Thursday, May 1, 2008

:: afiq and adib - first experience in the sea n pool ::

wah.. so long no blogging.. was unable to connect to the cyber..

okay.. was away last weekend.. went to kuantan, pahang and had 2 nights stay in swiss spa & resort.. hubby ada family day kat sana.. the journey was long (sorry abang for asking bila la nak sampai², since i am no fan of long distance driving).. brought afiq and adib along as well as the maids (kidnap mak's maid as well to help me out)

it was a nice getaway from kl.. afiq and adib was enjoying it too.. for the first time ver, afiq and adib had their first dip in sea water as well as the pool.. it was only on the last day that we managed to allow the boys to experience it, since weather and hubby's schedule is not permitting us to do so..

when we first let afiq and adib to enjoy the beauty of Allah's creation - the sea, afiq and adib seems excited.. dengan seluar katok + pampers (hehe) we just let them basah² kan kaki in the water.. it was ok at first, until the wave came in.. afiq and adib 2-2 nangis takut.. i put them to stand near to each other, and they were holding hands as if they are so takut.. hehehehe..

after the mandi laut experience, we then took them both to the pool.. dengan suar katok itu juga (without the pampers la of course..) they jumped into the pool.. mak aii.. anak2 aku nih.. they enjoyed the swim so much! they were in it for like 20 mins before we decided to pull them out (since adib has been swallowing lotsa pool water sbb he's too excited that he splashy here and there in the pool).. get them dried up, before landing back in the pool again sbb adib nangis nak mandi lagi.. we allow both of them to enjoy the pool for another 10 mins before we pulled them out from the pool.. the result from the swimming - afiq slept from 1pm to 5pm.. hahaha.. penangan mandi swimming pool..

apa lagik nak cerita.. not much actually.. for those who're asking what's the news.. be patient ok?? ;)

owh anyway, we had simple menu for today - nasi goreng cina, ginger beef & asparagus.. while afiq and adib had their normal nasi lembik with sup daging.. will share the menu later ok? bubbye!


mast@work said...

mesti syok tgk diaorg mandi kan? huhu

aishah zaharin said...

haha.. memang pun mas.. syok gila