Monday, September 28, 2009

:: boys update : progress part 3 ::

i miss blogging a lot! too much to tell, too much to share but too little time to write.

first and foremost, to all my dear readers and viewers, salam aidilfitri, forgive me if i have wronged you in anyways. hope all of you had a good raya with your loved ones. :)

anyway, syukur, after twice admittance to the ward, i'm getting much better. alhamdulillah, and i hope and pray i'll get better soon.

i don't intend to talk about my pregnancy that much, but rather would like to share my twins' progress. so here goes.. :)

:: their progress part 3 ::

mommy : daddy keja mana?
afiq adib : daddy keja tonas (petronas)

mommy : mommy keja mana?
adib : men (government)
afiq : mommy keja tonas
mommy : ait! mommy keja government la!
afiq : eh.. mala (eh, marah..) sambil sengih

mommy : lembu makan apa?
them : lembu makan lumput (rumput)

mommy : ayam makan apa?
them : ayam makan na-cik (nasi)

mommy : kucing makan apa?
them : kucing makan bi-kut (biskut)

mommy : pak cu balik mana?
them : cardiff

mommy : pak lang balik mana?
them : da-bin (dublin)

mommy : pak ngah balik mana?
them : ke (melaka)

mommy : tok papa balik mana?
them : ganu (terengganu)

:: scene 1 ::
mommy with the syringe filled with antibiotics to be fed to adib. adib was crying, tak nak makan ubat.

afiq was standing at side, watching. tetiba dia cakap kat adib, 'olen' (means : adib, makanla ubat tuh, rasa orange.. adoi.. sedangkan si afiq tuh kalau nak bagi makan ubat, mak aihhh bersilat)

:: scene 2 ::
afiq mengamuk depan fridge nak minum cold milo. i didn't allow him to do so, and he threw tantrum. i pinched him on his leg, hoping that it could be a lesson to him. instead of crying, he asked me, 'adib?' (means, adib tak kena cubit ke?)

:: scene 3 ::
i woke up in the morning to adib's voices. i was very² sleepy that i couldn't open up my eyes. i really wanted to doze off again, that i asked him to go to his nenek (my maid).

i said to him (something like this), "mommy tak larat. mommy sakit perut".

he looked concern, and then replied, "mommy sakit puyut?" (mommy sakit perut?)

then he reached for my vicks on the bed, "ubat!" (bubuh ubat)

then, he reached for my glasses and passed it to me while saying, "pek mommy." (spek mommy)

last but not least, he reached for my mobile, and passed it to me, "pon daddy!" (telefon daddy)

hehe. he's one good boy!

:: vocab baru ::

baby bija - baby che liza (my sis in law's newborn daughter)
daddy isi minyak tonas - daddy isi minyak kat petronas
daddy lepair - daddy repair
buh beti - bubuh bateri
bob bider can - bob the builder, can u fix it?
loli - rolley (bob the builder's character)
bizzy - dizzy (bob the builder's character)
pi mosh - mickey mouse
mommy tak lalat - mommy tak larat
sakit puyut - sakit perut
bubuh ubat - bubuh ubat
bubuh pi mosh - bubuh plaster (plaster tuh gambar mickey mouse)
gigit mok - gigit nyamuk
gata - gatal
cubit kit - cubit sakit
mily - emily (character in thomas the tank engine)
lady - lady (character in thomas the tank engine)
dobas - douglas (character in thomas the tank engine)
gordon - gordon (character in thomas the tank engine)
molly - molly (character in thomas the tank engine)
fat ler - fat controller (character in thomas the tank engine)

hitting the big 2 year mark, the boys sekarang makin lain in characters. both in their very own unique way. afiq is one bubbly boy. who can talks and talks. kalau journey tuh 20 minutes, 15 minutes tuh u can hear his voice only, while adib senyap saje, tengok cd. masa kecik² dulu, my FIL selalu cakap, adib nih macam corporate figure. tak banyak mulut.

afiq minat music, adib on the other hand minat benda² yang bergerak².

adib is one good runner (laju oo dia lari), afiq on the other hand, lari kelakar. macam orang lari nak buat lompat tinggi, kaki naik atas.

afiq mat ensem, adib mat sempoi. cukup la si afiq senyap kalau sikat rambut dia depan cermin. perasan hokay!

hm.. okayla kot. nih pun amek masa 2 hari type this entry before posting. hilang 'touch' lerr bila dah lama tinggal keyboard.

hope u guys enjoy the story. gambar raya, tak terupload lagi. semua still in camera. nanti kalau ada time i buat yeah?

take care all.. zai jian!


dila~noor said...

salam kak..hope u're in the pink of health..=)

cheekynye those 2 little boys =)
chumel tak trbyg..

nnt2 upload gmbr die tgh sikat dpn cermin eh..

aishah zaharin said...

dila.. nanti akak upload gambar dia bergayut dalam kereta. hehe.