Friday, April 18, 2008

::plans ahead::

hari nih actually i have tonnes of work.. but then, i still nak update my blog..

afiq and adib slept pretty well yesterday night though afiq woke up pretty early this morning, and still awake till i sent him and adib to mom's.. alhamdulillah, since mommy didn't feel so good.. guess tersilap makan somewhere masa gie meeting kat negeri 9..

we have lotsa thing coming up this month.. we'll head back for my grandmom's house this saturday.. she's hosting a kenduri doa selamat.. she'll be off performing umrah upcoming may.. we're heading to kuantan the other weekend for hubby's family day.. we're looking for abah's 56th birthday on the 22nd.. other than that, i can't wait for august to come.. the boys will turn one, and we're going off somewhere!! wheeeee!! thanx to airasia, now everyone can fly! plenty of plans ahead, hope that everything will turned out fine..

i'm searching for some free time to have my monthly massage.. i really need one la.. so letih n tak larat lately.. mmg la.. kak ani (my tukang urut) dah msg me dah.. now i tabik spring to all working moms out there.. letih woo.. (that does not mean fulltime mommy tak de keje ok.. sama jek penatnya..)

ok la all.. i nak blog off.. nak smabung kelije gua yang bertimbun2.. wokeh.. take care.. bubby.. zai jian!

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