Sunday, August 15, 2010

:: alhamdulillah ::

i'm officially maidless last thursday, and ohhhh it's very challenging! bab jaga anak tuh tak terasa sgt as we're used to handle our kids on our own, but the house chores... adoyaiiiii, lembik mak! :P

anyway, alhamdulillah. thank you readers for your prayers. adib is getting better. baru jek habis his tamilflu medication yesterday, and insya Allah afiq pun habis hari nih. adib was down with influenza A, but syukur it was not h1n1. afiq on the other hand, eventhough negative for influenza A, was given tamilflu medication jugak because he's exposed to adib.

one word to sum up when i went through this experience - NGERI! why ngeri? sebab the viruses spread so fast! temperature naik mendadak within an hour. terus starts vomitting & voila! rapid test confirm it was influenza A. and best part is, none of us is sick at home.

okayla readers, blogging off now. nak solat subuh and starts doing house chores.. sigh.. (macam mampu jek nak tengok no. 4 lepas posa nih. hehe)

ps - baju raya mak belum settle lagi.


mama glam said...

dugaan betul kan k aiyshah? xpe, i knwo u strong enough to face all these.... alahamdulillah semuanya dah selamat... akak pun kena jaga diri.. nanti klu mommy yang jatuh sakit, semua orang susah... take care ya dear!

mrs. hisham said...

alhamdulillah,semua dah selesai.take care yar.