Monday, September 23, 2013

Mind of Children

Si Afiq Hazman..
Mommy : Why you always like to put things in my handbag? It makes my handbag heavy.
Afiq : It's ok Mommy. It's only on Saturday and Sunday.

Mampu nak jawab balik?!

Mommy : You have to charge it now (Referring to the old school charger).
Afiq : I want to use powerbank Mommy.

Gadget savvy?

Si Adib Hazim..
Mommy : Adib, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Adib : I just want to be normal
Mommy : Hey, you must think of something! A policeman, or a doctor, a chef.......
Adib : I'll think about it when I'm 7 years old.


and a story of my niece - Damia Azzahra, 2 y.o.

Atok : Mia, Wan (my mom) putih ke itam?
Mia : Putih.
Atok : Mia, Atok putih ke itam?
Mia : Itam. Tapi ensem.

Pandai bodekkkkk.

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