Friday, January 30, 2009

:: What Gender is Your Brain? ::

Your Brain is 47% Female, 53% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

perhaps, that's the reason why, i still didn't master the art of putting eyeliner & mascara, not forgetting still using my turning four year old lippie? :P

:: excellent customer service ::

we were having dinner last night when my other half received a phone call from his bro - aiman.

"the parcel is here already."

we exchanged our smile. :D

my hubby is a footie freak. just FYI. perhaps, u can now guess what's the parcel is all about.

yeah - JERSEYS

i mean it. plural. it was meant for my two lil' boys. england infant kit has arrived safely!

eager to have a look, we collect the parcel from IL's house and proceed home. he opened it, but to our dissapointment, one of the jersey is faulty. a small hole on it's right hand.

my other hald called the customer service & report about it. immediately, the customer service peep said 'we'll send u a replacement.'

not clear of what to do, my other half clarified again. 'what about the jersey in my hand now? do i send beack only the shirt or the whole set?'

'just check your email.'

conversation ended, and he immediately checked his email. rupanya, that very minute depa dah kasik hantaq satu email notification saying that the replacement will be sent in due course. nothing about sending it back.

excellent customer service. that's what i can conclude.

ps : jersey murah gila okay. only GBP 5.00. shipping mahal lagik!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

:: malasnya nak keja balik! ::

i'm having some bites of warm cinamon hinted doughnut wth hot cuppa. what a nice way to start an evening. :D

have just got back from the new jusco in setiawangsa. adib mengamuk dekat rumah. he asked me to bring him out. sejak balik dari CH nih, my boys won't let me stay at home. they'll ask me to bring them out, and they'll surely get it. 2 young boys mengamuk kat umah - can imaine kan the chaos? i was thinking to bring them to klcc park. tapi bila pk balik, with no hubby around, jenuh gak jap gie nak berkejar. since i haven't put my foot in the new jusco yet, i hangkut my maids and my boys to the store for some grocery shoppng. (malas nak gie pasar malam.. aku tak kenal ikan okay? kat market ada label.. boley gitu? hehe)

i'll start working back in less than 2 weeks time. start² keje jek, kena pegi kursus kenegaraan kat melaka. adeh! 5d 4n without the boys. mau angau aku kat kem nanti. huhu. malasnya nak keja!

okay la all. nothing much to blog about. anyway, i had my postnatal check up yesterday. frankly speaking, i almost shed tears, as mula la teringat zaman² mengandungkan arwah amin. the dr asked me whether i want to conceive immediately or what. aku tatau apa nak jawab sebenarnya. i just said - i'll go with the flow.

hm. take care all. da!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

:: short getaway in CH ::

hola everyone! was not around for the past few days, attending a wedding in jitra + short getaway in cameron highland. tell ya, lepas nih kalau nak gie jejalan jejauh with the two boys, i'll ask my other half for flight. sore arms babe! kena gasak ngan the two boys in the car. imagine the twin mengamuk tamau duduk dalam car seats? holding two active boys from alor setar to jitra. memang mommy's voice masa tuh at the top of her lung!

we didn't get much chance to wander around in CH. the boys aren't well, and they choose to nap in the morning rather than being outside. heh. so my husband and i didn't get the chance to do any strawberry picking there. the only thing that we manage to do was a visit to sg palas boh plantation (just because i love the architecture of the cafe there. nasib baik scones dia ok sbb jalan nak sampai tpt tuh sunggus mencabar kesabaran, for me at least). owh, and pasar malam visit in brinchang. we didn't even get any chance for family photo! :(

our nights in CH were supposed to be a family, i mean my nucleous family outing. but we were joined by my FIL who decided to put up a night in CH after being trapped in a heavy traffic towards north. he joined us in on the second night in CH and my ILs are lucky enough to get a room despite being in peak season. (though they have to pay quite a rent for a night!)

2 nights in CH, we then proceed for our main agenda - attending a wedding reception of my hubby's cousin in jitra. the journey was a tough one. afiq decided to go cranky all the way long from CH to jitra, while adib mula mengamuk masa dari alor setar to jitra. and being the only one in the car who can hold up the babies, yeah, i gave in to my stress. my boys got a yell each and my other half got a scold too. sorry my loved ones, but i was really, i mean REALLY stress out. am awfully sorry for that okay?

conclusion - our mission to bond with our children - A BIG SUCCESS. but lesson learned - no more trips to CH unless they have widened the road, or there's a flight going up there! frankly speaking, i'm a no fan of long journey, and i believe my husband has lost count on how many times i asked him, 'are we there yet?' hehe. sorry bang. i know i irritate u with that Q. ;p

Thursday, January 22, 2009

:: freaking out ::

am so addicted to blogging nowadays. my fingers seem itching when i don't touch the board. :P

anyway, yesterday's event was pretty terrifying. from 2* size to 3* is really freaking me out. yes, i manage to grab 2 pieces of jeans that fit me. but then, halamak, the size!!!!! (ps - jeans MURAH GILA! from RM19 - RM29 only, 80% off) well, anyway i should be realistic. i'm only on my 43rd day, and i still have rooms to be back at my pre-preg figure + weight right? or am i wrong?

hm. tak saba nak tunggu esok. esok nak gie holiday. cuti² mesia. lama dah tak cuti² mesia nih. excited pulak rasa. ;P (plus - aku tak nah gie CH, ok?) packing dah almost settle. tinggal nak pack susu + pampers babies jek. hopefully the boys will behave through out the journey, as i won't bring my maid along. anyone nak tag along?

kay all. take care. mmuahs!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

:: Girl Power - Credit to AWN ::

Credit to Adzra
copied from her notes in facebook. i loike!

Whatever you give a woman,
She will make it greater

If you give her sperm,
She'll give u baby

If you giver her a house,
She'll give you a home

If you give her groceries,
She'll give u meal

if you give her a smile,
She'll give you her heart

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her
If you give her any kind of craps,
be ready to receive a ton of shit!

:: suzie - the 10,000th visitor ::

my other half requested me to accompany him to the clinic yesterday night. he's not feeling well. sore throat, cough, etc. i hope i won't catch the bug. so do the boys.

but anyway, while waiting at the clinic, i quickly surf the net and catch a message from my blog. hehe. suzie - u're the lucky 10000th hit! macam tak caya jek ramai yang singgah this blog to read. hopefully, my entries tak menyakitkan hati sesapa and bring benefit to many. (though banyak merapu dari ilmiah!)

i'm not expecting to blog much today, since my other half is around. so take care all. da!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

:: love life - full of colours ::

love life. a very interesting topic to dwell on. will never be outdated to be talked about.

alhamdulillah, i'm blessed with a beautiful married life. married to a man, who's able to guide me to live a life, from religion wise to corporate life. alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, my praises to Allah. i never thought that i'd find love with someone whom i know from my childhood. i never thought that a big brother that i know since my schooling years will be my husband. all thanks to my mother in law, who in a way plays her role that finally makes us fall in love and tied the knot. yes, parents blessing is very important in order to lead a happy life.

i do have a fine share of my ups and downs before landing to the right person. but all the experiences make u a better person, wiser in thinking & sharper in observing. it all makes your life more colourful, and dynamic. i don't keep ill will to the people who walk away from my life, (or was it me who walked away?) but rather thankful for it has lead me to meet my husband whom i love dearly & so much.

some people said, from the first sight, u can feel the connection between two souls. some said, u need time to know each other well, before u land into the state of married life. but i believe, there are many who thought they've found the right one, but in the middle of the sail broke it off, as finally they realize the boat is not sailing to the right destination, eventhough the island of journey is just within the reach of hand.

some people has a smooth sailing love life journey. some people bumps into rocky roads, but survive smelling the sweet, beautiful roses along the way. some people was hit by the unexpected typhoon. some faces hard rocking journey from beginning, but land up in a beautiful paradise.

love life is full of colours. beautiful rainbows appear after a stormy day. sometimes it rains after a beautiful sunny day. but all you need is a steady shelter and good umbrellas to hang on when the weather does not behave that day.

i know someone dear to me to is battling with this problem. dear M'lle, my one simple advice, seek for the clue from the Almighty. He's the one, the best one to consult. hold on and never give up praying. ask for the best, for you and the other half. my doa for you, be strong, coz i know u're one. love you dear, and i'm always at your disposal to trash out all the rubbish feeling inside. take care!

:: cute award from sheri hafiz ::

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda.
~yang memberikan award ini ialah Sheri Hafiz.

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya.

~10 facts about me~

No. 1

never know how to cook before until i got married and live on my own. my granny always shove me off from the kitchen, telling me that it's not time yet to learn cooking when i was in my school years. instead, she asked me to read books! it's not that she's pampering me, but just simply, my late grand dad and her used to live the 'hard' way, that she knows only education back then could change your life. alhamdulillah, we're doing okay now, and i'm thankful to her in a way. (plus i love the way she shove me off from the kitchen. hehe. mengelat nak buat keje umah!)

No. 2
used to be a hot tempered person. but soon as i got married, i've changed a lot. betul tak bang?

No. 3
starting to look after myself better. start to eat healthily. start to take LOADS of supplement. thanx to dad, who's very keen on health and diet.

No. 4
dad is a very observant person when it comes to weight and body shape. hah. jangan tatau. i'm his only daughter, and he keeps on reminding me when i start to put on weight. (but i think he gives up now.) always deliver his reminder through my mom, reminding me to look after my weight, because he thinks i'm getting TOO WOBBLY.

No. 5
i just love those sweet little treats. i love bitter chocs, i hate minty candies. to me, candy should be sweet, not minty! i love cakes, i love puddings, i love ice cream. so, it's gonna be hard for me to jaga my weight kan?

No. 6
my friends back in uni used to call me budak skolah. for many reasons. i'm the type of person who doze off pretty early, compared to my friends. i don't know how to make a line without using a ruler. (yes, aku siap kena tegur dalam lecture hall by the lecturer for taking so long. i hate crooked lines. talking about being perfectionist). my hand writing - typical budak skolah, sebijik². what else? i stash my stationaries in a big pencil case. hmm, u can call me nerdy or whatever, but that's simply me.

No. 7
i'm a light traveler. very different from my husband. i hate hand luggage. (but i have to learn now, since i always travel with my twin boys. susu, pampers etc - double) i always pack my stuff compactly.

No. 8
i love blogging and blog hopping. my cuz, linie commented - wow, banyak nyer entry in jan! guess i'm having ample of free time to blog. ;P

No. 9
a travel freak. pantang nampak ticket murah, mula la riki. but, i'm not a lavish traveler, mind u. i still have some logical thinking when it comes to dollar and cents.

No. 10
i have big dreams for my family. be it financially or spiritually. i have shared my wants in my earlier entry.

this cute award goes to:-
1. lydiana
2. mastura
3. amisah
4. norlinie
5. adzra
6. ayin
7. kay dora
8. izzah ismail
9. syaza ismail
10. last but not lest, my dear lil bro, amri zaharin

Monday, January 19, 2009

:: i visited him, finally ::

forgot to share a story.

i visited amin's grave yesterday morning. after 38 days he passed away, yesterday was the first time ever i visited his grave.

i miss him dearly. i shed my tears. i thought he's the one who'll recite doa at my grave. but it is the other way round.

my dear amin,
you'll always have a special place in mommy's heart. mommy loves you, and misses you dearly. so do daddy, and your two elder brothers. 38 weeks and 5 days with you is such a beautiful moment. you have brought extra joy to our small family, though it's a short time. mommy knows that you're in a better care.

sesungguhnya janji Allah itu Maha Benar. mommy prays we'll meet again in Jannah, and u'll guide me and daddy and the rest of us to Jannah, and we'll never be parted again. amin. amin ya Rabbal A'lamin.

ps : we'll be hosting Tahlil on 22nd January 2009 at Madrasah At Tarbiyyah, Jalan I, Taman Melawati after Maghrib Prayers. Muslims and Muslimahs are invited.

:: 15 kesilapan dalam mendidik anak² ::

15 Kesilapan ibu bapa dalam mendidik anak-anak

"Harta benda dan anak-anak kamu hanyalah menjadi ujian dan di sisi ALLAH ada pahala yang besar." (Al-Quran Surah At-Taghabun, 64:15)

Anak-anak adalah amanah dari ALLAH s.w.t. dan ianya sebahagian dari ujian ALLAH s.w.t. kepada kita hamba-hamba-Nya. Sebagai ujian, ianya akan dipertanggungjawabkan. Orang yang malang ialah orang yang mempunyai ramai anak tetapi anak-anaknya tidak membawa kebaikan kepadanya di akhirat. Rasulullah SAW diberitakan telah bersabda :

"Tahukah engkau siapakah orang yang mandul." Berkata para sahabat : "Orang yang mandul ialah orang yang tidak mempunyai anak." Lalu Rasulullah SAW berkata : "Orang yang mandul itu ialah orang yang mempunyai ramai anak tetapi anak-anaknya itu tidak memberi kemanfaatan kepadanya sesudah ia meninggal dunia."-(Maksud Al-Hadith )

Ini mungkin disebabkan beberapa kesilapan dalam mendidik anak-anak.

1. Kesilapan pertama: Kurang berdoa

1.1 Kurang berdoa semasa mengandung. Antara doa-doa yang digalakkan diamalkan semasa mengandung ialah

* Saidul (penghulu) Istighfar
* Doa memohon rahmat (Al-Quran Surah Ali 'Imran, 3 : 8-9)
* Doa memohon zuriat yang baik (Al-Quran Surah Ali 'Imran, 3 : 38)
* Doa agar anak mengerjakan solat (Al-Quran Surah Ibrahim, 14 : 40-41)

1.2 Kurang berdoa semasa membesarkan anak. Doa-doa yang digalakkan diamalkan semasa anak membesar ialah

* Doa agar anak patuh kepada ALLAH s.w.t. (Al-Quran Surah Al-Baqarah, 2 :128)
* Doa diberi zuriat yang menyejukkan hati (Al-Quran Surah Al-Furqan, 25 :74)
* Doa supaya nama anak membawa kebaikan kepadanya.

2. Kesilapan kedua: Banyak memberi belaian Tarhib

(menakutkan) daripada Targhib (didikan atau motivasi) seperti :

* menakutkan anak-anak dengan sekolah
* menakutkan dengan tempat gelap
* menakutkan dengan hutan rimba atau bukit bukau
* menggunakan kekerasan dan paksaan semasa menyuruh anak tidur

3. Kesilapan ketiga: Tidak tegas dalam mendidik anak-anak

* tidak menjadualkan kegiatan harian anak-anak
* terlalu memfokuskan anak-anak kepada sesuatu aktiviti sahaja tanpa mengambil kira perasaan mereka.

4. Kesilapan keempat: Menegur anak secara negatif
* mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat dan maki hamun kepada anak-anak (terutama semasa marah).
* membandingkan anak-anak dengan anak-anak lain atau anak orang lain.

5. Kesilapan kelima: Memberi didikan yang tidak seimbang antara jasmani (physical), rohani (spiritual) dan minda (intelektual)

* ramai yang lebih mementingkan pendidikan minda dari pendidikan rohani

6. Kesilapan keenam: Kurang memberi sentuhan kepada semua anak-anak sedangkan Rasulullah kerap dilihat mendukung cucu-cucunya dan mencium mereka.

Diriwayatkan oleh Aisyah r.a. :

Pada suatu hari Rasulullah SAW mencium Al-Hassan atau Al-Hussien bin Ali r.a. Ketika itu Aqra' bin Habis At-Tamimiy sedang berada di rumah baginda. Berkata Aqra' : "Ya Rasulullah! Aku mempunyai sepuluh orang anak, tetapi aku belum pernah mencium seorang pun dari mereka." Rasulullah melihat kepada Aqra' kemudian berkata : "Siapa yang tidak mengasihi tidak akan dikasihi."-(Maksud Al-Hadith Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

7. Kesilapan ketujuh: Penampilan diri yang kurang anggun dan kurang kemas

* ibu bapa tidak menunjukkan cara berpakaian yang kemas dan yang menepati kehendak syarak bila berada di rumah, iaitu berpakaian secara selekeh atau berpakaian seksi di hadapan anak-anak.

8. Kesilapan kelapan: Susunan rumahtangga yang tidak kemas.
Ini mengakibatkan anak-anak terikut-ikut dengan cara itu dan membesar menjadi pemalas dan selekeh.

9. Kesilapan kesembilan: Kurang menghidupkan sunnah di rumah seperti memberi salam, makan berjemaah, beribadah bersama-sama, dan sebagainya. Dalam menjawab salam, lazimkanlah menjawab salam dengan yang lebih baik dari salam yang diberi.

10. Kesilapan kesepuluh: Tidak menggantungkan rotan di tempat yang mudah dilihat oleh anak-anak.

Dalam Islam, merotan anak dengan tujuan mendidik adalah satu sunnah.

11. Kesilapan kesebelas: Kurang mendedahkan anak-anak dengan model yang cemerlang seperti para ulama' dan orang-orang yang berhemah tinggi dan berakhlak mulia.

Anak-anak juga patut didedahkan dengan sembahyang jemaah, kuliah agama dan aktiviti-aktiviti yang bersesuaian dengan akhlak Islam.

12. Kesilapan keduabelas: Bertengkar di depan anak-anak.

Ini akan menyebabkan anak-anak rasa tertekan dan membenci salah seorang dari ibubapanya.

13. Kesilapan ketigabelas: Membenarkan orang yang tidak elok sahsiyahnya masuk ke dalam rumah kita, baik dari kalangan sahabat sendiri ataupun sahabat anak-anak, kerana ini akan memberikan contoh yang tidak baik kepada anak-anak yang masih membesar.

14. Kesilapan keempatbelas: Kurang mengawasi rancangan-rancangan yang ditonton samada dari TV ataupun video.
Pengawasan dalam hal ini adalah penting kerana kebanyakan rancangan dari media ini menonjolkan akhlak yang kurang baik seperti pergaulan bebas lelaki dan perempuan, pakaian yang tidak menepati syarak dan perbualan yang boleh merosakkan agama anak-anak.

15. Kesilapan kelimabelas: Terlalu bergantung kepada pembantu rumah untuk mendidik anak-anak.
Sebagai ibubapa kitalah yang akan disoal di akhirat kelak akan anak-anak ini. Oleh itu adalah menjadi satu kepentingan kita untuk berusaha memastikan anak-anak terdidik dengan didikan Islam.

Thanx kay for sharing! hope boleh jadi panduan kita dalam didik anak²

:: will the will and luck hit me again? ::

one of the most terrifying moment in life is - to try on your jeans & pants after delivering a baby. and that happened to me yesterday.


i tried on more or less 10 pieces of those, and i can only fit in two! (tu pun nyawa² ikan) adeh! how am i supposed to fit in those again! perhaps, delvering babies through VD (vaginal delivery) has caused me to kembang here and there.

why do i try on those pants? sbb i'm packing my stuff to CH this weekend, for a short getaway with my man and my boys.

outcome drpd all those trying on semalam - went shopping with hubby kat isetan. but, i could not find any jeans at all that fit my taste. i hate skimpy, snugging and tight jeans, that's why i didn't arrive to any yesterday. huhu. sedeyy. in the end, i just grabbed a tee, and some cloth for my boys. nampak gayanya aku pakai sluar maternity (nasib baik maternity pants tuh nampak macam sluar biasa!) gie hols. cis!

agaknya nih la yang orang lain semua rasa bila badan tak surut². dulu , first preggy, cam senang jek shed off weight. 20kg addition lagik. tinggal a kg jek.

will the luck and will from my first preggy hit me again?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

:: tag by mas ::

Do you think you're hot?
hot enough. tarak lebey, tarak kurang. :P

Upload your favorite picture of you!

Why do like that picture?
simply because.. i've been waiting for 4 years for it to come true. besides, my cheek is rosy, i manage to lose my weight, and being blessed wth two handsome boys. and a handsome man. :D

When was the last time you ate pizza?
few weeks ago. (time pantang okay?) hubby said i deserve a break. :P

The last song you listen to?
can't remember. but i believe it's some tune from barney.

What are you doing right now besides this?

What name would you prefer besides yours?
hasya annisa (a name that i've been thinking should i be granted with a daughter. maksudnya hasya - kesempurnaan, annisa - wanita)

People to tag:
izzah my cuz

Who is number one?
a friend from heaven! seriously! if u're looking for someone who's loyal to her friends, that would be her. she has got a bog, warm heart and too many love to share with others. sapa yang dapat dia mmg untung!

Number three is having a relationship with?
aiya.. this lil cuz of mine is pretty good to keep things to herself.. :D (or am i too old to know their lil secrets?)

Say something about number five?
she's good in what she writes. she can makes u laugh over stupid jokes. we were in the same pakcik van that chauffer us to school masa kat smtm dulu.

How about number four?
my lil brother. who have big vision and big dreams. a very good writer i shall admit. i think he can make some earning from what he writes. (that's ow he gets his SLR anyway. jeles)

Who is number two?
my officemate, my kawan makan, my teman gie ikea, my gang gie sogo, and soon going to be my enemy.. sebab dia slalu ajak gie secret recipe, and i will definitely susah nak turn down her invitation sbb i'm a fan. that will spoil my diet. hehe.

Friday, January 16, 2009

:: challenging tag assignment from ayin + mas ::

The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results (i bend the rule anyway. some pics shall i say tak kena..) , and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people."


I really want to go to

My fav place

My fav thing

My fav drink

My fav food

My colour

I live in

I was born in

My college

My fav story

My hobby

I wish

I'm tagging

:: ni la orang pompuan ::

hari nih, nak kata mood rajin, tak gak. but then, since 2 days ago, i've been planning to cook some chicken rice for my boys, i masak la. tapi simplified version, since i'm staying in my mom's place, and boleh kata takde sorang pun kat sini fan nasi ayam, except my two boys. (i give up makan nasi ayam sbb dulu masa skolah², every wednesday lunch, DM (dewan makan) akan serve nasi ayam. skolah aku nyer nasi ayam dulu kira fames la, sedap) so i only masak for one pot (gila kedekut) that is meant for the boys. hehe. selesai keje.

anyway, yesterday my mom popped a Q to me. "er, along boleh gie keluar rumah after 45 days ka?" haha. i know my mom is looking for a partner in crime nak ajak gie shopping. all this while pun i dah dok kuar masuk kedai dah, tapi dengan kadar yang sgt sederhana pun. so i replied, "apsal? mak nak ajak keluar ke?" so she started to tell me her plan. tak la jauh mana pun pegi. pegi wangsa maju jek, cari kain for my bro's wedding.

i did remember my bro told me the theme would be gold. but rupanya gold tuh untuk hantaran. lerr. mati² aku ingat dia nak pakai kaler gold. untuk pakai kat umah, they decided on mauve. (senang hati aku, senang nak cari baju). so yesterday, mak dengan baik hatinya telah mensponsor baju. yiha! lovely material mom. thank you. and goes my next Q, bila nak tempah?

kat area umah aku nih, tailor yang aku trust ada 2. tapi stock lama gila queue kalau time² peak. i thought of delay it a lil before i start to tempah, since i want to wait till my badan is kinda surut. but then, kalau lambat sangat tempah, takut tak siap. alahai. i think i tempah jek la. somehow rather i don't really tight fitting dresses/kurung/kebaya. so, it should be ok la kalau terbesar sket pun.

pastu, nak kena pk pulak kan nak buat baju apa. (lama weh tak tempah baju, so ala² jakun.. ;P) hmm. nak buat kurung tak leh, sbb baju tuh stock bidang kecik. kurung moden? kebaya?

hmm.. nih la pompuan. nak buat baju pun macam pk masalah dunia. lagi senang pk camana nak design bridge, structures, flood mitigation measures dari pk nak buat baju. :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

:: creamy pasta ::

happened to chat with sheri over YM yesterday, and i started to whine on my hopeless skill - cooking curries. we started to exchange tips on cooking, and i think i should share the love with all.

as i mentioned before, despite being twin, my sons have different preference when it come to food. afiq is very much a malay boy, and adib enjoys western food. they do like the same food at times e.g. kurma, curry. but other than that, they're 180degrees opposite.

i'm pretty hopeless in cooking anything with curry in it, so i'd rather leave the recipes for the expert to share. let me just share the things that i'm good at.

for a start - creamy spaghetti - one of adib's favourite

sliced onions
cooked pasta
cheese (optional - i use cheddar)
corn or multipurpose flour
pepperoni/sliced of sausages (u can substitute with meat for a healthier serving. pepperoni + sausages kan high salt + fat content. skali skala ok la, jangan selalu. not good!)
lemon juice (for babies - i substitute it with lemon zest)

1. heat butter in a pan
2. sautee the onions
3. put in capsicum + pepperoni
4. add in mushroom
5. pour in some milk
6. add in a slice of cheese (if u're a cheesy person)
7. mix in some flour (a spoon or two to thicken the gravy)
8. season with pepper + salt + lemon juice/zest
9. put in the cooked pasta
10. serve hot.

u have to eat it while it's warm. kalau tak MUAK..

:: vision - priceless ::

yesterday evening, i brought the boys to see the opthalmologist, prof dr muhaya mohamed at the prince court medical centre (PCMC). FIL has had an opration before with her to remove his cataract, and she has one good track record in her field.

it has always been a concern with my mom especially about my boys' eyes. bila amik gambar, mata kanan diorang tend to move inside, macam squint eyes, or dalam bahasa melayu - juling. it's not obvious, tapi kalau perhati betul² baru ada. kejap² ada, kejap² takde. for info, my family (my mom's side) mmg boleh kata semua stok rabun. agaknya kalau semua buat lasik mau boleh dapat nissan murrano sebijik. hehe.

so, why am i so concern? squint eyes nih can be a symptom of lazy eye. maknanya, only one eyes is doing the job. it happened to one of my cousin, and it was only detected when she was around 5 years old. with her condition at that time, she was expected to be born with the problem. to improve her condition, she has to patch one of her eyes for a certain amount of hours a day to train the lazy eye to work. she's now 11, and on glasses.

i don't want my children to suffer that. simply because my hubby and i wore glasses and we know the limitation. bukannya senang hidup bila dah pakai spek. (my rabun is extremely bad, that the optalmologist terpaksa check my retina takut rosak. we're not talking about power spek dalam 400-500. mine is more than that for both eyes) that's why i hantar check mata. being preemie babies (prematured babies) who stayed in an incubator for about 5 days or so, and high concentrated oxygen, lotsa damages could happened to their eyes. (i may be an engineer, but i do at times read medical stuff. it's very² beneficial)

yesterday, masa check, dr kata the babies' eyes structure are healthy. alhamdulillah. but from their observation, my sons (both) have very high potential to be short sighted, or in other word rabun and kena pakai glasses bila besar nanti. but then, since they're still young, i could help them to overcome the problem. dr asked me to encourage them to see far things, (maknanya bawak le gi jejalan kat parks, zoo, etc) and avoid to see things dekat² (like watching tvs, pc, laptop). lucky me, my boys enjoy going out, and does not watch tv at home, except in the car. but the only thing that trouble us is, afiq and adib suka gentel teddy bear or anything soft before sleeping and they hold it very near to their eyes. so we have to try and put them to sleep without the furry bears.

nasib la my mommy is pushing me really hard about my boys' eyes. sometimes, when things seem to small aka remeh, that small thing is actually a symptom that could change their life. thanx mak for making me realize the importance of doing everything early.

but anyway, alang² dah cakap pasal babies nih, i'd like to share some infos that may help babies' brain development that i've got from my boys paed. he advised me to limit the time to watch tv to an hour a day, and promote taking scott's emulsion (or any minyak ikan) to boost the baby' brain develpoment.

tu jek la sket ilmu nak share. so those with young children and babies, it's never too early to start looking after their eyes. in fact, masa i jumpa dr muhaya smalam dia kata, dalam sebulan mmg sikit sgt patient yang datang tuh budak². dalam sebulan ada la seorang. so that shows kita punya awareness on the importance of taking good care of eyes among children is still low. the fees that u need to pay to the dr and time spent at the hospital may seem high and forever, but the vision of our children is priceless.

so why not start now?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

:: curry? me - hopeless ::

looking back, during my first pregnancy, my other half and i used to have roti canai and curry at one malay stall almost every weekend. perhaps, that's why my boys now are addicted to curry. don't be surprise. that's the truth. afiq and adib could have capati (one each) cicah curry ikan. they could eat the same kuah with veges (chinese style) with salmon (fried with garlic butter, seasoned with salt, parsley and tiny bit of black pepper).

the problem is - the mommy doesn't know how to dish up decent curry (not to mention good, delicious curry). i'm practically depending on my IL who are great curry cook.

well, people say practice makes perfect. i've tried (not really try anyway). from the scale of one to ten, my curry - i would say is minus six. :p

btw, i've read remember me? by sophie kinsella. took me a coule of hours to finish th book. hm, interesting approach. a twist without losing her 'kinsella' style. but i prefer the undomestic goddess and shopaholic series in terms of story board.

ok, take care everyone. and don't forget to read my previous entry. it's important!

:: Calling for attention! ::

Dear readers,

please take note of the following story. it happened to a senior of mine, who happened to live a few blocks away from my house. i've CTRL C + CTRL V (copy and paste) from nizzy facebook's profile. hubby told me the exact real story that he heard from his office's colleague whose wife is a friend of the victim. the story below might not be 100% accurate, but the bottom line is - TAKE CARE AND BEWARE NT ONLY TO STRANGERS BUT ALSO TO THOSE WHOM U KNOW WELL..

Let me share what Akidah wrote:

Dear family and friends,
Just to share an experience with everyone. Hopefully everyone can learn something from it and help me to create awareness for all, especially among female friends/family, to be very cautious of their surrounding and to be extra careful when driving/walking alone.

My story - yesterday morning when i was about to leave for work, I was stopped by Melvinder (a childhood friend and neighbor) who wanted a lift to a friends house in Bukit Mas (a secluded residential area on top of a hill here in Taman Melawati). He's storyline is he wanted to pick up his luggage bag because he was leaving for Pakistan in 3 hours time. Mel has a drug history which I knew of, but since he was a friend and neighbor, i didnt give it a second thought.

At the top most part of Bukit Mas where it was secluded, he conned me to open the boot and to get out of the car to check something in the boot. Next thing i know, he grabbed me and threw me into the boot. I was kidnapped and stuck in my own car boot for 3 hours. He said he will let me go if i cooperated and all he wanted is the car and money in my account. Initially, I actually believed him because he was saying that he was sorry, he was desperate etc..however as time goes by and my car started to smell of weed, I know my chances of being released were very slim. Later, he also had a friend (young malay guy from the sound of it) join him in the car, which made me think the heist was planned.

I am thankful that Allah swt allowed me to be calm throughout the ordeal. All the time in the boot, I was praying while concentrating on trying to break the boot latch from inside. ALHAMDULLILLAH, i manage to do so and when the car slowed down, i just shoved the the boot open and jumped out onto the highway. ALHAMDULLILLAH again, the car behind me managed to stop and I was not hurt. I went into the first car i can find - who coincidentally was driven by a police officer who was on leave. And the rest is history. I am save and that is all that matters. Mel however got away with my car (black perdana V6 WMH 4881) and everything else I had on me at the time. HE IS STILL ON THE LOOSE!

For Melawatians who knows him, PLEASE BE ALERT IF YOU SEE HIM. Contact the nearest police station. He is currently wanted by the police. and PLEASE advice all your family and friends to be extra careful. It happened to me infront of my own home. He is still out there and desperate.

For all my gal family and friends, please please please be careful. ALWAYS make sure someone knows where you are, where your heading, what time to expect you home. For the guys, it might happen to you too so be cautious of your surroundings. Please alert your sisters, wife and girl friends of the possibility of this happening to them. It is a normal modus operandi for a car jack or plain daylight robbery. Also be mindful if a stranger bangs your car, if you have a flat tyre, leaving cars unatended at petrol staions or in any circustances where your alone and your intuition just tells you that something is not right. I was extremely lucky but wallahualam what would happen to the next victim.

My two cents worth, if you were in a similar situation:-
1) Never lose faith in God – Pray!
2) Be calm - Dont agitate your assailant with screaming or crying
3) Never give up! Dont let them win.

a photo of him

So there you go.. if you happen to see Mel, please do your part.. there are enough psychos around in this world.. we don't need another psycho to be among the ones we actually know. Trust can be a bitch

Monday, January 12, 2009

:: i love thou, weight scale! ::

never thought that losing a kg could be sucha nice feeling. i just love the scale. hah! (only when the scale is telling me the thing that i want to see, despite the precision is pretty questionable) i don't care, as long as it makes me happy. heh.

so, the scale said that i have another 4 kg to shed. hopefully, i'll be back at my pre-preggy weight even if i couldn't get my figure back. that at least could make me feel great (or is sexy enough? haha)

so, i have achieved 20% of my new year resolution. hope the CNY holiday won't pull me back! ;p

:: a month old loss ::

the loss turned one month old yesterday. but i have come into terms on the loss. insya Allah, with Allah's will both of us will become stronger to face it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

:: confession of a returning shopaholic ::

i have a little secret, that i never share with anyone else, even with my other half. i tengah ketagih. tengah gian. bukan for the pills or what. tapi gian nak SHOPPING!

lama tuh pendam rasa nak shop. serious. i really need my second therapy to lift my happiness up. sounds material? i don't care. cause i'm not causing a dent to anyone bank statement, except mine. heh.

alang² bagitau rahsia, baik terus reveal apa yang i nak. let's see what wll vanish from the store.

1. new attire for me - both casual and official and undies. hehe. (the tummy has decided to show off a lil. so i have to. huhu.)
2. replenish my make up needs. (compact powder jek pun and perhaps new mascara. do i sound like me? typical not me kan? haha. aishah mana reti make up²)
3. stock up on my skin care products. seriously considering sheri's advice. u're one good promoter tau!
4. new books - recipes books and don't u remember me - sophie kinsella.
5. my boys new clothing. adib especially has outgrown his baju.
6. toys for my boys.
7. flash cards and books for my boys. sheri has been telling me to do so. i'm sucha procrastinator. i'm so moved with adam's story and i'd like my boys not to be left behind! i believe it's never too late.
8. nice material for me (hoping that abah will sponsor this one. hehe) - to be worn on my brother's wedding in june. i wanna look stunning. lalalalala.
9. new shoes. (this is not in my want list, but in my need list). that would nclude my trustable hush puppies pump, comfy crocs (haha nih dah macam want list bukan need list lagik kan? kan?)
10. sesame's street and islamic vcd for my boys.

hm.. my list could go on and on.. that would include crazy stuff like :-

11. new oven - i want a BIG OVEN so that i could bake large nos of cookies easily. but i know it'll take forever before i'd buy one.
12. slimming and firming sessions at good slimming centre. i do sound pathetic heh?
13. spanking brand new nissan murrano. huh, the car is just way too sexy! (nak bayo current car pun muka terkulat², ada hajat kunun!)
14. isyh.. dah la tuh.. gila gian nak shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

calculating, analysing, compute..

my account could be super negative! wake up sha!

:: i pray, and i pray.. ::

afiq and adib is still napping.. am running out of idea of what to cook for them, as lately afiq's appetite is pretty poor.. he simply refuse to eat, and depends a lot on formulas.. i decided that today i'll only fry some fish bites and stam some vege for lunch.. hopefully, he'll eat.. adib on the other hand is doing ok..

i scrolled down my blog today, and feel amused of myself when i see the tickers.. haha.. 9540 and counting.. terasa ala² glamer, though apa la sgt kalau nak dicompare dgn other famous bloggers, che det for example.. hehe..

i've already put up a plan for jan after my confinement period.. wanna take the boys for outing.. pity them for thy have to stay home all the time.. paling jauh pegi pun either clinic or IL's house.. i believe that they are bored as much as i do.. but above all, there's one thing that i really want to do.. VISIT AMIN'S GRAVE.. i haven't got the chance to visit the pusara yet.. frankly speaking, i thought i am strong, but nah, i am not! i can't help myself peeping at other peep's newborn baby whenever i got the chance.. i have delivered twice, but i never got the chance to go home together with my baby.. first preggy, afiq and adib kena tahan kat wad sampai 3 weeks.. second preggy, he went home earlier than me.. to a better place than mommy's arms..

i pray, and pray that Allah will never close the chance for meto conceive again..
i pray, and i pray that Allah will give me a better replacement to dull the sorrow..
i pray, and i pray that Allah will give me the strength to keep on moving..
i pray, and i pray that Allah will always surround me with people who loves me unconditionally..
i pray, and i pray that Allah wll give nothing but the best for me and family..
amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin..

O Allah, please give me the strength to move on..
please guide me with hidayah..

:: of little hope and dream, i'm no where near ::

i thought things would get better when we have expressed ourselves and being given a hope for a positive change.. but, i guess dreaming for good things to happen seems too big and too far away for it to come true.. of hope and dream, (mind the singular phrase that i'm using), i'm no where near..

i've spelled out how i feel, both nicely and sternly.. i've laid out what i want and what i expect.. but i guess, the little request that i've made is too expensive to bear.. what can i say? am i that unworthy to be fulfilled?

pardon me for whining.. but i have been bearing this for sucha period.. have no hormonal thingy to be blamed.. and i believe my mind is working consciously.. i'm marvelled on how people could be so deaf towards simple request that have been repeatedly continuously.. is it simply being deaf or ignorant? or both?

to whom it may concern, just bear with the consequences!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

:: award from ija ::

award from my 'happening' young cuz, ija.. TQ dear!

it says that i have to forward this award to another 4 bloggers.. from the bottom of my heart, i'd like to forward it to :-

1. mastura azmi
2. LG
3. nard
4. sheri hafiz


Monday, January 5, 2009

:: afiq, adib, amin ::

i've been wanting to jot this in my blog.. but i always forget to do so..

afiq and adib is now approaching their 17 months.. how time flies! cepat kan? and they now have developed their very own identity, (those who have facebook account can always judge it in the piccas)..

since now i dalam pantang, i follow all those ritual melayu pretty religiously that includes pakai benda yang tepek² atas kepala tuh.. (minus naik kereta, jalan² sometimes, tak pakai sweater, socks pun nipis saje) haha.. first time pakai tuh during this confinement, afiq tgk terus geli geleman nak pegang/sentuh kepala mommy dia.. he even makes faces yang dgn jelasnya cakap 'eeeeee.. yek! geli!' saba jek kan? and he'll only touch my forehead freely bila dah petang, after i took shower.. tu pun during the first few days, he'll examine my forehead really carefully before he touches it.. punya la penggeli.. even rumput pun tamau pijak, okay? not to mention kekadang suruh bukak baju dia and salin sbb basah..

sometimes, it makes me wonder, perangai penggeli sapa la anak aku dapat nih.. recently, baru la teringat.. dulu masa pregnantkan bebudak kembar tuh, aku kuat membebel kat opis.. cukup pantang pantry kotor.. (pardon me yeah, i dok sebelah pantry, so kalau ada sisa peninggalan yang dah berhari², baunya sangat harum!) agaknya dari situ la kot turun perangai tuh.. what to do?

adib on the other hand, jenis sempoi sket.. tapi si adib nih kalau bab pakai baju, kalau dah tuck in tuh boleh maintain jek tuck in.. despite he's more lasak than afiq.. (afiq tak suka tuck in.. dia selalu suruh org keluarkan baju dia).. suka sgt pakai kopiah, and macam faham jek that that day is a special day kalau kena pakai baju melayu.. ;D (talking of which, mana la aku nak tempah baju melayu bebudak nih for nazrin's wedding.. my staff tpt i tempah baju melayu bebudak nih dulu dah transfer, and yaya - my school buddy pun nak pindah to arab following her hubby)

the boys skang dah banyak pick up new things.. dah pandai buat gaya ayam dok kepak² bila i sebut chicken.. tapi bila sebut ayam tak plak paham.. heh.. apa lagi ek? banyak sgt la new progress diorang.. dah mula cakap few things.. dah kena marah.. in short, i feel so lucky and blessed to be granted with twin boys.. sbbnya so interesting to see them growing up, and spot the differences despite growing up in the same womb..

yesterday petang, i asked my hubby to drive past by amin's grave.. ntah la.. smalam hati sayu sgt rasa.. teringatkan pada arwah amin.. hubby pun skang almost every weekend/public holiday akan pergi pusara amin.. smalam he told me, he cried at amin's grave sbb rindu sgt pada dia.. he said he can still remember all details about our third son.. kalau the dad rasa macam tuh, can u imagine the mom?

yesterday night plak, si adib plak tak sihat.. rock him gently to sleep sambil urut² kepala dia.. dia wheezing sket smalam, that i have to ask my other half to return to our house amik inhaler.. dah lama tak kena.. agaknya partly contributed by the construction yang dkt ngan umah my mother kot.. slept by his side, and terjaga tengok² dia dah merengek turun dari katil.. sian dib dib..

tu jek la for today.. panjang dah nih type.. take care all.. bubbye!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

:: tersungkamkah puteri? ::

pada dahan yang muda,
tangan berpaut,
menggunung harap tidak tersungkur,
petir sabung menyabung,
guruh terus berdentum,
hujan membanjiri bumi.

di hujung taman,
ada bunga,
di sebalik pepohon,
ada pelangi,
bunga kembang mengharum,
pelangi menyinari langit.

tersungkamkah puteri?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

:: 10 things in 2009 ::

though today dah masuk 3rd day new year, and hari yang ke 6 tahun hijrah, i haven't put up my resolution yet.. baru baca mag, dia kata kalau nak track back ur resolution, try to make it measurable.. so let's see what am i looking at in yr 2009/1430..

resolution no. 1 : to concoct more good food fr my nucleous family..
target : 4 days (at least) a week..

resolution no. 2 : to shrink back to my pre-preggy weight & figure..
target : to lose 5 kg in 2 months time.. (err logik ke?) dulu masa first preggy manage to shed 19kg in 4 months.. kali nih nak shed 15 kg jek.. dah settle 10kg, tapi bila balance 5 kg nih dia macam ala2 tamau kurang.. macam sayangkan i jek.. (aishah who used to b 39 kg dah jadi 56 kg.. sure korang tertanya² di manakah tptnya ku ternak lemak yang berlebihan itu.. jawabnya : hehe.. ;) tanya suamiku.. ngehngehngeh)

resolution no. 3 : to exercise regularly..
target : let make this one an easy one.. at least once a week of brisk walking.. hehe.. (i need to find time to do this, seriously.. tapi kalau dah kena ikut hubby ke t**********n, kita kena KIV dulu la this one..)

resolution no. 4 : to master at least one hidrology and hydraulic modeling for work purposes..
target : hmm, this one pretty much depends on office's management, tapi targetnya nak kena master at least infoworks software so that i could easily do my flood risk mapping in the future! (haha.. sapa kenal aishah masa zaman uni sure kagum, sbb my weakness point is hydrology and hydraulic.. i don't know how did i end up doing this as my job! forte zaman study dulu - structures + geotech.. geotech paper 2 semester tuh dapat A.. structures pun boleh tahan gak la.. hydrology? aku tulis surat chenta kat en tarmizi mintak dia jangan bagi teruk² sebab boleh rosak CGPA.. siap cakap, i've tried my best.. ;))

i still have other reolutions, tapi for me it's intangible.. (mcm buat damage assessment plak) so lt's see what else yang i nak accomplish this year :-

resolution no. 5 : to be a better muslimah.. surely.. dari segi solat, puasa, zakat (slalu lambat bayar), aurat, pergaulan seharian, everything!

resolution no. 6 : to become a better wife.. meaning - to increase my patience.. let me take one aspect at a time.. cause i know, i'm not a perfect wife..

resolution no. 7 : to become a better mother.. meaning - to increase my patience as well, to spend more quality time with the boys, not to give in too much to my boys (i need to instill some discipline as well), to potty train them.. (nih kena start ini tahun jugak), etc..

resolution no. 8 : to become a better daughter + DIL.. less complain, pamper my parents + in laws up to my ability, to treat them better.. (i'm a pretty stubborn daughter + DIL, i know that)

resolution no. 9 : to become a better sister + SIL.. less quarrel + arguements, more good + constructing discussions..

resolution no. 10 : to become a better buddy.. spread the love and care.. :D MMUAHS!

tu jek kot.. hmm.. so far ok rasa.. boleh kot accomplish this year.. no. 2 tuh pretty challenging.. :D wish me luck.. love ya all!

Friday, January 2, 2009

:: suddenly...... ::

yesterday, after days of being strong and calm, i broke down again.. i suddenly remember the days when i was pregnant with amin.. i suddenly miss those sweet, short moments with him.. remembering his kicks.. remembering his sommersault acts that astonished me and hubby..ntah la.. in short i miss him dearly!

sometimes, it came to my mind, that things may turned out differently should the dr admit me on the day of A&C..but i know i can't think that way.. as Allah has decided what, where, when and how will it take place.. hubby always reminded me, that even if we had gone for double check up like w did in my first preggy, if Allah has destined it that way, it will happen that way.. i have to let amin go.. i have to redha dengan pemergian dia..

sometimes, i feel guilty of planning to go to holiday and such after this tragedy happened.. but i know life must go n, and i can't forever live in misery.. i have to look at the future instead, rather than thinking too much of what had happened, for it can't change a thing! it won't bring amin back to my arms, even if i cried a river!

i know i need a getaway.. and we're planning for it.. at first, we planned it to be a lil bit far from home.. but after considering the BIG DENT.. ;) we decided to have a simple, humble holiday..

since we're planning to be in jitra on the eve of CNY to attend hubby's cousin wedding, we decided to stop by cameron highland for a short stay.. just to run away from the hustle of the city.. hope afiq and adib will behave well on the long journey as we don't intend to bring the maid along.. because we want to connect with the boys.. mommy has to pack lotsa toys to entertain the boys for the ride.. hopefully we can tame them off in the carseats.. (crossing my fingers)

i'm now on my 23rd day of confinement (how time flies!).. tomorrow, my lil bro aka falah will return to dubln for work.. the boys will definitely miss him..

okayla, afiq dah mula kacau mommy kat pc nih.. take care all.. bye