Monday, August 17, 2009

:: the two turn two today ::

adib n afiq : to you.. to you..

take your guess apa yang this two kiddo nak bagitau?


the two turns two today!

and we had a small bash yesterday, with aunties, uncles, cousins around. so mereka agak 'terkesan' dengan birthday bash tuh. paling kelakar, adib dok diri depan cupcakes yang di'sponsor' oleh my adik ipar. sebab kek tuh gambar thomas and friends. diorang agaknya pelik, aik?? thomas??


anyway, the phrase "to you.. to you.." refers to the happy birthday song. they'll say that to me, asking me to sing the song. lepas tuh, sambil i nyanyi, diorang akan cakap la nama sapa yang diorang nak i sebut in the song. so far ada 3 nama la, nama afiq, nama adib, ngan mommy.

i've got lotsa things to share bout the boys, but time don't permits me. nanti bila ada masa kita chit chat pepanjang na..

take care all. bye!


Jue Fauzi said...

send my kisses to the boys.Hope they grow up to please Allah swt and their parents.Sorry la auntie jue takde present..only doa for them ya.

aishah zaharin said...

jue - that's the most precious gift ever!! thank you so much, and may Allah repay your kindness. amin.

Mlle Linie said...

happy belated bday little ones.. tomorrow aunty diorg punya turn plak! hehehe..

ps: along tak invite pon bday party diorg.... (but mommy's bday pun fall on the same day so merajuk memain je ni :P)