Monday, May 23, 2011

:: mode tak sabau nak cuti ::

tak sabau nak cuti... yihaaa!


Friday, May 20, 2011

:: talam bermuka² ::

jiwa sungguhla tiada di sini. like, seriously. mood kerja pun sudah hilang beterbangan bersama angin bayu. chewwaaahhh. ayat tak boleh blah. takpe, yang penting aku jujur. *erk, tetiba.

jujur nih subjective kan? dah 30 eh, nak masuk 31 tahun hidup, macam2 perangai manusia dah aku jumpa. ada yang serius baik gila, dia tak cakap pun, aku jadi segan (and i'm referring to my ex roomate masa kat utm first year. she was so nice, that even what she did cukup untuk buat you rasa you are faaaarrrrrrr from even good, not to mention perfect), ada yang perangai lebih kurang jek macam aku, ada yang hipokrit (owh, nih sungguh gua menyampah), ada yang suka over². macam² peel. tapi yang penting, takde orang yang nak mengaku dia jahat dan tak betul depan orang. betul tak?

kenapa yek, manusia suka talam dua muka? depan kita baik gila (tak la baik, tapi cukup baik untuk bawak bercakap the least), tapi belakang cakap macam²? kenapa manusia bila berdepan ngan boss, cakap baik saja, tapi belakang perghhhhh sebatu komplen boleh dengar? kenapa kita tak mampu untuk cakap saja apa yang benar, dan apa yang salah? kenapa takut nak cakap jek apa yang ada dalam hati dari ko buat dosa kat belakang? *emo kan ai tetiba?

can't we just all be jujur to ourselves?

sekian, tazkirah hari jumaat.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

:: Quran dan Kanak-kanak ::

i got this info from Islamic Parenting Network - facebook page, that i feel need to be shared with all muslim parents out there.

let us together teach the kalam of Allah to our kids, before they know their ABC.

here are some infos..

Some basic guiding principles to make your baby learn Quran naturally :

1. Keep the mood loving.

2. Play Quran softly in the home during their playtime, morning routine, or end-of-night routine.

3. Aim to have two sessions of quran alphabet flashcards with your baby in a day.

4. Let them know that something very special will follow after the quran time, like a playtime with mom or a baby stroller walking outside the house and lots of hugs and cuddles.

5. When they can start baby talking, start recite a quick surah with them before any new activity.

6. Play quran surahs in the car on the way to anywhere when they are with you.

7. Recite short quran surahs with them while you lay them down to bed.

9. Recite Quran with them while you push them on a swing.

10. Lastly to make it more effective, TURN OFF all the noises in the house. Give your child a special treat daily, like ice cream. Let them enjoy it to the soft peaceful sounds of QURAN!. (read less)

Quran Memorization is like BRAIN TRAINING that can improve :
1. Concentration
2. Focus
3. Creativity
4. Speed of Thinking
that can benefits anyone over the long term.

other website on the same matter that can assist us in teaching quran to our kids:-

semoga anak-anak kita akan menjadi lebih celik alquran, dan alquran sentiasa dekat di hati kita dan anak². AMIN!

:: idea kering ::

last saturday, OH & i decided to give in to the kids' request nak naik lrt. i memang reluctant nak bawak anak2 naik lrt. bukan sebab tak suka public transport, tapi sebab mengenangkan aidin yang masih full bf, and takut dia buat scene mengamuk nak susu dalam lrt.

we went to klcc, together with my mom and maids. ingatkan nak merewang dekat isetan, sekalinya mak ajak bawak anak2 masuk petrosains. 3 hours ok duduk dalam petrosains. afiq and adib enjoyed it definitely. sempat jugak la si afiq buat scene mengamuk dalam petrosains sebab dia tak dapat naik slide yang tinggi tuh due to height restriction. :P

3 hours dalam petrosains, we got off, and naik lrt balik umah. and my nightmare came true. aidin mengamuk dalam train mintak susu. habis tudung2 mommy dia angkat mintak susu. masa tuh rasa cam, ya Allah, lamanya la nak sampai stesen putra ni!

sunday, OH bawak pegi makan dekat tony roma's. belated mother's day celebration. punya la lama tak makan kat tony roma's, baru la i perasan, harga dia naik substantially! gamaknya, takde la aku nak makan kat tony roma's lagi. makan kat that little gerai saje la.. kopak poket.

btw, today adib will have his another tooth extracted. agagagaga. hari nih i terpaksa jadi mommy n daddy sebab daddy outstation. last extraction was smooth despite adib nangis KUAT GILA. hopefully he'll be fine today.

on other notes, FIL warded. sebab demam tak kebah2. and dr still tak jumpa punca demam. aiyoo. hopefully everything will turn out ok.

kay la peep. babai

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

:: semakgula ::

i came across munirah's entry on sugar content in formula milk. OMG! shocking hokay!!

have a check on your kids' FM sugar content here all you need to do is to key in the carbohydrates per serving & serving amount. i've checked on two FM currently used in my house. and the finding is shocking and choking me.

give it a go!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: Beautiful Mother's Day Celebration with Kids at School ::

Do you know my mommy dear,
My mommy dear, my mommy dear,
Do you know my mommy dear,
Who lives nearby my heart…..

The song sang by the kids at school, on mother’s day celebration, that enchanted my heart. It was a beautiful event at school, where all mommies of the kids gathered for a healthy breakfast in conjunction with mother’s day. The kids got to perform, read a story and present their mommy with a flower. It almost made me shed my tears. Simple gestures from the kids that melted the mommy’s heart away. It is indeed a beautiful morning spent with my boys. Wish I could have more time to capture the moments on camera, but I don’t.

The ceremony starts as early as 7.30 in the morning. We arrived 10 mins late for I have to send OH to station and aidin to my mom’s. Our arrival at school was greeted by a choir of kids singing that song. Afiq and adib managed to be in the choir minutes before it ended, hence explained the minimal amount of pics that I got to take during the event.

After choir, the kids got to read a line of story lead by the 6 y.old kids on “I love my mommy”. Then, each kid was called up to present a beautiful flower to mom while saying I love you mommy, thank you. Gosh it reminds me, how little I express my gratitude to my own mom. Being sensitive and all, this event triggers my tears to the edge. I finally know somehow, these little hearts appreciate me as their mom when I haven’t been the best for them afterall.

The moms and children were then treated to a healthy breakfast. I got the chance to spend quality time with kids. Before pushing off to work, the teacher had my hand painted, and I have my hand printed together with my kids’ on a big piece of banner. The principal later told us that they will get the paintings to be cut out and embroidered, so that we could frame it up as a memoir.

It was 8.30am by then, and I have to make my move. I had a great start for the day despite being sick for the past days. I have never had a proper mother’s day celebration for the past four years, and this really made my day. Not that I want recognition for what I’ve done, it’s just the thought that counts. The kids are definitely the rainbow of my heart. I love you sons.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

:: finally, got to taste it! yeah! ::

dalam previous entry, kan ai ada cerita pasal nak makan kat "that little gerai" @ AU5, keramat? hehe. tadi we all semua kat rumah mak, and mak suruh all of us to just tapau for dinner. memula, mak kata, belila lauk2 kat kedai tomyam yang biasa kitorang beli. sekali datang idea bernas dari orang yang dok terbayang2 burger sebesar2 mulut tu utk tapau jek dari "that little gerai".

terus on PC, google menu dia, and order through phone. kitorang order 3 bijik burger big ass, 2 spaghetti olio and 2 marinara. portion yang sangat generous, reasonably priced and SANGAT SEDAP. yes, the burger beats chili's! sedap gila. dan murah gila. tapi tak la jadi gila bila makan. :P memang rosak la diet malam nih. rasanya lepas nih, kalau makan lagi kat situ ai nak try dory fish with mustard sauce pulak la. tengok dalam gambar menarik jek.

dah surf on the net, banyak good reviews yang customer dah bagi like
here and here and here

hehe. kepada kawan2ku yang obses dengan tempat makan, i.e. aweng, yani & nard, sila lerr ke sana. dekat jek pun kan dengan rumah. serius sedap. tapi as advised dalam facebook dia, sila pre-order before you arrive sebab chef dia kata good food takes time. :)

btw, OH kata there's another one yang dekat dengan "that little gerai" yang jual food lebih kurang sama. nama gerai tuh mustafa jones. he's a muslim american african. senang kata macam satu row jugak la dengan that little gerai. heard the ribs are good. for more infos, please refer here ---> mustafa jones.. nih pun nak kena try nih.

guess i've found more precious gems in KL. yea yea. kalau ada sesapa berat badan naik bulan nih, jangan salahkan aiiiii. :P

Friday, May 6, 2011

:: ada orang kena cabut gigi esok.. ::

adib will have his tooth extracted tomorrow morning, and being mommy, i yang nervous lebih² (sebab scaling pun tak suka, ni pulak nak cabut mencabut.. aiyak!) formula milk is the culprit, i believe so.

next week the elder two will be having their first sports day ever. wouldn't want to miss it surely. :D hope my OH could make it for the day, as he's supposed to go to Miri for few days next week.

afiq and adib is progressing well at school, alhamdulillah. but i have some little concern, that i noticed my kids suka tulis terbalik and baca buku terbalik. is it normal? or it's a sign of something? anyone could offer me any say on this?

okay la people. nothing much to ramble on. have a nice weekend. to mommies out there, "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: blog lip lap lip lap, makin malap ::

makin hari makin malap blog nih. kalau blog nih kedai makan, dah lama kena bungkus sebab memanjang tutup. :P

banyak yang nak dicerita tapi tak tercerita sebab kesempitan masa. busy uolsss! baik kat opis, naik kat umah. syukur after 8 months maidless, i dah ada maid. agak boleh bernafas, at least ada yang membantu sedikit sebanyak dengan house chores. so far so good. harapnya ok la, dan tak menimbulkan problem to family.

aidin has finally berjalan (tho masih jalan jatuh). he'll look so PROUD of himself when he starts walking. bersungguh² dia jalan. haha. kelakar. lagi bersungguh kalau mommy buat sound effect nyanyi² sambil dia berjalan. lagi motivated. :)

afiq and adib pulak dah makin enjoy pegi skolah. selalu pretend jadi teacher kat rumah, amek attendance, where mommy n daddy la jadi mangsa kena angkat tangan and cakap 'present'. not to mention makin cheeky and makin pandai menjawab dengan 1001 reasons. :P

anyway, have anyone heard about satu tempat makan nama 'that little gerai'? i want to give it a shot last sunday, but apparently the food starts after maghrib. ala.. my kids semua stock doze off awal, so cam susah jek, unless we call it a date la, which is almost impossible to pass through the check point of our kids when we're at home. heard the food was superbly good and reasonably priced. sampai ada yang cakap it beats chili's!

cuba uols tgk gambar2 nih yang saya google and ada yang i amek dari fb diorang. mau tak terliur??

big ass burger. beef patty - homemade. kalau tak silap rege dia dalam rm9 with cheese. mana mau dapat??

yang nih dori fish with mustard sauce.

hoihhhhhhhhh. teringin, teringin!!