Wednesday, August 26, 2009

:: syukur and hope ::

just had a light supper - kuey teow tom yam. yummy. got my lil bro to buy it for me. syukur he's around the house during these moments. he has helped me a lot. playing with my kids while still looking after the cc despite being on uni's break. he's off to UK soon.

the boys are sleeping. they almost didn't get their noon nap. getting extremely mischievous and hyperactive during the day that really drive the maids to the edge of the energy. syukur that i have patient one, despite not being a perfect one. it still helps at least.

OH has arrived safely in astrakhan. hope he'll take care of himself well, and eat well as no one will be there to cook for him. there're only 2 muslims in his office, and throughout the yard that he's looking after. hope he'll get to learn how to cook and start browsing the net to learn cooking to prepare for iftar. ;)

work is a bundle at the moment, but i'm progressing like a snail. hope patience and strength are with me throughout this challenging period.

hm, i realize i've been using the word syukur and hope a lot in this entry. so, makes well i name this entry :: syukur and hope ::

take care all.

ps : reality check - tadarus and tarawikh amacam?


nurhareza said...

kak aisha mseti buleh nyer.. wa caya sama lu.. pssstt.. kite serupa.. (walaupun kak aisha nye OH lg la jauh) hi3

aishah zaharin said...

hehe. tu la pasal..

pstt pstt - rajin masak skang.. hulur² la sket.. (teringat spaghetti goreng black pepper reza yang wonderful!)