Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:: mind flew off ::

i'm in the midst of stress that suddenly my mind flew off to home sweet home, reminding me of my two little munchkins. :) hilang kejap stress kat kepala.

rasa²nya la, apa yang diorang tgh buat sekarang?

by the way, they have develop significant interest in junk food. adoi. jelly, candy, chocolate, ice cream. and they now know how to demand too. be it in a heartbreaking way (buat muka sedih, cakap banyak² kali) or tantrums!

surely hitting the big 2 year old milestone is testing the mommy's patience a lot!

this weekend, insya Allah we'll be attending a birthday party on saturday and will head to pjaya on sunday to attend hani raihanah's aqiqah. (sweet kan nama baby tuh!)

btw, have i told you what the gender is??

nantila ye. kita jumpa di lain siaran. :P


~ shac ~ said...

yes, u did! in your "Latest A&C Progress" or is it not?

aishah zaharin said...

hehe. pardon me laling. pelupa sket skang. hehe

mama glam said...

ker bila scan telah berubah kak? mesti excited kan?