Thursday, April 17, 2008

:: preamble ::

this is my first posting in my brand new blog.. hello to all.. already had one, in my friendster account.. had plenty of entries in it & it means a lot to me.. ada sentimental value gitu..

i haven't really decide on what shall i write in this blog.. but i think, it's gonna be about everything that take place in my life, be it bitter.. be it sweet.. will try to make this blog for good use..

so since, this is my preamble to my brand new blog.. let me begin by introducing myself to you (macam la ada yang nak berkenalan pun?!) am a 27 year old (not yet 28) lady married to a wonderful husband, mommy to a set of twin boys, 8 months old - afiq hazman and adib hazim, who juggles between career and family.. working for the people at a comfortable fee..

received my very first education back in tadika st ronan, a humble kindergarten in setapak, kl.. primary school was in srk taman melawati, secondary school in sm taman melawati till form 3.. after receiving my pmr result, i shifted to SBP - sm sains sgor, bandar tun razak cheras.. after much deliberation, i decided to pursue my degree in civil engineering (instead of my initial ambition : gynaecologist/lawyer - never in my life, i regret my decision) in UTM Skudai (where i met my then bf - hubby).. love blossomed during my study years between me and him.. he was, and he is still my inspiration to seek success in life.. after 4 years of courting, he finally proposed me to be his wife.. we got engaged on oct 26, 2002 and finally tied the knot on may 31, 2003..

a month after the wed, we were flown to sydney australia (this has been one special part in our life - honeymoon + masters degree) sponsored by MARA.. we both pursued our masters in construction management but in different faculty, meaning different approach.. i love every single moment there, it was one special, precious memory for us - making us flying again and again to oz..

after a year of study, we went back with our masters degree.. coming back to msia was a hard part.. he was jobless for 3 months, and me for 6 months.. alhamdulillah, he got his job in petronas (and still in it).. meanwhile myself has landed to 2 different places..

currently, developing great interest in cooking n baking (i just love those cooking an makan-makan blog!).. have plenty of 'must visit blogs and fotopages'.. was a terrible cook before, and now progressing to beginner's level (perhaps, i should include step-by step recipe in this blog as well.. as that is how i learn how to cook.. thanx to the bloggers, not forgetting the recipe book, be it in paper based or 'live' recipe book i.e. friends & family) just love travelling to bits.. enjoy reading (though it's pretty hard lately to find time to indulge in books)

guess that's all for now.. keep on visiting for more posts.. wokeh all.. bubbye.. zai jian!

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