Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:: afiq and adib's progress : part 6 ::

the boys are progressing well and could immitate what adults say and do extremely well, that reminded me and OH to watch out what we say. :D

anyway, here goes their latest vocab..

:: scene 1 ::

daddy was about to enter bathroom leaving afiq alone on the bed, on the pretext of letting him to sleep.


afiq : eh, cemana? cemana nak amek gambar? eh cemana?
(while holding the mobile)

notice he loves to use the word eh?

:: scene 2 ::
OH bought some nangka for us. suap la jugak sket kat the boys sebab we know they like it.

OH : adib makan buah nangka. (attempting to introduce him to buah nangka)
adib : adib makan buah duncan (duncan is a character in thomas and friends)


:: scene 3 ::

mommy was watching the tele, and afiq suddenly switched off the tv.

mommy : afiq, pasang balik tv (sambil buat muka kesian)
OH : afiq pasang balik tv, kesian kat mommy.
afiq : thomas dah tido!

aik??? pulang paku buah keras?!

sebab i selalu cakap thomas dah tido when he wanted to watch thomas at unappropriate time.

:: scene 4 ::

mommy : adib nak naik apa?
adib : adib nak naik kapal terbang
mommy : nak pegi mana?
adib : cardiss. jumpa pakcu.

(hari tuh cakap nak gi jumpa goofy, now he knows how to associate cardiff with his pakcu.)

:: latest vocab ::

geyam : geram
tala : tarrrrraaa!
duncan : nangka
wanggis : manggis
wangga : mangga
olen : oren
olait : alright
beca : besar
kecil : kecil (and yes, they pronounce it keciL)
cikit caje : sikit saje
beyat/belat : berat (adib with y, afiq with l)

miss them a bunch!

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