Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: Beautiful Mother's Day Celebration with Kids at School ::

Do you know my mommy dear,
My mommy dear, my mommy dear,
Do you know my mommy dear,
Who lives nearby my heart…..

The song sang by the kids at school, on mother’s day celebration, that enchanted my heart. It was a beautiful event at school, where all mommies of the kids gathered for a healthy breakfast in conjunction with mother’s day. The kids got to perform, read a story and present their mommy with a flower. It almost made me shed my tears. Simple gestures from the kids that melted the mommy’s heart away. It is indeed a beautiful morning spent with my boys. Wish I could have more time to capture the moments on camera, but I don’t.

The ceremony starts as early as 7.30 in the morning. We arrived 10 mins late for I have to send OH to station and aidin to my mom’s. Our arrival at school was greeted by a choir of kids singing that song. Afiq and adib managed to be in the choir minutes before it ended, hence explained the minimal amount of pics that I got to take during the event.

After choir, the kids got to read a line of story lead by the 6 y.old kids on “I love my mommy”. Then, each kid was called up to present a beautiful flower to mom while saying I love you mommy, thank you. Gosh it reminds me, how little I express my gratitude to my own mom. Being sensitive and all, this event triggers my tears to the edge. I finally know somehow, these little hearts appreciate me as their mom when I haven’t been the best for them afterall.

The moms and children were then treated to a healthy breakfast. I got the chance to spend quality time with kids. Before pushing off to work, the teacher had my hand painted, and I have my hand printed together with my kids’ on a big piece of banner. The principal later told us that they will get the paintings to be cut out and embroidered, so that we could frame it up as a memoir.

It was 8.30am by then, and I have to make my move. I had a great start for the day despite being sick for the past days. I have never had a proper mother’s day celebration for the past four years, and this really made my day. Not that I want recognition for what I’ve done, it’s just the thought that counts. The kids are definitely the rainbow of my heart. I love you sons.

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toshkin said...

it's the first memorable mommy day for me too this year :)