Friday, May 6, 2011

:: ada orang kena cabut gigi esok.. ::

adib will have his tooth extracted tomorrow morning, and being mommy, i yang nervous lebih² (sebab scaling pun tak suka, ni pulak nak cabut mencabut.. aiyak!) formula milk is the culprit, i believe so.

next week the elder two will be having their first sports day ever. wouldn't want to miss it surely. :D hope my OH could make it for the day, as he's supposed to go to Miri for few days next week.

afiq and adib is progressing well at school, alhamdulillah. but i have some little concern, that i noticed my kids suka tulis terbalik and baca buku terbalik. is it normal? or it's a sign of something? anyone could offer me any say on this?

okay la people. nothing much to ramble on. have a nice weekend. to mommies out there, "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!"

3 comments: said...

normal kot..sbb masa linda kecik2 dulu pun suka tulis terbalik dan baca terbalik..yg bab baca terbalik tu, lekat sampai ke besar...

nur easy said...

arr ngeri2 nak cabut gg.. ;) happy mother's day too

mast@work said...

kena cabut gigi ek.. adeh deh.. sakitnya..

saya macam pernah terbaca pasal terbalik2 ni.. tapi nak komen tak pandai.. takut salah..

happy mother's day kak aishah