Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: afiq and adib progress:part 4 ::

my boys normally tido awal (as early as 8.00pm and they are early risers too) that usually make me tido awal too. :) it has been a practise since they are babies, and i intend to keep it that way after reading an article emailed by my OH of the importance of sleeping early among babies. and insya Allah, i intend to do the same with their adik. pretty much, it helps me to rest and relax a bit.

like yesterday night, they dozed off before isyak prayers. normally, if i belum solat, then i'll sleep with them first and wake up later. tapi malam tadi susahnya pulak nak tido. lepas solat, i decided to switch on the tele (barulah perasan lamanya tak tengok TV!!!) and started to flip from one to channel to another.

i ended up on a movie that made me smile. macamana an arranged marriage finds it true love and happiness. (ada cerita omputih pre-arranged wedding yeah?). but i can't narrate the story well la, sebab i tengok pun dah half way. but it was about a lady who was asked to marry her late husband's brother.

oh, by the way, afiq now has turned to someone yang BANYAK GILA tanya! like this morning, he was up at quarter past 6, i let him meddled with my phone, while i take shower with the door closed hoping that he won't play with the hot water and mix his own formula when adib will surely have done that. lucky me adib was still asleep!)

scene #1: bedroom

lebey kurang cam nih la dialog si afiq..

i was putting on some toner..

afiq : mommy buat apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai ubat.
afiq : mommy pakai ubat apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai ubat gatal.

then i put on my moisturizer..

afiq : mommy pakai apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai lotion
afiq : mommy pakai locen apa tuh?
mommy : mommy pakai lotion gatal.
afiq : apiq?

scene #2 : bedroom

i was about to go to work when adib woke up.

mommy : mommy pegi keje ye?
adib : mommy keje?
mommy : mommy keje. nanti petang mommy balik, kita main sama-sama.
adib : sayang pipi. (instruct suruh i cium pipi)

hehe.. chumil!

scene #3 : bedroom

this is their favourite dialog sebelum tido.

afiq/adib : nenek mana? (nenek refers to maid)
mommy : nenek kat atas. nenek bubuh ubat dekat pi-mosh (mickey mouse)
afiq/adib : nenek bubuh ubat pi-mosh?
mommy : nenek bubuh ubat pi-mosh. pi mosh kena gigit ulat. besar. hitam. sian pi-mosh.
afiq/adib : nenek bubuh ubat gamat.
mommy : haah nenek bubuh minyak gamat.

dan dialog di atas akan diulang sampai diorang ngantuk..

scene #4 : in the kitchen

mommy : afiq anak mommy ke anak daddy?
afiq : anak mommy
my mom : afiq cucu wan ke cucu atuk?
afiq : cucu tok mama (my MIL)

read : afiq kuat menyakat.

:: vocab progress ::
dorus : walrus
penguin : penguin
abetos : albatross (a kind of bird)
kola bear : polar bear
bina : ribena
tagen : vitagen
apel : apple juice
songkok : songkok
spot ka : sport car
hebeck : hatchback car
gader : grader
pikap tak : pickup truck
mommy tak lalat : mommy tak larat
comelnye : comelnya
ajunye : lajunya
masuk gelap : masuk tunnel
gabemen : government
beyi : strawberry
olen : orange
lepair : repair
keta thomas : estima
tank-ku : thank you

and now activity favourite afiq is to play around with the chopped veges and pretend to cook, not forgetting MEMANJAT! adoi..

adib on the other hand is pretty gayat. hehe. tapi lari laju gila while afiq lari kelakar sebab kaki dia dok ternaik-naik macam org lari nak lompat tinggi. hehe.

kay la.. hope u enjoy this entry on the kids. :)

i just love them. to bits!


Jue Fauzi said...

hehehe..cute la..teringat ayat adam semalam,'adam tak'..hahahaha...

aishah zaharin said...

jue - tuh dah ada ciri² jeles tuh!

Jue Fauzi said...

yup..he even said 'tak nak adik' when his daddy asked him whether he wants adik or not..hahaha..