Friday, December 27, 2013

It's time to set the butterflies fly high in the sky

Hujung tahun makin dekat. Esok my grown up preemie babies will be attending their primary one orientation day. For past week, mula ajar diorang rasa responsibility buat homework, tapi masih belum berjaya. Hari ni macam menampakkan hasil sebab umpan suruh tulis surat dekat mommy and daddy cakap your wishlist for birthday next year. Hoih.

Perjalanan membesarkan dua anak kembar ini banyak suka dukanya. Lahir dalam keadaan tidak cukup bulan, cuma rezeki aku Allah beri untuk mendapat doktor yang telah dari awal meletakkan diri aku dalam risiko tinggi bersalin awal. So ubat matangkan lungs dah siap-siap amek as early at 24 weeks pregnancy.

Delivered them at 32 weeks old pregnancy. They fought for life and were placed in NICU for 3 weeks. The three weeks that test my patience and strength as a mother to manage the pain post csect while attending them daily at hospital ward. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful moment of life, as my husband and I have waited for their arrival after almost 4 years of married life. 

 Twin 1 : Afiq Hazman, born at 1.67kg

Twin 2 : Adib Hazim, born at 1.99kg

Macam-macam pengalaman aku face nak besarkan anak dua orang ni. Dari perkahwinan jarak jauh dengan husband (KL-Pasir Gudang, KL-Russia), Afiq patah tulang bahu at 6 months old, Adib contract H1N1, left them for 45 days for hajj at 3 years old, kes panjat pagar sekolah nak ikut wan (my mom) balik rumah.. (haha, that's funny!) and many more. Syukur Allah, syukur, diberi peluang merasa nikmat menjadi ibu, walaupun ada masanya ia begitu melelahkan.

And now that they have grow big, it's time to let go these little butterflies fly high in the sky to see the world. Tomorrow will be a big day for you and as Mommy type this para, there's a tickle and tear in my heart. My dream and hope for you is very big. I want and pray that both of you will become an excellent muslim, a good khalifah, a successful person in life and hereafter, to be the children that pray for their parents after every solat. 

I love you both with all my heart. And when you're big enough to understand, I'll tell you how Allah send you to us. It was a special and meaningful journey.

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