Tuesday, August 25, 2009

:: dan dia berkelana lagi ::

my OH is on board again. for a good three weeks, leaving me behind with afiq and adib during fasting month and blooming me. i just hope things will move on smoothly and i can cope with the changes well, no matter what. hope the boys will cooperate with me anyway.

this time round the shift brings in the changes pretty fast, making myself a little bit light headed all day round. but so far, i still can cope, and i hope everything will be well and in order.

so starting tonight, again, i'll return back and stay and my mom's throughout his absence. it's not that i can't take care of the boys on my own, but i've a got a sharp warning from mom, following the wee hours incident the other day with afiq.

nampak gayanya, skill memasak akan memeram sebentar since kat rumah mak ada satu policy, bulan puasa dapur tak beasap, sbb abah lebih suka beli kat luar and let my mom relax.

will only cook for thw two kiddo. sesimple2nya. (jangan si afiq tuh mintak 'cik mak' sudah, like on the first day of puasa. kena jugakla mommy dia masak)

okay la all. take good care. muah!


Jue Fauzi said...

blooming??? is that what I think it is?hehehe.if it is a yes then congrats dear.Take care yourself okey.

aishah zaharin said...


but it's pretty hard when u have to go through the queasy moments all on your own.. (tarak tempat mau ngengada suruh picit kepala!)

ayin1911 said...


aunty ayin nk 'cik mak' gak bole??

aishah zaharin said...

haha. boleh². nanti aku tapau gerai makmah desa skudai khas untuk aunty ayin. haha.

Jue said...

alhamdulillah.takpe, save the 'picit kepala' part tu till later.when OH comes back then he'll be glad to help more than picit kepala kan? Think positive..keep your spirit up..don't be too depress ok (oh, we are allow to be depress a little, don't we?)