Monday, October 24, 2011

Bonding Time with Kids

i'm recovering from the operation slowly. engorgement have settled, after a very good consultation with the gynae (yes not the surgeon!) and the lactation expert. alhamdulillah.

aidin however seems to reject direct feeding nowadays, unlike the first few days after the operation when he was really frustrated tak dapat direct feeding.

my medical leave ended last friday actually, but i feel i have to get extra rest, so i decided to take extra leaves so that i can really ensure that i'm if not 100% well, is almost well and fit to be at work.

work is tremendous at the moment (well everybody is gonna say the same thing too). nama pun dah kena bayar, memang sahih la ada kerja kan. partner in crime dah bagi insight how heavy the workload is. no point of grumbling about it, it's more important to deal with it. so, let it be. (ayat positif hari ini)

hari nih pun dah rasa confident utk drive around. so, lepas afiq and adib school hour, i drove them (and aidin of course) to JJ AEON sebab nak diorang steam off their energy. it was aidin's first experience on 'play gym' and he really love it.

since esok afiq and adib tak sekolah, i plan to send them to kizsport. let them enjoy themselves. and i really need this quality time with the kids, as i've been neglecting them for quite sometime, due to health issues and work commitment.

okay people. sampai sini dulu. have a great week!


~ shac ~ said...

ada playgym kat JJ AEON? how much?

aishah zaharin said...

ada sha, tapi mini scale la. RM7/hour.