Friday, November 28, 2008

:: lunch kat ikea.. ::

hari ni hari jumaat.. hari yang best.. hehe..

had my lunch @ ikea's food court today, enjoying the meatballs, creme caramel and daim's cake.. luvly.. my craving is blooming, and WAJAR dilayan occay! sbb nak confinement pun tak lama lagi.. thanx to azimah for driving me and company there.. thank you!!!! hihi..

today marks my 37 weeks of pregnancy.. 3 weeks to go, and insya Allah the baby will be kicking in the air.. i'll be having my A&C next wednesday, and we'll see how does it progress from there.. the baby still tak engage lagi.. the head is not locked yet.. so kena la tgk la macamana..

another big thing.. we'll be welcoming the new arrival to the family today.. new ride.. yeay!!!! so excited.. :D

okayla all.. tu jek nak hapdet ari nih.. rindu pulak rasa kat budak kecik 2 org tuh.. smalam afiq tunggu mommy dia balik kat luar umah kul 8.30mlm.. mengamuk agaknya marah napa mommy tak sampai umah lagik.. sian dia..

take care.. bye..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

:: very sleepy ::

i didn't had a good night sleep yesterday night.. thanx to the electricity that went out in the middle of the night, leaving me sweating and uncomfortable.. only managed to get a proper sleep back at almost 3 pm, waking up again at 5.30 to perform my isyak prayers.. we were so sleepy yesterday.. lambat solat smalam.. nasib baik sempat..

afiq demam yesterday, but alhamdulillah, he didn't go cranky.. adib batuk².. agaknya 2-2 berjangkit mommy.. mommy dia dah makin reda dah, though still ada slight coughing and occasionally sneezing here n there.. hopefully all of us will be in the pink of health again, by the time we welcome the new addition to the family.. (i just feel so excited.. and anxious at the same time..)

according to the calendar, i'll be turning 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. that leaves me with three weeks to go before the big day arrive.. anytime from now, i'll become a mother of 3.. wow!

looking back, during those days when my hubby and i were tested with the hardship to conceive, i feel so blessed with my current life now.. alhamdulillah.. syukur sangat².. kebahagiaan ngan nikmat yang aku dapat skang nih buat aku lupa satu masa dulu aku penah down, depressed n went thru difficult time with treatments and so forth.. skang nih, ada gak member² yang experience benda yang sama contact balik and asked for advices.. my advice is simple - do what ever u can, for if u have done everything u'll never regret in your latter life..

just to share something.. i was blog hopping just now, and i arrived to one blog that makes me shed my tears.. read this untuk pedoman kita semua.. after reading that blog, terus teringat anak² kat umah.. apa la kabar diorang.. okay ke maid aku jaga diorang.. hopefully okay la..

hmm.. hubby tak abih2 meeting lagi.. ingatkan ari nih dapat la balik main ngan anak2.. alamatnya, nak maghrib gak la aku sampai kang.. nak kena singgah kedai lagi, beli honey star ke koko crunch ke..sbb the boys are so into cereal lately.. satu kotak habis 2 hari okay.. hehe..

okay la ll.. please take time to read that blog.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. definitely, u'll shed your tears..

take care.. salam

:: terkadang.. ::

terkadang, hati ini terluka,
terkadang hati ini melukakan..

terkadang, lidah salah berbicara,
terkadang, telinga salah mendengar,
terkadang, jiwa salah menafsir..

inilah resam hidup..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:: tagged by ayin ::

1. do u think u are HOT?
errr.. blooming 36 turns 37 weeks pregnancy.. i think, i'm too hot! haha

2. upload a fav pic of you

3. why do u like this picture?
i look so rosy in my cheeks.. haha.. looks so motherly.. hehe.. perasan u!

4. when was the last time u ate pizza?

5. the last song u listen too?
err, i can't really remember.. some tunes on hot fm..

6. what are u doing right now besides this
waiting for my hubby to pick me up..

7. what name u prefer besides yours?
sofiyyah.. lembut jek bunyi..

8. 5 people to tag
1. reza redzuan
2. farihah
3. sheri
4. izzah ismail
5. mastura

9. who is no.1
ex opismate.. kawan gie kopitiam.. ngehngeh

10. no.3 is having relationship with?
married to my ex classmate in school

11. say something about no.5
seorang pensyarah berwawasan.. eceh!

12. how about no.4?
budak kecik yang sedang membesar.. hehe.. no offense ye sepupuku..

13. who is no.2
my newly wed officemate..

ps: reza - reza nyer tag KIV dulu ek.. ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

:: am i nesting? ::

afiq didn't sleep well last night.. guess, terbawak²merajuk dia masa kat umah papa n mama malam smalam.. he finally slept in my arms at half past two, only to find him awake again at 5 in the morning.. pity him.. pagi tadi, nak kasi dia senyap, hangkut satu balang honey star dalam kereta and feed him up on the way to my mom's.. sampai umah my mom, tanak pulak kat maid.. clingy pulak kat daddy dia.. sian afiq.. adib on the other hand, bila dgr afiq nangis, dia pun ikut teriak gak.. adoi, saba jek la..

i'm not sure whether i'm nesting or what, but lately, the urge of getting things in order are blooming.. yesterday night, my hubby and i susun gambar afiq and adib (well, it took me more than a year to do so!) dalam album.. tapi tak siap pun, sbb album dah habih.. kena beli lagik..

then today, the urge of going out and have some fun pun melambung² tinggi.. ada opismate nak gie midvalley cari kasut, tapi i'm not too confident to tag along.. tapi best gak kan kalau dapat gie.. pastuh dok kemas² sket kat opis.. (tak la kemas mana pun.. tapi tpt ku ini memang perlu dikemas, sbb bersepah teramat..) am i nesting or what?

anyway. my cough is getting a tad better.. after all those lemon remedy, buah kundur la.. pisang kaki la.. honey la.. beside bena expectorant tuh.. hopefully, i'll recover cecepat.. malam tadi pun tido pakai kipas saje.. yes, significantly, my cough kurang sket aa malam tadi..

hmm.. it's now 20 past 11.. agak²nya apa menu lunch aku ari nih yek?

Monday, November 24, 2008

:: 36 weeks, and the countdown begins.. ::

i'm in my 36 weeks of pregnancy, and yes i'm excited to meet my third child..

so far the contraction has lessen, leaving me feel more relaxed since i have way passed the pre-term delivery risk.. alhamdulillah.. now, it's just how to get the baby out from my 'beautiful' tummy..

the baby's body, as per dr's scan is curving down, rising the chance of vaginal delivery after c-sect.. i just pray for the best for me n baby.. hopefully we'll make it through safe and sound.. amin..

haven't really arrived to a name yet.. guess it would all be the same case again.. will only finalize his name on the day of registration.. that was exactly what we did during afiq and adib last year.. :D

the boss in the office also has started to avoid giving me jobs lately.. so i have plenty of time in the office to blog and so..

weekend was well spent with the boys.. though it's getting harder for me to walk around.. my other half has taken the role to entertain the boys most of the time.. it's pre-confinement period exercise for him anyway.. night wake ups pun dah lama tak buat.. he's taking the role completely.. except that i have to wake him up to feed the boys since he's so immuned to the boys' crying and screaming.. (i have bionic ears.. haha)

shopping for the newborn pun dah settle.. tak banyak sgt belipun since most of the things are handed down from his brothers.. just grabbed few pieces of new clothes and baby blanket.. stroller nanti² beli..

okay la all.. enjoy this simple short entry.. nothing much to update actually.. take good care.. bye!

Friday, November 21, 2008

:: late evening shopping ::

i forgot to share the funny part during my A&C checkup in my last entry.. my baby was sucking his fingers masa dr tgh buat ultrasound.. hahaha.. cute..

anyway, yesterday evening, as planned, my other half and i went to sogo to grab some formulas, pyjamas and shorts for the boys.. i normally avoid shopping for those stuffs in late evenings, as u know - time tuh rush hour.. maghrib prayers, teringat anak kat umah.. but we have to do it yesterday sbb the formula was on sale.. (RM10 off per tin - that's a good grab!)

so there we went.. first cari pyjamas the boys and some shorts.. dapatlah sikit.. not much of choices anyway.. beli new toys for the boys, as they pun dah grow up.. need some more challenging toys than their current ones.. pastuh baru beli susu.. hubby angkut sampai 8 tin sbb SIL pun pesan.. now RRP enfagrow is around RM86 per 1.7kg.. yesterday they were on sale at RM75 per 1.7kg.. apa lagi, angkut sakan la.. while hubby was quieing up to pay, my eyes fell upon paddington bears lines.. and to my surprise, (yeay!) the shorts (jeans) were only RM10 per piece! sukeeee!

lepas tuh, rushed performed maghrib prayers kat surau located at the basement (i seriously think sogo should do better than that!) before heading home.. balik umah jek tgk² the boys dah tido.. alahai.. kesian anak² mommmy tak manje² dulu before tido.. huhu..

after a sip of tea, we then head home.. TARA is on their season finale - but i miss the first half of the race.. i'm happy for sam and vince who won the race, as i believe they have raced pretty nicely and fair.. in my opinion, the challenges are tougher but the places they went aren't interesting as TARA season 2..

anyway, i didn't get good sleep last night, despite being tired.. i've been coughing sampai the boys terkejut² tido.. i really hope the cough will get away cecepat.. can't really handle it!

till then readers.. i'm less than a month from my due date.. pray for me!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

:: still coughing ::

had my scheduled A&C yesterday evening.. ultrasound reveals that the baby is ok.. 2.45kg roughly at the moment.. i'm now in my 36 weeks of pregnancy.. so far the baby is lying tranversely, but the dr said that i might get a chance to deliver normally since the baby has started to curve his body down, with head down.. i don't mind the method of delivery, as long as we're both safe and fine!

anyway, i'm still having my bad cough.. nih dah masuk 2nd bottle of cough syrup already.. can't take it especially at nights.. sian my boys yang kekadang terkejut dengar mommy dia batuk tgh² malam.. i decided to start taking honey everyday.. a spoon in the morning with some hot water to ease the pain.. hopefully, i'll recover soon..

my other half and i are planning to go to sogo.. we seriously need to look for some pyjamas for the boys, as they have outgrown theirs already (especially adib).. adib is taller than afiq by an inch or so.. and we plan to buy some shorts for them.. apa lagi.. need to grab some milk as well and if time permits, maybe i'll look for some toys for them..

am looking for so some traditional medicine/petua org dulu² on cough.. anyone ada idea? my cough - very chesty, very dry.. sampai sakit anak tekak.. kalaua da petua, sudi² la share ngan i.. sharing is caring kan? :D

okay la all.. take care.. zai jian!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:: still not well ::

finally, i'm back in the office after 2 days medical leave.. am not 100% well yet, but i guess, i'd better try to keep myself active to shove away the cough fast.. takut kena c-sect anytime, seksa oo dengan batuk tahap gaban nih!

i'll be having my A&C later this evening.. alhamdulillah, lately contraction kurang sket.. perhaps due to the medicine yang dr prescribe to lessen the contraction.. before this i kadang² skip that medicine.. but after 2 incidents, wowowowo.. i'm trying my best to take the medicine religiously.. ngeeeee..

afiq and adib didn't sleep well for the past nights.. it's either, the daddy didn't do the job well, or they want mommy to craddle them up.. it has been very tough for me to wake up in the middle of the night lately, and i've been depending on my other half to take the chores..

the peanut butter pie - the one that i intend to make, still tak buat².. with my condition now, i don't have the appetite to do anything.. what i want is just my bantal and sleep.. huhu..

okay la all.. take good care.. salam!

Monday, November 17, 2008

:: 2 days MC ::

am on 2 days medical leave.. have been feeling unwell since last week, but managed to KIV the problems.. yesterday, langsung tak bangun kena penangan ubat batuk.. both boys were under hubby's supervision.. hehe.. sian gak.. tapi blog macaman pun mesti mau update punya..

the boys are asleep, and has gone cranky lately.. perhaps, they're telling mommy that adik is going to be here soon.. since lately nih byk sgt contraction that at times caused me to shed tears.. masa carry afiq and adib before, i never knew how does the pain feels like.. since dah pecah air ketuban pun tak rasa apa.. perhaps, sbb dulu banyak baca quran.. this time round, i admit i didn't read much..

tomorrow, i have an appointment with the maid agent.. FINALLY! i have tonnes of complaints.. and if she can't resolve it within a month, i'm gonna return her back.. hubby told me, and advise me, that i can't be a welfare worker all the time.. frankly speaking, i'm at my highest pitch with my current maid.. aiyooo.. it's either due to the swelling hormone, or mmg dia bermasalah.. ntah.. wa tarak tau..

okay la all.. enjoy this short entry.. have just had my dose of medicine.. gimme half an hour, and the yawning will never ends.. haha.. take care (dah menguap dah pun..) daa!

Friday, November 14, 2008

:: plans for the weekend ::

yesterday's entry was purely from my heart.. thanx readers for dropping by your comments.. i feel touched when it reached some hearts who are thousand miles away.. (that's for you ayin!)

anyway, my other half will be back from PG (read : PG - Pasir Gudang, bukan papua new guinnea tau mast! ;D).. and have promised me to spend some Q time to make things up with our boys, since we've been extremely busy last week.. hopefully, my sore throat will fade away, and i'm in the pink of health over the weekend..

thinking of bringing the boys out to the park.. to let them run on the greeny grass.. or maybe a session in gymboree.. my boys hate the malls so much.. (thank you afiq and adib, both of you reminds mommy and daddy to shop less, as we've just committed ourselves to loan!) depending much on my health, hopefully we'll be able to be out from the house..

been blog hopping and recipe searching, i came accross a simple, basic peanut butter pie recipe.. it's pretty simple, and from the comments posted, it seems effortless but delicious.. hope i could whip it up for my own consumption.. (i better indulge in whatever i want this last few weeks before delivery, since i'll be on PANTANG MODE soon!)

hmm.. owh, yesterday, i had lunch with farihah, azi, reza and reza's special one @ oldtown.. had sucha big lunch, that i don't feel like eating anymore! banyak gila makan, (org lain makan sikit jek.. aku jek makan lebey²)but i didn't enjoy the coffee though.. tasted so kelat, pretty weird.. it was on me, as today will be reza's final day in office, while farihah has just got married.. so it's kinda celebrate everyone's else happy moment..

okay la.. nak tinjau pantry lagi skali.. tadi dah makan dah.. tapi cam tak puas.. (serius buruk lantak).. nak grab something to munch and some hot drinks.. tak yah mak cik buat air sendiri..

okay yea.. take care all.. mmuahs!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

:: mommy's love note ::

i've got something particular to share with my readers, which i've kept in my mind and heart for a long, long time.. it may be sensitive to some, but i'm just expressing my thoughts, opinions and feeling here.. so if u think you can't take it, please proceed to the x box and close this window..

i've been married for 5 years, turning 6 insya Allah, next year in may.. we waited for 4 years long, before the bundle of joys arrived, giving me ample time and space to envisage what kind of mom i'd like to be.. blessed with twin boys, and yet expecting, i've dreamt to bring up my children, in certain ways in line with Islam and Malay tradition which does not contradict with our faith..

be it a boy, or be it a girl, i want to make sure that my children understand, observe and practice the law of Islam and adab Melayu in their life.. i want to be able to guide them to recite the Quran every after maghrib prayers.. i want us as a family to be able to perform at least one solat fardhu secara berjemaah.. i want my children to be exposed to the world of ilmu in surau as what my mom in law practised to her children.. and i can see the good things that at times people can't see when i started to be with my in law family..

at the very same time, i want my children to be able to enjoy their childhood moments like other kids.. i want them to learn in school, to be an expert in ilmu duniawi like there's no end for tomorrow's world.. i want them to strive for success.. in short, i want them to live a perfect childhood life.. i want to be around to be able to share their first ride on the bike moment.. to twirl with them when they feel like dancing.. to shove their fears way when they first visit the dentist..

when they're bigger, i want to be their best buddy, whom they can pour their thoughts and feelings without any boundary.. i want to be there to share their crushes, their choice of other half, their problems, their dreams.. i want to see them grow up as good khalifahs.. i want them to observe what is halal, what is haram.. i want them to observe the adat and adab that they have to know, for the way they behave is the reflection of our upbringing.. my doa for them to find good wife/husband (should i finally ada daughter) who possesses the quality of good muslim/muslimah to continue the generation with pride and dignity..

i pray that my children will never sway from the path of Islam.. will never forget that they're malays who are rich with adat and adab.. i want them to respect the adat resam, adab menghormati and take good care of their pride and dignity.. i don't want them to turn into lelaki dayus atau perempuan murahan.. that's my hope as a mom..

despite hubby's unpredictable work schedule and my weaknesses, i still hope that we can still reserve the time and be able to build our small nation the way we wanted it to be.. may Allah gives us good health, long quality life, petunjuk and hidayah to guide our children, our amanah to the right way of life.. amin!

i may look pretty modern in some ways of life.. but when it comes to upbringing, i'm pretty orthodox, and i do believe so do hubby.. my opinion and my way of living life may differ 100% from my siblings.. perhaps being married, and becoming parents have changed me 180 degrees.. i've learnt to give and take on some issues.. but there are some remains as important and a BIG NO-NO for me..

my dearest children, i love you so much afiq and dib dib.. not forgetting 'adik' in mommy's tummy who's about to see the world in any weeks from now.. these are my hopes and dreams.. should one day you get the chances to read mommy's thoughts and views, keep it dearly to your heart.. sayang anak mommy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: boringnye ari nih ::

i'm so not into work today!! i've just updated my blog few hous ago, and yet, here i am again, creating my second entry of the day.. (ps: my work is done, so there's no way to accuse that i'm procrastinating or stealing office time, okay?)

i seriously want to follow hubby to JB tonight.. but i know it's a big no-no.. mom surely ask me to rethink my plans..and i know she know just the right way to influence me.. just feel like having an escapade from kl, away from the hustle and bustle, just to be with my man, and my boys (but with the help of the maids of course).. i just feel that i deserve a break! hunny dear, i need a holiday!!!!! huhuhuuhuhuuuhu.. nak ikut!!!! (though apa la best sgt gi JB, dah dok sana 4 tahun dah!!!!!) hrm..

okay la.. tata dulu..

:: crossing my fingers! ::

lamanya tak update blog kan? anyone misssing me? (perasan..) have been very busy lately, with exam and kids, and a man to look after.. so, pardon me, yeah?

didn't really get the chances to enjoy my weekends.. i was diving through my (i would say) 6 inches thick of notes, seriously i feel like roasting up the notes and gobble it up.. pity afiq and adib, as they were on their own, spending the weekend with maids, as my other half is away for a glof tourney on sunday.. mom was extremely busy preparing for my younger brother's engagement.. my dad was away in sabah.. so, in short, both the boys are neglected.. sian anak² mommy..

monday came in, and i'm pretty delighted.. not because i've prepared well, nor i could answer the questions perfectly, but the thought getting over it (and crossing my fingers that i'll pass with flying colours so that i don't have to repeat!) that keep my spirits up.. :D 2 papers in a day, morning and evening, it has drained me out pretty well.. feel like having a week long holiday after sucha gruelling xm.. (even thinking of following hubby to JB with the boys, but i know mom will surely bising as i'm nearing my due date soon, in fact dr dah bg impression, just be prepared for c-sect anytime)

so tuesday, i decided to take leave, (thinking of making up the time for the boys, but i ended out being out from the house from am to pm to settle some house matters with hubby).. after settling some big matters, we then proceed to klcc.. head to MAXIS CENTER, and finally, my other half is on MAXIS, (one way to cut our expenses) after 11 years being a loyal CELCOM customer.. ;) we had lunch in bandar tun razak.. the gulai kawah & ayam kampung goreng was really delicious.. it was lip-smacking, thanx to hubby's buddy - husaini for the treat..

other half will be away (again!) for two nights.. nasib baik to PG only.. hopefully history won't repeat.. rasa mcm deja-vu.. sbbnya tahun lepas, masa deliver afiq n adib, the scenario was pretty similar.. he was away in johor for a couple of nights - ada engineering away day kalau tak silap, visit the yard in PG, and returned home naik flight, and he was lucky sbb dapat awalkan flight.. he arrived home, had his dinner and a glass or two of water.. that afiq & adib suddelny decided that they wanted to see the world! my waterbag pecah, and i was wheeled to the labour room the very same night, (but happy and grateful, as it was painless.. miracle.. though according to the nurses, my contraction is FULL!)

hrm.. apa lagi nak cerita yek? am thinking of mixing up some peanut butter pie.. dah go through the steps, nampaknya macam effortless.. :D tgklah mcmn, maybe friday ke i whip it up, since hubby balik that day..

okay la all.. am crossing my fingers.. hoping for all good things to happen.. ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: messy ::

i was expecting that i won't be blogging till next week.. but the urge inside me, has made me finally log in into my account and start typing..

i'll be having my ptk exam this upcoming monday, and owh my, i have bundles of notes to read and MEMORIZE.. technical paper may be not so tough, as at least ada gak la satu dua chapter yang aku master (kunun) since sometimes, i have to deliver lectures in courses for technicians and new staff.. but the general paper is killing me.. i have only 3 days left to study (minus sunday as hubby will be away to tourney - tq so much, after i requested him to be around this week, as i really need the time to revise) urgh..

this morning, i'm all messed up with my maid. i think i've had enough. just sent the complaint email to the agent for her action. nak tunggu husband tolong edit entah bila, as i don't think he even got time to look at it, so i submit jek. i can't stand her seriously.

yesterday, had my scheduled A&C. informed the dr on contraction and pain experiences. he told me that my boy is still lying transversely, but should i still experience the painful contraction consistently, i have to rush to the hospital to check whether my cervix is dilating. kalau dah dilate, he needs to perform c-sect on me. hm. baby boy now weighs at 2.2kg, and i'm just about to enter my 34 weeks. i'm hoping that i won't have to go thru another pre-term labour. it's really nerve wrecking and i pity the baby so much, sbb tak boleh nak breastfeed directly from the mother. bertube and berwayar sana sini. kesian..... however, 'labour bag' dah ready for grab, so this time round, i hope i won't be caught unprepared!

okay la. need to start revising. take good care all. tata

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

:: mastura tagged me.. ::

Starting time : 1.35pm

Name :

Sisters :

Brothers :
3 younger brother

Shoe size :
size 5

Height :
155cm (pretty cute. am i?)

Where do you live :
andaman ukay, ampang

Have you ever been on a plane :

Swam in the ocean:
not really.. afraid of waves, though i consider myself a good swimmer in the pool.. :D

Fallen asleep at school:
surely! are u kidding me? kelas add math and bio la selalu jadi mangsa.. but amazingly, i'll be wide awake when the teacher walked out.. no offense mr ong n miss alice! hehe.. that's why my result for bio + add is not that impressive!

Broken someone’s heart:
i know i've done that, for my heart was partially stolen by someone already at that time..

Fell off your chair :
i can't remember any..

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
pernah.. ;) zaman asyik masyuk berchenta..

Saved e-mails :

What is your room like :
in a complete mess! we only have time to tidy it up during the weekends..

What’s right beside you:
my yellow mug

What is the last thing you ate :
cookies with choc & hazelnut cream filled centre + rice with daging salai masak lamak cili api with pak choy!

Chicken pox :
yup.. sekolah rendah dulu.. std 4 to be exact

Sore throat:

one experienced person with stitches - 4 times in operation theatre!

Broken nose:
No. Mintak dijauhkan. udah lerr idung ku 'comel'

Do you Believe in love at first sight:

Like picnics :
depends on the crowd + whereabouts..

Who was/were The last person you danced with :
my boys i believe

Last made you smile:
My boys - afiq and adib this morning in the car on the way to drop them off at mom's

You last yelled at :
Hmmm.. afiq baru kena marah yesterday, so i guess afiq la kot..

Today did you?
Talked to someone you like : yes
Kissed anyone : Yes
Get sick : Alhamdulillah no..
Talk to an ex : No
Miss someone : teringat to my boys surely..
Who do you really hate: one person who at times irritates me with the way she/he talks
Do you like your hand-writing: BIG YES sbb my handwriting comel.. kihkihkih.. my handwriting is a typical school children look a like, okay.. sebijik² aku tulis..
Are your toe nails painted: No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: none.. i love my comfy bed so much
What color shirt are you wearing now: Pink
Are you a friendly person: depends
Do you have any pets : Nope.. i don't think i'm gonna be a good owner
Do you sleep with the TV on: i don't like to.. i prefer quiet surroundings..
What are you doing right now: layan tag pn masturrr
Can you handle the truth: which one is worst? kena tipu? baik la handle the truth!
Are you closer to your mother or father: mom
Do you eat healthy: trying to do so.. (now i feel guilty indulging in those cookies..)_
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: i haven't got the time to browse thru my old album.. i don't think ada..
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: depends..
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: i'd say i'm a moderate person..
Are you confident: Sometimes

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
* entered UTM
* enjoying my naughty moments with buddies - noorel, canna, jia, ayin, etc..
* got to know one lady who now happens to be one of my BFF - salhana
* struggling with technical drawings.. how i thank noorel for always helping me out.. i'm a cheater, i know that!
* errr, my memory is pretty blurry.. i can't recall!

things I would do if i were a billionaire:
* no. 1 : quit my job!
* go travel!
* venture into low risk investment (i don't want to risk losing my hard earned billions! hehe)
* set up a fund to help out the needies..
* settle all my debt!

5 of my bad habits:
* malas kemas dapur after masak
* procrastinate
* pretty pelupa on where i put my stuff.. i depend a lot on hubby!
* cerewet when it comes to ironing
* hate to do waiting..

5 places I’ve lived/living
* seremban, for a year.. my mom was working in n9 at that time before we moved to kl
* taman melawati
* taman u, skudai - melana aptmnt (1999-2002)
* randwick, sydney (2003-2004)
* ampang (present)

people I tag:


:: short & precise entry ::

been extremely busy lately.. thanx to exam scheduled next monday.. argh!

was on leave last monday - it was uplanned, due to my health condition.. sakit² perut & pinggang, which makes me think that i'm about to due.. hari nih ada scheduled A&C ngan dr ashar kat APSH, perhaps today i'll get a clearer picture on my 'real due date'.. hopefully, all this while, the contractions that i've got is just braxton hicks.. (crossing my fingers)

afiq and adib are doing well.. except that afiq lately dah jadi a bit cranky.. agaknya meragam nak dpt another lil' brother.. yesterday, afiq merajuk dgn mommy dia sbb jeles mommy suap adib susu.. he cried and merengek² kat my mom, and to our laughter, adib pegi ejek dia.. buat² nangis sambil sengih².. haha.. kelakar betul..

today's entry is meant to be short and precise.. nak blog off dah nih, ada mende sket nak buat.. take good care all.. bye!