Saturday, February 13, 2010

:: a week of cold and flu ::

daily schedule has been so tight lately. i noticed that i haven't update my foodie series for like 2 months. it's not that nothing is going on in the kitchen, but i just merely can't find the time to sit and blog. work has taken away my energy pretty much, that i feel guilty to my two kiddos as i just can't open my eyes to spend time with them. insya Allah, things will get better in few weeks ahead.

both kids are not well. memula, afiq demam, sampai menggigil2 at night. afiq baik, adi pulak demam. tapi tak seteruk afiq. cumanya he got both cough and runny nose, compared to afiq cuma dapat high temp, and just tiny bit of runny nose. after a round of medication this morning, both dah doze off for morning nap. hope diorang tido lama sikit, as i know, the sleep can help them to recover faster. kesian tengok.

mommy on the other hand tersangat la malas nak masak. hari nih i just plan to masak ikan tenggiri masak kicap with sup sayur. both are their favourite. hopefully terbukakla sket appetite nak makan. afiq refused to take his brekkie this morning. adib habisla jugak semangkuk cereal with milk (that's his favourite breakfast). i'm thinking of baking some bread later, if body permits me to do so. OH is out to get some veges.

i'm now approaching my 32 weeks of pregnancy. next week i'm due for my MGTT test. takpe.. demi keselamatan dan kesihatan anak, i'll do whatever i can within my capability. having myself going through the experience of stillbirth really haunts me. i'm very paranoid when the baby didn't move that much.

owh by the way, just wanna share some happy news with my readers. OH's cousin has safely delivered a pair of twin last week! and it's a boy and a girl! what a bless! tetiba teringat my very own experience handling twin, and there are times, when i have to handle both twin on my own when they were still lil' cute small babies as OH has to answer his duty calls. it's definitely going to be challenging for her, as she has two elder sons to look after, but i believe she can manage it well.

okayla peeps. i want to start surfing for my recipes to be ventured out this week. have a great long leave. bubbye!

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