Saturday, December 5, 2009

:: a week to go.. he'll be one.. ::

i was dumb struck by his statement yesterday. it's okay. i'll swallow it hard and make sure that my mind always to work to remember the point he deliberated briefly yesterday night. high expectations make you fall harder. so, don't just push yourself to high potential energy that will make you crash hard.

anyway, a week to go, and my late Amin will be 1 year old in memory. as i'm writing this, my tears dwell, as i can't deny, i still imagine how he would be whenever i saw other kids of that age. i miss him dearly, i admit, that sometimes, this pregnancy makes me feel so paranoid over simple things. i just hope that this time round, everything will be safe and sound. i can't bear going through such experience again. (please calm sha.. please!)

i'm now in my 21 weeks of pregnancy. tummy has started to show, that i can't wear my kurungs anymore. have changed to maternity wear.i have started to feel the baby's movement. this time round, the baby moves lesser compared to late Amin.

okay la peeps. enough tears have been shed. i don't want to be caught by anyone crying at this moment. take care. bye


yatie chomeyl said...

hang in there strong.he'll be waiting 4 u in the heaven, insya Allah

WAK said...

pengalaman yang amat berharga!x semua org dpt merasa pengalaman mcm tu.bykkan berdialog dengan Allah dalam Doa.InsyaAllah di doakan supaya di mudahkan urusan :)