Sunday, April 24, 2011

:: kids grow up so fasttttt ::

kids grown up so fast, that sometimes u can't believe what you hear daily, as u always feel that they are still small babies to you.

:: scene 1 - breakfast at home ::

afiq : (was trying to find his way to skip breakfast by giving excuses, that prompted adib to say......)
adib : don't complain!

that sets mommy and daddy laughing out loud!

:: scene 2 - at in law's house ::
my SIL suka sakat afiq and adib. selalu buat2 nak naik kereta sama2 when the kids tak kasi.

cik la (my SIL) : tepi sikit, tepi sikit, saya nak masuk jugak. saya nak masuk kereta awak.
adib : tak boleh!
and SIL keeps on repeating.. that afiq lastly cakap..
afiq : pergi semayang dulu!

hahahah! comel!

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lil sharky said...

Hi dear,
Hope u can still remember me, Ana Sabrina, ur ex-school mate n ur neighbour down the road.
Do keep in touch.
Im residing in KK now but coming back to KL end of May for short holiday.
Nak invite u to my daughter's bday party.