Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Afiq and his mind

Bila disuruh mengaji.....
Daddy : Afiq mengaji cepat!
Afiq : Daddy, kalau Afiq mengaji, nanti Afiq tido lambat. Kalau Afiq tido lambat, tomorrow when I wake up in the morning for school, I'll cry.

Trying to read his mind....
Mommy : Afiq, what if Mommy bagi nama baby, A******?
Afiq : Eh, cannot! That's a name of a children! (pardon his grammar)
Mommy : Afiq, when you're a baby, your name is Afiq. When you're a children (tiru jugak!), your name is Afiq, and when you grow up, your name is still Afiq! You cannot change your name!
Afiq : Oooh! It's the same name ye mommy?

(He thought the name changes as you grow up. haha!)

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