Monday, April 21, 2008

::mommy - drowsy::

today, afiq made mommy feel a tad drowsy.. he kept on waking up in the middle of the night with loud cries.. (not once.. twice at least.. i lost count how many times!) it has been a week like this.. aiyak.. i guess because he's teething his third and forth teeth..

adib was in no good mood during the day.. he slept almost all day long.. ''poo poo'' a lot too.. i thought maybe i tersilap bagi makan.. then my maid cakap, kalau kat kampung, it's a sign of the baby acquiring new skills.. perhaps, it's true.. because for the past few days, adib has been angkat2 punggung.. maybe he's about to crawl, or learn how to sit.. he now babbles a lot.. so do afiq.. mamamammamamamama.. and keep on playing with his mouth.. dok sembur2..

anyway, we had a nice weekend this week.. my kitchen tak berasap pun, except for the boys' porridge.. tu pun maid masak.. mommy and daddy is so so tired.. we were travelling to and fro seremban on the same day, and afiq kept his daddy awake for 2 hours from 3 to 5.15am.. (while mommy was fast asleep.. hehe.. sorry abang..) (i did make it up anyway, as yesterday i bangun jaga afiq..)

since dapur tak berasap yesterday, daddy went out to fetch his lunch.. (i was ok with maggi).. he brought some McD and sundae for us.. while i was having my sundae, i realize that adib is watching me with full of interest.. haha.. i know.. he's aiming at my sundae.. i gave him some to taste.. he chap chap chap.. then i tried to offer him somemore, he terus bukak mulut widely.. now, mommy knows who ask for icecream when both of u were in my tummy.. (i had big cravings for icecream during my pregnancy period.. ) he kept looking at me, asking for more.. and i know i had to stop.. afiq on the other hand, was actively asking for some bread from daddy.. i managed to snap a pic of him sneaking at daddy's burger.. so we fed both of them with bread as well.. (my bro said, adib could finish off a piece of bread.. mat saleh gak taste anak2 aku nih) afiq didn't enjoy the icecream though..

talking about food.. afiq and adib is not a big fan of fish.. i've tried at least twice.. skali tuh i masak porridge with ikan tenggiri, they didn't like it.. another time, i tried to feed them with anchovies, and they just turned away from food.. jadi cik tong nyer habuan.. so it surprised me yesterday when afiq and adib didn't resist bila i saja2 feed them with the ikan kembung goreng kicap.. haha.. now mommy knows your taste.. (they've been on vege a lot..) their favourites - carrots, bayam merah, jagung, labu..

owh, big reunion with hubby's ex uni mates this coming may.. i have to start thinking of what to cook for that function.. nanti la mommy pk.. tarak masa kalu, order la gamaknya.. haha.. (dasar pemalas..) okay la all.. take good care.. stop here dulu.. till the fingers meet the keyboard again.. bubbye!


mastura azmi said...

akak, saya ada terbaca kat satu poster kat klinik.. kita hanya boleh introduce ikan kat babies after 9/12 months.. sebab ikan ada acid tinggi.. so takut develop elergi.. same like other seafood.. btw, aiman pun x suka ikan bilis.. pernah try awal2 dulu.. abah suggest.. tp stop lepas dah tau ikan x sesuai utk baby lest than 9mths..

aishah zaharin said...

thanx for the info mas.. bila mau kasik adik kat aiman?