Thursday, December 17, 2009

:: a whooping 4 kg ::

i went for my monthly A&C yesterday evening. as suspected, err i gained a whooping 4 kg!! adoiii. altho it is normal in my previous pregnancy, but this time around, my weight gain is pretty stable, that i normally gain only a kg a month, which is PERFECTLY normal! semalam dr terus jegil mata, and say i have to go for glucose test in my upcoming A&C. (arghhh! TIDAKKKKKK!)

dr tanya what's my problem, and i just simply say, "ntah la dr, skarang nih i makan selera sangat²." she asked me to reduce my obimin intake, maybe that particular supplement increase my appetite a lot.

anyway, it's gonna be a long weekend tomorrow. bestnya! kepala tengah merangka² jadual weekend. i'm thinking of visiting few friends who have safely delivered their babies. sabtu kena attend wedding anak boss, whereby 4 A telah berpakat untuk berjumpa pada waktu yang sama. hehe.

keja @ office progressing well. next week kena submit river modelling. in general dah ok, cuma belum keluarkan map saje. patutnya pagi nih boleh buat, tapi terpaksa tunggu petang sebab ai kena tanya supervisor camana nak buat because i tak pandai. :D

okayla peeps. blogging off now. take care.

ps - jangan lupa baca doa akhir tahun lepas asar and doa tahun baru semasa maghrib walaupun anda tengah high tengok malaysia lawan vietnam in final game. (ingatan untuk diri sendiri jua)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:: afiq and adib's progress : part 6 ::

the boys are progressing well and could immitate what adults say and do extremely well, that reminded me and OH to watch out what we say. :D

anyway, here goes their latest vocab..

:: scene 1 ::

daddy was about to enter bathroom leaving afiq alone on the bed, on the pretext of letting him to sleep.


afiq : eh, cemana? cemana nak amek gambar? eh cemana?
(while holding the mobile)

notice he loves to use the word eh?

:: scene 2 ::
OH bought some nangka for us. suap la jugak sket kat the boys sebab we know they like it.

OH : adib makan buah nangka. (attempting to introduce him to buah nangka)
adib : adib makan buah duncan (duncan is a character in thomas and friends)


:: scene 3 ::

mommy was watching the tele, and afiq suddenly switched off the tv.

mommy : afiq, pasang balik tv (sambil buat muka kesian)
OH : afiq pasang balik tv, kesian kat mommy.
afiq : thomas dah tido!

aik??? pulang paku buah keras?!

sebab i selalu cakap thomas dah tido when he wanted to watch thomas at unappropriate time.

:: scene 4 ::

mommy : adib nak naik apa?
adib : adib nak naik kapal terbang
mommy : nak pegi mana?
adib : cardiss. jumpa pakcu.

(hari tuh cakap nak gi jumpa goofy, now he knows how to associate cardiff with his pakcu.)

:: latest vocab ::

geyam : geram
tala : tarrrrraaa!
duncan : nangka
wanggis : manggis
wangga : mangga
olen : oren
olait : alright
beca : besar
kecil : kecil (and yes, they pronounce it keciL)
cikit caje : sikit saje
beyat/belat : berat (adib with y, afiq with l)

miss them a bunch!

Monday, December 14, 2009

:: a busy weekend ::

had a tiring weekend, with me cooking heavily in the kitchen. :P

after a while putting my 'chef hat' off, i know i have to start cooking back, especially when bills are escalating and we should save as much as we could. so, on saturday, i decided to turn the sotong into meal, (and considering i'm soooo lazy to cook). i just made some sambal sotong to be eaten with nasi lemak. and today, i'm proud to say, after 6 years of marriage, this is the first time ever i berjaya masak sambal yang ada rasa sambal walaupun tak la sesedap mana setelah bertutorial secara hands on with my mom's maid. haha.

sunday pulak, bangun jek pagi terus bake a cake. my sons love cakes so much. so, mommy dia pun terpaksa la belajar baking dan try macam² resepi cake. last week, i made vanilla butter cake, which shall i say was veryyyy good. last sunday i buat trio marble cake - ada rasa vanilla, choccy and strawberry. my OH prefers the butter cake, and i prefer the butter cake too sebab lagi senang nak buat compare to marble cake. (dasar pemalas). afiq habiskan 4 cuppies at one go using that trio marble cake recipe.

btw, we just bought some gupy fishes last sunday. 5 ekor kasik dekat kak nadd's son - adam for his 3rd birthday and we've got the boys another 10. the reason we bought this is to inculcate the responsibility in them. i want them to learn how to take care of things, and i think that's one of the simplest but enjoyable way to do that.

i just love these weeks coming up ahead sebab keja 4 hari saja, and then my family and i will be on LOOONG BLOCK LEAVE i.e. 2 weeks. yeay! just can't wait for it.. :)

no swimming session this week. mommy and daddy is extremely busy attending weddings and birthday, perhaps next week we shall visit the pool to burn the calories. :P

ok yeah peeps. bye!

ps - lately nih, dok craving root beer A&W. semalam beli. fuh nikmatnya minum..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

:: afiq and adib's progress : part 5 ::

afiq and adib has developed significant interest in two areas:-

No. 1 : swimming or using their term - mandi kolam
No. 2 : main masak²

on No. 1, i have no problem with it, except than being too tired after 'swimming' together with them in a muslimah swimming suit. luckily, i still can fit in the suit with tummy not showing that much. ;)

when they started to swim or rather play with water, i noticed 2 different characters between them (again!) adib is very confident that he don't mind to walk alone despite 'tertonggeng' dalam air. (the water was quite deep for them - 0.6m) he will then immitate how ikan koi swims and tells me, "mommy, macam ikan". immitate ikan koi means, bending his knee and let his chin to touch the water and held his head up like ikan koi asking for food. :D he can float himself by holding the side of the pool, and pretending that he's a boat.

afiq on the other hand, agak kurang confident to walk around the pool alone. he prefers to hold my hand and ask me to walk together with him. normally, he'll be the first to be out of the pool sebab tak tahan sejuk. adib on the other hand, akan berendam sampai afiq dah siap wash himself up.

muka happy berendam dalam air

output swimming

on No. 2, i don't mind my kids to like main masak². but husband has significant concern that he's afraid that the kids will develop into mat lembut. i understand his fear, but i thought those activities will eventually help the kids to master their hand and eye coordination! masa memula the kids develop interest in cooking, i was thinking of buying a small kitchen to let them play with it (though i know it cost a sum), but OH is not agreeable to my ideas that i have to calm it down. what say u? anyone reading this blog who's an expert in kids' development? is it ok or is it not ok to let your sons to play cooking? please share with me your views.

btw, it has been a while since i last share their ;atest vocab development. so, here goes the latest:-

:: scene 1 ::
mommy : afiq adib, macamana mengaji? alhamdulillahirabbil..?
afiq adib : alamin.
and after that afiq will continue.. : abang main ball.
apa motif dia aku pun tatau!

:: scene 2 ::
adib was sitting quietly in the SLOW moving car due to extreme heavy traffic (read: driving less than 30km/hr), while afiq was playing his truant, panjat keliling kereta. he suddenly fell off and said, "daddy bawak laju cangat!"

hahahah.. dia tak ngakuk dia yang bersalah panjat kerusi..

:: scene 3 ::
all of us (me, OH, in laws, OH's aunt and the boys) were getting bored in the loooong journey to mersing last eid. afiq was grumbling over many things. recalling his encounter of terhantuk dengan 'lori koyek tanah' at in laws' place many hours ago, etc.

guess adib got fed up, and he suddenly said,"Pening Kepala!"

everyone laughed off!

:: scene 4 ::
mommy : gajah makan apa?
afiq/adib : gajah makan TUBU (read : tebu).. manissssss

mommy : cookie monster makan apa?
afiq/adib : cookie manter (no s) makan bikut (biskut), ada pimish (ada kismis)

mommy : zirafah makan apa?
afiq/adib : jilapah makan daun.

mommy : turtle makan apa?
afiq/adib: turtle makan sayo.
mommy : sayo apa?
afiq/adib : sayo bokokoli (brocolli)
mak mertua aku dengo terus comment, amboi, sayo mahal saje!

:: scene 5 ::
mommy : adib nak naik apa?
adib : adib nak naik kapal terbang
mommy : adib naik kapal terbang nak pegi mana?
adib : adib nak pegi cardiss (cardiff)
mommy : adib nak jumpa pi mosh (mickey mouse)?
adib : adib nak jumpa gupi (goofy)
mommy : adib nak jumpa goofy??
adib : ngan pimosh..
tingginya angan² anak aku yang sorang nih.

:: scene 6 ::
mommy : afiq duduk dengan nenek (maid) kejap yek. mommy nak semayang.
afiq : mommy nak semayang apa?
mommy : mommy nak semayang asar.
afiq : mommy nak semayang apa?
mommy : mommy nak semayang tawih (terawikh)

baru dia diam. dia nak dengar jawapan terawikh.

:: scene 7 ::
adib threw a tantrum early in the morning. dia terbangun when we picked him up to send him to my mom's. he said,"kita lumah kita"

is he trying to tell me that he prefers to stay here rather than elsewhere? kids yang baru 2 tahun 4 bulan pun dah tahu menilai where is his home?

owh, i miss my kids!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

:: a week to go.. he'll be one.. ::

i was dumb struck by his statement yesterday. it's okay. i'll swallow it hard and make sure that my mind always to work to remember the point he deliberated briefly yesterday night. high expectations make you fall harder. so, don't just push yourself to high potential energy that will make you crash hard.

anyway, a week to go, and my late Amin will be 1 year old in memory. as i'm writing this, my tears dwell, as i can't deny, i still imagine how he would be whenever i saw other kids of that age. i miss him dearly, i admit, that sometimes, this pregnancy makes me feel so paranoid over simple things. i just hope that this time round, everything will be safe and sound. i can't bear going through such experience again. (please calm sha.. please!)

i'm now in my 21 weeks of pregnancy. tummy has started to show, that i can't wear my kurungs anymore. have changed to maternity wear.i have started to feel the baby's movement. this time round, the baby moves lesser compared to late Amin.

okay la peeps. enough tears have been shed. i don't want to be caught by anyone crying at this moment. take care. bye

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

:: lamanya tak berblogging ::

it has been a while since i last put up an entry in this blog. apa lagi, blog masak² aku. extremely busy with work life, that i didn't had time to scribble anything here. kerja sampai midnight, adeh. nasib baik la dah settle down sikit and in fact, today keja sangkut atas sebab² teknikal. (fuh, ayat..)

anyway, i had a long weekend. yeay! tak plan pun sebenarnya nak lajakkan cuti sampai monday, tapi due to heavy traffic masa return back from mersing (wedding sedara mara), i decided to call the day off. sungguh tak larat nak bukak mata!

pejam celik, pejam celik, dah sampai ke hujung tahun. kejap jek rasa. and hati tuh mula la rasa sayu. dah nak dekat setahun dah arwah anakanda amin bersemadi. sampai sekarang, masih terasa lagi trauma. harap sangat kali nih, everything will go well and smooth. tambah pulak sejak 3-4 minggu nih asyik mimpi yang menakutkan jek. harapnya bukan petanda sesuatu yang buruk akan berlaku.

weight gain kali nih pun dr kata very satisfying. tak overweight macam selalu. except once, lepas raya i gained 2 kgs. yang lain only a kg more or less a month.

okay la, layan la gambar senyum kambing afiq dan senyum macho adib this time. take care!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:: keja banyak. ::

i'm extremely busy at office. my brain is functioning 120%, making me feel lethargic and worn out. too much to absorb for this petite lady.

yup, preparing ISO documents is not an easy task. sambil buat management works, mind has to work out her technical thinking too in completing her river model by year end. bridges make it tough. kejap² crash. agagagagagaga.

tadi tengahari ada lunch date dengan mak cik kak raja @ tupai². (dia marah kita panggil dia makcik.. hehe.. takpe, she looks young anyway despite dah pension @ the age of 25 x 2. wink!) banyak cerita ngan akak sorang nih. kiranya dulu, dia la tempat meluah perasaan stress. asal stress jek minum. asal stress jek kenny hill. heheh.

will be out for 3 nights next week leaving the boys behind. the last time i left them was in APRIL!! wa lama gila aku tak gi outstation. tatau la cemana sebab now every night, especially adib, he'll wake up and look for his mommy. nak tido ngan mommy atas katil.

esok ada appointment ngan dr. my scheduled A&C. risau la. tak kuat sangat baby movement this time round. not like my previous pregnancy. and yes, i still wear kurung to office. sangat kecik!! hmm..

okay la all. i nak balik dulu. dah bapa hari balik lambat. tak puas main ngan anak sebab bila balik diorang dah nak tido (read : i reach home @ 6.30pm and they sleep @ 7.30pm). take care yeah. bye!

ps - i love kak raja's advice on kids. play with them when they're small. you can never retrieve the time that has passed away, and you can never re-visit those beautiful moment again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

:: our weekend ::

rasa macam dah lama tak update blog. kerja kat office sangat² menyesakkan saluran trakea. :P sampai keje over the weekend till midnight! duh! fenin hokay. mak malas nak cerita panjang. yang pastinye, the OH dok dengar la aku membebel sampai ke tengah malam sambil buat keja. (harus belajar ikhlasssss!)

anyway, we were supposed to attend a birthday party @ amcorp mall on saturday. but unfortunately, anak²ku demam. makanya, melepas la anak² aku dari menengok bear A&W yang chumil itu.

luckily, on sunday, demam dah subside, so bley la hangkut diorang ke pjaya, to attend my BFF's (nadd) daughter punya aqiqah. the food is lovely! pastu, nadd buat skali ngan birthday party si adam yang dah 5 tahun tuh. ada clown. the boys bila depan orang sungguhla innocent. pegang tangan daddy nak jumpa clown sbb nak amek belon.

* isyh lama tak tulih, rasa cam serabut la entry.. very the very tak tersusun. i malas nak re-write so please bear with me on the caca marba-ness. :P

afiq adib sekarang dah pandai berebut nak tgk kartun. very much as i anticipated before. naik kereta jek, si afiq nak tgk barney. si adib nak tengok thomas. fenin².

and i've started telling them that there's a baby in my tummy. and inilah jadinya yesterday morning..

afiq : (sambil pegang perut i) dalam perut mommy ada baby..
me : (sengih)
afiq : baby bop. (karakter dalam cerita barney)
me and OH : (gelak sakit perut)

and this was the dialogue in the car.. when i attempted to put them to sleep.

adib : abetos (albatross) dah tido. penguin dah tido. warus (walrus) dah tido. kola bear (polar bear) dah tido.
me : semua dah tido.
daddy : adib?
adib : adib dah bangun.
me and OH : (gelak sakit perut)
dan² tuh afiq bangun.
afiq : apiq bangun!

and they now know the differences of working and holiday.

me : mommy keje esok.
adib : mommy keje rumah.

me : afiq nak mommy keja ke cuti?
afiq : cuti.


hope u guys enjoy reading their new progress. banyak dalam kepala nak cerita tapi semua haywire la. just like the entry.

take care!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:: mind flew off ::

i'm in the midst of stress that suddenly my mind flew off to home sweet home, reminding me of my two little munchkins. :) hilang kejap stress kat kepala.

rasa²nya la, apa yang diorang tgh buat sekarang?

by the way, they have develop significant interest in junk food. adoi. jelly, candy, chocolate, ice cream. and they now know how to demand too. be it in a heartbreaking way (buat muka sedih, cakap banyak² kali) or tantrums!

surely hitting the big 2 year old milestone is testing the mommy's patience a lot!

this weekend, insya Allah we'll be attending a birthday party on saturday and will head to pjaya on sunday to attend hani raihanah's aqiqah. (sweet kan nama baby tuh!)

btw, have i told you what the gender is??

nantila ye. kita jumpa di lain siaran. :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

:: monday blues ::

esok adalah hari meeting sedooonia, and i've started feeling the stress already. kerja melambak tapi semua tak boleh buat sebab banyak yang pending/problematic. sigh.

how i wish, i could rest and relax today.....

heaven kan rasa kalau cuti hari isnin?

Friday, November 6, 2009

:: cuti tapi penat! ::

i was on leave yesterday. i was undecided at first but the night before, both afiq and adib didn't sleep well, and boy, i'm so tired. seriously!

the boys as usual woke up early. after i sent them to their neneks, i dozed off again. sedar² dah pukul 8.30am you! i thought of bringing the boys out for breakie, tapi dah mommy dia bangun lambat, anak² pun dah selamat makan nuggets.

i quickly showered, and gather my car keys to get some nasi kerabu. (sedap hokay). start the engine, and.. ehek.. ehek.. adoi!


bukannya lama tak start, baru bawak last saturday! huwaaa! kena cari mechanic la pulak pepagi nih. rosak plan.

so pujuk my two kiddos to naik the other car, and alhamdulillah, they bought my reasons. :P (read : they prefer the MPV sebab ada dvd player.. kereta mommy dia chumil, takde entertainment, except books. :)) beli nasik kerabu (beli jugak!) and then gi mechanic panggil orang datang rumah.


after tukar bateri segala, i bring my boys to the curve with the hope that i could buy a cheaper version of 'bob the builder's' t-shirt. takde la pulak. yang ada next is in mothercare and i know it's going to burn my pocket if i grab any. selai tshirt pun can cost 70bucks! sorry sayang, mommy is not prepared to spend that much for a tshirt that can only fits u for like 6 months the most.

so, haruslah mengubah langkah. bawak pulak masuk MPH. afiq loves to read or rather look at books and ask LOTS of questions. spend quite a some in there, but i never kisah to buy books for the kids, as they enjoy it so much, and i see it as a bonding tool between me and them. they love it when mommy makes stupid sounds while reading.

i've limit myself to only an hour at the curve. (discipline!) sebabnya, i have lots of other things to settle that day. 2 cars to be sent to car wash (sebulan tak basuh.. u can imagine the sawangness). dropped the kids at home and rushed to car wash. one done, return home, took lunch, zohor and hantar the other car for a wash. lepas basuh kereta vroom vroom to pcmc as i had an appointment at 4.00pm with the physio. hamek!

i almost dozed off masa treatment. if not because the OH called, confirm aku melayang ntah ke mana.

basically, the physio said that my hip muscle dah weak, perhaps due to my first pregnancy. lepas tuh dr kata, my spine pun ada problem, tapi belum trigger lagi. so she asked me to have this hot and cold pack handy (15 mins a day - twice daily), kena buat exercise yang dia ajar and teh best part is, she asked me to get massage frequently!! yeay!!

next week kena jumpa lagi, as she wants to see what is the progress. dia kata, normally after 2-3 visits, should be ok. cuma kalau tak baik jugak, then i have to go for pregnancy belt la.

that was the story at pcmc.

i had a very tiring day yesterday, and my.. i dozed off extremely early with the kids. rasanya before isyak dah zzzzz.. and only woke up for isyak prayers at 3.00am.

pagi nih bangun kepala rasa weng. patutnya i pegi jek klinik mintak mc kan?

kay la all. have a good day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: joke of the day.. thanx pn masturr! ::

i came accross mas's entry and i find this funny.

hope this will cheer up your stressful day.. ngee!

:: afiq and adib progress:part 4 ::

my boys normally tido awal (as early as 8.00pm and they are early risers too) that usually make me tido awal too. :) it has been a practise since they are babies, and i intend to keep it that way after reading an article emailed by my OH of the importance of sleeping early among babies. and insya Allah, i intend to do the same with their adik. pretty much, it helps me to rest and relax a bit.

like yesterday night, they dozed off before isyak prayers. normally, if i belum solat, then i'll sleep with them first and wake up later. tapi malam tadi susahnya pulak nak tido. lepas solat, i decided to switch on the tele (barulah perasan lamanya tak tengok TV!!!) and started to flip from one to channel to another.

i ended up on a movie that made me smile. macamana an arranged marriage finds it true love and happiness. (ada cerita omputih pre-arranged wedding yeah?). but i can't narrate the story well la, sebab i tengok pun dah half way. but it was about a lady who was asked to marry her late husband's brother.

oh, by the way, afiq now has turned to someone yang BANYAK GILA tanya! like this morning, he was up at quarter past 6, i let him meddled with my phone, while i take shower with the door closed hoping that he won't play with the hot water and mix his own formula when adib will surely have done that. lucky me adib was still asleep!)

scene #1: bedroom

lebey kurang cam nih la dialog si afiq..

i was putting on some toner..

afiq : mommy buat apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai ubat.
afiq : mommy pakai ubat apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai ubat gatal.

then i put on my moisturizer..

afiq : mommy pakai apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai lotion
afiq : mommy pakai locen apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai lotion gatal.
afiq : apiq?

scene #2 : bedroom

i was about to go to work when adib woke up.

mommy : mommy pegi keje ye?
adib : mommy keje?
mommy : mommy keje. nanti petang mommy balik, kita main sama-sama.
adib : sayang pipi. (instruct suruh i cium pipi)

hehe.. chumil!

scene #3 : bedroom

this is their favourite dialog sebelum tido.

afiq/adib : nenek mana? (nenek refers to maid)
mommy : nenek kat atas. nenek bubuh ubat dekat pi-mosh (mickey mouse)
afiq/adib : nenek bubuh ubat pi-mosh?
mommy : nenek bubuh ubat pi-mosh. pi mosh kena gigit ulat. besar. hitam. sian pi-mosh.
afiq/adib : nenek bubuh ubat gamat.
mommy : haah nenek bubuh minyak gamat.

dan dialog di atas akan diulang sampai diorang ngantuk..

scene #4 : in the kitchen

mommy : afiq anak mommy ke anak daddy?
afiq : anak mommy
my mom : afiq cucu wan ke cucu atuk?
afiq : cucu tok mama (my MIL)

read : afiq kuat menyakat.

:: vocab progress ::
dorus : walrus
penguin : penguin
abetos : albatross (a kind of bird)
kola bear : polar bear
bina : ribena
tagen : vitagen
apel : apple juice
songkok : songkok
spot ka : sport car
hebeck : hatchback car
gader : grader
pikap tak : pickup truck
mommy tak lalat : mommy tak larat
comelnye : comelnya
ajunye : lajunya
masuk gelap : masuk tunnel
gabemen : government
beyi : strawberry
olen : orange
lepair : repair
keta thomas : estima
tank-ku : thank you

and now activity favourite afiq is to play around with the chopped veges and pretend to cook, not forgetting MEMANJAT! adoi..

adib on the other hand is pretty gayat. hehe. tapi lari laju gila while afiq lari kelakar sebab kaki dia dok ternaik-naik macam org lari nak lompat tinggi. hehe.

kay la.. hope u enjoy this entry on the kids. :)

i just love them. to bits!

Monday, November 2, 2009

:: shh.. jangan kacau! ::

banyak benda kena buat hari nih.

re-schedule appointments (physio, a&c). nak siapkan ISO documents. nak jengah agency modelling river model. :P bosan.

so hari nih, mak nak dok diam² kat opis buat keje.. shhh. jangan kaco.

ps - malam tadi afiq mengigau. gelak sorang² kul 1.30am. mommy dia sengih² dengar, pastu mata tak leh lelap.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

:: pandai kot?? ::

i was driving the car yesterday with mom holding both kids. we went for a ride, heading towards to the National Museum, visiting 'Douglas, Percy and James' (the big train replica outside the Museum.

the boys (as usual) prefer to sit with mommy rather with anyone else, that they (afiq) trying his way out to get his butt on mommy's lap. mom and i had to tell him many times, that i'm driving and they have to sit with their wan. it's not that my mom can't drive, but she just don't want the children know that she can drive the MPV. she always get away from driving that car (when entertaining afiq and adib) by saying dia tak pandai bawak kereta mommy.

the dialogue goes this way..

mom : kena duduk dengan wan. mommy bawak kereta.
them : mommy bawak kereta?
mom : haah. mommy bawak kereta. wan tak pandai bawak kereta thomas*.

* kereta thomas = MPV

afiq : wan tak pandai bawak?
mom : wan tak pandai..

tetiba, adib cakap..
adib : pandai kot??

wakakakakka. provoking hokay! that is mommy's boy!
kitorang gelak sakit perut.

:: mommy sakit pala? ::

my weekend was greeted with:

no. 1 : headache.
no. 2 : simple reply of status update that made me, again?!

i didn't get good sleep last night. can't remember how many times i woke up to the boys' cries, but one thing i knew, i ran out of hot water at the end of the sleep.

next week, i'll be having my first appointment ever with a physio. and i'm thinking of taking a leave on that day, to have some me time. work is chaotic at the moment, but health is far more important. kalau sakit, seniri tanggung. isn't it? nak lupakan sekejap soal map yang perlu siap by december tapi model tuh masih tak stabil, ISO documentations, soon up is budget for 2010. and those things can't be delegated, sebab dalam unit aku tuh ada satu jek engineer!

unhappy moms make children unhappy. sorry my boys, will make it up later in the evening, once mommy feels better. we'll have some fun outside, have doughnuts perhaps n good laughs. you know mommy loves u more than anything.

ok peeps, enough of my weekend ramblings. it's gonna be a very BORING WORKING WEEK next week. gang makan ada exam the whole week, meaning they won't be around in the office. yikes!

Friday, October 30, 2009

:: latest A&C progress ::

latest A&C progress.

week : 15 weeks 5 days
weight : 55kg(+ 1.5kg within 4 weeks)
gender : boy
prescription : calcatrade, obimin + neurogain
notes :
- was instructed to meet physiotherapist. dr suspected err, i can't remember what she said, but it is related to the pain i've got especially on my right hip and lower abdomen in the course of movement. it is said that it might due to my previous twin pregnancy & c-sect effects. i might be presecribed with pregnancy belt to support my belly and to reduce pain.
- placenta is on the lower side. dr said there's a chance for the placenta to be back to normal position.

by the way, when i went to the clinic last wed, the nurse asked me when i was about to enter the dr's room, "sorang aje?"

i replied, "yep".

sebab keliling aku, rasanya tak de satu orang pun yang datang sorang except me. ada lebih kurang 5-6 patients yang mostly datang with the partner or being accompanied by their mom.



yang penting, aku sihat, anak aku sihat.

as stated in my FB before, kulit kering, poket kering, hati juga kering.. hehe..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: Can't Measure Up ::

i was reading "The Star" on Sunday morning that i came accross a few letters applauding a writer for being very 'open' and appreciative towards his other significant. it prompted me to look for the article, and i want to share it with my viewers.

it was taken from "The Star", dated October 18th, 2009.

it's so touching..

Sunday October 18, 2009
Can’t measure up

THE article entitled Just a Mum? (Heart & Soul, StarMag, Oct 11) was truly an eye-opener for MCPs and bureaucrats. A research associate in the field of child development and human relations – that is a moral booster for all “plain” mothers and housewives.

Husbands, beware! You could be flooded with demands to do an equal share of the housework and for fair working hours.

The article was timely. I am in my early 50s, married for the past 25 years to the same woman.

It was my wife’s 46th birthday last week and our teenaged boys were asking what I was going to give her.

Not having decided what to get yet, I just smiled to myself.

I resigned from the teaching service after 10 years, got into the travel line, became a tour guide and now run a chauffeur service.

There were many nights and days when I had to be away from home and family.

And all those long years, my wife was able to run the family, manage the finances and bring up our three boys with pride and dignity.

Today I earn a four-figure salary but, strangely, payment for my services is credited into my wife’s account – at my request – for I am really a bad manager of my finances.

I am no easy SOB to live with, and my wife’s in-laws didn’t make things any easier for her. But she stuck by me and the boys – she is not one to give up.

She would defend me against my own family; she would defend the boys at the neighbourhood padang whenever anyone bullied them, be they adults or kids. The bullies feared her so much that they called her Ma Baker (after the famous American turn-of-the-last-century female outlaw).

As for her occupation, my wife is a domestic scientist. In college, she had studied domestic science and naturally, she passed with first class honours. I always thought that my mother was a very good cook, but my wife beats her in that. Believe me.

My wife could easily present papers on
How to Manage An SOB Husband for 25 Years; How to Deliver Your First Son by Caesarean Section; How to Deliver Your Second Son by Caesarean Section; How to Deliver Your Third Son Normally After Two Caesarean Sections; and Four Men and a Woman Under One Roof.

One of the best recipes in her thick cookbook, entitled Cook Better Than Your Mother-in-Law, is one on how to make the best chicken rendang in town.

Looking at her accomplishments, I feel small and ashamed. We men always make women feel small and inadequate. But my wife has proved all that wrong and in truth made the male species feel likewise.

I’m still wondering about that birthday gift. Could any gift really match or measure up to her accomplishments?

Asohan Iyahvu,

sweet isn't it?

and this is the article that he was referring to..

also taken from "The Star", dated October 11th, 2009.

Sunday October 11, 2009
Just a Mum?

A WOMAN, renewing her driver’s licence at the county clerk’s office, was asked by the woman recorder to state her occupation. She hesitated, uncertain how to classify herself.

“What I mean is,” explained the recorder, “do you have a job or are you just a ...?’’

“Of course I have a job,’’ snapped the woman. “I’m a Mum.’’

“We don’t list ‘Mum’ as an occupation, ‘housewife’ covers it,’’ said the recorder emphatically.

I forgot all about that story until one day when I found myself in the same situation, this time at my town hall. The clerk was obviously a career woman, poised, efficient, and possessed of a high-sounding title like “Official Interrogator’’ or “Town Registrar”.

“What is your occupation?’’ she probed.

What made me say it? I do not know. The words simply popped out.

“I’m a research associate in the field of child development and human relations.’’

The clerk paused, ball-point pen frozen in midair and looked up as though she had not heard right.

I repeated the title slowly, emphasising the most significant words.

Then I stared with wonder as my pronouncement was written, in bold, black ink on the official questionnaire.

“Might I ask,’’ said the clerk with new interest, “just what you do in your field?”

Coolly, without any trace of fluster in my voice, I heard myself reply, “I have a continuing programme of research (what mother doesn’t) in the laboratory and in the field, (normally I would have said indoors and out).

I’m working for my Masters, (first the Lord and then the whole family) and already have four credits (all daughters).

“Of course, the job is one of the most demanding in the humanities (any mother care to disagree?), and I often work 14 hours a day (24 is more like it).

“But the job is more challenging than most run-of-the-mill careers and the rewards are more of satisfaction rather than just money.’’

There was an increasing note of respect in the clerk’s voice as she completed the form, stood up, and personally ushered me to the door.

As I drove into our driveway, buoyed up by my glamorous new career, I was greeted by my lab assistants – ages 13, seven and three.

Upstairs I could hear our new experimental model, a six-month- old baby, in the child development programme, testing out a new vocal pattern.

I felt I had scored a beat on bureaucracy! And I had gone on the official records as someone more distinguished and indispensable to mankind than “just another Mum’’.

Motherhood! What a glorious career. Especially when there’s a title on the door.

to all SAHMs out there, this one is for you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

:: i owe it to SAL n DIN ::

despite being hurt, i still have to blog about my meaningful 29th birthday.

i was really frustrated with OH on that day, as he promised me months ahead to be around on that meaningful day of mine (knowingly that he'll be in russia for work on regular basis), but at the end of the day, i just have to accept that his commitment to work is far more important than my birthday, which could be celebrated as said before - anytime of the year.

but syukur for having BFFs who have been together with me for past years who made the effort to surprise me on this meaningful day of mine.

it started with a pre-arranged lunch date with my old buddy, salhana who happened to be @ pwtc for a conference. we decided to meet up at SR, the mall for lunch.

night before, i happened to read zaidin's status update, saying that he'll be flying to KL for a meeting. tried to contact him to get him to join us but to no avail.

so lunch went on as usual, with no expectation at all, but just good laughs and chats with sal. she requested me to wait for her driver to fetch her up and she'll later send me to office.

punya la baik minah nih berlakon, it didn't cross my mind that they're making a ploy to surprise me. habis lunch segala, we waited at the lobby, and tetiba, "SURPRISE!" zaidin buat muka lawak nyanyi lagu birthday.

it was a brief meeting between the three of us, but it definitely made my day. they put smiles on my face when i'm at my darkest point of life.

habis jek jumpa, gelak², life turns back to reality.

but to sal and din, thank you for making that 1 hr 30 mins meeting so beautiful. and thanx untuk anak monyet dan oenyu itu juga. (anak² aku dok main menda tuh kat umah)

ps - i did receive a bouquet of flower sebagai 'pengganti diri'. samakah perasaannya??

Monday, October 26, 2009

:: ETA #3 ::

destination : far, far away land

depart : 5 october 2009
eta #1 : 23 october 2009
eta #2 : 30 october 2009

and guess what,

there's eta #3!

eta #3 : 3 november 2009


note : please read between the line.

:: busy week ::

life has been busy lately that i couldn't find time to update the blog.

layan gambar budak afiq pulak la this time.

am just not in mood to write.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

:: my birthday wishlist ::

.my birthday wishlist.

1. a piece of time from him for me.
2. a piece of happiness from him for me.
3. a piece of respect from him to me.
4. a piece of appreciation from him to me.

i don't ask much.

i can't get the above from stores.

that's all i want.

but what i want is too expensive to get.

that he can't afford to give me one.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

:: macam tempat kucing beranak ::

partition ku yang sekangkang kera nih dah macam tempat kucing beranak. kotak bersepah², dokumen belambak nak kena kemas, belum masuk benda² yang nak kena sisih, susun, simpan dan sebagaimana. sakit pinggang mak mengemas hokay..

punca utama mengemas - aku kena pindah opis. dari tingkat satu naik ke tingkat 3. ala² pent house gitu. dengan ketidakwujudan lif kat ofis aku, memang la aku akan teramat senang beranak kali ini. sebab hari² aku exercise turun naik tangga. definitely la i akan jadi fit and on feet kan?

on other note..

tak ada ke sesapa yang nak mengorfer diri untuk tolong aku kemas nih?

(owh, malasnya diriku!!)

Monday, October 19, 2009


mula² aku kena faham, birthday is not something that have to be celebrated on the day itself. it can de done anytime of the year. so, what's the purpose of having your birthdate?

then, i have to understand that postponing for a week to be back in KL after 3 weeks abroad is something that can't be changed. itupun tau sebab aku bukak email. kalau aku tak bukak email?? maunye aku tercongok macam org bangang tunggu org balik lagi seminggu kat KL sentral.

tell me, what else aku kena paham?????????????

ke aku yang benak nak mampos sampai susah nak paham?????????

:: simple weekend ::

it was a simple sunday yesterday, with me giving turns to the boys to go out as they took their noon nap at different times. it's extremely easier to take one out at a time, rather than both, giving the opportunity to both mommy and son to bond. kalau bawak dua² skali keluar, u can imagine la kan dia punya chaos?hehe.

so anyway, bukan la bawak pegi jalan mana pun. i went out to carrefour as supplies are runinng low. diapers, lauk, biscuits, 'calcium sources', etc. so i took afiq out first as adib was asleep. it took me almost an hour to get it done. banyak rupanya barang umah dah habis aku tak perasan.

after i was done with my shopping, we went back. i was expecting adib to be awake, but to my surprise, he's still asleep. sejuk la pasta yang i beli untuk adib.

afiq and adib later enjoyed the magic colour that i bought for them. being afiq, he's one kind of person yang tak suka tangan or any parts of his body that is visible to his eyes kotor. dah namanya main magic colour kan, sah²la kotor. punya la dia mengamuk sakan sebab bila basuh tak hilang. last² pujuk dia suruh tido dulu and said that i'll clean it up later. adib pulak jenis mat macho yang tak kisah pun kotor ke apa. dia lagi conteng kaki dia. adehhh!

after putting afiq to sleep, i then perform my prayers. after asr, i took adib out. memula balik umah seniri dulu as i need to get my ultrasound report as i'll be having my yearly breast check up this friday. it took me a good deal of 0.5hr to find it as OH pegi tukar initial tempat i simpan the report. itupun setelah berhempas pulas menelefon tak angkat².

after i managed to get the report, bawak pulak adib pegi giant. beli barang nak buat pisang goreng and i promised him some ice cream. yesterday evening was pretty warm, so i thought it's good to give them a treat. (mak dia yang lebih sebenarnya, teringin nak makan ice cream crunch).

try jugak buat pisang goreng ikut resepi yang i amek dari akak consultant tuh. tapi masa tuh i don't really remember the ratio so the batter turned out to be pretty hard, or other wise, the taste would be awesome! it was a recipe that she got from a cooking class in thailand. the batter guna santan, so agak berlemak gitu. but it was very nice. :)

okay la. hari nih i'm supposed to pack my things up at the office as we're moving out to a new place. berhabuk kejap la kejap lagi.

take care all. salam!

ps : to my commentators on my previous post, thank you so much for your kind words tho i did shed few tears when i read it. hope it'll get better soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

:: a note from the broken heart ::

i hardly ask for things. in any form. be it as a daughter, a daughter in law, a wife, a sister.

simple reason, i prefer to do things on my own. so that i won't be a burden to anyone.

but at times, deep in my heart, i do have wishes. at times, i voice it out, but most of the time, i keep it to myself. especially when i think, my wish is far beyond reach.

but once i voiced it out, that means, i really want it.

it breaks my heart truly, when simple wishes are being taken for granted. when 'can't fulfill' statement need to be swallowed with no question asked.

i never asked for a RM4,000 ferragamo handbag. i never asked to cover my feet with jimmy choo's creation. i never asked for a sturdy solitaire ring diamond. i never asked for a complicated dslr to fulfill my interest. i never asked for an up to date mobile model to ring up friends. i never asked for a handsome murrano to cruise around the city. i didn't asked for a sparkling tag heur to show me the time.

i'm comfortable with my season handbag. i'm comfortable walking around in my maternity shoes. i'm comfortable with wearing my simple yet meaningful wedding ring. i'm comfortable with our 2 year old ixus. i'm comfortable with my nokia 3300 classic model. i'm comfortable with the 2nd hand family car that we bought to move around with my children. i'm happy with my ciplak cartier.

the only thing that i asked for is the cherry of the cake : a piece of happiness.

but i guess it's too expensive to get, that i should live with whatever it is.

i know, i am a nobody.

i know, in this world my simple wish is nothing important.

and i think, i have to start accepting, that despite being a very, extremely low maintenance person, it's still damn hard too fulfill a wish that was promised.

-heart broken-

Friday, October 16, 2009

:: teringin ::

smalam, before going home, i clicked both air asia n MAS webbie. biasa la kan, nak hujung tahun, rasa cam something missing. :) teringin nak gie holiday. teringin.

tapi with the blooming me, and 2 active boys, i don't think we can afford a holiday.

dan tapi yang kedua, mak aihhhh.. mahalnya tiket! baik la duit tuh aku simpan buat gi haji.

hm. nampaknya, it's gonna be a quiet year end. tak pe la.

mana tau tahun depan ada rezeki kan?

kasik elaborate sket, 'my dream vacation'

- only with the nucleous family at a far, far away land. normally kalau we all pegi holiday abroad, normally akan ada yang tagged along, as u know, having twin, kalau ada satu extra hand memang helpful. but sometimes, bila pegi holiday macam tuh, akan ada conflict of interest. ye la, yang tagged along pun ada agenda jugak, so we ended up bagi orang lain sampai hajat, and if ada extra time - then only we tried to fulfill our wishes. -

simple kan?

(tgh console diri sendiri. ditambah pulak teringat next week birthday aku yang bakal disambut seorang diri untuk kali kedua berturut². bosan!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

:: tak sabarnye nak hari sabtu! ::

i had a good rest yesterday night. thank you afiq and adib for sleeping so well. hehehehe.

can't wait for saturday to come. sebab i'll be having my monthly 'therapy' aka body massage. wowweee!

so have to wake up early this saturday morning to cook lunch. kalau tak sian anak²ku kebuloq nanti.

harus mula berfikir² apa yang nak dimasakkan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

:: sakit datang menziarah ::

rasanya, dah nak dekat seminggu badan tak sihat.

mula² rasa gatal tekak, pastu mcm nak demam. dr kasik aku panadol ngan ubat kumur jek. no antibiotic or whatever. dari aku makan panadol, baik la aku telan honey.. sah² sedap n ada value. alhamdulillah makin ok.

lepas tuh, sakit kepala pula datang melawat. macam migraine. sebab tak boleh tolerate lights. jangan meningitis sudah. alhamdulillah makin ok jugak.

tapi dari kelmarin, pening kepala pulak datang, diselangi dengan rasa mual² cam nak muntah. the last time aku kena macam gini, i ended up muntah² teruk sampai kena warded and was diagnosed with UTI. adoi.. jangan la kena lagi. fenin ooooooo. anak² siap cakap, mommy 'wek wek'. sebab mommy dia dok ter'uwek²' dalam toilet. huhuhuhuhu.

anyway, this afternoon, sakit kepala macamana pun, aku kena pi dentist bawak adib. filling yang kitorang buat ari tuh tercabut. so pity him to eat. sure ngilu kan?? kena pulak gigi yang depan. bersilat la kitorang aku kejap lagi. sure menangis sakan si adib. by the way, dia panggil our dentist, dr belon sebab dr tuh suka bagi dia blowed up gloves for him after the treatment. hehe.

okay la kengkawan. take care. bye.

Monday, October 12, 2009

:: my weekend summary ::

it has been a busy but lonely weekend.

saturday was not so bad, but sunday.. duh!

:: saturday ::
we started our morning by looking for breakfast. i decided to 'tapau-ed' (if there's such word!) nasi kerabu for me and nasi lemak for the boys. after finishing breakfast, we then proceed to my aunty's house with mom and maid and the boys to return the carpet that we borrowed during my bro's wedding in june. (gosh! we live so near yet we took a dear four months to return it! memalukan!)

we later head to JJ to look for headsets that are very much needed for my bro's CC. (untung jadi dia, ramai betul runner while he's holidaying! sabar hokay!)

lepas dah settle, we allow the boys to have some fun time at the small playland, while i run away for 20 mins to buy the groceries. (i don't have anyone else that can do the errands for me.. kalau tak kang ada jek yang cakap aku nih tak buat keje.. aite?)

mom was so generous that day that she sponsored our lunch @ delifrance. lepas makan² and stuff, we then head home, finding the boys falling asleep at the back of the seat.

i got my me-time for a while. a very much needed time. anyway, i dished up the simple cantonese fried kuey teow for me and the boys to enjoy for dinner. (at 6.00pm) . an early dinner i had, hehe, lepas tuh malam lapar. nak masak lagi malas. the boys tak tido lagi. i then hangkut my maid and the boys naik kereta pegi kemansah coz i was craving for that SLOPPY burger. burger kat situ sangat sedap! they didn't put any cucumber slices (which is good!) and they replace it with a thin slice of green apple (which is awesome!). it's pricier than any other places, but for that level of goodness, i don't mind it at all! jauh tuh, dari melawati drive pergi kemansah just to get that sloppy burger! ;)u can refer to this site for reviews.

abah returned home from his golf trip and later head to CC with mom, leaving me and the boys at home. i don't know what time mom and dad balik rumah that night, as i have fallen asleep with the boys.

:: sunday ::
we had a very light breakfast today. yesterday evening before dishing up the noodles, i made some frozen popiah for my dear sons. adib especially really loves popiah and has requested me to make some.

mom went to CC pretty early today. noon. so can imagine how sangap i was on sunday? mom kalau dah pegi CC alamatnya sampai malam la. yeap, my parents - both mom and dad are workaholic, but i at times do wish they do take some time off and just lay back and rest. have good time, enjoy. but i guess, it's just their lifestyles that they're so accustomed to. (tapi gene itu tidak ada dalam diriku.. :))

we didn't go anywhere, but by evening, i'm running out of patience. i went out leaving my kids behind for a good half an hour (i can't leave them too long as someone will accuse me of not being responsible bla bla bla). went out to JJ and get some books taht i've been looking for weeks, some donuts that are requested by my dear boys and later return home. it feels much better, and i then picked my boys up for a short ride by going to kedai mamak and get our weekly roti supply.

i was hoping that my kids will sleep early, but i guess it just don't work out. initially, i thought of putting them to sleep first and later prepare for their monday's lunch and my bekal to office. tapi nampak gayanya, bersilat la bersama² mereka di dapur. made some soup for them to eat with noodles, sebab today they had rice already. (plus afiq macam terliur masa tengok i makan maggi that evening.. terpaksa makan maggi. lapar sangat and bekalan roti masa tuh dah habis!)

dah settle masak segala, baru la hangkut bebudak 2 orang itu masuk bilik and put them to sleep.

:: today ::
bangun pagi tadi rasa macam nak MC saje.. dah berapa hari dah nih, migrain keeps on coming back. adoi!! petang nanti kena pulak singgap workshop, plat no. patah and wiper dah teruk teramat that it can't wipe off rain drops. esok nak kena keja kat klang, and i'm planning to drive the smaller car as i have to send it for a wash.

that's life for temporary single mother, and to my dear OH, pardon me for being sakit hati bila tengok gambar u santai² petang ahad, when i have to juggle with tonnes of things! there're no rules saying that if i'm bored u have to be bored too. but i was hoping for comforting words and courage and not bombarding me with remarks!

sorry la readers. entry agak emo. memang writer tengah emo. hormon org mengandung kan haywire..

Friday, October 9, 2009

:: again. ::

i just woke up from a short nap during this 2.5 hrs long break lunch. feeling much better, after being pretty dizzy under the tent with lotsa people.

i haven't got any plan for the weekend yet. have a shadow or two perhaps, on where to bring the boys to enjoy themselves. maybe a ride to the museum and just let the boys enjoy looking at the train models that looks pretty much like the characters in thomas the tank engine. menengokkan bebudak punya reaction, teringin sangat rasa nak bawak bebudak tuh pegi Thomas Land - Drayton Manor .. (ke mak budak yang melebey²? haha) but there're too many things to be considered before it can be materialized.

anyway, it's less than 2 weeks from my 29th birthday. and yeah, he's missing my birthday this year, AGAIN! boring hokay! time bday dia siap amek leave lagi, time akunyer birthday, dia boleh pi russia, after promising monthssssss before that he'll be around for my birthday! sabar jek la. so it's gonna be my 3rd birthday in a row of somber celebration. so i decided that, if he can't be back in time for my birthday this year round, no celebration for me at all.

some people say, sabar la suami mencari rezeki. yes, i firmly believe in that, but i believe for someone who never ask something out of this world from his husband, i deserve to be remembered on this one special day of mine. (ngee perasan!) i believe in balance in life (though i myself tak balance when it come to social, as i can hardly remember the last time i had coffee with my best buddy!)

merajuk? tak de lah.. terasa hati? ada la sket.. tapi will it change the fact that he has to work? no kan? guess i'm getting immuned to it that i don't want to bother about it anymore.

okay la.. melalut pulak membebel ari nih. take care all. muahs!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

:: punch bowl ::

after few days suffering from migraine, alhamdulillah, hari nih makin okay. had a good rest, thank you to the boys for sleeping well at night.

tapi pagi tadi lambat jugak aku sampai opis. aku rasa all this while jam aku sama jek ngan jam ofis, aku ngan konfiden ari nih aku ontime. sekali punch², aik? dah 8.01????? tgk jam, ada lagi 3-4 mins nak kul 8.00. maybe jam punch kena repair kot. adeh..

nak kata aku nih baik bebeno idak lerr. tapi so far, setakat service year aku nih, aku rasa aku boleh kata 99% jujur la ngan punch card aku. aku penah mintak tolong member punch sekali kot, sebab aku kat bawah, malas nak naik, pastu nak terus gie breakfast. tapi aku tau, dalam dunia nih wujud golongan yang rasa penting agar kad itu nampak cun. so, mereka mengambil inisiatif untuk membolehkan kad itu punch dengan sendirinya kalau diorang masuk lambat atau tetiba diorang ajdik cam david copperfield. itu tepuk dada tanya selera. apa guna luar nampak cantik, dalam isi tarak. tapi kalau tuh staff aku, kalau makcik nih kantoi, mintak maap la ye.. memang gua sound. sebab gua seniri tak buat.

apa ye lagi aku nak cerita.. takde kot..

okay la all. take care.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

:: apa nak jadi? ::

kita dah tolong, banyak komen pulak.

kalau tak tolong, orang tanya, "tak kesian ke?"

apa nak jadi?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

:: jauh dalam hati.. ::

jauh dalam hati,
berbenih pertanyaan,
kenapa hati rasa begini.

benih pertanyaan itu,
sudah lama berbuah,
hanya tidak dipetik,
kerana lidah sudah tahu,
rasa buah itu.

jauh dalam hati,
turut sedar,
turut tahu,
kenapa dan mengapa,
benih soal itu cukup subur,
semua kerna,
akar kecewa,
akar ingat,
akar dendam,
terlalu jauh,
terpasak di bumi.

mungkinkah semua itu salah sendiri?

Monday, October 5, 2009

:: Amalan Ibu Mengandung ::

just wanna share a lil bit of what i've got from reading Amalan Ibu Mengandung by Ustazah Siti Nor Bahiyah.

it's a simple book, easy to understand, and barely takes up your time.

antara surah-surah di dalam alquran yang diamalkan ketika mengandung:-

Surah Fatihah
- untuk terang hati dan kuat ingatan

Surah Maryam
- untuk memudahkan ibu bersalin dan memperoleh anak yang taat

Surah Luqman
- untuk memperoleh anak yang cerdik akal dan jiwa

Surah Yusuf
- untuk memperoleh ank yang cantik akhlak dan cantik rupa

Surah Hujurat
- untuk memperbanyakkan susu ibu dan anak yang berhati-hati

Surah Yasin
- untuk ketenangan hati dan anak tidak terpengaruh oleh syaitan untuk membuat maksiat

Surah At-Taubah
- untuk membersih jiwa dan terpelihara daripada maksiat

Surah An-Nahl
- untuk melahir anak yang berdisiplin

dan saya sangat tertarik dengan doa ini..

Ya Allah, peliharalah anakku selama ia berada di dalam kandunganku dan sembuhkanlah segala penyakit. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Penyembuh dan tiada sembuhan selain daripada penawarMu. Ya Allah, lahirkanlah dari kandunganku ini dengan kelahiran yang mudah dan sejahtera. Ya Allah, jadikanlah anakku ini sihat, sempurna, cerdik, berakal dan berilmu serta beramal soleh. Ya Allah, elokkanlah perangainya, fasihkanlah lidahnya dan merdukanlah suaranya untuk membaca al-Quran dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

Moga sama-sama dapat dijadikan panduan bagi mereka yang sedang mengandung dan bakal mengandung. :)


:: kisah adib di pagi ahad ::

we had our brekkie kat luar yesterday morning, with the theme of 'makanan melayu'. our brekkie consists of nasi lemak, roti bawang and roti canai - share makan 4 org. OH, me, afiq and adib.

afiq makan best gila. siap 2 kali tambah nasi lemak, then tarik pinggan roti canai and sambung makan. he then gulped a small box milo. adib on the other hand tamau makan langsung. menangis² ajak maid kuar dari kedai. i resorted in getting OH to buy some bread for him to eat, but he refused to eat.

agak risau with adib, i then suggested to my OH to stop by at McD and just get him a piece of hash brown with the hope that he'll eat.

we went to the drive thru counter, pay and picked up our order.

bila waiter tuh hand the order to us, guess what's adib reaction?

"ha! adib punya!"

adoi.. taste mat salleh betullah anak aku yang sorang nih.

(abah aku kata, ikut perangai mommy dia tak suka makan nasik. suka makan benda mengarut. betul ke?)

ps - dalam usaha menceriakan diri, bila OH berkelana lagi. adeh. berjaga malam baliklah gua!

Friday, October 2, 2009

:: bebelan pendek hari ini ::

am supposed to accompany adib to dentist this evening for his 4th appointment. but i've got a meeting this evening, that makes me unable to do so. so OH will be sending him on his own. yep, a bad mom i am, that adib now banyak cavities. so banyak kena buat filling before rosak dia lagi teruk.

main cause for that problem, he likes to leave the bottle in his mouth while sleeping. walaupun dah dicabutkan, ntah macamana, he would find his way to do so in the midst of sleeping. so far dah at least 4-5 fillings have been done, and insya Allah, this should be the final one. u can just imagine the scream and tantrums that he threw throughout the procedure. :)

mood is not so good. heart is hurt in a way, where promises are laid but not being fulfilled. apa nak buat. aku nih bukan penting pun kan? so who cares. lain lerr kalau aku nih PM ka, tukang sign duit ka. sure org takut kalau aku mogok, innit?

work is a bundle at the moment. ISO, hydrological analysis, river modelling. hate it, but have to go through it. :(

this weekend's plan - pegi jalan² raya. pay visit to friends. pastuh kena packing sebab next three weeks will be staying at mom's. OH seperti biasa - duty call. dah naik 'mangli' (getting used to it already). so, siap sedialah berat badanku.. hang in there. this time round cannot turun one.. kalau turun takut kena marah dengan dr as without fail, i'll lost at least a kilo for every 2-3 weeks being left alone jaga anak. kalau dulu² suka gak, sebab it helps me to shed the weight ;), tapi dalam keadaan sekarang, i don't think i want that to happen. it's very important for me to look after myself and what i eat, as i'm carrying and at the same time looking after the twin.

ok la. tu jek bebelan hari nih. da!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: tak sihat pulak rasa ::

i don't feel good today. starting to get runny nose and sore throat. rasanya ke klinik la petang nih. nasib baik OH ada, so he could drive me to office while i catch a nap throughout the ride.

it has been busy for the past few days. only last night did i manage to sleep early. monday night - ada dinner function at KL convention centre. it was a family affair that can't be missed. tuesday night - 3 family came over to my house for raya. so kena masak² sket. tengkiu to mr prego and miss campbell for being around. :)

mula² ingat nak masak sket malam nih for OH's potluck raya party at office. tapi dengan badan yang suam² sihat plus ketiadaan microwave di office OH untuk me-reheat food yang sepatutnya dibawa, he shift his plan totally, resorting in his aunty to dish up some simple finger food. :)

i am supposed to post up my new dishes in the other blog. hope i could find time to do so. the recipes tuh i gather from different sources - books and 'chat over food' during raya with my aunty. :)

okay la all. i'm gonna take my time transferring my file from my external drive to this new pc (puas hati skrin 19". senang aku nak draw catchment and buat river modelling. 1 terrabyte plak tuh. kalau tak terer gak memang nak kena lempang sekali). and it's time to cari penyapu to manage back all the files.

okay. bye!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

:: the boys ::

layan gambar la ek..

susah betul nak dapat gambar cam nih.

afiq's new skill. 'gantung'.

aksi biasa menyumbat ubat.

i like this shot! adib tgh attempt nak 'korek' hidung afiq. haha!