Monday, December 14, 2009

:: a busy weekend ::

had a tiring weekend, with me cooking heavily in the kitchen. :P

after a while putting my 'chef hat' off, i know i have to start cooking back, especially when bills are escalating and we should save as much as we could. so, on saturday, i decided to turn the sotong into meal, (and considering i'm soooo lazy to cook). i just made some sambal sotong to be eaten with nasi lemak. and today, i'm proud to say, after 6 years of marriage, this is the first time ever i berjaya masak sambal yang ada rasa sambal walaupun tak la sesedap mana setelah bertutorial secara hands on with my mom's maid. haha.

sunday pulak, bangun jek pagi terus bake a cake. my sons love cakes so much. so, mommy dia pun terpaksa la belajar baking dan try macam² resepi cake. last week, i made vanilla butter cake, which shall i say was veryyyy good. last sunday i buat trio marble cake - ada rasa vanilla, choccy and strawberry. my OH prefers the butter cake, and i prefer the butter cake too sebab lagi senang nak buat compare to marble cake. (dasar pemalas). afiq habiskan 4 cuppies at one go using that trio marble cake recipe.

btw, we just bought some gupy fishes last sunday. 5 ekor kasik dekat kak nadd's son - adam for his 3rd birthday and we've got the boys another 10. the reason we bought this is to inculcate the responsibility in them. i want them to learn how to take care of things, and i think that's one of the simplest but enjoyable way to do that.

i just love these weeks coming up ahead sebab keja 4 hari saja, and then my family and i will be on LOOONG BLOCK LEAVE i.e. 2 weeks. yeay! just can't wait for it.. :)

no swimming session this week. mommy and daddy is extremely busy attending weddings and birthday, perhaps next week we shall visit the pool to burn the calories. :P

ok yeah peeps. bye!

ps - lately nih, dok craving root beer A&W. semalam beli. fuh nikmatnya minum..


mama glam said...

nikmat kan k aishah? tapi, jaga2 no... air berkarbonat tuh...

aishah zaharin said...

hehe.. aweng.. sekali sekala.. baby nak minum.. :P

aishah zaharin said...
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