, my mom organized a small iftar with all the family members - with aunties, uncles, cousins and in laws at my mom's place.. i offered mom to cook some lasagna and macaroni, and to my surprise, mom told me - masak banyak sikit.. mak dah beli macaroni lebih.. alamak! (read - i'm pretty poor when it comes to cooking in large quantities.. my ingredients ratio will run crazy!) untuk tidak menghampakan harapan ibu, aku masak jugak la, though i was extremely tired looking after the boys.. the outcome makes me smile.. hehe.. my cooking was snapped out pretty fast and there was nothing left after iftar.. alhamdulillah.. (maknanya my cuisine are not that lousy.. that makes me a girl!) hehe.. (berlagak kejap)

okaylah all, panjang dah update nih.. tahun nih aku tak buat kuih raya.. semua tunjuk² jek.. berhemah sket belanja tahun nih.. i only bought 3 types of kuih raya - cheese tart, my forever favourite crispy almond cornflake from my lovely friend - suraya and karipap inti serunding ikan from sal (bukan sal yang buat.. kena tulis dengan jelas) hehe.. i think i won't be making my trademark cookies this year - choccy cornflakes.. tak larat and takde masa..

take care all.. enjoy my entry yang caca marba ini.. ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

:: where is wiggly toe? - the boys current favourite song ::

where is wiggly toe?
where is wiggly toe?
here i am..
here i am..
how are you this morning..
very well, owh thank you..

don't bite me..
don't bite me..

background scene - mommy will wiggle her toes..
afiq and adib will 'wiggle' their toe using their fingers..

and at times, afiq will put on his attempt to bite mommy's toe, whereby mommy will scream..

lyrics : mommy
music : old nursery rhyme..

:: to resign or not to ::

i vow to be a good mother..
for i want to raise up my boys as a perfect muslim,
who possesses the qualities,
laid by the faith..

but time bound me to be away,
away from their souls for quite a day..

at times,
it triggers..
how can i succeed, with this condition..

i wish i could bath them daily..
i wish i could cook them food daily..
i wish i could cradle them every milisecond, every breath i take..
i wish i would never be apart from them,
for i want them to know,
and i want them to learn,
the reality of life,
from me..

i never want to burden anyone..
i never want to let anyone else to take over my role as a mother..
for i'm the one,
who's responsible,
to answer to Allah at the end of the day..

To Resign or Not to Resign?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

:: Quizzical ::

yesterday, i had a beautiful short session of conference chatting with my best buddies when i was back in utm - with salhana and zaidin.. (call them crazy, yes they were and still are) no offense aa! hehe..

yes, everytime we met, we would turn deaf and blind to our surrounding.. and in fact it continues till date.. we'll laugh, giggle to stupid jokes, and i mean, really stupid jokes..

tetiba jek smalam masa tgh chatting, zaidin aka din popped up his 'jangan lupa lirik session' that somehow rather reminds me of a song that was introduced by my dear friend, sal which has made me hooked to it.. she briefly said - 'ko kena dengar lagu nih, dia gedik tapi best'.. and yes, i admit her brief statement tells it all..

she asked me to put up the lyric on the blog.. which i am about to do.. that has caused me to listen to the song again and again, because parts of the lyric tuh dah tak ingat..

anyway, enjoy this song.. Quizzical by Juliet the Orange..

I don’t even comb my hair when I wake up in the morning,
I’ve always been like that..
My clothes are on the floor,
and I just don’t have the time to put them back..
Ladidadada.. ladidada..

Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend,
Or am I just someone u find pretty cute for a good time..
Don’t go breaking my heart,
I think very deeply and I hold very dearly from the start..
So why do u still love me?
hmm.. wohoo..
So why do u still love me?
Wo wo wo..

I’m so useless in the kitchen,
And my cuisine is lousy, it makes u want to curl..
My toes are awfully huge,
And I’m not just the type that makes a girl..
Ladidada.. ladidada..

Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend,
Or am I just someone u find pretty cute for a good time..
Don’t go breaking my heart,
I think very deeply and I hold very dearly from the start..
So why do u still love me?
hmm.. wohoo..
So why do u still love me?
Wo wo wo..

Pardon me, I’m quizzical..
Pardon me, but I’m quizzical..
Pardon me I’m quizzical..

I don’t even call u baby,
Coz that’s why I call my dog, it would have sound so funny and so strange..
Don’t expect me to be crawling over you,
Coz maybe I’m just a poor unromantic..

So why do u still love me
hmm.. wohoo..
So why do u still love me
Wo wo wo

Pardon me, I’m quizzical,
Pardon me, but I’m quizzical,
Pardon me, I’m quizzical..

kay sal.. utang dah bayar.. amik aku kat opis jom gie shopping kat SOGO! hehe..

p.s : beading project baru sebelah lengan - tu pun tak siap lagi.. serius nyesal beli beads super small..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

:: tips jaga anak kembar ::

kalau dah sampai 2 kali update blog dalam masa sehari, surely nampak sangat keja kat opis dah settle kan.. not only that, i sudeenly realize that today my boys turn 13 months! and in 3 months time they will officially become BIG BROTHERS to a lil' brother.. :D i can't imagine how chaotic my house will be when they turn 2-3 years old.. mau berkarate mommy and daddy kat umah!

i promised a cyber blogmate on tips to look after twins.. and i think i'll try to fulfil it today..

being a working wife and mommy to twin boys and yet expecting is indeed a big challenge.. i can hardly lay down on my side for quick nap at anytime i want when i'm exhausted, and yes they'll drive u up the hills and down the valley though your tyres are puntured and engine are worn out.. so, to overcome all this, i need to strategize and work out my plan to ensure things move on as smooth as possible, as i definitely can't sway from the rocky, bumpy journey raising up my boys..

as much as possible, i try to meet the boys' needs e.g bath, food, milk, diapers changing, sleep simultaneously.. it's either a back to back job or being help by other be it your partner or helper.. it pretty much help me to manage time better, and do things faster as i won't feel that i'm constantly changing diaper/giving milk at any time..

next is being systematic.. i'm pretty poor in managing, but i do need to keep things organized so that i could save bits of time here and there.. though my maid helps me out in laundry etc, but i still check thru their closet to ensure things are done properly.. i prefer to fold the boys clothing with their pairs, so that i could save time from looking around for the other pair..

and when u're extremely tired, i use this formula to energize myself - sleep when they sleep, even though it means nap! only then you can see how 15-20 mins of quality nap can do wonders to your body..

don't do everything by yourself.. get your partner involve as much as possible, so that u could shed bits of challenges from your shoulder.. don't be too optimistic in running chores, as we are normal human being, and we also have other thiings to attend to besides the kids.. by doing so, not only you lighten the challenges, but you also get to spend some quality time with your partner as well.. talking about multitasking.. here's the way!

last but not least, to keep your sanity alive, always and always make way for your private time with your other half, away from the kids.. once a week - 1 hr away is good enough to recharge your relationship.. we normally steal the time during the weekdays, with friday being our favourite.. a stroll in the mall for an hour, only the two of us - excellent enough to strentghen our relationship..

and if u still can't take the stress of raising twins, heat up the kettle, kick back on the sofa, grabbed the twins and put them in cot, stashed with lots of SAFE toys and enjoy a cuppa! HAHA.. it don't really work.. don't trust me.. ;D

kay yeah.. enjoy reading.. and now i'm starting to wonder, which site shall i visit next.. suggestion anyone?

:: letih teramat semalam ::

day 17 in Ramadhan - hari nih Nuzul Quran.. owh, ok, no wonder pagi tadi kurang sket traffic.. :D sempat wa punch kul 7.29am.. a min to 7.30.. ;D i've been late for the past few days, that i decided not to sleep after sahur today.. start my second project on beads, and huhuhuhuu, i think this one will take even longer.. imagine 2 inch of beading took me almost 0.5 hour to complete? padan muka, sapa suruh beli beads yang kecik.. assessing at my rates of sewing, i decided to bring my beads to office so that i could sew a lil' bit during lunch hour.. i can't really sew at home as afiq and adib will definitely would be more tha happy to join me in..

afiq and adib lately has put on their 'liatness' hat when it comes to sleep.. on their normal days, they'll doze off at around 8.00 - 8.30pm, which mommy and daddy are very happy about it.. but yesterday night, it was almost 11.00pm and i'm still struggling to put afiq to sleep, espite him finished his milk twice! ithought afiq kembung but tak gak.. last² anak mommy yang sorang nih berguling² atas tilam sampai tertido.. adib dah dozed off with the help of the maids..

yesterday, after iftar, both boys demand mommy to feed them with milk.. so, i had to put both boys on the pillow (normally i put them on my lap) and feed them simultaneously.. they dozed off and i was so happy.. i thought it's gonna be till morning, but it turned out to be a short nap! huhuuhuhuhuu.. almost berderai air mata mommy dia semalam sebab kelesuan yang teramat sangat.. seriously, yesterday was among the most tiring day of fasting! which i don't know why.. (perhaps all this while kat opis dok relax², but yesterday i pulun siapkan proposal paper - which takde la pulun sgt pun..)

enough about yesterday.. talking about today..

my plan would be:-
1. to ammend my proposal paper according to my superior's comments.. hopefully, not much! ;D
2. to check office expenditure report..
3. to continue my beading project during lunch hour..
4. to drop by at the grocery store to get some mixed vege..
5. to make some frozen pizza for the boys (hopefully, mommy will be kuat enough to do it)

tu jek kot.. take care all.. selamat berpose!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

:: missing my other half ::

hubby is on the jet plane, flying to moscow,russia to attend to his work.. sent him off to kl sentral with the boys yesterday night right after iftar, only to find afiq cried so hard when daddy left him with me without picking him up.. he only cooled off when my brother aka his pak ngah switched on zikrullah on cd player.. alhamdulillah, he gets better when we arrived home though he was a little bit cranky here and there.. lucky me, for adib has fallen asleep in the car! kalau tak lagi haru biru man! but then when we arrived home (i was expecting afiq to doze off), he started his cranky bits again, and refused to sleep despite being so sleepy.. i finally decided to take him to the room, put him on daddy's sarong, and amazingly, he dozed off easily! haiya my boys!

my mom is planning for a get together iftar this saturday, on the day my hubby will be back, and just in time before my youngest brother returns to Cardiff.. guess, i could finally make good use of the left over spaghetti sauces as lasagna for iftar menu.. kust minor alteration, walla, done! heh.. (dasar pemalas)

apa lagi nak story.. owh, i've completed my very own beading project last week.. (baru satu siap) and i have one more to go (which i believe is more tedious) pandai sangat pegi beli beads yang size dia super small! huhu.. but i have to prove to myself that i'm not hangat² tahi ayam! i must complete it before raya - for that is my raya clothing.. (yeah - preggy at 26 weeks, i believe buying new outfit for raya is not a good decision really, when i have ample of dresses, blouses, pants and skirts!) it's not a long way to go.. :D

i think i'm done with my updating for the day.. promised myself to finish my write up by today.. i've been delaying for a while, and i know i have to stop! huhu.. okay back to my paperwork - Flood Risk Maps.. (too technical.. kalau la macam blogging kan best)

hmm.. missing my other half already.. wondering what he's doing now..

Monday, September 15, 2008

:: happy yet sad.. ::

lambat gila ari nih sampai ofis.. i was so exhausted yesterday night with the constant waking up by afiq and adib.. afiq buat perangai yesterday night, crying for no reason, until last2 i gave up, sampai marah2 afiq (rasa bersalah gila).. he finally slept with my mom.. mom told me that yesterday afiq cried while pointing at my room.. (lagi rasa bersalah) huhu.. sorry sayang.. mommy was so tired, daddy was down with fever, and adib berak2 tgh tido.. huhuhuhuu.. ngantuk!

as a result, lambat gila solat subuh.. kul 6.55 baru nak tersedar.. kelam kabut amik wudhu and solat.. mandi express gila, and pushed off to office.. slept almost all the way long to office.. nasib baik tak kena drive sendiri.. kalau tak alamatnya wa mintak cuti la ari ni..

hubby will be off to russia tonight.. huhu.. sedey! nak kata lama, tak la lama sgt pun sebenarnya, becuase dia penah away from KL for 3 weeks straight.. tapi agaknya because of the destination and tak sure whether bley call ke tak dr sana buat kepala aku rasa manyak pusing.. huhu..

anyway, there was a surprise gift from husband yesterday.. thank you for the brand new fon.. :D and today, aku macam org jakun tak penah tgk fon dok belek2 apa f(x) yang ada kat fon nih.. (for info - i'm a basic fon user - only sms and calls.. call me antique, that's just plain me!)

okay la all.. till then.. bubbye..

Friday, September 12, 2008

:: ramadhan 12 already ::

when i was younger, i love to write poems.. it's a way of expressing things in your heart beautifully.. i haven't done it for sucha long long time.. for i don't have time to do so.. but i feel, i'd love to re-do those again.. so, hopefully, my readers will have the chances to see the soft spot inside me.. ;D

anyway, i'm working today after 2 days leave.. the boys are recuperating from the fever.. they're teething at the moment.. imagine adib with at least 3 gigi geraham coming up? haha.. meragam habis.. even atok yesterday said - "adib dah mula lorat dah nih"..

so far yesterday, no high temperature recorded cmpared to the day before.. the day before, afiq - 39.7, adib 39.1.. letih mommy! really exhausted..

owh, just to share some concern, adib is not weaning well at the moment.. get in touched with a couple of friends, and one returned to me with sucha beautiful advise.. i hope i will have the time to get the book she recommends, and tried it on afiq and adib..

it will be a quiet week next week without husband around.. he'll be off to russia either tomorrow or monday (too much uncertainties la.. leceh) for at least week.. will only return back to kl on saturday next week.. hopefully the boys will behave well and won't put up any tantrums like the past days, that made mommy passed her sabar limit.. jangan demam sudah.. haru mommy dibuatnya..

apa lagi nak cerita? hm,, ramadhan has entered its 12 day, and alhamdulillah, so far i've been fasting well, despite my low BP problem and fatigue.. (read BP - 87/49) so far, i haven't miss my puasa even a day yet, and everyday during sahur, i prayed to Allah to give me the strength to complete my fast.. alhamdulillah, so far i'm coping ok.. and i hope it'll contnue till the end of ramadhan.. raya prep - settle, sbbnya i malas nak shop during ramadhan.. i just can't stand the crowd and the letihness.. didn't get anything for myself and hubby, recycle jek yang lama² with minimal alteration (read - i'm sewing some beads here people! can u believe it?) almost done with one maternity blouse.. hopefully, by today leh siap.. yeay! progress dah stagnant for the past week coz lots of problems crop up..

guess that's all for now.. selamat berpose everyone.. rajin2 bertadarus and don't miss your tarawikh prayers okay?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

:: dissapointed ::

exhausted.. first time ever, both boys are down with flu.. aiyak! normally demam sorang je, nih 2-2 serentak.. kalau tak kuat iman, mau terbukak pose mommy dia.. tapi mengenangkan 'hutang lalu' pun tak settle lagi, ku gagahkan jua.. huhu..

felt a bit dissapointed wth my boys lately.. (heh) adib has signficantly show some attachment with my grandmom's maid, which i don't like really.. he prefers to seek cmfort in her, rather me as mommy, which i find disturbing.. i don't know where went wrong.. and i'm praying that thigs will turn normal very soon.. hopefully it's just a temporary attachment that he develops since its fasting month, and i have handful of things to do, that need to be done by myself.. and i do hope hubby could understand this by sparing some time for the boys.. for i've learnt an expensive lesson before when i dispose my maid..

to my readers who have been contributing to names, thank you so much.. i love the name AQIL but hubby don't like it.. alahai.. hopefully more ideas will pour in.. :D

take care all.. bye!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

:: name suggestion ::

last pregnancy, i manage to retain the pregnancy up to 32-33 weeks only.. perhaps, sebab i'm carrying twins, and there aren't much room in my tummy for the boys, my waterbag pecah tetiba, without feeling any contraction or whatsoever..

this time round, aku risau sket.. baru 25 weeks, dah mula rasa perut tighten here and there, without reasons.. nak kata stress, tak gak.. nak kata penat, maybe la kot, tapi sket jek.. am a bit worried, but hopefully, everything will be ok..

have started to think about the names.. i have a few that catch my attention, but am yet to decide on the names.. last time, we nly finalize the names masa nak gie daftar nama babies.. masa tuh, udah ler emergency delivery, nama tuh dah ada la calon²nya tapi tak buat evaluation lagi.. after rounds of meeting and discussion that we decided on Afiq Hazman and Adib Hazim..

for my third son, we've decided that it should start with the letter A as well.. mesti ada 2 perkataan, and preferably the second name will start with a H too.. the reason we chose H last time was - maksud Hazim ngan Hazman tuh almost similar.. so since abang2 dia dah start A & H, we were thinking of continuing the trend as well..

and as a blogger, i'd like to use this opportunity to open up this entry for suggestion.. any name suggestion readers? hopefully u guys could recommend the name with the meaning as well, sbb i'm very poor in arabic..

so let me list down the criteria:-
1. first name starts with A
2. second name starts with H
3. good meaning..

hope readers out there could roll your ideas in, ok?

Monday, September 8, 2008

:: great weekend ::

i had a a wonderful weekend, despite being taken over by tiredness and ketaklaratan berpose.. but above all, i'm extremely happy, for :-

1. hubby's trip to russia (scheduled on 6/9) is rescheduled to 13/9.. hehe.. hopefully, reschedule lagi..
2. spent some quality times with the boys..
3. adib has shown some improvement in weaning.. (lately he doesn't want to eat.. hubby said, maybe dia tamau maid dia yang masak.. dia nak mommy dia masak..)

semalam, we decided to go n get a pair of shoes for the boys.. kalau bab beli kasut, kena bawak the boys sebab adib's feet is pretty wide belah depan.. and afiq lak is smaller compared to adib.. so kena bawak and test baru leh beli.. at first we decided to head for sogo, sbb sogo byk choices.. udah ler mengharung jam, skali sampai depan sogo, parking full! terus lerr tukar destination pegi klcc.. pegi² parkson terus ada satu yang murah and boleh fit in kaki dib dib n afiq.. terus sambar, malas nak survey lagik sbb takut tak larat.. pusing² sket then balik umah..

perform zohor prayer after hubby took a short nap.. bawak dib dib pegi klinik sbb tangan dia naik bintik².. then head to jj beli few essesntial stuffs before head back to umah.. masa kat jj tuh dah rasa nak pengsan² sbb tak larat sgt.. (padan muka makan sikit masa sahur!)

afiq ngan adib perasan betul bila dah sarung kasut baru.. siap tunjuk² kat grandmom and granddad dia kasut baru yang mommy ngan daddy beli.. dib dib agaknya penat sangat, tido awal betul.. before maghrib dia dah doze off.. afiq pulak sampai kul 10 tak tido² lagi.. mommy dia dah tak larat dah.. last² angkat afiq masuk keta bawak jalan sket terus lelap.. tapi penangan mengigau dia malam tuh mmg dahsyat! sampai last² my father picked him up from us to let us to sleep.. (bulan pose weekend je lepak umah.. weekdays lepak umah my mom) adib plak bangun awal betul, at around 4.00am.. bangun sengih² nak main.. after my father tidokan afiq, he picked adib up and layan adib pulak.. nasib baik.. kalau tak alamatnya, ari nih mommy cuti.. sbb serius tak larat nak bukak mata.. pegi keje tadi pun, hubby suruh tido jek dalam keta and only woke up bila dah nak sampai opis.. lega sket rasa..

rasa²nya afiq tuh mengigau teruk sgt smalam sbb dia banyak gelak ngan aku masa malam sementara tunggu daddy dia balik dr surau.. dok nyanyi lagu 'wiggly toe' sambil wiggle the toes.. suka gila si afiq..

okay la all.. nih jek la update for this morning.. i have some write up nak buat.. tapi till now, i takde idea camana nak tulis (kalau blog tuh laju jek type..) :D

kay yea.. take care all.. salam!

Friday, September 5, 2008

:: what a bad day! ::

memangn today amat mencabar kesabaran aku sebagai seorang muslimah yang berpose..

pagi tadi insiden kat opis, as per my last entry.. now the clock is ticking.. it's 5.22pm, i'm still at the office.. and i don't have any idea at all what time my husband will be arriving, and what time will i reach home.. (those residing in KL will definitely know how traffic is like during fasting month, especially when it rains)

as per my last attempt of calling, my husband is still in jalan sultan ismail, moving 10m away from his initial spot after almost 10-15 mins there.. kalau la aku boleh drive sendiri, indahnya hidup (read - not that i don't have a liscence or i fobia driving, it's just that i can't drive during my pregnancy period! sbbnya i've been experiencing tightening here n there, and low in blood pressure - sometimes almost collapse sengsorang)

tadi solat asar pun tak khusyu' sbb dok tahan sabar.. kena ingatkan diri sendiri supaya istighfar banyak²..

ntahla, being me, mmg i admit i'm a bit impatient.. i don't like to wait, for waiting is a waste of time.. i can do 1001 other things instead of waiting.. please bear with me as this is one of my weak point inside me..

adoi.. dah kul 5.30pm and bayang hubby pun takde lagi.. tak plak dia hapdet aku ngan location dia.. nak call out tak leh, bateri kong.. fon office tak leh buat call to hp nos..

aiyak! lama lagi ka mau tunggu?

:: marah tahap suria perkasa hitam ::

aku tak penah marah macam nih.. tapi ari nih sabar aku mmg dah over plastic limit.. sampai tak leh nak cakap..

i've instructued someone to process my confirmation asap for months, as i've been servicing the government for 3 years.. and i'm due for my confirmation.. my PTK exam is coming up this november and i have to be confirmed by the date of form closure to enable me to sit for the exam..

today, i called SPA to check my confirmation status.. the officer said that they have not received any document from us.. my boss assisted me to check it with our admin department, no document found.. nad finally i checked thru by division file, and guess what org lain punya semua ada, aku punya takde!

this time round, the carelessness of the officer in duty, which i don't know who to be blamed, has caused me a great effect on my career movement.. without sitting for the exam, there'll be no chance for me to be promoted in the near future..

haru kan?

hari ni seriously marah aku tahap gaban.. aku sampai tak leh nak cakap langsung.. org dapat tempat aku check file, aku blah dr tempat aku sbb tgh tahan marah.. kalau tengah marah baik lari cecepat sebelum org tak besalah kena hambur..

kepada yang bekerja menguruskan kerjaya org lain, tolonglah buat keje dengan penuh integriti for apa yang kita buat tuh kekadang mengganggu masa depan org lain..

tapi tak pe, dunia nih bulat.. ari nih kau buat kat aku, esok lusa kau lak kena.. n sapa kau tuh pun aku tatau nak tuju kat sapa..


Thursday, September 4, 2008

:: experiences fasting abroad ::

di pagi yang mulia ini.. kumenyusun sepuluh jari.. memohon ampun dan maaf.. (apsal tetiba kuar lagu raya lak nih?) pose pun baru nak masuk 4 hari.. dah ingat raya..

so anyway, today i'll continue where i stopped yesterday - pasal pose.. kali nih aku nak share dengan all of you my experiences fasting abroad during SUMMER in the year 2003 in sydney, australia..

FYI, aku kawen in may 2003, 31.. lepas tuh aku perabihkan cuti annual aku before aku proceed dengan unpaid leave for a year to further studies dengan my newly wed husband.. so, tahun tuh aku kena puasa jauh dari family.. first time pose that far, terus kena time summer.. mang aii...... boleh tahan mencabau!

masa tuh, aku nyer kelas semuanya malam.. nak lagi best dari sebelum maghrib bawak ke isyak (6 - 9 pm) time summer, days are longer, that means subuh cepat.. as a result sahur starts at around 3 am, and bukak pose will be at around 8.15pm.. summer kat sana boleh tahan terik dia.. kering..

aku nih stock kena bangun sahur.. tarak larat kalau tarak makan sket.. so boleh kata everyday aku akan bangun sahur, though ada gak 2-3 occassion aku ngan husband terlajak sahur.. since kelas aku banyak malam, and sampai hall pun (i was staying in malaysia hall sydney) nak dekat kul 10, we will only have our proper buka pose at around that time.. selalunya, kitorang bukak pose makan chocolate & kurma / yoghurt.. apa yang dapat la.. nasib aku baik, kelas aku boleh tahan ramai muslims.. ada lebih kurang dalam 6 org.. kat sana mana la nak dengar azan nak tau bila masuk waktu magrib.. so, masa dalam kelas, kalau dah ada sorang muslim tarik kuar chocolate n makan, makanya yang lain akan follow set.. cam kelakar gak la sbb satu² bunyi wrapper chocolate kena koyak.. pastu masa time break ada gakla hulur2 biskut share, tapi aku tak amik sbb bila tgk ada sekali tuh flavour bacon.. aku waswas so tak makan.. ye la mazhab lain², so maybe lain aa caranya kan.. dalam kelas tuh, aku sorang jek pompuan muslim, lagi senang la diorang target aku tunggu aku bukak chocolate..

proper meal bukak pose will only be in at around 10pm, sebab it took quite sometime to reach hall.. nak tunggu van uni, anta balik kat john street, jalan sket before betul2 sampai hall.. sampai hall, abg sam (cook kat hall) dah packkan food kitorang dalam container yang kitorang tinggalkan.. reheat nasi, baru makan.. bila dah makan relax dulu, pastu baru solat isyak and tarawikh.. bayangkan la dah kul bapa masa tuh? perut still kenyang, so definitely payah sket mau tido..

bulan pose during summer mmg kitorang tukar time tido.. we'll wait for sahur at around 3, perform subuh prayer, then baru zzzzz.. bulan pose that time dah nak approach our final exam period.. mencabar gakla.. tapi nasib aku baik takde la terkena bukak pose dalam exam hall macam some of my friends.. sedih siut bukak pose minum air masak ngan makan gula², exam punya hal..

dalam masa sama, kat hall ada jugak students² yang amik peluang meniaga.. bayangkan la hall tuh bukan besau sangat, tapi ada hati gak meniaga abc.. tapi teringin nye pasal rembat gak sekali.. hahaha.. sedap makan abc tgh² summer..

tu la serba sikit cerita pose aku kat negara orang.. makan simple jek.. tak semewah dok kat mesia.. kalau kat mesia nih, dishes dari hujung ke hujung meja.. tarawikh pun bila time takde kelas buat kat hall ramai².. budak² masters will take turns untuk jadi imam, sebab masa zaman aku, bebudak masters, alhamdulillah, bolehlah dibuat pemimpin..

ada gak cerita kelakar time tarawikh ni, ada la sorang pakcik tuh siap tepuk bahu imam sebelum start solat, cakap "jangan baca panjang² sangat yek.." heh.. aku ingat kalau ada sorang budak tuh jadi imam - his name is izzatdin anyway, sure express gila tarawikh.. husband penah kena gak.. and time dia kena tuh, jemaah ramai betul sebab weekend.. hehe..

kalau kenang² balik, seronok rasa.. experience dia lain dr yang lain.. pose kat sana buat aku lebih appreciate suasana kat mesia.. kita kat sini senang betul nak dapat delicious halal food, anywhere, everywhere.. tapi kat sana tak leh pilih² sgt.. makanla seadanya..

kay la.. sebelum aku menerawang lagi jauh.. baik aku end kan post nih.. selamat pose everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

:: pose zaman UTM ::

sal suruh aku blog pasal raya ngan pose masa zaman² kat UTM dulu..

my memory on that are not so good, but then just let me give a shot.. okay?

if there's one thing that i could remember well about fasting masa kat UTM dulu would be PASAR RAMADHAN UTM yang amat fames ngan nama PARAM.. (aku sampai skang heran ngan UTM camana la kat UTM dulu semua benda boleh dapat acronym yang pelik²) tapi tiap kali aku gi PARAM balik² aku beli nasi tomato.. kekadang bila teringin, beli karamel or puding kuah.. my then boyfriend, (read : status husband now) petang² will pick me up to go for a walk in PARAM.. kekadang aku ngan housemate..

sometimes, tak gie pun PARAM UTM.. kitorang gie PARAM kat taman u.. dulu aku tak reti makan ikan pari bakar.. but i tell u, one of the best would be in PARAM taman u.. sedap gilosh.. tengkiu to my housemate - ana yang introduce aku kat mende nih.. sedap seh.. :D

bab terawih pulak.. aku ngan housemate suka gie terawih kat tmn seri pulai.. alasan - kat sana baca surah pendek² plus areas tuh cam ala² kampung sket.. jemaah dia kebanyakan org tua².. penah jugak terawih kat masjid UTM.. masjid UTM buat 1 juzu' satu malam.. itu la cerita serba-serbi..

hmm.. kalau ada time nanti aku blog pasal pose masa kat oz dulu.. pose time summer okay?

tetiba teringat teh o salhana (takde kena mengena ngan topik..) apsal la ko tak buat teh o masa kitorang gie umah kau ari tuh..

kay yea.. take care all.. ari nih aku balik kul 4.30 pm.. lalalalala..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

:: my 5th ramadhan as a wife, and my 2nd ramadhan as a mother, my 1st ramadhan expecting ::

alhamdulillah, praises to Allah, for He has given me the chances to continue breathing, living in this world.. Praises to Allah, for He has given me the chances to celebrate Ramadhan again this year.. hopefully, i can take all opportunities to perform as much ibadah as i can this year..

so, how's Ramadhan this year? pretty different i would say.. i didn't get the chance to fast last year as i was in my confinement period, and this year round, i'm expecting, while taking care of my twin boys..

this year round, as a wife, i'll not spend 75% of Ramadhan with my husband, due to his work commitment.. pretty much, my emotion is affected but then i've to reflect myself back, that Ramadhan is not about him but is about devoting yourself to Allah and perform as much as ibadah as possible.. perhaps, this is the way that Allah has given me to maximize my time with ibadah as i don't have to look after my husband needs as he will not be around.. he's on his way to JB already, and i'm not sure when he'll be back.. he'll fly off abroad in friday most probably for a week, just to find himself fasting for a week in KL before flying abroad again.. i don't even know whether he'll be around for eid or not..

if he's not around for eid, it's going to be a lonely raya for me.. i have completed the preparation for eid especially for the boys.. because i think i won't be strong enough to shop around during Ramadhan since i'm entering my third semester.. i've found that climbing up the stairs is a daunting task.. and i find myself unable to cope with the speed of the boys lately.. i have found out that i can't really drive for a long time.. and i have found out that i'm starting to feel the pain at the c-sect cuts area.. challenges ahead - i've to take care of the boys without husband around, and i'm pretty stressed out..

but i pray to Allah, i pray that i'll be given the strength, the health and the will to continue fasting while taking care of my two boys.. i know i have to carry both responsibility as a father and mother at the same time.. i have to look after my health as well as i'm carrying heavily at the moment.. hope everything will goes on well and smooth.. amin..

nothing much to say.. wishing to all my muslim buddies - happy fasting!

:: weekend's story ::

what a weekend.. mmg dah plan nak spend the weekend well with the boys before ramadhan, as everybody knows, ramadhan will be very² tight, especially for us, since hubby is extremely busy engaged with office works.. (bukan office mate aa)

so what we did? on saturday, as early as 10.30am, we visited the dentist aka dr fauziah (my dentist since i was a school kiddo!).. it lasted for almost 1.5 hrs.. normal scaling, minimal filling (alhamdulillah).. actually i hate dental check up so much.. the sound of the machine grinding your teeth really turn me off!

later in the evening, we head to rumah aunty salhana in putrajaya to attend aisy first birthday party.. actually aisy was born 11 days earlier than afiq and adib, but since the ummi (salhana) was busy with volleyball tourneys, the bisthday bash finally took place last weekend.. spend a good 2 hrs at sal's house in precint 18, before we head off to hubby's friend's house in precint 14 for lil' shopping spree.. :D immediately after that we rushed home to catch our maghrib prayers.. alhamdulillah, ngam² jek sampai for maghrib..

lepas isyak, we made a last minute decision to head to ikea sbb we have to buy a new chest drawer immediately.. alkisahnya, at my housekitorang meletakkan sgala water tumbler, boiler, etc atas a small coffe table dalam bilik.. but lately, afiq and adib teramatla 'teruja' dengan meja nih that adib tarik water tumbler yang saiznya as big as him.. the water tumbler almost jatuh atas dia.. so we decided that before nything bad happened, we better buy something tinggi yang dia tak leh nak sampai.. somehow rather, we need a chest drawer pretty beadly, as 'someone's' cloth dah mula spill over.. (read - bukan aishah okay?) so we immediately head to ikea and shopping dengan cepatnya sbb dah tak larat and nak hit off the bed fast..

what a hectic saturday!

hari ahad - we have been planning to bring the boys to the zoo as they're fond of animals especially birds.. i was hoping that we could be in the zoo as early as possible to avoid the heat, but alas, with lunch preparation, and the boys' activeness, we only manage to reach the zoo at 11.00am.. so boleh tahan jugak la panasnya..

arrived at the zoo, pushed the stroller, grabbed the map and begin the journey.. adib was asleep.. but as soon as afiq saw plenty of flamingos, elephants and giraffes, he starts to wake adib up.. but adib still lena diulit mimpi² indah.. sikit pun tak gerak bangun.. lama² ikejut jugak adib sbb kesian kat dia.. and when he finally woke up, muka dia blank sbb bangun² jek nampak pretty flamingos in front of his eyes.. he took sometimes to freshen up, and once he is 100% awake, i can see him beaming.. best!

but despite showing the boys other animals like lions and tigers, mata depa still lekat dekat flamingos.. so i could conclude that they love birds especially those with bright colours..

we didn't make it to the animal show, since it was raining and afiq pulak yang dah terlelap.. we decided to call it a day, (mommy dia pun cam nak pengsan dah dalam zoo)outcome dia - haha.. afiq and adib tido awal gila and woke up pretty late with only one time milk feeding in the wee hours.. yahoo! helped both of us pretty much masa nak bangun sahur the next morning!

okayla.. tu jek kot.. nanti entry pasal first day pose pulak.. okay yea.. take care all.. tata (teringat afiq and adib melambai² sambil cakap tata) zai jian!