Wednesday, February 8, 2017

33 weeks

It has been so long I did'nt update anything in this blog. Not that I've lost my passion, but along the way, I was caught up with too many things. Life has been very hectic, and lots of things has take place.

Now, I have some time, well a lot of time to update blog. :)

Reason being, I'm pregnant, in my third trimester and was ordered for bed rest for one week because of premature contraction. It is not a planned one, :) alhamdulillah Allah blessed me with rezeki anak yang melimpah ruah though I was once suffered from endometriosis stage 4. Syukur!

This pregnancy is very challenging. the morning sickness during the first trimester.. then bila check ngan dr pulak, dr kata uterus lining is super thin (due to multiple c-sect, this is going to be my 4th csect + 1 cystectomy cut before). As early as second trimester, dah mula rasa sakit menyucuk2. masuk thid trimester ni, lagi la mencabar.

Dr kata most prolly, have to operate 4 weeks earlier than EDD. Next week will get my dexa jab (I hate that jab) utk matangkan paru-paru baby. Kena go along this line to save my uterus dari burst, or the op will be very messy,

Doakan perjalanan saya dan anak diselamatkan dan dimudahkan.

And it's going to be another boy in the family! insya Allah

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