Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jardin Petit Gateux Class by Confetti Studio

It is a busy-busy week for me. Busy buat benda yang aku suka. Hehe.

Ahad lepas, for the first time ever in life, I attended course related to baking. Jeng, jeng, jeng..

I memang minat baking. Tapi idok lerr terer amat. Cukup sekadar lepas untuk tekak sendiri dan anak-anak. Tapi tak reti langsung menghias cake. So Ahad lepas, I attended Jardin Petit Gateux Class by Confetti Studio di Ukay Perdana. Class scheduled from 9am to 4pm. The class was conducted by a mother-daughter team (wish this will happen with my own Arfa Marissa). We learned to pipe 4 types of flower - Daisy, Anemone, Cabbage Roses and English Roses. And yes, It took us the whole day!

I almost give up when we started doing the third flower, which is the cabbage roses. Tapi mengenangkan dah bayar, gagahkan diri jugak untuk habiskan. I just feel it is not my day, sebab everything I pipe doesn't look good as those around me. 

It is truly an eye opener. Lepas ni, kalau beli cake, ada munge-munge cantik tu, sila appreciate. Lol! Susahhhhhnya la to get it right! 

Anyway, I finished the course, and I'm very proud of my outcome though it doesn't look as good as others..

First, kita buat dirty coat dulu..

Piping anemone - flower no. 2 that I learned that day

The outcome.. Yang belakang tu cikgu punya piping. Sangat cantik!

This is another snapshot by the t utor. I amek kat instagram:-

I so can't wait to wait for next long weekend to practice to make these at homes. Harap-harap tak hangat2 taik ayam la..


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