Thursday, December 17, 2009

:: a whooping 4 kg ::

i went for my monthly A&C yesterday evening. as suspected, err i gained a whooping 4 kg!! adoiii. altho it is normal in my previous pregnancy, but this time around, my weight gain is pretty stable, that i normally gain only a kg a month, which is PERFECTLY normal! semalam dr terus jegil mata, and say i have to go for glucose test in my upcoming A&C. (arghhh! TIDAKKKKKK!)

dr tanya what's my problem, and i just simply say, "ntah la dr, skarang nih i makan selera sangat²." she asked me to reduce my obimin intake, maybe that particular supplement increase my appetite a lot.

anyway, it's gonna be a long weekend tomorrow. bestnya! kepala tengah merangka² jadual weekend. i'm thinking of visiting few friends who have safely delivered their babies. sabtu kena attend wedding anak boss, whereby 4 A telah berpakat untuk berjumpa pada waktu yang sama. hehe.

keja @ office progressing well. next week kena submit river modelling. in general dah ok, cuma belum keluarkan map saje. patutnya pagi nih boleh buat, tapi terpaksa tunggu petang sebab ai kena tanya supervisor camana nak buat because i tak pandai. :D

okayla peeps. blogging off now. take care.

ps - jangan lupa baca doa akhir tahun lepas asar and doa tahun baru semasa maghrib walaupun anda tengah high tengok malaysia lawan vietnam in final game. (ingatan untuk diri sendiri jua)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:: afiq and adib's progress : part 6 ::

the boys are progressing well and could immitate what adults say and do extremely well, that reminded me and OH to watch out what we say. :D

anyway, here goes their latest vocab..

:: scene 1 ::

daddy was about to enter bathroom leaving afiq alone on the bed, on the pretext of letting him to sleep.


afiq : eh, cemana? cemana nak amek gambar? eh cemana?
(while holding the mobile)

notice he loves to use the word eh?

:: scene 2 ::
OH bought some nangka for us. suap la jugak sket kat the boys sebab we know they like it.

OH : adib makan buah nangka. (attempting to introduce him to buah nangka)
adib : adib makan buah duncan (duncan is a character in thomas and friends)


:: scene 3 ::

mommy was watching the tele, and afiq suddenly switched off the tv.

mommy : afiq, pasang balik tv (sambil buat muka kesian)
OH : afiq pasang balik tv, kesian kat mommy.
afiq : thomas dah tido!

aik??? pulang paku buah keras?!

sebab i selalu cakap thomas dah tido when he wanted to watch thomas at unappropriate time.

:: scene 4 ::

mommy : adib nak naik apa?
adib : adib nak naik kapal terbang
mommy : nak pegi mana?
adib : cardiss. jumpa pakcu.

(hari tuh cakap nak gi jumpa goofy, now he knows how to associate cardiff with his pakcu.)

:: latest vocab ::

geyam : geram
tala : tarrrrraaa!
duncan : nangka
wanggis : manggis
wangga : mangga
olen : oren
olait : alright
beca : besar
kecil : kecil (and yes, they pronounce it keciL)
cikit caje : sikit saje
beyat/belat : berat (adib with y, afiq with l)

miss them a bunch!

Monday, December 14, 2009

:: a busy weekend ::

had a tiring weekend, with me cooking heavily in the kitchen. :P

after a while putting my 'chef hat' off, i know i have to start cooking back, especially when bills are escalating and we should save as much as we could. so, on saturday, i decided to turn the sotong into meal, (and considering i'm soooo lazy to cook). i just made some sambal sotong to be eaten with nasi lemak. and today, i'm proud to say, after 6 years of marriage, this is the first time ever i berjaya masak sambal yang ada rasa sambal walaupun tak la sesedap mana setelah bertutorial secara hands on with my mom's maid. haha.

sunday pulak, bangun jek pagi terus bake a cake. my sons love cakes so much. so, mommy dia pun terpaksa la belajar baking dan try macam² resepi cake. last week, i made vanilla butter cake, which shall i say was veryyyy good. last sunday i buat trio marble cake - ada rasa vanilla, choccy and strawberry. my OH prefers the butter cake, and i prefer the butter cake too sebab lagi senang nak buat compare to marble cake. (dasar pemalas). afiq habiskan 4 cuppies at one go using that trio marble cake recipe.

btw, we just bought some gupy fishes last sunday. 5 ekor kasik dekat kak nadd's son - adam for his 3rd birthday and we've got the boys another 10. the reason we bought this is to inculcate the responsibility in them. i want them to learn how to take care of things, and i think that's one of the simplest but enjoyable way to do that.

i just love these weeks coming up ahead sebab keja 4 hari saja, and then my family and i will be on LOOONG BLOCK LEAVE i.e. 2 weeks. yeay! just can't wait for it.. :)

no swimming session this week. mommy and daddy is extremely busy attending weddings and birthday, perhaps next week we shall visit the pool to burn the calories. :P

ok yeah peeps. bye!

ps - lately nih, dok craving root beer A&W. semalam beli. fuh nikmatnya minum..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

:: afiq and adib's progress : part 5 ::

afiq and adib has developed significant interest in two areas:-

No. 1 : swimming or using their term - mandi kolam
No. 2 : main masak²

on No. 1, i have no problem with it, except than being too tired after 'swimming' together with them in a muslimah swimming suit. luckily, i still can fit in the suit with tummy not showing that much. ;)

when they started to swim or rather play with water, i noticed 2 different characters between them (again!) adib is very confident that he don't mind to walk alone despite 'tertonggeng' dalam air. (the water was quite deep for them - 0.6m) he will then immitate how ikan koi swims and tells me, "mommy, macam ikan". immitate ikan koi means, bending his knee and let his chin to touch the water and held his head up like ikan koi asking for food. :D he can float himself by holding the side of the pool, and pretending that he's a boat.

afiq on the other hand, agak kurang confident to walk around the pool alone. he prefers to hold my hand and ask me to walk together with him. normally, he'll be the first to be out of the pool sebab tak tahan sejuk. adib on the other hand, akan berendam sampai afiq dah siap wash himself up.

muka happy berendam dalam air

output swimming

on No. 2, i don't mind my kids to like main masak². but husband has significant concern that he's afraid that the kids will develop into mat lembut. i understand his fear, but i thought those activities will eventually help the kids to master their hand and eye coordination! masa memula the kids develop interest in cooking, i was thinking of buying a small kitchen to let them play with it (though i know it cost a sum), but OH is not agreeable to my ideas that i have to calm it down. what say u? anyone reading this blog who's an expert in kids' development? is it ok or is it not ok to let your sons to play cooking? please share with me your views.

btw, it has been a while since i last share their ;atest vocab development. so, here goes the latest:-

:: scene 1 ::
mommy : afiq adib, macamana mengaji? alhamdulillahirabbil..?
afiq adib : alamin.
and after that afiq will continue.. : abang main ball.
apa motif dia aku pun tatau!

:: scene 2 ::
adib was sitting quietly in the SLOW moving car due to extreme heavy traffic (read: driving less than 30km/hr), while afiq was playing his truant, panjat keliling kereta. he suddenly fell off and said, "daddy bawak laju cangat!"

hahahah.. dia tak ngakuk dia yang bersalah panjat kerusi..

:: scene 3 ::
all of us (me, OH, in laws, OH's aunt and the boys) were getting bored in the loooong journey to mersing last eid. afiq was grumbling over many things. recalling his encounter of terhantuk dengan 'lori koyek tanah' at in laws' place many hours ago, etc.

guess adib got fed up, and he suddenly said,"Pening Kepala!"

everyone laughed off!

:: scene 4 ::
mommy : gajah makan apa?
afiq/adib : gajah makan TUBU (read : tebu).. manissssss

mommy : cookie monster makan apa?
afiq/adib : cookie manter (no s) makan bikut (biskut), ada pimish (ada kismis)

mommy : zirafah makan apa?
afiq/adib : jilapah makan daun.

mommy : turtle makan apa?
afiq/adib: turtle makan sayo.
mommy : sayo apa?
afiq/adib : sayo bokokoli (brocolli)
mak mertua aku dengo terus comment, amboi, sayo mahal saje!

:: scene 5 ::
mommy : adib nak naik apa?
adib : adib nak naik kapal terbang
mommy : adib naik kapal terbang nak pegi mana?
adib : adib nak pegi cardiss (cardiff)
mommy : adib nak jumpa pi mosh (mickey mouse)?
adib : adib nak jumpa gupi (goofy)
mommy : adib nak jumpa goofy??
adib : ngan pimosh..
tingginya angan² anak aku yang sorang nih.

:: scene 6 ::
mommy : afiq duduk dengan nenek (maid) kejap yek. mommy nak semayang.
afiq : mommy nak semayang apa?
mommy : mommy nak semayang asar.
afiq : mommy nak semayang apa?
mommy : mommy nak semayang tawih (terawikh)

baru dia diam. dia nak dengar jawapan terawikh.

:: scene 7 ::
adib threw a tantrum early in the morning. dia terbangun when we picked him up to send him to my mom's. he said,"kita lumah kita"

is he trying to tell me that he prefers to stay here rather than elsewhere? kids yang baru 2 tahun 4 bulan pun dah tahu menilai where is his home?

owh, i miss my kids!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

:: a week to go.. he'll be one.. ::

i was dumb struck by his statement yesterday. it's okay. i'll swallow it hard and make sure that my mind always to work to remember the point he deliberated briefly yesterday night. high expectations make you fall harder. so, don't just push yourself to high potential energy that will make you crash hard.

anyway, a week to go, and my late Amin will be 1 year old in memory. as i'm writing this, my tears dwell, as i can't deny, i still imagine how he would be whenever i saw other kids of that age. i miss him dearly, i admit, that sometimes, this pregnancy makes me feel so paranoid over simple things. i just hope that this time round, everything will be safe and sound. i can't bear going through such experience again. (please calm sha.. please!)

i'm now in my 21 weeks of pregnancy. tummy has started to show, that i can't wear my kurungs anymore. have changed to maternity wear.i have started to feel the baby's movement. this time round, the baby moves lesser compared to late Amin.

okay la peeps. enough tears have been shed. i don't want to be caught by anyone crying at this moment. take care. bye

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

:: lamanya tak berblogging ::

it has been a while since i last put up an entry in this blog. apa lagi, blog masak² aku. extremely busy with work life, that i didn't had time to scribble anything here. kerja sampai midnight, adeh. nasib baik la dah settle down sikit and in fact, today keja sangkut atas sebab² teknikal. (fuh, ayat..)

anyway, i had a long weekend. yeay! tak plan pun sebenarnya nak lajakkan cuti sampai monday, tapi due to heavy traffic masa return back from mersing (wedding sedara mara), i decided to call the day off. sungguh tak larat nak bukak mata!

pejam celik, pejam celik, dah sampai ke hujung tahun. kejap jek rasa. and hati tuh mula la rasa sayu. dah nak dekat setahun dah arwah anakanda amin bersemadi. sampai sekarang, masih terasa lagi trauma. harap sangat kali nih, everything will go well and smooth. tambah pulak sejak 3-4 minggu nih asyik mimpi yang menakutkan jek. harapnya bukan petanda sesuatu yang buruk akan berlaku.

weight gain kali nih pun dr kata very satisfying. tak overweight macam selalu. except once, lepas raya i gained 2 kgs. yang lain only a kg more or less a month.

okay la, layan la gambar senyum kambing afiq dan senyum macho adib this time. take care!