Saturday, August 22, 2009

:: afiq was down with high temp ::

it has been a quiet week for the site.

i was busy, and i got myself tangled with afiq's fever.

i normally could act and manage myself well, when my children are sick. cos i have to, so that every move i made is rational, and i could think well when emergency arises.

but this time around, i got panic.

it was a normal tuesday, and i clocked myself in jps ampang instead of HQ, for some work. went back home late that day, as i got a date with my OH. we were looking for the kids' birthday pressies and some new pieces for the house. (bukan jenis beli perabot baru untuk raya, tapi perabot sedia ada sudah nazak.. nanti i put up an entry on that yeah?)

we arrived home just after maghrib, and the maid told me that afiq was on high fever that evening. she has gave him paracetamol. OH on the other hand asked me to just bring him to the GP, as it's better for us to get him checked. so we went straight to the GP, and the dr kasik sup.(masuk ikut B*nT*t punya ubat)

went back home, gave him milk, sponged him, checked his temp - he was getting better. so i went to sleep.

early morning, around 3am, i heard him crying, but not his usual cries. normally kalau nangis tengah malam, he akan mintak susu, and when being called, he'll answer me and climb the bed. but not that night.

i woke up and dukung him. took him out of the room. and masa tuh panic mode mula la meribut dalam my head. he looked so blue-black, and kept on shivering. he was awake, but he didn;t response to my calls.

woke my OH up, and my OH has to instruct me what to do. suruh i siap, then i remembered to call my dad and my mom asking them to come over to my house to look after my other twin. but the situation seems to get out of hand, that OH decided to just tag adib along with us during the wee hours.

we rushed to the nearest hospital - APSH though i frankly hate the A&E department. i always find that the drs communication there is pretty poor, and i didn't get enough explanation on my son's condition.

afiq was said to have very high fever. masuk sup lagi sekali, and blood was drawn from his hand. and it took four adults to hold him tight to make sure that the blood can be drawn. he's one small man, but kuat gila hokay! kena balut ngan selimut pun boleh terbukak. first time jugak tengok macamana swab test being performed, and i surely think that it's very2 uncomfortable.

alhamdulillah all the tests turned up ok, and we were sent home. afiq tak warded sebab ward penuh, though part of me prefer afiq kena ward sebab dia sangat tidak suka makan ubat that 2.5ml punya antibiotic pun susah nak masuk.

got him checked again last thursday with his new paed - which i found far better. dr anthony manzul in pcmc. ecplained to him what had happened on tuesday, and i got abtter explaination on what might happened that day. dia cakap probably sebab the fever was too high, and the surrounding was pretty cool - it may due to sponging, aircond, etc. masa high fever, all the blood vessel will expand, but then when there're cool air, the blood vessel will suddenly kecut and that causes the 'blue black thingy'. one of the most important thing to observe during that time is - ur child shgould have pinkish tongue. kalau tak, that's not good.

it has been 4 days since the incident, alhamdulillah he's getting better. hope he'll regain himself soon as OH will fly back to russia this coming tuesday and will only be back a week before raya. should look this positively, as i'll have more time for myself and ibadah. (tgh console diri sendiri. last year bulan posa pun he was not around all the time)

okay la all. take good care. salam ramadhan!


Jue Fauzi said...

kuatkan semangat ye. We are in a same boat.Adam and hubby pun dpat high fever at the same time.Woke up every hour to check their temps.With works and study lagi..rasa macam dah hampir tak boleh fikir. Tawakkal juga la lastnye.Sabar ye aishah.

Jue Fauzi said...

nak tambah lagi..I do detest doctor yg kedekut to give us more information on what happen to our kids.When asked, ada yg berkerut muka tak suka kita tanya lebih-lebih.We are not doctor..yes, but we have to know what's going on and what to do when something happen kan? Bukannya doctor tu stay with us kan to be at our disposal kan?(happen to me when Adam demam that day)

aishah zaharin said...

tu la pasal. i want an explanation from the dr, kenapa jadi blue black gitu. so that next time tak la i panik. kan bagi explanation tuh part of consultation bill?

geram gila tgh pagi buta tuh. said...

sy ada experience ngan mak sy..sgt panik bla tgk dia menggigil,sgt teruk..satu badan dia rasa sejuk..try to gosok kaki,tgn nak panaskan dia..last skali,terus bw g hospital..tkt benda lbh buruk jd kan..mak da la byk penyakit..anyway,selamat berpuasa ye kak

Dan Cinta Terbang Lagi said...

Dear Sha,

Kak Hani had similar experience with my youngest one almost half a year ago at about the same time in the morning. I guess 3 -5 am is the time to be on look out bila anak demam panas.
I can understand ur panic as I was too!!
but one thing kak hani noticed
its very important either one of us, (hub & wifey) to remain calm. So that we would know what to do
Kak Hani over the years with my five kids, I always remind myself that anak-anak semua pinjaman dari Allah SWT and bertawakal. I have great faith in alam yang kekal di sana.. and it helps me to remain calm better.
Hope ur baby is all well today:)

Kak Hani@ Somethin' Light

aishah zaharin said...

hailmi - mmg panik bila benda macam tuh jadi kat org yang kita sayang

kak hani - yes.. u're very right. in my case, it's alway the OH yang remain calm. the wifey????? panic and can;t think straight!