Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sydney Day 1

Sydney Day 1

We flew off to Sydney by MAS. The tickets that husband bought was cheap. Masa tu ada offer kat MAS. Flight was almost midnight from KL, and arrived in Sydney dalam pukul 10 pagi. Heaven sangat sebab Arfa and Aidin slept throughout! The elder twins were busy dengan movie la, games la.. Lantak hangpa. 

Sampai kat Sydney, our foster family who used to look after us during our study year masa buat masters fetched us dekat airport. The last time I met them was in 2009, after I lost my 3rd baby. So hari pertama kat Sydney was all about catching up and eat and chat and eat again. Haha. 

Our foster family house in Eastlakes. They are Cape Malays, originated from Cape Town, South Africa. Left the country during apartheid.

The kids are making themselves at home.

Lepas settle hal-hal catch up, we then made a move to check in at our rented home, near The Spot, Randwick. Why Randwick? Because we used to stay there, and getting out and about buses are at finger tips. Lol! Rented the house via Airbnb. The host is very hospitable. The house is fully equipped, basic foods are stocked up for our use, Alhamdulillah. 

Malam tu, bawak semua anak-anak keluar nak cari dinner. Sebelum pegi dinner, singgah kejap dekat Malaysia Hall Sydney, kot la Abang Sam (cook Msia Hall masa zaman kitorang student dulu) ada kat sini. Dah rezeki kami, jumpa Abang Sam, and terus dinner kat hall dengan anak-anak. Ohhh sangat mengimbau kenangan silam!

Ada la perubahan kat Hall. Terasa-rasa hidup zaman student kat sini dulu. Masa tu baru lagi kahwin. Ada 3 couples yang baru kahwin, sama-sama duduk kat hall ni. Dan baru-baru ni, one of the couples - Kak Ida Rosmini telah kembali ke rahmatullah. Masih muda, belum pun sampai 40 tahun. 

Lepas makan-makan, sekali masuk satu lelaki kat hall. Lama aku tenung. Ehhh ni dulu budak hall jugak ni. Punya tak sangka jumpa kat sini. Dia datang sebab tumpang basuh baju kat laundry Msia Hall. Laundry Msia Hall murah, harga tak naik-naik dari dulu. :P

Husband, Huzaimi & Abg Sam

Makin ramai corum, terus Abg Sam hidang teh tarik. Lagi lama la berborak kat situ, sampai budak-budak naik jemu tunggu. 

Kids killing their time. :)

It was such a nice day, catching up with family in Oz and friends. 

That was all about day 1. Nanti update lagi gambar icon Sydney plak. 

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