Sunday, November 1, 2009

:: pandai kot?? ::

i was driving the car yesterday with mom holding both kids. we went for a ride, heading towards to the National Museum, visiting 'Douglas, Percy and James' (the big train replica outside the Museum.

the boys (as usual) prefer to sit with mommy rather with anyone else, that they (afiq) trying his way out to get his butt on mommy's lap. mom and i had to tell him many times, that i'm driving and they have to sit with their wan. it's not that my mom can't drive, but she just don't want the children know that she can drive the MPV. she always get away from driving that car (when entertaining afiq and adib) by saying dia tak pandai bawak kereta mommy.

the dialogue goes this way..

mom : kena duduk dengan wan. mommy bawak kereta.
them : mommy bawak kereta?
mom : haah. mommy bawak kereta. wan tak pandai bawak kereta thomas*.

* kereta thomas = MPV

afiq : wan tak pandai bawak?
mom : wan tak pandai..

tetiba, adib cakap..
adib : pandai kot??

wakakakakka. provoking hokay! that is mommy's boy!
kitorang gelak sakit perut.

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