Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: shocking surprise ::

dear readers,

i'm in the state of shock.. it's unofficial yet.. so, i have to wait until it's official before i could announce it to all.. but at the moment, i'm trying to digest the news shall it be true.. don't worry, it's nothing bad or what.. it's just a shocking news waiting for its turn to become the headline.. so stay tune..


.:: strips & polkadots ::. said...

kak aishah 'expecting' ape2 ke?

-adik mastura-

mast@work said...

huhu... x sabar seh nk tunggu nih!

aishah zaharin said...

just wait n see.. okay?? ;)

- Faizah Kamel - said...

are you pregnant again..? if so congratulations..! ;)

aishah zaharin said...

hai kak faezah.. i tried to log in to your blog.. tapi denied..:(

anyway, about the question, guess.... there'll be an addition, insya Allah at the end of the year.. alhamdulilah, Allah has answered to my prayers for babies in our lives..

mish u loads sis!

.:: strips & polkadots ::. said...

and good luck to u....haha