Sunday, April 24, 2011

:: kids grow up so fasttttt ::

kids grown up so fast, that sometimes u can't believe what you hear daily, as u always feel that they are still small babies to you.

:: scene 1 - breakfast at home ::

afiq : (was trying to find his way to skip breakfast by giving excuses, that prompted adib to say......)
adib : don't complain!

that sets mommy and daddy laughing out loud!

:: scene 2 - at in law's house ::
my SIL suka sakat afiq and adib. selalu buat2 nak naik kereta sama2 when the kids tak kasi.

cik la (my SIL) : tepi sikit, tepi sikit, saya nak masuk jugak. saya nak masuk kereta awak.
adib : tak boleh!
and SIL keeps on repeating.. that afiq lastly cakap..
afiq : pergi semayang dulu!

hahahah! comel!

Friday, April 22, 2011

:: My PJJ breastfeeding experience ::

it has been quite sometime since i last update this blog. merely because, i don't have time and i don't have any ideas on what to update. but recent comment from a reader, asking for tips untuk continue breastfeeding prompt me to write this immediately. i'm more than happy to share my PJJ breastfeeding journey. insya Allah.

i left my boy @ 6 months old to embark my journey of faith for 45 days last year. aidin is breastfeeding exclusively, and i'm lying if i say it didn't worry me t leave him behind. much effort has been taken to incerase and boost milk supply to ensure that the supply is enough through out my absence. i managed to store roughly 240oz of EBM that can last for half-a-month. i have no choice, that i have to find means and ways to deliver my EBM from holy land for my dear boy.

throughout my hajj journey, i religiously expressed the milk despite sometimes rasa nak give up sebab penat. but alhamdulillah, Allah dorongkan kekuatan through OH's constant help and supportive words. berdoa dengan sepenuh pengharapan agar masalah penghantaran susu ke KL dapat ditemukan sebab we failed to find any courier service yang boleh hantar EBM. Alhamdulillah, Allah lorongkan kami dengan berjumpa dengan MD pakej haji kami yang akan balik ke KL kerana visa haji setelah bermohon dan bermunajat kepadaNya.

45 days of absence, balik kl, saya try to re-bf aidin. first trial memang dia reject. tapi tak sampai 12 hours, he's latching back naturally and alhamdulillah till now masih lagi bf exclusively. SYUKUR.

berusaha, berdoalah banyak² kepadaNya agar penyusuan bayi dipermudahkan dalam semua aspek. in my case, at nights masa pergi haji tu aidin was on FM sebab malam² dia tak minum sangat pun, just a matter nak manja-manja saje. i sacrifice on that sebab nak memudahkan my mom especially yang ambil alih tugas i as a mom throughout my hajj journey. my EBM frozen, so kalau aidin melalak tengah malam nak susu tak sempat nak panaskan. tapi setin kecik FM tu tak habis pun by the time i return back to KL.

Monday, April 11, 2011

:: Wassalamu ::

just a short update on adib.

he went to toilet to pee. after finishing his business, he said, "wassalamu.."

NOPE.. dia tak buat lawak. he genuinely said that sebab dah selesai. =D

cute la kamu dib!

Friday, April 8, 2011

:: Aidin is ONE and a new baby girl in the house ::

sudah lama tidak bersiaran. sangat sibuk dengan hal-hal dunia, baik rumahtangga mahupun kerjaya.

last week was aidin's first birthday bash. i assume i lost plenty of lemak on that day, as i worked non-stop and eat too little. (ayat penyedap hati) it was a simple bash, with home cooked food (almost 100% - walaupun ada yang diimport dari rumah mak dan MIL) and good company. alhamdulillah, everything went well, everyone enjoyed themselves. yeay! thanx to family members who helped a lot. syukur, alhamdulillah.

on the day he turned one, aidin was teething his not 9th but 10th teeth! so sebelum bash, ada sedikit cranky and demam di sana sini. but alhamdulillah, right in time for party, he is ok. aidin at 1 y.o masih belum jalan, he prefer to crawl than walk, as he can crawled super duper fast, sudah pandai memanjat tangga & seangkatan dengannya. leaving him in walker is a big NO NO as he can climb out from the walker. loves to eat and his first word is MAMAM. still address me as ma-mah, as opposed to mommy. sudah mula tunjuk his brothers and address them BANG. loves to bite mommy's shoulder, or whoever carrying him. (so watch out!) loves to play with mommy's baju kurung button. owh, i just love him!

and today, a day short before a week after aidin's birthday, i'm officially a MAKLONG. gosh i feel old! my SIL delivered her first born this morning, and it's a GIRLLLL! seronok gile. can't wait for evening to come, and gomol² my new niece. yeay yeay.

okay people, nanti i update cerita afiq adib pulak. lama tak update pasal the twin.