Tuesday, August 10, 2010

:: siaran langsung dari wad ::

sedang bersiaran secara langsung dari prince court medical centre. dah 2 nights dah dok sini..

:: the story ::

it was a normal sunday morning, and everybody is excited sebab hari nih nak buat simple birthday bash for afiq & adib. cake semua dah order, tinggal nak masak jek. get the maid to prepare the raw materials, while we brought all kids out to get few other things yang tak cukup.

just before going out, i dok rasa badan adib suam. check his temperature normal. tapi bagi jugakla PCM half dose. then we went out. first destination, tumble tots. ingat nak riki skolah utk kids, as maid is leaving in 2 days time, and i need a way to steam off their energy. skali lalu depan tumble tots tutup. (i ingat bukak)

adib dalam kereta dah macam moyok jek. we decided to drop by at the clinic and get some medicine before we proceed for lunch. kluar dari clinic, (i stayed in the car, bf aidin) OH cakap temperature adib 39. tapi tak tau la exactly berapa sebab dr pakai yang tepek kat kepala tuh.

after clinic beli brg sket for party packs, then terus gi JJ for lunch. sampai kat SR, baru jek nak duduk, si adib muntah. this is the second time dia muntah hari nih. first time masa breakfast. (adib kekadang muntah kalau food is too much in his mouth) tapi masa dia muntah kat SR tuh, i dah panic sebab kaler muntah dia hijau. teringat yang malam tadi dia jatuh kuat and hit his head on the carpet (but it was more than 12 hours)

terus OH decide to send him to hospital. sampai hospital adib dah lembik. and i have three kids with me with only two adults. afiq and aidin was asleep, so OH waited for them in the car while i manage adib's check up.

masuk ER, kena amek darah.. 3 times try baru dapat. but adib is sucha strong willing boy.. he only cried masa the last try, sbb dah sakit sangat kena cucuk banyak kali. they have trouble getting adib's blood sample sbb adib dah dehydrated. darah cepat gila clot by the time sampai lab.

while in ER, dr masukkan suppositary to control his temperature. he felt asleep. dr advise to admit him, but we declined sebab we believed that adib's temperature shoot up because of the jabs.

bawak adib balik rumah, and gave hime a shower. he was ok by then. birthday bash on, with mommy yang tetiba terer gila masak kat dapur. klung klang klung klang, in 15 minutes siap mihun and get the maid to goreng the prawns after i have mixed the batter. adib and afiq wa enjoying themselves so much, and they fall in love with the cake that i ordered.

3.5 hours after getting the suppositary, adib started to vomit again, and this time, it's really bad. lepas maghrib we rushed adib to the hospital, leaving afiq and aidin behind with my mom whom resume the unfinished cleaning at my house after the birthday batch.

this time round, dapat nurse yang agak cekap masukkan IV line pada adib. so one trial settle. lepas tuh terus admit and masuk ward. kena masuk drip. adib's temperature subsided and it went well that night.

this morning, after habis satu bottle drip, nurse bukak drip and let him had his shower. he looks good. makan pun ok, ada appetite walaupun makan benda yang dia tak suka i.e. nasi lemak (adib tekak mat saleh sikit). but tetiba, at around 10-11, he complained of feeling very cold, and i noticed that his hand and feet dah turned blue black. called the nurses in, and check his temp. temperature shoot up sampai 39.2. masuk supp lagi sekali, and dr suruh buat rapid test ti rule out influenza.

starting from that point, we had to monitor him really closely. me n husband takes turn balik rumah. he went home to pick up few things. lepas tuh i pulak balik and bfeed aidin. (aidin tak boleh tido the night before sebab tak dapat mommy's b, siap melalak at 5.00 am sebab mommy takde)

tak lama lepas buat rapid test, it was confirmed that adib was positive for influenza A. dr directed the nurse to conduct another test to determine whether it's h1n1 or not. dr terus letak adib under tamilflu medication, and the ubat tastes YUCKY. lucky we have prepared some yoghurt drinks to kill the taste. result will only be known insya Allah tomorrow evening.

lepas confirm jek influenza A, adib was transferred to isolation room. his temperature keeps on spiking, and dr said it will only be stable after three doses of tamilflu. so skang nih, me and husband kena take turn untuk tido, so that at anytime, akan ada yang sentiasa alert with his condition.

and just after midnight tadi, mak pulak telefon cakap afiq's temperature shoot up sampai 39 deg. abah sent him to hospital. alhamdulillah, after the rapid test, both me and afiq is clear from influenza A. (i terus check sebab dah terasa sakit tekak).

bila dah ajdi macam nih, i and OH terpaksa la split. sorang kena duduk hospital monitor adib, and sorang lagi kena monitor the other two at home. we decided that i'm more needed at home, as aidin perlu dibreastfeed at night, and i can watch over afiq. OH on the other hand will be staying at the hospital to take care of adib.

hopefully, by tomorrow the result will come out and i pray and i pray, that adib is free from h1n1. i've been thinking lately to get the h1n1 vaccination jab, and was about to look for clinics yang dicover by ING for h1n1 vaccination. and after all this high drama, h1n1 vaccination will e on our priority list after adib gets better.

so here goes my 4.38am entry.

ps - note to all, demam adib tak continuous pun, sudden. pagi tuh elok jek main, sihat walafiat. within one hour everything changed. so, to those with kids, take extra care yeah?


_mmm_ said...

bahayenye kak aishah.adib dah ok?

ani said...

Hi Aishah, before this i jd silent reader je.tp arini sedih plak bc pasal ur son, adib. hope he get well soon & take care ok!

saudah said...

hope everything's okay. You too take care.

ayin1911 said...

tetibe aku sebak..poor boy..
get well soon ok..
jgn lupe take care of urself jugak capt.. :)

Arissa Zahirah said...

hai kak aishah,
how's adib?any progress.insyaallah semuanya akan ok.sabar k.

Iryani Noor said...

kak.. be strong k..
hope everything's okay..

Jue Fauzi said...

Get well soon Adib.Hope the kids are okay by now Aishah..Adam pun dapat vomitting spells ni..lagi haru I sorang aje..nak tidur pun takut..in case temp shoot up..anyway.Take care okay.

aishah zaharin said...

salam all,

thank you for your doa's and prayers. alhamdulillah, adib is getting better (& funnier!). he's back to his old self (wait! to a new one actually. perangai ada berubah!). it was a scary experience, frankly speaking. but he is one brave boy. thank you again. :D