Friday, January 1, 2010

:: live from UK : part 1::

it has been such a long hiatus!

i was very busy over past few weeks, rushing for datelines, but fail to do so.. :( tak pe la.. nak buat guane??

this is actually a live update anyway fro UK, i'm away for 2 weeks hol with dearest OH and kids, not forgetting my family and in laws.

the hols doesn't seem to jive, lotsa things didn't turn out smoothly that it practically spoils the holiday mood. still have 6 days left here, and i'm praying that days will get better, insya Allah.

the weather is extremely cold. there're moments when the temperature is below 0 degree. pity my boys, and they started to throw tantrums sebab sejuk sangat.

i wanted and dream of doing lotsaaaaa shopping. but guess with the two kiddo around, i just have to learn to let the urge pass by. nama jek pegi holiday ramai2, tapi bila time shopping we split, and actually most of the time we split. guess after this hol, i'm ready for any challenge. it's not easy to juggle with the kids, diaper bags, showing belly, and heavy winter wear in the middle of high street while braving the crowd. not to mention putting up pity faces so that ada la yang kesian tengok mak buyung nih terboyot2 naik and diri dalam bas sambil pegang 2 anak takut jatuh. nevertheless, i still feel proud of myself, that i manage to handle the kids, pretty well. syukur, Allah permudahkan urusan dengan bagi diri ini kesihatan yang baik walaupun sejuk sampai ke tulang. so does my kids and the OH.

nanti bila balik kl i'll try to sum up some tips for travelling with lil kids i.e. 2 year old and specifically with twins. okay la peeps. i've got some ironing to do while the kids are asleep.

see you later!


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Jue Fauzi said...

Happy Holiday Aishah..and Happy New Year to you and family.Take care ok..