Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:: keja banyak. ::

i'm extremely busy at office. my brain is functioning 120%, making me feel lethargic and worn out. too much to absorb for this petite lady.

yup, preparing ISO documents is not an easy task. sambil buat management works, mind has to work out her technical thinking too in completing her river model by year end. bridges make it tough. kejap² crash. agagagagagaga.

tadi tengahari ada lunch date dengan mak cik kak raja @ tupai². (dia marah kita panggil dia makcik.. hehe.. takpe, she looks young anyway despite dah pension @ the age of 25 x 2. wink!) banyak cerita ngan akak sorang nih. kiranya dulu, dia la tempat meluah perasaan stress. asal stress jek minum. asal stress jek kenny hill. heheh.

will be out for 3 nights next week leaving the boys behind. the last time i left them was in APRIL!! wa lama gila aku tak gi outstation. tatau la cemana sebab now every night, especially adib, he'll wake up and look for his mommy. nak tido ngan mommy atas katil.

esok ada appointment ngan dr. my scheduled A&C. risau la. tak kuat sangat baby movement this time round. not like my previous pregnancy. and yes, i still wear kurung to office. sangat kecik!! hmm..

okay la all. i nak balik dulu. dah bapa hari balik lambat. tak puas main ngan anak sebab bila balik diorang dah nak tido (read : i reach home @ 6.30pm and they sleep @ 7.30pm). take care yeah. bye!

ps - i love kak raja's advice on kids. play with them when they're small. you can never retrieve the time that has passed away, and you can never re-visit those beautiful moment again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

:: our weekend ::

rasa macam dah lama tak update blog. kerja kat office sangat² menyesakkan saluran trakea. :P sampai keje over the weekend till midnight! duh! fenin hokay. mak malas nak cerita panjang. yang pastinye, the OH dok dengar la aku membebel sampai ke tengah malam sambil buat keja. (harus belajar ikhlasssss!)

anyway, we were supposed to attend a birthday party @ amcorp mall on saturday. but unfortunately, anak²ku demam. makanya, melepas la anak² aku dari menengok bear A&W yang chumil itu.

luckily, on sunday, demam dah subside, so bley la hangkut diorang ke pjaya, to attend my BFF's (nadd) daughter punya aqiqah. the food is lovely! pastu, nadd buat skali ngan birthday party si adam yang dah 5 tahun tuh. ada clown. the boys bila depan orang sungguhla innocent. pegang tangan daddy nak jumpa clown sbb nak amek belon.

* isyh lama tak tulih, rasa cam serabut la entry.. very the very tak tersusun. i malas nak re-write so please bear with me on the caca marba-ness. :P

afiq adib sekarang dah pandai berebut nak tgk kartun. very much as i anticipated before. naik kereta jek, si afiq nak tgk barney. si adib nak tengok thomas. fenin².

and i've started telling them that there's a baby in my tummy. and inilah jadinya yesterday morning..

afiq : (sambil pegang perut i) dalam perut mommy ada baby..
me : (sengih)
afiq : baby bop. (karakter dalam cerita barney)
me and OH : (gelak sakit perut)

and this was the dialogue in the car.. when i attempted to put them to sleep.

adib : abetos (albatross) dah tido. penguin dah tido. warus (walrus) dah tido. kola bear (polar bear) dah tido.
me : semua dah tido.
daddy : adib?
adib : adib dah bangun.
me and OH : (gelak sakit perut)
dan² tuh afiq bangun.
afiq : apiq bangun!

and they now know the differences of working and holiday.

me : mommy keje esok.
adib : mommy keje rumah.

me : afiq nak mommy keja ke cuti?
afiq : cuti.


hope u guys enjoy reading their new progress. banyak dalam kepala nak cerita tapi semua haywire la. just like the entry.

take care!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:: mind flew off ::

i'm in the midst of stress that suddenly my mind flew off to home sweet home, reminding me of my two little munchkins. :) hilang kejap stress kat kepala.

rasa²nya la, apa yang diorang tgh buat sekarang?

by the way, they have develop significant interest in junk food. adoi. jelly, candy, chocolate, ice cream. and they now know how to demand too. be it in a heartbreaking way (buat muka sedih, cakap banyak² kali) or tantrums!

surely hitting the big 2 year old milestone is testing the mommy's patience a lot!

this weekend, insya Allah we'll be attending a birthday party on saturday and will head to pjaya on sunday to attend hani raihanah's aqiqah. (sweet kan nama baby tuh!)

btw, have i told you what the gender is??

nantila ye. kita jumpa di lain siaran. :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

:: monday blues ::

esok adalah hari meeting sedooonia, and i've started feeling the stress already. kerja melambak tapi semua tak boleh buat sebab banyak yang pending/problematic. sigh.

how i wish, i could rest and relax today.....

heaven kan rasa kalau cuti hari isnin?

Friday, November 6, 2009

:: cuti tapi penat! ::

i was on leave yesterday. i was undecided at first but the night before, both afiq and adib didn't sleep well, and boy, i'm so tired. seriously!

the boys as usual woke up early. after i sent them to their neneks, i dozed off again. sedar² dah pukul 8.30am you! i thought of bringing the boys out for breakie, tapi dah mommy dia bangun lambat, anak² pun dah selamat makan nuggets.

i quickly showered, and gather my car keys to get some nasi kerabu. (sedap hokay). start the engine, and.. ehek.. ehek.. adoi!


bukannya lama tak start, baru bawak last saturday! huwaaa! kena cari mechanic la pulak pepagi nih. rosak plan.

so pujuk my two kiddos to naik the other car, and alhamdulillah, they bought my reasons. :P (read : they prefer the MPV sebab ada dvd player.. kereta mommy dia chumil, takde entertainment, except books. :)) beli nasik kerabu (beli jugak!) and then gi mechanic panggil orang datang rumah.


after tukar bateri segala, i bring my boys to the curve with the hope that i could buy a cheaper version of 'bob the builder's' t-shirt. takde la pulak. yang ada next is in mothercare and i know it's going to burn my pocket if i grab any. selai tshirt pun can cost 70bucks! sorry sayang, mommy is not prepared to spend that much for a tshirt that can only fits u for like 6 months the most.

so, haruslah mengubah langkah. bawak pulak masuk MPH. afiq loves to read or rather look at books and ask LOTS of questions. spend quite a some in there, but i never kisah to buy books for the kids, as they enjoy it so much, and i see it as a bonding tool between me and them. they love it when mommy makes stupid sounds while reading.

i've limit myself to only an hour at the curve. (discipline!) sebabnya, i have lots of other things to settle that day. 2 cars to be sent to car wash (sebulan tak basuh.. u can imagine the sawangness). dropped the kids at home and rushed to car wash. one done, return home, took lunch, zohor and hantar the other car for a wash. lepas basuh kereta vroom vroom to pcmc as i had an appointment at 4.00pm with the physio. hamek!

i almost dozed off masa treatment. if not because the OH called, confirm aku melayang ntah ke mana.

basically, the physio said that my hip muscle dah weak, perhaps due to my first pregnancy. lepas tuh dr kata, my spine pun ada problem, tapi belum trigger lagi. so she asked me to have this hot and cold pack handy (15 mins a day - twice daily), kena buat exercise yang dia ajar and teh best part is, she asked me to get massage frequently!! yeay!!

next week kena jumpa lagi, as she wants to see what is the progress. dia kata, normally after 2-3 visits, should be ok. cuma kalau tak baik jugak, then i have to go for pregnancy belt la.

that was the story at pcmc.

i had a very tiring day yesterday, and my.. i dozed off extremely early with the kids. rasanya before isyak dah zzzzz.. and only woke up for isyak prayers at 3.00am.

pagi nih bangun kepala rasa weng. patutnya i pegi jek klinik mintak mc kan?

kay la all. have a good day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: joke of the day.. thanx pn masturr! ::

i came accross mas's entry and i find this funny.

hope this will cheer up your stressful day.. ngee!

:: afiq and adib progress:part 4 ::

my boys normally tido awal (as early as 8.00pm and they are early risers too) that usually make me tido awal too. :) it has been a practise since they are babies, and i intend to keep it that way after reading an article emailed by my OH of the importance of sleeping early among babies. and insya Allah, i intend to do the same with their adik. pretty much, it helps me to rest and relax a bit.

like yesterday night, they dozed off before isyak prayers. normally, if i belum solat, then i'll sleep with them first and wake up later. tapi malam tadi susahnya pulak nak tido. lepas solat, i decided to switch on the tele (barulah perasan lamanya tak tengok TV!!!) and started to flip from one to channel to another.

i ended up on a movie that made me smile. macamana an arranged marriage finds it true love and happiness. (ada cerita omputih pre-arranged wedding yeah?). but i can't narrate the story well la, sebab i tengok pun dah half way. but it was about a lady who was asked to marry her late husband's brother.

oh, by the way, afiq now has turned to someone yang BANYAK GILA tanya! like this morning, he was up at quarter past 6, i let him meddled with my phone, while i take shower with the door closed hoping that he won't play with the hot water and mix his own formula when adib will surely have done that. lucky me adib was still asleep!)

scene #1: bedroom

lebey kurang cam nih la dialog si afiq..

i was putting on some toner..

afiq : mommy buat apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai ubat.
afiq : mommy pakai ubat apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai ubat gatal.

then i put on my moisturizer..

afiq : mommy pakai apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai lotion
afiq : mommy pakai locen apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai lotion gatal.
afiq : apiq?

scene #2 : bedroom

i was about to go to work when adib woke up.

mommy : mommy pegi keje ye?
adib : mommy keje?
mommy : mommy keje. nanti petang mommy balik, kita main sama-sama.
adib : sayang pipi. (instruct suruh i cium pipi)

hehe.. chumil!

scene #3 : bedroom

this is their favourite dialog sebelum tido.

afiq/adib : nenek mana? (nenek refers to maid)
mommy : nenek kat atas. nenek bubuh ubat dekat pi-mosh (mickey mouse)
afiq/adib : nenek bubuh ubat pi-mosh?
mommy : nenek bubuh ubat pi-mosh. pi mosh kena gigit ulat. besar. hitam. sian pi-mosh.
afiq/adib : nenek bubuh ubat gamat.
mommy : haah nenek bubuh minyak gamat.

dan dialog di atas akan diulang sampai diorang ngantuk..

scene #4 : in the kitchen

mommy : afiq anak mommy ke anak daddy?
afiq : anak mommy
my mom : afiq cucu wan ke cucu atuk?
afiq : cucu tok mama (my MIL)

read : afiq kuat menyakat.

:: vocab progress ::
dorus : walrus
penguin : penguin
abetos : albatross (a kind of bird)
kola bear : polar bear
bina : ribena
tagen : vitagen
apel : apple juice
songkok : songkok
spot ka : sport car
hebeck : hatchback car
gader : grader
pikap tak : pickup truck
mommy tak lalat : mommy tak larat
comelnye : comelnya
ajunye : lajunya
masuk gelap : masuk tunnel
gabemen : government
beyi : strawberry
olen : orange
lepair : repair
keta thomas : estima
tank-ku : thank you

and now activity favourite afiq is to play around with the chopped veges and pretend to cook, not forgetting MEMANJAT! adoi..

adib on the other hand is pretty gayat. hehe. tapi lari laju gila while afiq lari kelakar sebab kaki dia dok ternaik-naik macam org lari nak lompat tinggi. hehe.

kay la.. hope u enjoy this entry on the kids. :)

i just love them. to bits!

Monday, November 2, 2009

:: shh.. jangan kacau! ::

banyak benda kena buat hari nih.

re-schedule appointments (physio, a&c). nak siapkan ISO documents. nak jengah agency modelling river model. :P bosan.

so hari nih, mak nak dok diam² kat opis buat keje.. shhh. jangan kaco.

ps - malam tadi afiq mengigau. gelak sorang² kul 1.30am. mommy dia sengih² dengar, pastu mata tak leh lelap.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

:: pandai kot?? ::

i was driving the car yesterday with mom holding both kids. we went for a ride, heading towards to the National Museum, visiting 'Douglas, Percy and James' (the big train replica outside the Museum.

the boys (as usual) prefer to sit with mommy rather with anyone else, that they (afiq) trying his way out to get his butt on mommy's lap. mom and i had to tell him many times, that i'm driving and they have to sit with their wan. it's not that my mom can't drive, but she just don't want the children know that she can drive the MPV. she always get away from driving that car (when entertaining afiq and adib) by saying dia tak pandai bawak kereta mommy.

the dialogue goes this way..

mom : kena duduk dengan wan. mommy bawak kereta.
them : mommy bawak kereta?
mom : haah. mommy bawak kereta. wan tak pandai bawak kereta thomas*.

* kereta thomas = MPV

afiq : wan tak pandai bawak?
mom : wan tak pandai..

tetiba, adib cakap..
adib : pandai kot??

wakakakakka. provoking hokay! that is mommy's boy!
kitorang gelak sakit perut.

:: mommy sakit pala? ::

my weekend was greeted with:

no. 1 : headache.
no. 2 : simple reply of status update that made me, again?!

i didn't get good sleep last night. can't remember how many times i woke up to the boys' cries, but one thing i knew, i ran out of hot water at the end of the sleep.

next week, i'll be having my first appointment ever with a physio. and i'm thinking of taking a leave on that day, to have some me time. work is chaotic at the moment, but health is far more important. kalau sakit, seniri tanggung. isn't it? nak lupakan sekejap soal map yang perlu siap by december tapi model tuh masih tak stabil, ISO documentations, soon up is budget for 2010. and those things can't be delegated, sebab dalam unit aku tuh ada satu jek engineer!

unhappy moms make children unhappy. sorry my boys, will make it up later in the evening, once mommy feels better. we'll have some fun outside, have doughnuts perhaps n good laughs. you know mommy loves u more than anything.

ok peeps, enough of my weekend ramblings. it's gonna be a very BORING WORKING WEEK next week. gang makan ada exam the whole week, meaning they won't be around in the office. yikes!