Sunday, November 1, 2009

:: mommy sakit pala? ::

my weekend was greeted with:

no. 1 : headache.
no. 2 : simple reply of status update that made me, again?!

i didn't get good sleep last night. can't remember how many times i woke up to the boys' cries, but one thing i knew, i ran out of hot water at the end of the sleep.

next week, i'll be having my first appointment ever with a physio. and i'm thinking of taking a leave on that day, to have some me time. work is chaotic at the moment, but health is far more important. kalau sakit, seniri tanggung. isn't it? nak lupakan sekejap soal map yang perlu siap by december tapi model tuh masih tak stabil, ISO documentations, soon up is budget for 2010. and those things can't be delegated, sebab dalam unit aku tuh ada satu jek engineer!

unhappy moms make children unhappy. sorry my boys, will make it up later in the evening, once mommy feels better. we'll have some fun outside, have doughnuts perhaps n good laughs. you know mommy loves u more than anything.

ok peeps, enough of my weekend ramblings. it's gonna be a very BORING WORKING WEEK next week. gang makan ada exam the whole week, meaning they won't be around in the office. yikes!

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ayin1911 said...

take care & get well soon dear..