Friday, April 20, 2012

Khidmat Guaman

Scene 1 : at clinic. bawak adib jumpa dr sebab demam. bila dah selesai check semua, as usual, dr pun bagi la her advise..

Dr : So, no cold water. no ice cream. and no oily food.
Adib : (dengan spontan jawab) but i don't take cold things!

(mulut sapa ko dapat nih dibbbbb!)

Scene 2 : he was chit chatting merrily at mak's home, that i suddenly remember his new tunes he learned at school.

Mommy : Adib, can you please sing me the new song, so that i could learn and sing it to aidin?
Adib : Mommy, i think you have to go to school and learn it from teacher.


Bakal lawyer kah?????