Thursday, February 18, 2010

:: kids obsessions ::

i was supposed to be at work, but the eventful day that took place 3 days ago has granted me with medical leave of two weeks. bleeding last 3 days and semalam bila dr scan, she confirmed that i'm experiencing plasenta previa type 2. so she put me on leave and give me a strict warning to stay at home like good lil girls. baik doctor!

hari nih, i would like to share some stories on my boys' obsession - thomas and friends and how it affects their life tremendously.

1. they associate colours with the thomas characters. e.g:-
a. kalau lampu james (merah), kena top (stop). kalau lampu percy (green), boleh jalan. kalau lampu molly (kuning) kena jalan celo-celo (slow-slow). :D, sometimes they associate the colours with fruits, i.e. ubat berry (red), lorry apple (green).
b. it goes the same with ubat. ubat batuk dia panggil ubat 'dobas' (douglas) sebab train douglas tu kaler hitam.
c. kadang2 kalau payah sangat nak makan, i'll try to associate the food with the characters as well. like, kuah james (kuah tomato). sometimes it work, sometimes no. :P

looking at this, mmg betul la org cakap, u have to monitor what ur kids watch. so far alhamdulillah, since the kids are staying with my mom during the day, the tv influence is very minimal sebab maid tak reti nak pasang astor plus astro tuh terletak nun di ceruk tempat. the kids would rather mess up the house, climbing up and down the chairs and disturbing the maids when cooking rather watching tv. syukur.

by the way, sejak baik demam nih the kids dah makin pandai cakap. adib for example, (he hates cough syrup so much that i need to 'force-feed' him with the syrup) after all the struggle feeding him with the syrup, he just simply 'scold' me and said "kan adib dah kata ubat tuh tak shedap!' adeh.. he really imitates what i said. macam recorder.

afiq on the other hand, has develop a sense of jealousy. sangat2 la cemburu kalau mommy dia pegang other babies. he'd rather stand still beside me than playing around so that i won't be able to hold babies and instead main dengan dia. habisla sapa jadi gf dia esok..

okay a peeps. am blogging off now. nak makan ubat. take care. bye!


Iryani Noor said...

get well soon ye kak..

mama_fatin said...

semoga cepat sembuh...
take care tau, jgn lasak2 sgt..

aishah zaharin said...

yani - tq.
hawe - bab lasak tuh dah kena warning dah ngan dr.. :D

undomesticwifey said...

ha..dok diam diam..jgn nak lasak lsak haaaa!!

anyway, i tag uolszz..bleh la uolzss buat sambil goyang kaki atas katil..heheheheh..


take care sha =)...

Jue Fauzi said...

Take care and get well soon =)

p.s. Petang tadi Adam got to naik momos (Thomas eg. LRT)..finally.Riuh tren ngan suara dia.

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

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