Monday, June 29, 2015

Time is almost up

Can hardly find time to update. Banyak cerita berlonggok-longgok nak share. Our time in Japan is almost up. Less than two weeks, we will be back for good. 

My feeling?

A whole bunch of mixed feeling.

Part of me, happy sebab nak reunite balik dengan parents, in laws, family and friends. Tak food deprive, :P and be back in your country where you're able to read and converse with people.

Tapi, the other part of me, is filled with heavy feeling. I'm so going to miss Japan (though I hate it at first) - the culture, the cleanliness, the attitude of Japanese, the safe environment.. and most importantly, I'll miss the moments as housewife with kids. Though there are time I wish I am working, but who am I to deny the beautiful moments with kids. 

A year of roller coaster journey, that makes me discover who I am actually.

A plain jane, who just love to laze around. :p

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ArELeEz said...

welcome 'home', sis..!