Friday, December 30, 2011

Bagaimana Kamu Mahu Dikenang Sebagai Ibu

I came across my cousin's writing on her memory on her late father. Baca sini yea BINGKISAN AYU KHALID

Being her cousin, I could relate what she wrote pretty well. Saya tahu betapa sayangnya Ayu dekat arwah paklong. Apatah lagi kedudukan sebagai anak bongsu dan anak perempuan tunggal dalam keluarga. And yes, I still remember the night i picked her up from UPM to go back to Paroi, on the night arwah pak long passed away.

Her writings made me think. How will my kids remember when I'm gone? Will they remember me as a sloppy mommy? Or will they remember me as a perfect mom?

I don't cook as much as I should. I'm guilty as charged feeding my kids with fast food when I just simply couldn't dish up in the kitchen. I switch on the 613 channel to allow me to have some me-time. I pinched them, I yelled at them when I just can't control my temper. Aduhai, jauh benar diri ini dari milestone Ibu Mithali!

Talked to my OH on this matter, and he said, "Of course we want to give the kids the best, perfect. But then, when time is limited, you have to make the best out of it." Entahlah, I don't agree with this.

So, azam tahun baru saya - to carve the best memories my children could have. Spend quality time with them with less yelling and pinching. In short, be a better mom.

Doakan saya..

ps - I have one more day to yell la kan? hehehehehe


Anonymous said...

ayu tu dari sekolah lagi dah obvious calon menantu terbaeekk :)

Siti Rahayu Khalid said...

Thanks Aishah..utk jadi sehebat ibu bapa sendiri, belum sampai ke tahap itu..