Friday, November 6, 2009

:: cuti tapi penat! ::

i was on leave yesterday. i was undecided at first but the night before, both afiq and adib didn't sleep well, and boy, i'm so tired. seriously!

the boys as usual woke up early. after i sent them to their neneks, i dozed off again. sedar² dah pukul 8.30am you! i thought of bringing the boys out for breakie, tapi dah mommy dia bangun lambat, anak² pun dah selamat makan nuggets.

i quickly showered, and gather my car keys to get some nasi kerabu. (sedap hokay). start the engine, and.. ehek.. ehek.. adoi!


bukannya lama tak start, baru bawak last saturday! huwaaa! kena cari mechanic la pulak pepagi nih. rosak plan.

so pujuk my two kiddos to naik the other car, and alhamdulillah, they bought my reasons. :P (read : they prefer the MPV sebab ada dvd player.. kereta mommy dia chumil, takde entertainment, except books. :)) beli nasik kerabu (beli jugak!) and then gi mechanic panggil orang datang rumah.


after tukar bateri segala, i bring my boys to the curve with the hope that i could buy a cheaper version of 'bob the builder's' t-shirt. takde la pulak. yang ada next is in mothercare and i know it's going to burn my pocket if i grab any. selai tshirt pun can cost 70bucks! sorry sayang, mommy is not prepared to spend that much for a tshirt that can only fits u for like 6 months the most.

so, haruslah mengubah langkah. bawak pulak masuk MPH. afiq loves to read or rather look at books and ask LOTS of questions. spend quite a some in there, but i never kisah to buy books for the kids, as they enjoy it so much, and i see it as a bonding tool between me and them. they love it when mommy makes stupid sounds while reading.

i've limit myself to only an hour at the curve. (discipline!) sebabnya, i have lots of other things to settle that day. 2 cars to be sent to car wash (sebulan tak basuh.. u can imagine the sawangness). dropped the kids at home and rushed to car wash. one done, return home, took lunch, zohor and hantar the other car for a wash. lepas basuh kereta vroom vroom to pcmc as i had an appointment at 4.00pm with the physio. hamek!

i almost dozed off masa treatment. if not because the OH called, confirm aku melayang ntah ke mana.

basically, the physio said that my hip muscle dah weak, perhaps due to my first pregnancy. lepas tuh dr kata, my spine pun ada problem, tapi belum trigger lagi. so she asked me to have this hot and cold pack handy (15 mins a day - twice daily), kena buat exercise yang dia ajar and teh best part is, she asked me to get massage frequently!! yeay!!

next week kena jumpa lagi, as she wants to see what is the progress. dia kata, normally after 2-3 visits, should be ok. cuma kalau tak baik jugak, then i have to go for pregnancy belt la.

that was the story at pcmc.

i had a very tiring day yesterday, and my.. i dozed off extremely early with the kids. rasanya before isyak dah zzzzz.. and only woke up for isyak prayers at 3.00am.

pagi nih bangun kepala rasa weng. patutnya i pegi jek klinik mintak mc kan?

kay la all. have a good day!

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